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“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell just as sweet.” William Shakespeare said wisely! Are you looking for something similar for naming your baby? I have given a list of the strangest and most unique Japanese names which also work in the English language.

The Japanese culture guide gives us an overview of how to name your baby in Japanese. Parents often choose Japanese baby names that sound English because these names are connected to nature and family culture.

So, are you excited to know such names? We are going to explore rare Japanese names in today’s article.

50 Strangest And Unique Japanese Baby Names

Rare Japanese Girl Names

Finding a perfect Japanese name for your baby girl is an enjoyable task. Nowadays it has become a trend to give rare Japanese names to babies. It is a fun yet tough job to choose such names. Let’s make your baby girl’s name special by choosing one among these rare Japanese girl names

1.  Niyuki

  • Kanji: 煮雪, 仁由紀

  • Meaning: Boiled snow, love

  • Pronunciation: NI-YU-KEE

  • Niyuki refers to compassion and beauty like the snow!

2. Kami

  • Kanji: 神

  • Meaning: God

  • Pronunciation: KA-MEE

  • This unique Japanese girl name is related to the god or supreme beings!

3. Chinna

  • Kanji: 珍名 

  • Meaning: Treasure

  • Pronunciation: CHI-NNA

  • This is an uncommon Japanese girl name that means a precious person.

4. Harukaze

  • Kanji: 春風

  • Meaning: Wind, spring

  • Pronunciation: HA-RU-KA-ZE

  • This cute Japanese baby name refers to a warm wind in spring. And it is given to the spring child.

5. Hozumi

  • Kanji: 鳳純, 八月朔日

  • Meaning: Phoenix, pure

  • Pronunciation: HO-ZU-MEE

  • Hozumi refers to a pure-minded girl. It is given to those who are born on the 1st of August.

6. Ninomae

  • Kanji: 一 

  • Meaning: One

  • Pronunciation: NEE-NO-MA-EE

  • It is given to someone who is their first child!

7. Sonomi

  • Kanji:園望, 苑美

  • Meaning: Garden of hope, serene

  • Pronunciation: SO-NO-MEE

  • This unique Japanese name shows a beautiful girl who is full of hope!

8. Minai

  • Kanji: 薬袋 

  • Meaning: Medicine bag

  • Pronunciation: MEE-NA-EE

  • This rare Japanese name refers to a person who keeps medicines.

9. Keana

  • Kanji: 毛穴

  • Meaning: Pore, aperture

  • Pronunciation: KE-A-NA

  • This weird Japanese name represents the opening of something new in life!

10. Hanayo

  • Kanji: 華夜, 英世, 

  • Meaning: Beautiful, flower, to excel

  • Pronunciation: HA-NA-YO

  • This multiple Japanese baby name signifies an excellent child who is beautiful like a flower.

11. Kaede

  • Kanji:楓, 香楓

  • Meaning: Maple, fragrance

  • Pronunciation: KA-E-DE

  • This floral baby name shows the aroma of maple leaf! 

12. Totsuki

  • Kanji: 都月

  • Meaning: Moon, Monday

  • Pronunciation: TOT-SU-KEE

  • This cute name refers to a beautiful moon.

13. Mahono

  • Kanji: 眞歩乃,

  • Meaning: Real step, truth

  • Pronunciation: MA-HO-NO

  • This super cute Japanese name signifies true and real actions by a person! 

14. Soki

  • Kanji: 塑希

  • Meaning: Desire, Wish

  • Pronunciation: SO-KI

  • this cute sound Japanese girl name means rare beauty and signifies a desired baby girl who is as beautiful as a doll! 

15. Jurai

  • Kanji: 珠蘭

  • Meaning: Pearl, orchid

  • Pronunciation: JU-RA-EE

  • Jurai is a special name used for pearls or orchids!

16. Izuyo

  • Kanji: 出夜, 出世

  • Meaning: To come out, twilight

  • Pronunciation: EE-ZU-YO

  • Izuyo is the time between sunset and sunrise when the sun comes out partially! And it also means morning sun.

