40 Science-Inspired Girl Names(With Meaning and Origins)

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Are you a science enthusiast looking for the perfect name for your baby girl? Look no further! In this article, we’ve curated a list of 40 science-inspired girl names that are both unique and meaningful. We’ve looked at famous female scientists, scientific concepts, and other science-related terms to create this list. From the timeless Marie to the contemporary Aria, these names are sure to appeal to parents who want to celebrate their love of science through their child’s name.

40 Science-Inspired Girl Names

8 Chemistry-Inspired Names for Girls

Marie [ma-REE]
Origin: FrenchMeaning: Savage or factious
Suggestion Reason: Marie is a good name for your newborn if you are planning a chemistry-inspired name. It was the name of the famous scientist Maire Curie. In addition, she was the first ever woman in history to win Nobel Prize  She discovered new elements to add up in the periodic table. 

Rosalind [ROZ-a-lind]
Origin: English
Meaning: Beautiful rose
Suggestion Reason:  It takes after the name of Rosalind Franklin, the British chemist. She worked on the structure of nucleotides. As a crystallographer, Rosalind introduced the science world to the DNA double helix. Furthermore, her contributions towards RNA, viruses, graphite, and coal structures are great. 

Ada [AY-duh]
Origin: Germanic
Meaning: Noble, nobility
Suggestion Reason: Ada Lovelace, was the very first programmer and mathematician. She worked on the Analytical Engine and owns a lot of innovations in this field. You can choose this name for your daughter as it is short but charming. 

Dorothy [DOR-uh-thee]
Origin: English
Meaning: Gift of God
Suggestion Reason: This name comes after the name of Dorothy Hodgkin. She is a British chemist and Nobel prize holder. She is notable for her work in developing protein crystallography.

Irene [eye-REEN]

Origin: Greek Meaning: Peace
Suggestion Reason: This name is a tribute to Irene Joliot-Curie. She is a Nobel prize holder in chemistry, along with her husband Frederic Joliot. They have discovered artificial radioactivity. Sure, Irene is a name full of motivation.

Lise [LEEZ]
Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: Devoted to God
Suggestion Reason: This name is in honor of Lise Meitner. She is an Austrian physicist. She was part of a team that discovered nuclear fission.

Stephanie [STEF-uh-nee]
Origin: Greek
Meaning: Crown, garland
Suggestion Reason: This name inspires Stephanie Kwolek. She is an American chemist who invented Kevlar. Kevlar is actually a high-strength material used in vests that are bulletproof.

Allene [ah – leen] 

Origin: American Meaning: Little Rock

Suggestion Meaning: This name belongs to the chemist Allene Jeanes. The researcher lady worked during the Korean War and helped the people with her outstanding discoveries i.e., Dextran. Later it was found that it is a substitute for plasma. 

8 Elements and Compounds Inspired Names For Girls

Helia [HEEL-ee-uh]
Origin: Greek
Meaning: Sun
Suggestion Reason: This name obtains from Helium. Helium is the second lightest element in the world. Also, it is the most abundant element of the universe.

Beryl [BEHR-il]
Origin: Greek
Meaning: Sea-green jewel
Suggestion Reason: This name derives from the mineral beryl. There are many using industrial works. It is the main source of the beryllium which is very rare in the universe.

Krypton [KRIP-ton]
Origin: Greek
Meaning: Hidden
Suggestion Reason: This name is based on Krypton. It is an important noble gas. It is used in various light-emitting applications.

Osmia [OZ-mee-uh]
Origin: Latin
Meaning: Fragrance
Suggestion Reason: This name derives from osmium. It is very dense. This element is famous because of its typical smell.  

Celia [SEE-lee-uh]
Origin: Latin
Meaning: Heavenly
Suggestion Reason: It is a very unique name. This name has a basis in the cesium. Its use in atomic clocks. Medical imaging is one of its important applications.

Rubina [roo-BEE-nuh]
Origin: Latin
Meaning: Red gemstone
Suggestion Reason:  It is an attractive name. This name derives from the element rubidium. Rubidium is a very soft and silvery-white metal.

Silvia [SIL-vee-uh]
Origin: Latin
Meaning: Forest, woodlands
Suggestion Reason: This name takes from the element Silicon. Silicon is an important component of modern technology. It is especially in the field of electronics.

