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Out of the many TinyHood reviews you’ll find online, ours will be your best bet! This is a review of TinyHood and their courses for new parents. Stick around and learn the ins and outs!

Over the years, we’ve tried and tested several courses and learning material about parenthood. All we can say is that TinyHood has been one of the most comprehensive, indulging, and informative out there.

Before we jump straight into it, do you know what TinyHood is?

What is TinyHood?

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The better question would be, who are they? Who is TinyHood?

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In a nutshell, TinyHood is this innovative portal that offers a library of parenting information and resources. These act as a helpful guide for parents – especially new ones.

TinyHood’s goal is to equip parents with information, support, and useful insights to better manage the wonderful but difficult road of raising children.

Some of the best features of TinyHood include:

  • Interactive and Helpful Community
  • Online Courses and Workshops
  • Parenting Resources
  • Monthly Challenges and Goals
  • Product Reviews
  • And Many More!

We’ll dive deeper into these later and discuss them with much more detail and information!

Who Is TinyHood For?

Well, if you think that it’s only for people who are inexperienced, think again! Although TinyHood is designed to be a platform for new parents, its diverse collection of information and resources make it a perfect avenue even for experienced parents, too!

It is also a helpful tool for parents who are looking for current knowledge and perspectives. Because, as we know, they could have changed in the years that went by!

TinyHood CEO and Co-Founder Becky Miller said that their main goal is to support all parents in their journey through resources, classes, and a supportive community.

We provide all parents with individualized materials and expert-led online programs to meet their needs.”

TinyHood Reviews: Are They Really the Best?

Now that we know the core of what TinyHood is, let’s dig deeper into the realms of this program. Let’s find out what’s in store for parents like you if you get this!

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TinyHood Courses 

TinyHood is open with the fact that they’re offering courses that are essential in the journey of a parent. These courses span from the basics of labor, birth, breastfeeding, sleeping, first-aid, and many more!

You’ll really get the sense of support with TinyHood, as per some parents we spoke with.

Jenna, a team member who is a single mother said that these courses helped her save a lot of time. Furthermore, she said that the materials were on-point and that she didn’t need extra help any longer.

These courses provide parents with invaluable knowledge and skills through expert-led education.

In turn, parents are able to learn at their own pace and participate with the material. The courses are accessible using a combination of downloadable resources, video lessons, as well as interactive components.

TinyHood Documents 

The structure is like how a standard course is. Every time you finish one, they’ll give you handouts or PDF guides. Some courses even provide clips from videos that are essential.

The purpose of these documents is to allow parents to study it further than how they did with the course. So, if you’re having a hectic schedule, these documents will be your life-saver!

To add to those, TinyHood’s document library also includes checklists and guides that you can use to properly track everything about your journey.

Rates and Pricing 

In order to access everything, you’ll have to choose and subscribe to a plan. They offer:

  • Annual payment ($12.95) – 67% savings
  • Quarterly payment ($24.95) – 36% savings
  • Monthly payment ($38.95)

It’s substantially cheap, considering the fact that you’ll gain access to on-demand classes, downloadables, and even the interactive community, especially if you’ll take the annual plan.

You’ll have a savings of $312 by choosing the annual plan, and $144 for quarterly. If you don’t see yourself using it for upwards of three months, then going with the monthly plan would be great. 

Flexibility and Ease Of Use 

One of the best things about TinyHood is the fact that navigating throughout their website is easy. You’ll rarely find yourself lost because everything is labeled.

Moreover, we, along with thousands of parents, found it great that they extended their reach by offering a mobile app. Parents who can’t come in front of the computer may access TinyHood using their mobile devices.

Professional Guidance 

After subscribing and then logging in, you’ll be able to see Group Session as an option. This is an option where you’ll meet with a professional about how things are – this is done by groups, hence the term.

All discussions are led by certified facilitators, plus, share your experiences with other mommies within the bunch!

What Are the Pros of TinyHood? 

You can access TinyHood from whatever device you have!
Source: TinyHood

Using TinyHood actually has a few advantages and benefits. These include, but are not limited to:

Easy and Convenient Accessibility

One of the best and most unbeatable advantages it has is its accessibility. TinyHood is available whenever and wherever you are thanks to an intuitive mobile app and internet platform.

On their smartphones or PCs, parents can easily access materials, participate in the community, and get updates.

Overly Supportive Community

The parenting community at TinyHood is active and welcoming. I mean, you really won’t feel that you’re left out, no matter how new or old you are with the platform.

Parents may communicate with others, connect across forums, chat rooms, and interactive sessions. Through this, you can exchange experiences and advise!

This sense of belonging provides a useful network of like-minded people as well as support and understanding.

Comprehensive and Unbiased Product Reviews

On a variety of infant goods, TinyHood offers feedback and reviews – and by reviews, we mean unbiased reviews.

Parents who were able to try these goods out in real-world settings can give recommendations and suggestions. This greatly helps in decision-making for parents before making their purchases.

Expert and Professional Guidance  

And last but most definitely not least in this list would be professional guidance. Through Q&A sessions and instructional seminars,

TinyHood provides access to professionals and experienced practitioners.  

On particular parenting subjects, parents may seek expert counsel, clarification, and advice, which will increase their knowledge and comprehension.

What Are the Cons of TinyHood? 

And while you’ll find benefits in using them, let’s not be one-sided. You will also be met with some cons and disadvantages to them, too.

