120 Nature-Themed Last Names (with Origin and Meanings)

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Perhaps you’re a writer or a parent, looking for a fascinating nature-themed last name for your fictional character or your kid. You’ve come to the right place! 

This article has all you’re looking for. We have meticulously compiled a list of 120 nature-themed last names that would be perfect for your child or fictional character. 

Whatever it is you’re looking for, it could be wood-themed, valley and mountain-themed or star and space-themed, we have them all! Let’s dive into these fascinating names, shall we?

60 Wood-Themed Last Names

  1. Alder

Origin: Old English 

Meaning: Named after the Alder tree

Pronounced: AL-der

  1. Arden 

Origin: Jamaican

Meaning: To the great forest

Pronounced: AR-den

  1. Aspen

Origin: American

Meaning: Derived from the aspen tree

Pronounced: AS-pen 

  1. Birch 

Origin: Old English 

Meaning: Named after the birch tree

Pronounced: BIRCH 

  1. Boyce

Origin: French

Meaning: Someone who lives near a forest

Pronounced: BOIS

  1. Cedar 

Origin: Old English

Meaning: Derived from the cedar tree

Pronounced: SEE-der

  1. Chan 

Origin: Cambodian

Meaning: A tree with a sweet smell

Pronounced: KYAHN

  1. Chestnut

Origin: Scottish 

Meaning: Derived from the chestnut tree

Pronounced: CHEST-nut 

Namesake: Maurice Chestnut

  1. Collingwood 

Origin: English 

Meaning: Forest or wood

Pronounced: Kol-ing-wuud

  1. Cypress

Origin: Greek

Meaning: Named after the cypress tree 

Pronounced: SY-prus

  1. Dogwood

Origin: English

Meaning: Derived from the dogwood tree

Pronounced: DAWG-wood

  1. Ebony 

Origin: African American

Meaning: Named after the ebony tree

Pronounced: EHB-uhn-ee

  1. Ellwood

Origin: English 

Meaning: From the heart of the old forest. 

Pronounced: ELL-wood

  1. Elm

Origin: English

Meaning: Derived from the elm tree. 

Pronounced: ELM

  1. Forester 

Origin: Scottish

Meaning: Guardian of the forest.

Pronounced: FAWR-est-er

  1. Foster

Origin: Latin American

Meaning: Keeper of the forest. 

Pronounced: FAWS-ter

  1. Fraser 

Origin: Scottish

Meaning: He who belongs to the forest.

Pronounced: FRAY-zer

  1. Garwood

Origin: Old English

Meaning: the Fir Forest

Pronounced: GAHR-wood

  1. Hartwood

Origin: Old English

Meaning: He who belongs in the Stag’s Forest.

Pronounced: HART-wood

Variations: Heortwode

  1. Hawthorn

Origin: Old English

Meaning: Derived from the hawthorn tree. 

Pronounced: HAW-thorn

  1. Hazel

Origin: Old English 

Meaning: Named after the hazel nut tree. 

Pronounced: HAZ-el

  1. Hemlock 

Origin: Western Asia

Meaning: Named after the hemlock tree.

Pronounced: HEM-lock

  1. Hickory

Origin: Native American

Meaning: Derived from the hickory tree.

Pronounced: HIK-uh-ree

  1. Holly

Origin: Old English

Meaning: Named after the holly tree.

Pronounced: HOL-ee

  1. Hurste 

Origin: German

Meaning: Forest dweller

Pronounced: HAWRST

Variations: Horst

  1. Ironwood 

Origin: Old English

Meaning: Named after the ironwood tree 

Pronounced: EYE-ern-wood

  1. Juniper 

Origin: Latin

Meaning: Named after the juniper tree

Pronounced: JOO-nuh-per

  1. Lam 

Origin: Vietnamese

Meaning: A forest 

Pronounced: lam 

  1. Linden 

Origin: Dutch

Meaning: From the linden tree

Pronounced: LIN-den 

  1. Magnolia 

Origin: Latin

Meaning: Named after the magnolia tree. 