17. Isago

  • Kanji: 砂

  • Meaning: Fine sand

  • Pronunciation: EE-SA-GO

  • This single kanji name signifies a fine person as gold dust!

18. Ryoma

  • Kanji: 涼舞

  • Meaning: Cool, dance

  • Pronunciation: RYO-MA

  • This name signifies a cool and enthusiastic person.

19. Suna

  • Kanji: 珠名, 澄菜

  • Meaning: Tiny pearl, clear sound

  • Pronunciation: SU-NA

  • Suna is a small pearl. It also refers to the peaceful sounds of water!

20. Sabia

  • Kanji:彩美愛

  • Meaning: Love, color

  • Pronunciation: SA-BEE-AA

  • This cute name symbolizes a beautiful and lovely girl.

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Strangest And Unique Japanese Names For Boys

Your son deserves the best name as that name will be with him for his entire life. It becomes special when you find the strangest names with unique meanings. For your ease in finding a boy name, let’s explore some rare Japanese boy names.

21. Uchuu

  • Kanji: 宇宙 

  • Meaning: Universe

  • Pronunciation: OO-CHOO

  • It is a symbol of infinite space.

22. Daiku

  • Kanji: 大空

  • Meaning: Big, sky

  • Pronunciation: DA-EE-KU

  • Daiku refers to a heavenly personality.

23. Ryoshi

  • Kanji: 量司, 漁師

  • Meaning: Respected person, fisherman

  • Pronunciation: RYO-SHEE

  • This unique name is given to a valuable and highly respected man.

24. Isamu

  • Kanji: 勇

  • Meaning: bravry or gallant

  • Pronunciation: I-SA-MU

  • This powerful Japanese boy name represents bravery or gallant in life. And its kanji character is beautiful.

25. Manabu

  • Kanji: 侃, 整

  • Meaning: Power, follows rules

  • Pronunciation: MA-NA-BOO

  • This unique name is assigned to a boy who is strong and punctual.

26. Chomei

  • Kanji: 長明

  • Meaning: Long, bright

  • Pronunciation: CHO-ME-EE

  • Chomei’s name signifies a bright and positive person.

27. Daiou

  • Kanji:大王

  • Meaning: King

  • Pronunciation: DA-EE-OU

  • This name refers to a great emperor or a royal king!

28. Reon

  • Kanji: 玲音, 獅音

  • Meaning: Sound, lion

  • Pronunciation: REE-ON

  • Reon refers to the king of the jungle. It means lion as ‘Leon’ in English. And it has multiple meanings.

29. Kashi

  • Kanji: 樫

  • Meaning: Oaktree

  • Pronunciation: KA-SHEE

  • Kashi is related to nature. It emits the vibe of a big oak tree.

30. Noeru

  • Kanji: 乃瑛瑠

  • Meaning: Lapis lazuli crystal, clear

  • Pronunciation: NO-E-RU

  • This name is for the English name ‘’Nolan’ which defines beauty and clarity.

31. Tobe

  • Kanji: 東兵衛, 統兵衛

  • Meaning: East, Soldier, bring together

  • Pronunciation: TO-BE

  • It signifies a man who brings together things and controls them!

32 Housen

  • Kanj: 宝船

  • Meaning: Treasure ship

  • Pronunciation: HOU-SEN

  • This Japanese baby name refers to a person who is wealthy and rich!

33. Taira

  • Kanji: 大一良

  • Meaning: Good, big

  • Pronunciation: TA-EE-RA

  • This unique Japanese boy name can be used for the English name ‘Tyler’. 

34. Kikuo

  • Kanji: 紀久男, 季久生, 菊央

  • Meaning: Historic, grow, Chrysanthemum 

  • Pronunciation: KEE-KU-O

  • It is named after a pure person who is born to rule and organize!

35. Shigure

  • Kanji: 時雨, 紫暮

  • Meaning: Rain, sunset

  • Pronunciation: SHEE-GU-RE

  • This unique name refers to the drizzling rain at sunset!