Topic Limitation

Even if TinyHood covers a wide range of parenting-related issues, there could be untouched specialized-specialist themes.

There may not be many alternatives available to parents looking for highly specialized information or resources on the site.

The Information Could Be Overwhelming

TinyHood offers a plethora of information. However, for first-time parents, it could be overwhelming. Finding the most pertinent information by navigating through the numerous sites might take some time and effort.

Interaction Could Be Limited

Although TinyHood provides an interactive community, the degree of interaction may change based on how users participate. There may be times when parents don’t get a quick response to their questions or messages.

And last but most definitely not least would be the courses that need payment. We know that TinyHood offers free resources and documents. However, some programs and services could have a fee. Even if the costs are fair, some parents might expect or look for alternatives.

Does Insurance Cover TinyHood Courses? 

Parents and guardians – here’s some good news. TinyHood made an announcement that several insurance providers (and their respective policies) allow the coverage of TinyHood in their plans.

In case you didn’t know, some providers offer coverage on parenting and/or educational programs. This is to help and assist parents, especially first-time parents in finding positive and helpful information.

TinyHood Promo Code Availability 

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TinyHood, being the brand that they are when it comes to parenting and baby journey, offers a few discounts and promotions.

As of writing, they’re offering SAFESUMMER25, which is 25% off your membership! Another would be VANESSA15, which is a 15% discount on your entire order!

Take note, though, that these might be the only promos available at the time of writing. By the time you decide to subscribe, there could be new ones! Check their website out to find out more!

Case Studies: Real-Life Experiences Shared on TinyHood

Most of the people I know don’t really rely on educational programs like this. Instead, they seek help from a mother they know and trust.

However, the team and I tried gathering as much information and feedback from them as possible.

We asked Henry and Dee, a new parent of a cute little 3-month-old, what they thought about TinyHood. Henry said that breastfeeding 101 has been extremely helpful for Dee – and him, too! Dee is neither bothered nor worried in the situation.

For him, he said that the baby 101 has been his favorite. It gave them the idea of caring, swaddling, feeding, and training their little one.

Another parent we interviewed was Meagan, who was a single mom but is currently living with her parents. She said that her mother is there and present, but she’s too old to handle the baby on her own. The first-aid was the best and most helpful tool they got. Besides the learning, it also gave her a checklist, which she leaves to her parents every time she needs to leave for work!

Out of the many interviews we did, about 90% of them loved TinyHood. The negative feedback we received would be its price, as well as the courses that require payment.  

TinyHood Alternatives 

TinyHood may be good, but they’re not the only resource-center for parenting and baby care in today’s market. In fact, you will find alternatives that are either free or cheaper than what you’re paying for with TinyHood.

Here are a few of the alternatives of online classes that are the closest to TinyHood.

Taking Cara Babies

The name is witty, yes, but the information on this website is absolutely useful and essential. Cara Dumaplin, Founder of Taking Cara Babies and a Neonatal Nurse, knows what she’s doing.

She has offers for 0 to 12 weeks, first five months, and three to four months old, priced at $79, $99, and $39, respectively. The classes and inclusions are solid, too!

  • Navigating Months 3 & 4 eBook
  • A 50-page eBook PDF
  • On-demand access
  • Handouts of routines, schedules, and checklists
  • And many more!


WeeHuman is also a great alternative to TinyHood, especially if you really don’t have plans on keeping up with TinyHood’s community.

The course from WeeHuman is made for its purpose – to educate new parents and to allow them to feel confident, convenient, and comfortable.

Priced at $149, it’s a total steal! The curriculum will take you from determining your pregnancy down to newborn care and safety, breastfeeding, and the mind and body wellness of parents.

The Baby Manual

Last but definitely not least is The Baby Manual. It’s a crash course that’ll help parents in managing their 0 to 6-month-old little munchkin! Like TinyHood, the course will give you checklists and the expertise you’re looking for.

With its $109 price for the complete bundle, you’ll never get anything as great as this in this price. Plus, you have the option to take the 4-hour course or a DVD!

Fathercraft commended it and was impressed by how professional and effective they were able to handle the situation.

             Given that only four hours are available, this is essentially a crash course on infant care!”


Do you have more questions about TinyHood that you want answered? If so, then, don’t fret! Here’s an FAQ guide that talks about a few of the most commonly asked questions about the program!

Does TinyHood Have An App? 

While they say they have an app, what they mean is the web app version. Meaning, its orientation can specifically be for the desktop/laptop or for a mobile phone or tablet. They are yet to develop a real mobile app for it, but it is in the works, though.

Does TinyHood Give Discounts? 

Yes, TinyHood gives an awful lot of discounts to parents who are interested. In fact, by visiting their website alone, you’ll see a banner atop that provides the discount code with the percentage in it already.

Can I Cancel My TinyHood Subscription?

Yes, definitely. TinyHood is not the type of company that holds their subscribers as prisoners. You can do it by following the instructions on the Settings page on your account or by reaching out to TinyHood’s customer support team. Personally, reaching out would be the better option as you can try and get back the prorated amount of what you didn’t use for the month.

Is TinyHood Worth It? 

TinyHood is one of those programs you won’t want to miss as parents, especially if you have little-to-no idea. Having friends and family members would help, of course, but learning it from experts will make you feel better and much more comfortable than you already are.

Forget all other TinyHood reviews – this alone is more than enough to get you the information and opinions you need about the brand!  

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