Chloris [KLO-ris]
Origin: Greek
Meaning: Green, pale green
Suggestion Reason: This name from the element chlorine. Chlorine is a yellow-green gas. It is famous for its use in water cleaning.

8 Historical Female Scientists Inspired Names For Girls

Hypatia [hi-PAY-shuh]
Origin: Greek
Meaning: Highest, supreme
Suggestion Reason: This name is in honor of Hypatia of Alexandria, the Egyptian scientist. She is a famous philosopher, astronomer, and mathematician. This name is unique and innovative.

Caroline [KA-ro-line]
Origin: Germanic
Meaning: Free man, strong
Suggestion Reason:  This is a great name in honor of Caroline Herschel. She is a pioneering astronomer with the discovery of several comets. The first woman to achieve a Gold Medal from the Royal Astronomical Society.

Emmy [EH-mee]
Origin: Germanic
Meaning: Whole, universal
Suggestion Reason: This beautiful name is in honor of Emmy Noether. She is an innovative mathematician. She has great contributions to abstract algebra and physics theory.

Hedy [HED-ee]
Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: Delightful, sweet
Suggestion Reason: This refers to the name of Hedy Lamarr. She has dual skills as an actress and inventor. Co-developed a frequency-hopping technology. This technology later became the basis for modern Wi-Fi and Bluetooth communication systems.

Chien-Shiung [chyen-shyong]
Origin: Chinese
Meaning: Heroic and strong
Suggestion Reason: This unique name is in honor of Chien-Shiung Wu. She is a Chinese-American physicist with memorable contributions in the nuclear physics domain.

Barbara [BAHR-buh-ruh]
Origin: Greek
Meaning: Foreign, stranger
Suggestion Reason: This name is in honor of Barbara McClintock. This lady is a Nobel Prize-winning author. She is a cytogeneticist famous for her work on the gene structure of maize.

Rosalyn [Rose-uh-lyn]

Origin: Spanish

Meaning: Rose, Sweet flower

Suggestion Reason: Rosalyn Yalow was the second woman to achieve the Nobel Prize in Physiology. The nuclear physicist worked on the RIA technique. This will be a great name for your lil princess, cess carrying a rose in her meaning. 

Grace [GRAYS]

Origin: Latin

Meaning: Blessing

Suggestion Reason: This name follows the well-known American computer scientists Grace Hopper. Along with that, she was a famous mathematician. Grace worked in the U.S. Navy as an admiral. She developed the software and designed programming languages. 

8 Modern Female Scientists Inspired Names For Girls

Jennifer [JEN-ih-fur]
Origin: Welsh
Meaning: White, fair, blessed
Suggestion Reason: This name takes after biochemist Jennifer Doudna. She was a co-winner of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2020. Known as a great scientist, she has worked on the CRISPR-Cas9 gene-editing technology.

May-Britt [MY-brit]
Origin: Scandinavian
Meaning: Pearl, strength
Suggestion Reason: May-Britt Moser is a Norwegian neuroscientist. She got the Nobel Prize in Medicine for her research on cells. Her admirers can name their princess after her name.

Fabiola [fah-BEE-oh-luh]
Origin: Latin
Meaning: Bean grower
Suggestion Reason: Fabiola is a girlish scientific name. And it’s by the Italian atomic expert Fabiola Gianotti. She is the first female Director-General of CERN. She is for the European Organization for Nuclear Research. The name has a feminine sound. That could be appealing to parents who want an elegant and sweet name for their daughters.

Jane [JAYN]
Origin: English
Meaning: God is gracious
Suggestion Reason: It is a simple one-syllable name impressed by a renowned primatologist and anthropologist. She is Jane Goodall, who is also known for her unprecedented research on chimpanzees. The name is classy and modern with the ability to stand the test of time.

Mae [MAY]
Origin: English
Meaning: Bitter, pearl
Suggestion Reason: The name takes after an inspirational figure Mae Jemison. She has made many significant- scientific contributions. She is a former NASA astronaut. She also became the first African-American woman to travel to space. The name suggests intelligence, ambition, and commitment to making a positive impact on the world.

Carolyn [ KAR-uh-lin]
Origin: Germanic
Meaning: Free man, strong
Suggestion Reason: Carolyn is a name after An American biochemist, Carolyn Bertozzi. She is known for her work on bioorthogonal chemistry and glycoscience. The name suggests a person who is strong, confident, and creative. Thus, it is a good name for a girl to be strong.