36. Gakuki

  • Kanji: 我空紀

  • Meaning: Me , sky, age

  • Pronunciation: GA-KU-KEE

  • This name is related to the wide open sky.

37. Ounen

  • Kanji: 凰稔

  • Meaning: Firebird, mature

  • Pronunciation: OU-NEN

  • This unique Japanese boy name means a powerful and mature person like a firebird.

38. Kiba

  • Kanji: 牙, 喜馬

  • Meaning: Fang, happy, horse

  • Pronunciation: KEE-BA

  • This name refers to a joyful person who has a powerful persona.

Gender Neutral Strangest And Unique Japanese Names

You may find some Japanese baby names which have become very common nowadays. Parents prefer to select distinct names for their babies. I have made a list of gender-neutral Japanese names to make your search easier. Let’s look into them!

39. Banzai

  • Kanji: 万歳,

  • Meaning: Cheers, long live

  • Pronunciation: BAN-ZA-EE

  • Banzai refers to a person who is cheerful and lives long! 

40. Komorebi

  • Kanji: 木漏れ日

  • Meaning: Sunlight, pass

  • Pronunciation: KO-MO-RE-BEE

  • This rare Japanese name means sunlight passing through trees!

41. Ryou

  • Kanji: 凌羽

  • Meaning: To surpass, feather, wings

  • Pronunciation: RYO-OO

  • This short Japanese name represents a competitive person who likes to move ahead!

42. Chishiki

  • Kanji: 知識 

  • Meaning: Knowledge

  • Pronunciation: CHI-SHEE- KI

  • This well-sounding name refers to a wise and truthful person.

43. Tokei

  • Kanji: 時計

  • Meaning: Clock

  • Pronunciation: NO-RI-YOO-KEE

  • It shows a punctual person who follows a timetable.

44. Ukigi

  • Kanji: 浮木

  • Meaning: Floating tree

  • Pronunciation: U-KI-GEE

  • Ukigi is a nature-related name that refers to trees that float in water!

45. Enkai

  • Kanji: 宴会

  • Meaning: Banquet, party

  • Pronunciation: EN-KA-EE

  • This sweet name is related to a person who likes to celebrate good things in life!

46. Maemi

  • Kanji: 満笑, 真笑

  • Meaning: Smile, Truth

  • Pronunciation: MA-E-MI

  • Maemi is a child who has a smile of truth and happiness.

47. Tsumoi

  • Kanji:百千万億 

  • Meaning:  A hundred thousand ten-thousand hundred-million

  • Pronunciation: TSU-MO-EE

  • Tsumoi is a big numerical value. It is used to name a very huge personality!

48. Retsu

  • Kanji: 列, 玲律

  • Meaning: Line, strict discipline

  • Pronunciation: RET-SU

  • Retsu is a fierce and disciplined person.

49. Huro

  • Kanji:風呂

  • Meaning: Bath

  • Pronunciation: HU-RO

  • This unisex Japanese name represents a person who takes away bad things like negativity, sadness, etc. 

50. Yaoya

  • Kanji: 八百屋 

  • Meaning: Greengrocer 

  • Pronunciation: YA-O-YA

  • This ancient Japanese name is related to a person who sells green vegetables and fruits!

37 Uncommon Japanese Names for Girl and Boys

Here are some unique, rare and uncommon Japanese names we’ve gathered from various sources, including databases and historical records. We hope these names can help you find inspiration for naming your baby or a new project.


  • Kanji: 愛鈴
  • Meaning: Beloved bell
  • Pronunciation: Eye-soo-roo


  • Kanji: 幽霊
  • Meaning: Ghost or spirit
  • Pronunciation: Yoo-ray


  • Kanji: 天照
  • Meaning: The name of the Shinto sun goddess
  • Pronunciation: Ah-mah-teh-rah-soo


  • Kanji: 月子
  • Meaning: Moon child
  • Pronunciation: Tsu-kee-koh


  • Kanji: 桜子
  • Meaning: Child of cherry blossoms
  • Pronunciation: Sah-koo-rah-koh


