Pull-Ups vs. Easy-Ups: What is the Right Choice For Your Baby?

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The lifelong battle between pull-ups vs. easy-ups never ends, especially to the new and confused parent! But what would be the better option for your little angel? Which one should you choose? We all know that babies are different, but in siding with any of these two, what are you going with?

If you want your babies to have easy access, you would benefit more from Pampers Easy-Ups, thanks to the easy-tear sides and a full-360 waistband. However, if you’re looking for something stretchier, more versatile, and more reliable, Huggies Pull-Ups is for you.

In this post, we’ll give you a quick run-through of what easy ups and pull-ups are, how they are effective, and why choosing one over the other will be beneficial for you.

What Are Pull-Up Diapers?

Pull-up diapers are practical substitutes for conventional diapers. They’re from Huggies – and the reason they’re called “pull-ups” is because of how they’re worn – they need to be fastened for younger children and toddlers.

They stop spills and mishaps because they are excellently absorbent.

Furthermore, these diapers are simple to put on and take off, resembling how babies should use their underpants. They offer a better and more secure fit, allowing flexibility and locomotion, thanks to elasticized waistbands.

They help out in toilet training by fostering independence and self-dressing abilities in children. You can purchase them in many different shapes, sizes, and brands to suit whatever you or your babies want and need!

What Are Easy-Up Diapers?

If Pull-Ups are from Huggies, Easy-Ups are offered by Pampers, and, technically, they’re not entirely different. Toddlers practicing and going from diapers to underwear should use Easy-Up diapers. Sometimes referred to as training pants, these are known and equipped with elastic waistbands and stretchy sides, making them simple to pull up and down.

Like Pull-Ups, they resemble actual underwear for babies. Furthermore, they give toddlers and kids, learning to use the potty, a more independent and relaxing experience.

While they’re known for their absorbency for spills, Easy-Up diapers encourage a sense of ownership and control over the toilet training process.

They are easily available in a wide array of sizes and styles. So, transferring or switching from diapers to underwear becomes easier and less stressful to parents (and babies, of course).

Pull-Ups vs. Easy-Ups: Which One Best Fits Your Baby?

What makes Huggies Pull-Ups and Pampers Easy-Ups distinct from one another? Let’s see if they have similarities and differences from one another!

 Huggies Pull-UpsPampers Easy-Ups
PriceA little bit more expensive than Pampers Easy-UpsSubstantially cheaper than Huggies Pull-Ups
Leg CuffsLarger than Pampers Easy-UpsTechnically smaller leg gussets or leg cuffs than Huggies Pull-Ups
Sizes2T to 3T, up to 4T to 5T (all sizes captured)2T to 3T, up to 5T to 6T (all sizes captured
WaistbandsThe waistband is stretchy and soft. Can be refastenedIt’s also soft, but the waistband can’t be refastened
Wetness FeelIt encourages babies to stay dryNo wetness indicator of any kind
Design and StylePacks are made specifically for boys and girls, so, you can choosePacks are made specifically for boys and girls, so, you can choose
AbsorbencyKeeps the groin area dry as much as possible. Leaks are rareIssues with leakage, according to some parents

Price of Huggies Pull-Ups vs. Pampers Easy-Ups

We all know that not all brands follow the same SRP, and that’s one of the main divisions that they have with other brands. With the Easy-Ups vs. Pull-Ups discussion, though, how much do they differ? More importantly, how well do they work when used for your baby?

On a quick note, buying them online is way cheaper than buying them from a store near you. By looking at it, though, overall, a pack of Pampers Easy-Ups is a lot cheaper than Huggies Pull-Ups.

NOTE: This is Amazon pricing, though, and may be different in whatever region you are in.

Sizing of Huggies Pull-Ups vs. Pampers Easy-Ups

It’s imperative to know that not all pull-up-type diapers are equal in size. Just because they’re fixed, doesn’t mean that brands and manufacturers follow the same formula in creating sizes.

