70 Unique And Meaningful Nicknames for the 4th Baby

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Explore an extensive collection of nicknames for the 4th baby in this article, where we’ve carefully compiled a diverse range of charming options. Our list was crafted by examining each nickname’s meaning, origin, and gender suitability to provide you with the ideal moniker for your newest family member.

Adorable nicknames inspired by numbers and birth order for the fourth baby

1.Quad (Unisex) – Derived from the word “quadruple,” representing the number four and signifying the fourth child in the family.

2.Quattro (Unisex) – An Italian word that translates to “four,” denoting your baby’s birth order.

3.Tetra (Unisex) – From the Greek prefix “tetra,” which means four, celebrating your child’s place in the family.

4.Four (Unisex) – A straightforward yet distinctive nickname to represent the fourth baby in the family.

5.Ivy (Unisex) – Inspired by the Roman numeral IV (four), it’s a subtle nod to your baby’s birth order.

6.Foursquare (Unisex) – A playful nickname that emphasizes the strong bond between all four children.

7.Quartet (Unisex) – A nickname that highlights the harmonious relationship between your four children.

8.Forcia (Girl) – A combination of “four” and the Latin word for “strength,” signifying your fourth child’s resilience.

9.Quartus (Boy) – A Latin word meaning “fourth,” reflecting your baby’s position in the family.

10.Fournier (Unisex) – A French name meaning “baker,” playfully alluding to the phrase “bun in the oven” for your fourth child.

Nicknames based on famous fourth-born characters and personalities

  1. Thor (Boy) – From Norse mythology and Marvel Comics, Thor is the fourth major character in the pantheon of gods.
  2. Wendy (Girl) – Wendy Darling from Peter Pan, who is the fourth member of the Darling family.
  3. Phoebe (Girl) – Phoebe Buffay from the TV show Friends, the fourth in the group of friends.
  4. George (Boy) – King George IV of the United Kingdom, a historical figure and the fourth king named George.
  5. Meg (Girl) – Meg March from the novel Little Women, the fourth sibling in the March family.
  6. Frodo (Boy) – The protagonist of The Lord of the Rings, Frodo Baggins is the fourth in the line of the Baggins family.
  7. Susan (Girl) – Susan Pevensie from The Chronicles of Narnia, the fourth and youngest sibling in the Pevensie family.
  8. Raphael (Boy) – The fourth and youngest of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
  9. Monica (Girl) – Monica Geller from the TV show Friends, who is the fourth oldest in the group of friends.
  10. Charlie (Boy) – Charlie Bucket from the novel Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, the fourth golden ticket winner.

Nature-inspired nicknames for the fourth baby girl

  1. Autumn (Girl) – The fourth season of the year, evoking a sense of warmth and beauty.
  2. Ivy (Girl) – A plant often associated with four leaves, symbolizing luck and the number four.
  3. Dahlia (Girl) – A beautiful flower and the fourth in the botanical hierarchy of classification.
  4. Celeste (Girl) – Meaning heavenly or celestial, inspired by the four classical elements of nature.
  5. Willow (Girl) -A graceful tree often found near water, representing the fourth element in nature.
  6. 6. Zephyr (Girl) – A gentle breeze, evoking the four cardinal winds that blow from each direction.
  1. Azure (Girl) – The color of the sky, inspired by the four cardinal points in the compass.
  2. Coral (Girl) – A sea-inspired name, reflecting the importance of water as one of the four elements.
  3. Flora (Girl) – A name meaning “flower,” symbolizing the beauty and growth of the fourth child.
  4. Gaia (Girl) – The ancient Greek goddess of the Earth, representing the fourth element in nature.

Creative wordplay and humor

  1. Forte (Unisex) – Meaning “strong” and sounding similar to “four.”
  2. Forester (Unisex) – A play on the word “four” with an adventurous twist.
  3. Ford (Unisex) – A name with a similar sound to “fourth,” which could represent your child’s birth order.
  4. Fource (Unisex) – A clever combination of “four” and “force,” symbolizing strength and unity.
  5. Quarta (Girl) – A playful variation of the Latin word “quartus,” meaning fourth.
  6. Foray (Unisex) – A unique name inspired by the word “four” and meaning a venture or adventure.
  7. Fiora (Girl) – A variation of the Italian word “fiore” (flower), which sounds similar to “four.”
  8. Fortuna (Girl) – A play on the word “fortune,” relating to the luck associated with the number four.
  9. Forster (Unisex) – A creative variation of the word “four,” adding a touch of uniqueness.
  10. Fournado (Unisex) – A playful and energetic combination of “four” and “tornado.”