Pronounced: mag-NO-lee-uh

  1. Maple

Origin: Old English

Meaning: Named after the maple tree

Pronounced: MAY-pul

  1. Marwood 

Origin: Old English

Meaning: Belonging to the lake forest.

Pronounced: MAHR-wood

  1. Morio 

Origin: Japanese 

Meaning: Forest

Pronounced: MO-ree-oh

  1. Oakley

Origin: Old English

Meaning: Derived from the oak tree meadow.

Pronounced: OKE-lee

Variations: Oak or Oakleigh

  1. Olive

Origin: English

Meaning: Named after the olive tree. 

Pronounced: AH-liv

Variations: Olivia and Oliver (male)

  1. Oswald 

Origin: English 

Meaning: God of the forest

Pronounced: AHZ-wawld

  1. Palm

Origin: Old English

Meaning: Nature-inspired name.

Pronounced: puhm

  1. Pine 

Origin: Latin

Meaning: Named after the pine tree.

Pronounced: paɪn

  1. Poplar 

Origin: Latin

Meaning: Named after the poplar tree.

Pronounced: pahp-lur

  1. Redwood

Origin: Old English

Meaning: Named after the redwood tree.

Pronounced: red-wood

  1. Rowan 

Origin: Irish, Scottish

Meaning: Named after the rowan tree

Pronounced: roh-wuhn

  1. Royd 

Origin: Norse

Meaning: Dweller of the forest

Pronounced: ROYD

  1. Sequoia 

Origin: Late Middle English 

Meaning: Derived from the sequoia 

Pronounced: sih-KWOY-uh

  1. Silas

Origin: Latin

Meaning: God of the forest and trees.

Pronounced: SIE-las

Variations: Silvanus and Sylvanus

  1. Sylvain 

Origin: French

Meaning: One who belongs in the forest.

Pronounced: SEEL-VEHN

  1. Spruce

Origin: Late Middle English

Meaning: Named after the spruce tree

Pronounced: sproos

  1. Stanwode 

Origin: English

Meaning: One who belongs to the stony forest. 

Pronounced: STAN-wood

Variations: Stanwood

  1. Sycamore

Origin: Greek

Meaning: Named after the sycamore tree.

Pronounced: sik-uh-mawr

  1. Willow

Origin: Old English

Meaning: Named after the willow tree. 

Pronounced: WIL-oh

Namesake: Willow Smith

  1. Willowsong

Origin: Old English

Pronounced: Wil-oh-song

  1. Yew

Origin: Middle English

Meaning: Named after the yew tree.

Pronounced: yoo

  1. Alderwood

Origin: Old English

Meaning: Named after the Alderwood.

Pronounced: AL-der-wood

  1. Beechwood

Origin: Old English 

Meaning: Named after the beechwood.

Pronounced: beech-wood

  1. Elmwood

Origin: Old English

Meaning: Named after Elmwood.

Pronounced: ELM-wood

  1. Keith

Origin: Scottish

Meaning: Wood

Pronounced: KEETH

  1. Yves 

Origin: French

Meaning: Yew wood

Pronounced: EEV

Namesake: Yves Saint-Laurent

  1. Yvonne

Origin: French

Meaning: Yew wood

Pronounced: EE-VAWN

  1. Shaw

Origin: English

Meaning: Dweller by the wood

Pronounced: SHAW

  1. Rosewood

Origin: Old English

Meaning: Named after the rosewood

Pronounced: rohz-wood

  1. Laurel

Origin: Latin

Meaning: Named after the laurel tree.

Pronounced: LAWR-uhl

30 Mountain and Valley-Themed Last Names

  1. Aaron

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: Mountain of strength

Pronounced: EHR-awn

  1. Everest

Meaning: From Mount Everest

Pronounced: EV-er-est

Namesake: Mount Everest

  1. Delmont

Origin: French

Meaning: Of the mountain

Pronounced: del-mohnt

  1. Montel

Origin: Italian

Meaning: Mountain

Pronounced: mon-tell

  1. Morven

Origin: Scottish Gaelic

Meaning: Huge mountain 

Pronounced: MAWR-vehn

  1. Hamilton

Origin: Scottish

Meaning: Beautiful hill

Pronounced: HAM-il-tuhn

  1. Denali 

Meaning: The great one. 