Sara [SAIR-uh]
Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: Princess, noblewoman
Suggestion Reason: It is a quick short name. That was taken by an astrophysicist and planetary scientist. She was Sara Seager, who is known for her work on exoplanets and their atmospheres.

Cynthia [SIN-thee-ə]

Origin: Greek

Meaning: from Mount Kynthos

Suggestion Reason: This name follows the American biologist Cynthia Kenyon. She researched the genetic mutations related to aging in females. Due to her work on C. elegans, she won the 2000 King Faisal International Prize in Medicine. 

8 Cool Scientific Names for Girls

Aurora [uh-ROAR-uh]
Origin: Latin
Meaning: Dawn
Suggestion Reason:  Aurora is the name that comes from the Aurora Borealis. which is a scientific name for the northern lights. The origin of the name is from the Roman goddess Aurora. Meaning “dawn”, and from Latin Borealis meaning “northern”. The name exudes positivity and can be a good name for a baby girl.

Lyra [LIE-ruh]
Origin: Latin
Meaning: Lyre, a small harp-like instrument
Suggestion Reason: Lyra’s name comes from the Greek word “Lyra” meaning “lyre”. Furthermore, the name is the constellation in the northern hemisphere. That represents a lyre. This is a good name for someone who enjoys music and wants to name their baby girl.

Vega [VAY-guh]
Origin: Arabic
Meaning: Falling, swooping
Suggestion Reason:  Vega is a name after the star in the constellation. It is the fifth brightest star in the sky. The name symbolizes brightness, beauty, and a sense of wonder which is a perfect name for a baby girl.

Celeste [suh-LEST]
Origin: Latin
Meaning: Heavenly, celestial
Suggestion Reason: Celeste is a good name for someone who wants a traditional name for their baby girl. The name evokes the beauty and wonder of the cosmos. It can be a great name. For parents who want a name that reflects the bright and shining personality of their baby girl.

Nova [NO-vuh]
Origin: Latin
Meaning: New, fresh, young
Suggestion Reason: Nova is a powerful name that is  Inspired by a powerful astronomical event.  The name suggests the brightness due to its nuclear fusion reaction. The sudden dramatic increase in brightness contributes to the names.
These names have an association with brightness and energy. It is a good name for a baby girl who brings brightness to life.

Galilea [gal-uh-LAY-uh]
Origin: Hebrew, Italian
Meaning: God will redeem, rolling hills
Suggestion Reason: Galilea is a name taken from the renowned scientist Galileo Galilei. The discoverer of the four largest moons of Jupiter. A great influential Italian scientist,  astronomer, physicist, and mathematician. He played a  vital role in the scientific revolution. Hence, the name is a good fit for someone who has an interest in science.

Rhea [REE-uh]
Origin: Greek
Meaning: Flowing, streaming
Suggestion Reason:  Rhea is the name of the second-largest moon of Saturn in Greek mythology.  The name is known for its unusual surface features. Thus, it is a good name for someone who has an interest in mythology and ancient history.

Selene [suh-LEEN]
Origin: Greek
Meaning: Moon
Suggestion Reason: Selene name is after the ancient Greek goddess of the moon, Selene, often depicted as a beautiful woman with a crescent moon on her forehead. This name is associated with magic, romance, and the natural world. So, it is a good name for a baby girl.

How To Choose a Science Name for Your Baby Girl?

Following are some tips to choose a science-related name for your baby girl:

1. Reflect on your interests: The name must be according to your desire for a specific scientific domain or a tribute to a scientist who is your ideal.  

2. Cultural diversity: To add variety to your baby’s names from various civilizations and geographical regions.

3. Pronunciation and spelling:  Important one, names must be easy to pronounce and spell to avoid spelling and pronunciation mistakes.

4. Personality Accordance: Select a name according to your values and the personality of your child.

5. Adaptability: Select the name that will grow as with the growth of your child i.e., it must not be static.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the perfect name for your baby girl can be a daunting task, but hopefully, this list of 40 science-inspired names has provided some inspiration and guidance. From the chemistry-inspired Marie to the elements-inspired Helia, each of these names is a testament to the beauty and wonder of science. Whether you choose a classic or a more unique name, the most important thing is that it holds a special meaning for you and your family. We wish you all the best in your naming journey and in raising your little scientist-to-be.

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