Alliteration and rhyming names

  1. Fantastic Fourth (Unisex) – A fun, alliterative nickname celebrating your child’s birth order.
  2. Fearless Fourth (Unisex) – A powerful, rhyming name to highlight your child’s unique position in the family.
  3. Fourth in Force (Unisex) – A catchy, alliterative nickname emphasizing your child’s strength and spirit.
  4. Fabulous Fourth (Unisex) – A charming and cheerful nickname that celebrates your child’s special place in the family.
  5. Fourth of Finesse (Unisex) – A sophisticated, rhyming nickname that highlights your child’s distinctiveness and grace.
  6. Formidable Fourth (Unisex) – A strong and confident nickname, denoting your child’s resilience and strength.
  7. Fourth in Flight (Unisex) – A whimsical, rhyming nickname that captures your child’s sense of adventure.
  8. Fearless Foursome (Unisex) – A nickname that highlights the strong bond between all four siblings.
  9. Fourth with Flair (Unisex) – A stylish and expressive nickname that showcases your child’s individuality.
  10. Fourth and Flourishing (Unisex) – A positive, alliterative nickname that signifies growth and development.

Names inspired by mythology and history

  1. Hermes (Boy) – The Greek god associated with the fourth planet, Mars, named after the Roman counterpart of Hermes.
  2. Apollo (Boy) – The fourth manned mission to the Moon was Apollo 4, making this name a fitting tribute to your fourth child.
  3. Juno (Girl) – From Roman mythology, Juno is the sister and wife of Jupiter, the fourth planet in our solar system.
  4. Artemis (Girl) – The Greek goddess of the hunt, often depicted with four sacred animals, representing the number four.
  5. 5. Thoth (Boy) – The Egyptian god of writing and knowledge, associated with the number four in ancient Egyptian mythology.
  1. Durga (Girl) – A powerful Hindu goddess, who is often depicted with four arms, symbolizing strength and protection.
  2. Perseus (Boy) – A Greek hero who undertook four significant quests, making this name fitting for your fourth child.
  3. Aurora (Girl) – The Roman goddess of the dawn, who was said to have four horses pulling her chariot across the sky.
  4. Mars (Boy) – The Roman god of war and namesake of the fourth planet in our solar system.
  5. Freyja (Girl) – The Norse goddess of love, beauty, and fertility, often associated with the number four in ancient mythology.

Combining or modifying sibling names

  1. Jaden (Boy) – Combining the names of older siblings, such as James and Aiden, to create a unique nickname.
  2. Lilybeth (Girl) – Merging the names Lily and Elizabeth to create a fresh nickname for your fourth baby girl.
  3. Maxton (Boy) – A combination of the sibling names Max and Ashton, resulting in a modern and stylish nickname.
  4. Ellarose (Girl) – A blend of the sibling names Ella and Rose, creating a lovely and elegant nickname.
  5. Finnley (Unisex) – Combining the names Finley and Ashley, this nickname offers a gender-neutral option for your fourth child.
  6. Rayden (Boy) – Merging the names Raymond and Aiden to create a unique and modern nickname.
  7. Noralie (Girl) – A beautiful combination of the sibling names Nora and Natalie, resulting in a charming nickname.
  8. Camson (Boy) – Blending the names Cameron and Mason, forming a distinctive and contemporary nickname.
  9. Zarielle (Girl) – A combination of the sibling names Zara and Arielle, creating a stunning and sophisticated nickname.
  10. Leonix (Unisex) – Merging the names Leon and Felix to create an original and appealing nickname.

Final Thoughts

Our comprehensive list of nicknames for the 4th baby offers a variety of enchanting and meaningful options to celebrate your little one’s unique place in the family. From number-inspired monikers to those based on mythology and history, we’ve provided a diverse selection to help you find the perfect nickname that reflects your family’s love and affection.

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