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Many parents opt for naturalistic baby names in honor of nature’s resilience and beauty. My post explores names derived from various natural elements, such as plants, the sky, fauna, seasons, climate, gemstones, the sea, etc.

If you have Japanese ancestry or a connection to Japan that you’d like to celebrate, I have created a collection of Japanese names for boys and girls for you to explore. There is also a list of gender-neutral names.

Check out this collection of sweet Japanese baby name suggestions for both genders and some gender-neutral names.

Nature-Based Japanese Names for Girls

It’s hardly surprising that Japanese girl names continue to amaze parents because they are sweet, calm, and bursting with natural beauty. These range from well-known classics to priceless jewels. Let’s go to this lovely island nation and look at the names it has to offer.


  • Kanji:秋子
  • Meaning: Autumn child
  • Pronunciation: “A-KyEE-KO”
  • It is an ideal name for a girl born in the fall.


  • Kanji: 彩 花華
  • Meaning: Color, Flower, Petal.
  • Pronunciation: “A-YA-KA”
  • It has a delicate, youthful, and affluent vibe.


  • Kanji: 千花
  • Meaning: A thousand flowers
  • Pronunciation:CHEE-KA”
  • When combined with other different kanjis, it means a thousand songs or a thousand times beautiful.


  • Kanji: 花 or 華
  • Meaning: Flower
  • Pronunciation: “HAH – NAH”
  • Hannah’s baptismal name is Hana in Japanese, and there is also a version called Hanae. 


  • Kanji:夏子
  • Meaning: Summer Moon
  • Pronunciation:NA-TSOO-KyEE”
  • Natsuko is ideal for a girl born during summer and at night.


  • Kanji: 莉
  • Meaning: White jasmine
  • Pronunciation: “REE-NA”
  • Jasmine is a metaphor for the idea of modesty since the small, inconspicuous white flowers have such an intense aroma and bloom at night.


  • Kanji: 天 乃 
  • Meaning: Of the sky
  • Pronunciation: “Sao-RAA-Now”
  • Sorano, meaning in English, is Of The Heavens, which is associated with blessings and abundance.


  • Kanji:
  • Meaning: Sparrow
  • Pronunciation: “SUW-Zuw-Meh”
  • Sparrows stand for happiness, camaraderie, cooperation, safety, austerity, self-worth, or sheer determination.


  • Kanji: 真珠
  • Meaning: Pearl 
  • Pronunciation: “SHEEN-JOO”
  • It is brief, charming, and ideal for your little girl who is as priceless as a pearl.

More Japanese Girl Names Related to Nature

We have also included these sweet names for your newborn girl with meanings like brightness, the sound of the wind, etc.

Name PronunciationMeaning
ChinatsuCH-IY-Naa-TSuwA thousand summers
KazaneKAh-ZAh-kNeeSound of wind
KarenKA-REHNWater lily, Lotus, Flower
MamikoMAH-MEE-KODaughter of the sea

Nature-Based Japanese Names for Boys

A name may serve as a connection to nature or even convey more profound or sacred connotations. It’s crucial to pick the right name for your baby boy—one that fits your meaning and holds sentimental value. Consider these nature-based Japanese names for boys if you wish to honor Japan’s great traditions and culture.


  • Kanji: 朝日
  • Meaning: Morning sun 
  • Pronunciation: “A-SA-KHEE” 
  • This name is frequently given to boys to conjure up pleasant outcomes. 


  • Kanji: 大輝
  • Meaning: Shining 
  • Pronunciation: “DIE-kee”
  • It suggests a little kid who will grow up to be honorable and radiant.


  • Kanji: 風神
  • Meaning: Spirit of wind
  • Pronunciation: “FOO-ZHEEN”
  • The name has ties to the wind god of Japan, who carries the wind on his shoulders in a bag.


  • Kanji: 春木
  • Meaning: Spring child
  • Pronunciation: “HAH-roo-kee”
  • Haru or Ruki are natural choices for nicknames.


  • Kanji: 和彦
  • Meaning: Peace, harmony
  • Pronunciation: “KA-ZOO-KHEE-KO”
  • It pictures a man who will be a true reflection of peace and harmony. 


  • Kanji: 竜
  • Meaning: Dragon
  • Pronunciation: “RYOO”
  • The connotation of “dragon” makes it an extraordinary, unusual, and cultural baby name for boys because of the strength and power it conveys to the populace.


