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Peekaboo vs. SneakPeek, which one would you go for? Genetic testing has been around for ages, and a lot of soon-to-be parents opt for it for them to find out the reality about their unborn child. 

Although both manufacturers claim to offer 99.5% accuracy, SneakPeek is considered better and easier in terms of blood collection. Peekaboo, on the other hand, is cheaper and delivers faster results than SneakPeek and is cheaper!

In this article, we will go over the differences and similarities of Sneakpeek and Peekabo, overall. I guarantee that by the end of this comparison, you’ll not only learn about both of them, you will also know which one to get for yourself, too!

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Why is Genetic Testing Important?

The first-ever genetic testing screening processes have been available in the late 1950s to early 1960s in the United States. Then, a decade later, gender testing has been developed and became more affordable for people and families.

I know that for some, this is unnecessary news. When, in reality, it holds a particular importance especially when it comes to screening and checking the development of the baby.

The role of genetic testing encompasses the exterior of the idea. In fact, there are a few things on why it is important:

  • Diagnosis of possible conditions and disorders
  • Screening and prevention of disease development
  • Family planning and assisted reproductive technologies
  • Overall health assessment

As you can see, genetic testing is not just what we thought of identifying if it’s a girl or a boy – it’s something else, too! Nevertheless, these devices (Sneakpeek and Peekabo) are more so directed towards that.

What is the Sneakpeek Gender Test?

Quite witty for its name, the SneakPeek test is this non-invasive genetic prenatal test that’s designed to detect the gender of a baby during early pregnancy, generally as early as 8 weeks gestation. Pretty cool, right?

This actual method is based on the detection of fetal DNA in the mother’s blood. A little bit of the baby’s DNA is present in the mother’s circulation during pregnancy, which may be examined to identify the baby’s sex.

The company was one of the first to offer early gender determination testing to consumers directly.

What is the Peekabo Gender Test?

On the other end of the rope, the Peekabo gender test is a product endorsed by the Northwest DNA Testing that does just what other gender testing kits do – just a little bit earlier.

The brand boasts of their 99.5% accuracy, allowing the revelation of the baby’s gender easily and accurately. It’s actually been endorsed by the American Pregnancy Association as one of the best and most accurate non-invasive testing kit.

Which is which for you? What gender testing kit do you think would meet your needs and fit what you’re looking for?

Peekabo vs. Sneakpeek: What’s the Right Test For You?

So, before you jump on and make your selection, let’s take a quick comparison of the two for you to understand them better and more deeply!

 Key Takeaways

You might be wondering about the takeaways of this comparison. So, to clear it all out, here are a couple of points that are worth noting:

  • In terms of ease and simplicity, Sneakpeek offers cleaner and better blood collection practices. Moreover, they have clearer and simpler-to-understand directions than Peekaboo.
  • Sneakpeek also offers a wrist tourniquet.
  • Peekaboo’s blood drawing procedure is harder and more challenging – you’ll actually need more pokes.
  • The delivery of results crowns Peekaboo the winner, as they’re able to analyze and provide faster answers and results (one to two) days, whereas Sneakpeek takes about two to four business days.
  • Accuracy-wise, both have excellent rates, sitting at 99.5% accuracy.

Basically, Peekaboo is a choice for people who want faster results and are on a budget. Sneakpeek is like the higher-end brand, as it’s also costlier.

We like to think of it as differences in the process. Sneakpeek’s DNA-testing procedure is much more in-depth and thorough, while Peekaboo’s isn’t but they are as accurate, too.

When’s the Best Time to Take the Test?

While both brands rely on factors that are present on the woman’s body, they are different in terms of timing. For Sneakpeek, it’s recommended to wait for at least eight weeks of pregnancy. This is to ensure the level of Y chromosomes present, strengthening the chances of accuracy.

Peekabo, on the other hand, suggests a seven-week timeframe of pregnancy. Northwest DNA Testing suggests at least seven weeks to test as there is an increased incorrect female result before it. Why? It’s because the Y chromosome might be below the detection limit.

NOTE: It’s overly critical to be aware of when you’ll be taking the test because it’ll determine the accuracy and quality of the results.


Hold your horses! I know that there are still a ton of questions that are left unanswered, and that’s why we prepared and garnered the most common ones that parents ask!

Is the Peekaboo Gender Reveal Accurate?

Yes, in fact, the test offers a 99.5% accuracy. It is DNA-based and is actually lenient when it comes to timing as the earliest testing can be done 7 weeks into the pregnancy.

Can Peekabo’s Gender Test Be Wrong?

Yes and no – let me explain.

The brand suggests doing the test at least seven weeks into the pregnancy. That is when the 99.5% accuracy kicks in. However, doing it beforehand can make it subject to inaccuracy. As per them, they don’t validate the precision and accuracy of the results if the test is done prior to seven weeks.

Is Sneakpeek Arm Test Correct and Accurate?

Yes, the Sneakpeek arm test is considered accurate as it takes blood samples and gathers data from it. It can, however, be inaccurate if the sample blood taken is contaminated. So, be sure to keep the samples safe and free from contaminants and microbes that could endanger its accuracy.  

When Does an Embryo Become Male or Female?

There’s a reason why these high-caliber genetics and gender testing kits recommend a particular number of weeks before they’re used. Endotext confirms that at six 6 weeks of human development, sex differentiation would already be noticed. The physical formation of these won’t be noticeable until about 11 weeks into the pregnancy.

Final Verdict

The market is filled with a ton of options for gender and genetic testing, but the rivalry between Peekabo vs. Sneakpeek remains to be one of the best. The better option will always depend on what you’re looking for – if you want faster delivery of results or if you want an easier procedure! 

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