  • Kanji: 向日葵
  • Meaning: Sunflower
  • Pronunciation: Hee-mah-wah-ree


  • Kanji: 夢子
  • Meaning: Dream child
  • Pronunciation: Yoo-meh-koh


  • Kanji: 雀
  • Meaning: Sparrow
  • Pronunciation: Soo-zoo-meh


  • Kanji: 望
  • Meaning: Hope or desire
  • Pronunciation: Noh-zoh-mee


  • Kanji: 瑞希
  • Meaning: Beautiful moon
  • Pronunciation: Mee-zoo-kee


  • Kanji: 心
  • Meaning: Heart or spirit
  • Pronunciation: Koh-koh-roh


  • Kanji: 七海
  • Meaning: Seven seas
  • Pronunciation: Nah-nah-mee


  • Kanji: 蘭丸
  • Meaning: Orchid circle or elegant circle
  • Pronunciation: Rahn-mah-roo


  • Kanji: 遥
  • Meaning: Distant or faraway
  • Pronunciation: Hah-roo-kah


  • Kanji: 千春
  • Meaning: A thousand springs
  • Pronunciation: Chee-hah-roo


  • Kanji: 菖蒲
  • Meaning: Iris flower
  • Pronunciation: Ah-yah-meh


  • Kanji: 天音
  • Meaning: Heavenly sound
  • Pronunciation: Ah-mah-neh


  • Kanji: 蛍
  • Meaning: Firefly
  • Pronunciation: Hoh-tah-roo


  • Kanji: 一成
  • Meaning: First success or to succeed in one’s endeavors
  • Pronunciation: Ee-say


  • Kanji: 陽輝
  • Meaning: Shining sun or radiant sunlight
  • Pronunciation: Ha-roo-kee


  • Kanji: 蓮次郎
  • Meaning: Lotus second son or son of the lotus
  • Pronunciation: Ren-jee-roh


  • Kanji: 陸
  • Meaning: Land or earth
  • Pronunciation: Ree-koo


  • Kanji: 竜也
  • Meaning: Dragon or person of the dragon
  • Pronunciation: Tat-soo-yah


  • Kanji: 蒼介
  • Meaning: Blue assistance or helpful like the blue sea
  • Pronunciation: Soh-soo-kay


  • Kanji: 和輝
  • Meaning: Harmony and radiance or shining in harmony
  • Pronunciation: Kah-zoo-kee


  • Kanji: 海斗
  • Meaning: Sea and big dipper or big dipper over the sea
  • Pronunciation: Kai-toh


  • Kanji: 雷電
  • Meaning: Thunder and lightning or thunder and lightning
  • Pronunciation: Rai-den


  • Kanji: 次郎
  • Meaning: Second son
  • Pronunciation: Jee-roh


  • Kanji: 英樹
  • Meaning: Excellent and tree or excellent tree
  • Pronunciation: Hee-de-kee


  • Kanji: 悟
  • Meaning: Enlightenment or understanding
  • Pronunciation: Sa-toh-roo


  • Kanji: 隼
  • Meaning: Falcon or swift as a falcon
  • Pronunciation: Ha-ya-toh


  • Kanji: 翔吾
  • Meaning: Soar or flying
  • Pronunciation: Sho-go


  • Kanji: 誠
  • Meaning: Sincerity or truthfulness
  • Pronunciation: Ma-koh-toh


  • Kanji: 悠斗
  • Meaning: Distant and big dipper or distant big dipper
  • Pronunciation: Yoo-toh


  • Kanji: 寛
  • Meaning: Generous or broad-minded
  • Pronunciation: Hee-ro-shee


  • Kanji: 大河
  • Meaning: Big river
  • Pronunciation: Tai-gah


  • Kanji: 蓮造
  • Meaning: Lotus creation or creation of the lotus
  • Pronunciation: Ren-zoh

20 Funny Japanese Names for Boys and Girls

Interesting names can impress people, so we specially collected the following interesting Japanese names. We also noted the meanings, kanji, and pronunciation of these Japanese names.