  • Kanji: 初児, 祥治
  • Meaning: Precious 
  • Pronunciation: “SHAW-JI”
  • There is nothing as precious as your child. The name places your love for your precious child.


  • Kanji: 達也
  • Meaning: Dragon’s longevity
  • Pronunciation: “TA-TSOO-YA”
  • Individuals with the name Tatsuya are likely to be happy and prosperous.


  • Kanji: 徹, 亨
  • Meaning: Sea
  • Pronunciation:TO-ROO” 
  • It appeals to me as a way for a Christian and Buddhist couple to respect Japanese culture.


  • Kanji: 雄大
  • Meaning: Big, great, vast
  • Pronunciation: “YOO-DA-EE”
  • When combined with other kanji, it means brave and manly.

 More Japanese Boy Names Inspired by Nature

Name PronunciationMeaning
HayateHHAA-Yaa-TWind sound
HarutoHA-ROO-TOClear weather
MinoruME-NO-ROOTo bear fruit
YutoYOO-TOSuperiority, fly

Gender-Neutral  Nature-Based Japanese Names

Japanese nature-themed baby names are an attractive option to teach your child about our responsibilities to the planet. For you to pick from, I’ve compiled some adorable unisex names inspired by nature.


  • Kanji: 昭
  • Meaning: Bright
  • Pronunciation: “A-KYEE-RA”
  • It is occasionally used as a Kira variant. The name has become more common in the twenty-first century globally.


  • Kanji: 春
  • Meaning: Spring
  • Pronunciation: “HA-ROO” 
  • I love this for babies born during the year’s most fertile season. This baby name is in full bloom year-round.


  • Kanji: 稲荷
  • Meaning: Carrying rice
  • Pronunciation: “EE-NA-REE”
  • The name refers to a Japanese deity linked to wealth.


  • Kanji: 海
  • Meaning: Ocean village
  • Pronunciation: “KAA-iy-Riy”
  • The french meaning of this name is melody or song.


  • Kanji: 純
  • Meaning: Clean, simple, and pure 
  • Pronunciation:JOO-N”
  • A genuine and unpretentious individual. They exist in their unaltered nature.


  • Kanji: 薫/郁/芳 
  • Meaning: Fragrance
  • Pronunciation: “KA-O-ROO”
  • It has a uniform usage in most countries. Kaoru is a unisex name globally.


  • Kanji:
  • Meaning: The upright path
  • Pronunciation: “MEE-CHEE”
  • It connotes a delicate, youthful, wholesome, and informal person


  • Kanji: 宝
  • Meaning: Treasure, jewel
  • Pronunciation: “TA-KA-RA”
  • It is a practical alternative for the feminine Tamara 


  • Kanji: 虎
  • Meaning: Tiger/Tigress
  • Pronunciation:TO-RA”
  • I adore it from the 1970 American-Japanese war dramatization of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.


  • Kanji: 由香
  • Meaning: Fragrance 
  • Pronunciation: “YOO-KA”
  • A relaxing, easygoing, and calm atmosphere is associated with fragrance as a gift. Moreover, it alludes to sincere, pure, highly emotional, and natural affection.

More Japanese Gender-Neutral Japanese Names Connected to Nature

Name PronunciationMeaning
AnriAW-N-R-EEShining force
HinataHE-N- AH-T-UHSunny place
IzumiEE-ZOO-MEESpring, fountain
ShionSHEE-ONBeautiful sound

Frequently Asked Questions

What Japanese Names Mean Forest?

Moriko, meaning forest, is one of the common Japanese girl names. 

What Japanese Boy Name Means Forest?

You could choose Morio. In Japanese, Morio is a title for a boy who lives in the forest.

What Japanese Name Means Space? 

Sorashi. It could also take the variant Sora, which means the sky. Heaven. Your baby represents a safe space in a place away from the earth. 

What Japanese Name Means Air?

Fujin. This name has Japanese roots and denotes air or wind.

Are There Japanese Names That Mean Nature?

For your baby boy, pick Chikyu, Hoshi, Mokusei, Myojo, Kikotei, or Nichirin. Girls should choose Chizu, Chinami, Cho, Doi, Hina, Iwa, and Izumi. Some of the gender-neutral choices include Aoi, Ren, and Kei.


There are many different aspects of nature. Likewise, many Japanese baby names have a close relation to nature. They are an excellent way to convey your love of the outdoors, make social or familial statements, and record significant occurrences. This manual is a great place to start.

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