Origin: The Athabaskan language, referring to Mount Denali in Alaska. 

Pronounced: duh-NAH-lee

Namesakes: Mount Denali.

  1. Mont Blanc 

Meaning: White mountain

Origin: French, referring to the highest peak in the Alps. 

Pronounced: mawn BLAHNK

  1. Matterhorn 

Meaning: Meadow peak

Origin: German, referring to the iconic peak in the Swiss Alps. 

Pronounced: MAH-ter-horn

Namesakes: the Matterhorn Glacier Paradise, a popular skiing and hiking destination in Switzerland.

  1. Sierra 

Meaning: Mountain range

Origin: Spanish, referring to the Sierra Nevada range in California.

Pronounced: see-AIR-uh

  1. Olympus 

Meaning: Derived from Mount Olympus.

Origin: The highest mountain in Greece. It’s also home to the mythological home of the gods.  

Pronounced: uh-LIM-pus

  1. Rockyford 

Meaning: Ford near the rocky mountains

Pronounced: RAW-kee-ford

  1. Teton 

Meaning: Breasts

Origin: French, referring to the Grand Teton peak in Wyoming. 

Pronounced: tee-TAHN

  1. Yosemite 

Meaning: from Yosemite Valley

Origin: in California

Pronounced: yoh-SEM-uh-tee

Namesakes: the Yosemite National Park, one of the most popular national parks in the United States.

  1. Berg

Origin: Dutch

Meaning: Mountain

Pronounced: berg

  1. Bray

Origin: Old French

Meaning: Borderland or hill

Pronounced: Bray

  1. Hallberg

Origin: Swedish

Meaning: Rock mountain

Pronounced: HALL-berg

  1. Zion 

Meaning: Place of peace and refuge

Origin: Hebrew 

Pronounced: ZIE-on

  1. Carmelo

Origin: Spanish

Meaning: Cultivated terrain

Pronounced: Cahr-meh-lo

  1. Langdon 

Origin: Old English

Meaning: From a long hill

Pronounced: LANG-don

  1. Vermont

Origin: French

Meaning: Green Mountain

Pronounced: VER-MONT

  1. Haran

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: Mountaineer

Pronounced: HA-ruhn

  1. Samara

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: Watch Mountain

Pronounced: Sa-Mey-Ra

  1. Hermona 

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: from the mountain peak

Pronounced: Her-Mow-Nah

  1. Peri

Origin: Greek

Meaning: Mountain dweller

Pronounced: peh-ree

  1. Chermona

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: Holy Mountain

Pronounced: Ker-Mow-Naah

  1. Himalaya

Origin: South Asia

Meaning: The Himalaya Mountain range

Pronounced: him-uh-LAY-uh

  1. Odina

Origin: Native American-Algonquian

Meaning: Mountain

Pronounced: Oh-DEE-na

  1. Olympia

Origin: Greek

Meaning: from Mount Olympus

Pronounced: uh-LIM-pya

  1. Tara

Origin: Gaelic

Meaning: Hill

Pronounced: TAHR-uh

30 Star and Spaced-Themed Names

  1. Orion

Origin: Greek

Meaning: Orion is the brightest and constellation in the sky.

Pronounced: oh-RYE-un

  1. Atlas

Origin: Greek

Meaning: Famous Greek Titan holding up the celestial bodies. 

Pronounced: AT-lus

  1. Celeste

Origin: Latin

Meaning: Heavenly

Pronounced: suh-LEST

Namesake: Australian actress and comedian, Celeste Barber.

  1. Astra

Origin: Latin

Meaning: Star

Pronounced: AS-truh

  1. Phoenix

Origin: Greek

Meaning: Deep red. Also a mythical bird that rises from its ashes. 