  • Kanji: 万個 (not a common kanji combination)
  • Meaning: “Ten thousand items”
  • Pronunciation: Pan-koo


  • Kanji: 泥棒 (common for “thief”)
  • Meaning: “Thief”
  • Pronunciation: Doh-roh-boh


  • Kanji: 馬鹿馬鹿 (common for “foolish” or “silly”)
  • Meaning: “Silly” or “foolish”
  • Pronunciation: Bah-kah-bah-kah


  • Kanji: うざい (not commonly used as a name)
  • Meaning: “Annoying”
  • Pronunciation: Oo-za-ee


  • Kanji: 学生 (common for “student”)
  • Meaning: “Student” (in informal or slang context, can mean “kid” or “brat”)
  • Pronunciation: Gah-kee


  • Kanji: 馬鹿 (common for “fool” or “idiot”)
  • Meaning: “Fool” or “idiot”
  • Pronunciation: Bah-kah


  • Kanji: 地獄 (common for “hell”)
  • Meaning: “Hell”
  • Pronunciation: Jee-goh-koo


  • Kanji: 悪い (common for “bad” or “evil”)
  • Meaning: “Bad” or “evil”
  • Pronunciation: Wah-roo-ee


  • Kanji: うんこ (not commonly used as a name)
  • Meaning: “Poop” or “feces”
  • Pronunciation: Oon-koh


  • Kanji: この野郎 (common as an informal and impolite term)
  • Meaning: A derogatory term (strongly discouraged for use)
  • Pronunciation: Koh-noh-ya-roh


  • Kanji: 駄目 (common for “no good” or “useless”)
  • Meaning: “No good” or “useless”
  • Pronunciation: Dah-meh


  • Kanji: 違う (common for “different” or “wrong”)
  • Meaning: “Different” or “wrong”
  • Pronunciation: Chee-gow


  • Kanji: 怖い (common for “scary” or “frightening”)
  • Meaning: “Scary” or “frightening”
  • Pronunciation: Koh-wa-ee


  • Kanji: やばい (often used informally to express danger or trouble)
  • Meaning: “Dangerous” or “troublesome”
  • Pronunciation: Yah-bah-ee


  • Kanji: とんでもない (common as an expression for “unbelievable” or “outrageous”)
  • Meaning: “Unbelievable” or “outrageous”
  • Pronunciation: Tohn-deh-moh-nah-ee


  • Kanji: 下手 (common for “unskilled” or “clumsy”)
  • Meaning: “Unskilled” or “clumsy”
  • Pronunciation: Heh-tah


  • Kanji: たこ (common for “octopus”)
  • Meaning: “Octopus”
  • Pronunciation: Tah-koh


  • Kanji: 下駄 (common for traditional wooden sandals)
  • Meaning: “Wooden sandals”
  • Pronunciation: Geh-tah


  • Kanji: びっくり (common for “surprise” or “astonishment”)
  • Meaning: “Surprise” or “astonishment”
  • Pronunciation: Bee-koo-ree


  • Kanji: めちゃ (common in casual language to express “very” or “extremely”)
  • Meaning: “Very” or “extremely”
  • Pronunciation: Meh-cha

20 Weird Japanese Names for Boys and Girls

Sometimes, unusual names can perfectly reflect the unique ideas and beliefs we want to convey. Below, you’ll find some quirky Japanese names that might serve as a source of inspiration for you.


  • Kanji: なまけもの (not commonly used as a name)
  • Meaning: “Lazy person” or “slacker”
  • Pronunciation: Nah-mah-keh-moh-noh


  • Kanji: わるだくみ (not commonly used as a name)
  • Meaning: “Mischief” or “prank”
  • Pronunciation: Wah-roo-dah-koo-mee


  • Kanji: ちょうど (commonly used in casual language to mean “exactly” or “just right”)
  • Meaning: “Exactly” or “spot on”
  • Pronunciation: Cho-o-doh


  • Kanji: どきどき (commonly used to represent the sound of a heartbeat)
  • Meaning: “Heart pounding” or “excitement”
  • Pronunciation: Doh-kee-doh-kee


