Top 20 Potty Training Rewards Ideas For Your Little One: Ultimate Guide

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If you’re having trouble motivating your little one during potty training, I’ve got you covered with these top 20 potty training rewards ideas!

I’ve been through the potty training process with my child and understand how important it is to find effective incentives. So, let’s explore these strategies together!

Why Use Potty Training Rewards?

Rewards can be super helpful during potty training. They can boost your child’s confidence and self-esteem and reinforce positive behavior. By giving prizes, you’re more likely to encourage them to keep using the potty in the future. And consistent rewards can lead to long-term success!

Ready to learn about the different types of potty training rewards? Let’s dive in!

Types of Potty Training Rewards

There are two main types of potty training rewards: tangible and intangible. Tangible rewards are physical items that children receive for using the potty, such as stickers, small toys, or treats. 

Intangible rewards are non-physical items that children receive, such as verbal praise or special privileges.

Let’s go through each of them.

Tangible Rewards

Sticker charts

Sticker charts are a popular potty training reward because they are easy to use and track progress. Parents can create a chart with a picture of a potty and give their child a sticker each time they successfully use it. Once the chart is complete, children can receive a larger reward.

Small toys or trinkets

Children love getting new toys, so small toys or trinkets can be an effective potty training reward. Parents can give their children a new toy each time they successfully use the potty.

Candies or snacks

Something sweet to eat can also be a great way to reward children for using the potty. You can give your children a small treat each time they use the potty, such as a piece of candy or a cookie.

Intangible Rewards

Verbal encouragement and praise

Verbal praise and encouragement can also be powerful rewards for children. Parents can praise their children each time they use or try to use the potty. Keep telling them how proud they are of them.

Special privileges and activities

Special privileges and activities can significantly incentivize children to use the potty. Parents can offer their children a special activity or privilege. Maybe they can watch a favorite movie or play a game each time they sit on the potty.

Quality time with parents

Spending quality time with parents can be a rewarding experience for children. Parents can offer to play games or read a book with their children.

How to make potty training rewards more effective?

Mix up the rewards to keep your child interested. Try using a variety of rewards like stickers, stamps, small toys or treats.

Switch it up

Using the same reward repeatedly can lose its effectiveness. To keep things interesting, switch up the rewards every few days or even every few potty uses.

Give immediate feedback

Give your child immediate feedback when they successfully use the potty. This will help them understand what behavior you are rewarding and increase their motivation to repeat it.

No rewards before using the potty

Only give rewards after your child successfully uses the potty. This will help reinforce the behavior you want to encourage and avoid rewarding them for something they haven’t yet accomplished.

Creative and Fun Potty Training Rewards

Want something more interesting and unique? It’s time to discover original and creative rewards for your little ones.

  1. Potty Party

A potty party is a fun way to celebrate a child’s success in using the potty. Parents can decorate the bathroom with balloons and streamers. Trust me – your child will love this! 

  1. Potty Treasure Chest

A potty treasure chest is a fun way to reward children for using the potty. Parents can fill a small box with small toys or trinkets and offer their children a chance to pick a prize.

  1. Potty Dance-off

A potty dance-off is a fun way to encourage children to use the toilet. You can play music and encourage your children to dance after potty time.

  1. Potty Passport

You can also create a passport for your child and offer a stamp each time they successfully use the potty. Once the passport is complete, children can receive a bigger reward.

  1. Potty Progress Chart

A Potty Progress Chart is a great tool to track a child’s progress and keep them motivated. With pictures or stickers to represent different stages, it’s a fun way to celebrate each milestone.

  1. Potty Poem or Song

And why not add some music to the mix? A silly potty-themed poem or song can make the process more exciting for your child and encourage them to use the potty. Get creative and have fun with it!

You can sing the song or recite the poem with your child during the potty training process to make it a more positive experience.

  1. Potty-themed Books or Videos

Want to make the potty training process even more engaging? You can incorporate books or videos about potty training into your child’s routine. 

Finding materials that feature their favorite characters can make it even more enjoyable. Reading a potty-themed book or watching a video about using the potty can help your child understand the process. At the end of the day, they will feel more comfortable with it.

  1. Potty Prize Wheel

And what about the prize wheel? This is a great way to add an element of surprise. 

This involves creating a wheel with different rewards or activities. You should spin it each time your child successfully uses the potty. Isn’t this a fun and exciting approach to motivate children to continue using the toilet? 

  1. Potty Jar with Colored Beads

Here’s another idea that I absolutely love – a potty jar with colored beads. It’s a great way to make potty training fun and interactive for your child. 

You can fill the jar with colored beads. Let your child add a bead each time they successfully use the potty. When the jar is full, celebrate their accomplishment with a special reward that they’ll love.

  1. Potty Training Bingo

Why not spice things up with some fun activities like Potty Training Bingo? Your child will love completing each square and earning rewards along the way. And once they complete a whole row, the special reward will make their day!

  1. Potty Training Scavenger Hunt

Make potty training an adventure with a Potty Training Scavenger Hunt! Each step and clue they follow brings them closer to the final location. Finally, you can celebrate their success with a special reward.

  1. Potty Training Puppet Show

And if your child loves puppet shows, why not create a Potty Training Puppet Show? Your kid will learn how to use the potty in a fun and engaging way that they won’t forget.

My little girl loved this!

  1. Potty Training Obstacle Course

And for a more active approach, try a Potty Training Obstacle Course that children must complete each time they use the potty. So, every time they finish the course, they’ll earn a reward! 

  1. Potty Training Spa Day

Make potty training a relaxing spa day for your child. After using the potty, give them a foot massage or paint their nails.

  1. Potty Training Tic Tac Toe

Make a tic tac toe board with different potty-related activities. When children complete an activity, they mark it on the board. After they complete a row, they earn a special gift.

  1. Potty Training Play Dough

Give children homemade play dough in different colors as a reward. They can use the play dough to create different shapes or figures.

  1. Potty Training Memory Game

Create a memory game with different potty-related activities, such as using the potty or washing hands. Each time their child matches two cards, they can receive a special reward. This will help improve their memory skills while making potty training more fun.

  1. Potty Training Dress Up

Allow children to dress in a special outfit after successfully using the potty. The outfit can be a superhero costume or a fancy dress they love. This will make potty training more exciting and fun for them.

  1. Potty Training I Spy Game

Play an “I Spy” game while they are using the potty. You can hide different objects in the bathroom and ask your children to find them. Each time they find an object, they can get a little gift.

  1. Potty Training Build a Block Tower

My sister used blocks to create a tower with different potty-related tasks. Each time her child successfully used the potty, she could add a block to her tower. Once the tower was complete, she received some cool rewards.


In conclusion, potty training may not be the most glamorous part of parenting. But with a little creativity and positive reinforcement, it can be a memorable and rewarding experience for both you and your child. Keep up the good work, and don’t forget to celebrate the small victories along the way!

With these creative potty training rewards ideas, you can support your child’s success and make the process super fun.

Good luck, dear parents!

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