For parents who can’t seem to wrap their heads around sizing, here’s a table that will help you see it better and clearer!

 2T to 3T3T to 4T4T to 5T5T to 6T
Pampers Easy-Ups16 to 34 lbs.30 to 40 lbs.37 lbs.+42 lbs.+
Huggies Pull-Ups16 to 34 lbs.30 to 40 lbs.38 to 50 lbs.N/A

With the table above, it’s clear that Pampers Easy-Ups have more room and flexibility than Huggies Pull-Ups, in terms of sizing. It goes as far as 6T for toddlers.

Pull-Ups and Easy-Ups Size Chart

We don’t want you to grow confused about the sizes of Easy-Ups and Pull-Ups, so, we grabbed the charts just for you! Here’s a guide on the sizes of each brand’s flagship potty-training merchandise.

Let us first look at the size chart for Huggies Pull-Ups. Note that the size may still vary from one baby to another.

source: Amazon

So, for babies who are between 38 to 50 lbs., a 4T/5T pull-up size is perfect! This is also size 6!

Now, let’s take a look at the size chart for Pampers Easy-Ups!

Source: Amazon

With these charts, you’ll no longer have to guess whether a diaper size is fit for y

When Does Your Baby Need Pampers Easy-Ups?

Although many experts oppose the use of Pampers Easy-Ups (or Huggies Pull-Ups, in this matter), and suggest going straight to wearing underwear instead. Nonetheless, there are a few signs that your baby is ready to take on a new challenge in their early lives:

  • They are aware of pulling their pants/underwear down for training.
  • They’re already following instructions (simple ones).
  • Their diapers are dry for two hours, at the least.
  • They’re able to alert you that they need a trip to the toilet.
  • They mimic or show interest in sitting in the potty training.

NOTE: This is a long-term commitment. It’s not ideal to do it if there’s a plan in the near future, if you’re moving if they are not feeling well, or if they’re still resting inside the crib.


If you feel like you still have more questions, don’t worry, we got you! Here are a few of the most frequently asked questions about Pull-Ups vs. Easy-Ups you should know about!

Can You Use Pampers Easy Ups At Night?

Yes, the brand markets their pants-like diapers to be absorbent regardless of the time of day. Younger children and toddlers may use it during the day and/or night and get the same results.

How To Use Pampers Pull-Ups 

To use Pampers Pull-Ups, all you have to do is tear both sides up, position your baby’s legs, and then pull it up. This, of course, is after

Are All Pull-Ups Scented? 

Today, Pull-Up diapers are known to be the “kind” of diapers where babies can pull it up, when, in reality, it’s Huggies’ product. To answer the question, though, Huggies’ Pull-Ups aren’t scented. There are, however, other brands that have this type of diaper with scent.

Easy-Ups Vs. Cruisers 360: Which Is Better? 

Pampers Cruisers 360 is one of the best when it comes to absorbency, but it has negative reviews in terms of mobility.  Easy-Ups, on the other hand, are known to be the best for “potty training” because of the wrap and remove functionality of it.

Are Easy Ups As Absorbent As Diapers? 

No, they are not. Generically speaking, Easy-Ups are less absorbent and thinner than standard diapers. This is because they are primarily engineered for potty training, and not to capture your baby’s secretions.

Are Pull-Ups The Same Size As Diapers? 

No, the sizes of pull-ups and diapers are not the same. In fact, they are different from what they’re called, making it challenging to distinguish size if you don’t look at the available ones.

Do Pull-Up Diapers Confuse Potty Training

Wholesome Children says that pull-up diapers aren’t necessary to potty train your youngsters. In fact, they recommend not to because it can delay your baby’s development because they might not develop bladder control early if there’s a backup way of saving things.

The Bottom Line

The lifelong battle between the brands, more commonly known as Huggies Pull-Ups vs. Pampers Easy-Ups will never come to a stop. So long as there are little munchkins, there will be demand! You just have to know which works for you best!

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