  • Kanji: わるいやつ (not commonly used as a name)
  • Meaning: “Bad guy” or “villain”
  • Pronunciation: Wah-roo-ee-ya-tsoo


  • Kanji: 吸血鬼 (commonly used for “vampire”)
  • Meaning: “Vampire”
  • Pronunciation: Kyoo-keh-tskee


  • Kanji: うずまき (commonly used for “spiral”)
  • Meaning: “Spiral”
  • Pronunciation: Oo-zoo-mah-kee


  • Kanji: こわくま (not commonly used as a name)
  • Meaning: “Scary bear” or “frightening bear”
  • Pronunciation: Koh-wah-koo-mah


  • Kanji: きのう (commonly used for “yesterday”)
  • Meaning: “Yesterday”
  • Pronunciation: Kee-noh-oo


  • Kanji: 雨女 (commonly used to refer to a woman who brings rain)
  • Meaning: “Rain woman”
  • Pronunciation: Ah-meh-oh-nah


  • Kanji: ゆれい (commonly used for “ghost” or “spirit”)
  • Meaning: “Ghost” or “spirit”
  • Pronunciation: Yoo-ray


  • Kanji: すっぱ (not commonly used as a name)
  • Meaning: “Sour”
  • Pronunciation: Soo-pah


  • Kanji: きもい (commonly used to mean “disgusting” or “creepy”)
  • Meaning: “Disgusting” or “creepy”
  • Pronunciation: Kee-moh-ee


  • Kanji: こわい (commonly used for “scary” or “frightening”)
  • Meaning: “Scary” or “frightening”
  • Pronunciation: Koh-wa-ee


  • Kanji: ボケ (commonly used in comedy to mean “fool” or “straight man” in a comedy duo)
  • Meaning: “Fool” or “straight man” (in a comedic context)
  • Pronunciation: Boh-keh


  • Kanji: ばらいろ (not commonly used as a name)
  • Meaning: “Rose-colored” or “pink”
  • Pronunciation: Bah-rah-ee-roh


  • Kanji: なぞなぞ (commonly used for “riddle” or “puzzle”)
  • Meaning: “Riddle” or “puzzle”
  • Pronunciation: Nah-zoh-nah-zoh


  • Kanji: どたばた (commonly used for “chaos” or “haste”)
  • Meaning: “Chaos” or “haste”
  • Pronunciation: Doh-tah-bah-tah


  • Kanji: かえる (commonly used for “frog”)
  • Meaning: “Frog”
  • Pronunciation: Kah-eh-roo


  • Kanji: わるいおまえ (not commonly used as a name)
  • Meaning: “Bad you” or “naughty you”
  • Pronunciation: Wah-roo-ee-oh-mah-eh


 5 Ideas To Craft A Perfect Rare Japanese Name for Boys and Girls

  • The fewer kanji variations, the more unique and strange the name is!

  • Pick up distinct meanings to select a strange and unique name. 

  • Learn about Japanese naming tradition. Be clear about Kanji and its meaning while selecting a name. Japanese names are creative according to the combination of kanji used.

  • Make sure it is easy to pronounce and spell. A strange name may have an unusual spelling.

  • Balance the number of letters and syllables in the name of the baby. Right balance gives a well-sounding name! 

4 Reasons To Have A Japanese Name That Are Strange And Unique

  • Japanese names are related to nature, culture, values, etc. It makes a name more ground to earth in character!

  • The strangest and most unique name will make your child’s identity distinct from others!

  • You have the freedom of kanji selection. So go for a name according to which quality you want in the name.

  • Japanese culture and language make the names uncommon. So, selecting a Japanese name will be an awesome idea to make your child feel special.

Ready To Choose The Strangest And Unique Name For Your Baby?

Giving a perfect name is the first gift parents give to their children. A unique name makes a lifelong memory in a child’s life! Japanese names are way more creative. You have wide options of names that sound English but are of Japanese meaning.

I hope you have found the strangest and most unique Japanese names which also work in the English language in this article. Have faith in your gut and go for the best name you want for your rockstar.

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