Pronounced: FEE-niks

  1. Sirius

Origin: Greek

Meaning: the brightest star in the sky.

Pronounced: SEER-ee-us

Namesake: Sirius Black from the Harry Potter series. 

  1. Starr

Origin: Old English

Meaning: Star

Pronounced: starr

  1. Holmes

Origin: Greek

Meaning: once largest object in the solar system.

Pronounced: HOLMES

Namesake: Katie Holmes and Sherlock Holmes.

  1. Altair  

Meaning: the brightest star in the constellation Aquila.

Origin: Arabic 

Pronounced: al-TAYR  

  1. Draco 

Meaning: Dragon

Origin: Latin, referring to the constellation Draco. 

Pronounced: DRAY-koh

Name sakes: A character in the Harry Potter series written by J.K. Rowling is Draco Malfoy.

  1. Galileo 

Meaning: From Galilee

Origin: Italian

Pronounced: gah-LEE-oh

Name sakes: Galileo Galilei, an Italian 


  1. Aquila 

Meaning: Eagle

Origin: Latin, referring to the constellation Aquila. 

Pronounced: AK-wuh-luh

Name sakes: the Aquila Spacecraft, which is used to observe the sun.

  1. Kepler 

Meaning: From the town of Keppler

Origin: German 

Pronounced: KEP-lur

Name sakes: Astronomer Johannes Kepler.

  1. Solaris 

Meaning: Of the sun

Origin: Latin 

Pronounced: soh-LAR-is

Name sakes: the Solaris spacecraft launched by the European Space Agency in 2020 to study the sun.

  1. Aurora 

Meaning: Dawn

Origin: Latin

Pronounced: uh-RAWR-uh

Name sakes: Aurora Borealis and Aurora Australis, also known as the Northern and Southern Lights.

  1. Halley 

Meaning: Meadow near the hall 

Origin: Old English, referring to the comet Halley. 

Pronounced: HAL-ee

Name sakes: Halley’s Comet, a periodic comet visible from Earth.

  1. Luna 

Meaning: Moon

Origin: Latin, referring to Earth’s natural satellite. 

Pronounced: LOO-nuh

Name sakes:  Luna Lovegood, a character in J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series.

  1. Nova 

Meaning: New

Origin: Latin, referring to a sudden brightening of a star. 

Pronounced: NO-vuh

  1. Caelum 

Meaning: Heaven 

Origin: Latin 

Pronounced: SAY-lum

  1. Lyra 

Meaning: lyre

Origin: Latin, referring to the small harp constellation in the night sky. 

Pronounced: LYE-ruh  

  1. Andromache 

Meaning: Man battler

Origin: Greek mythology, referring to the wife of the Trojan hero Hector. 

Pronounced: an-DROM-uh-kee 

  1. Cygnus 

Meaning: Swan

Origin: Latin, referring to the constellation Cygnus. 

Pronounced: SIG-nus

  1. Janus

Origin: Greek

Meaning: Gateway. Also the name of the moon in Saturn.

Pronounced: Ya-noos

  1. Oberon

Origin: English

Meaning: Noble

Pronounced: O-buhr-ahn

Variations: Auberon 

  1. Pluto

Origin: Greek

Meaning: The ninth planet

Pronounced: PLOO-to

  1. Samson

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: Sun

Pronounced: SAM-son

  1. Sol

Origin: Spanish

Meaning: Sun

Pronounced: sahl

  1. Taurus

Origin: Latin

Meaning: a constellation found in the northern hemisphere.

Pronounced: TOW-roos

  1. Andromeda 

Meaning: Ruler of man

Origin: Greek mythology, referring to the Andromeda constellation. 

Pronounced: an-DROM-uh-duh

  1. Vega 

Meaning: Fainting star

Origin: Arabic, referring to the brightest star in the constellation Lyra. 

Pronounced: VEE-guh  

 the European Space Agency in 1999.


Whatever it is you are looking for, this article most probably contains it. These names are ideal for first names, last names, pen names, and fictional characters. Best of luck!

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