30 Wonderful Names That Mean Wing For Boys And Girls

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Are you searching for a name that symbolizes freedom and flight? Look no further than names that mean “wing.” These names have a strong and inspiring meaning, often representing the ability to soar and overcome obstacles. In this article, we’ve curated a list of beautiful and unique names that mean “wing” to help you find the perfect name for your little one.

We have collected 30 names meaning Wing along with their meaning which help you to choose the right name for your child.

30 Cool Names That Mean Wing With Meanings and Origin

10 Girl Names That Mean Wing

Alula [ah-LOO-lah]

Origin: Latin
Meaning: A moveable first wing of a bird.
Suggestion Reason: This name is elegant and charming for a girl. That is she moved from place to place as a visitor and desired to seek nature.

Aella [EYE-luh]

Origin: Greek
Meaning: A curious one shows creatures with wings.
Suggestion Reason: An adventurous and free personality has meaning of Aella as a cool and inventive girl.

Zephyrine [zeh-FEER-een]

Origin: Greek
Meaning: Soft breeze donates movement of wings
Suggestion Reason: A gentle and poetic name for a girl with a sweet nature.

 Aithne [AYTH-nee]

Origin: Irish
Meaning: Fire, associated with the mythical Phoenix’s fiery wings
Suggestion Reason: A fiery spirit and passionate name for a girl. She is a strong and determined thought that helps to touch the sky.

Branwen [BRAN-wen]

Origin: Welsh
Meaning: Blessed raven refers to the raven’s wings
Suggestion Reason: This name is best as cool as a breeze on a shining day and poetic nature by character.

Laila [LAY-lah]

Origin: Arabic
Meaning: A mystery of night and beauty of wings.
Suggestion Reason: An charming and graceful name. For a girl with a mysterious,.elegant, and captivating nature.

Samara [sah-MAH-rah]

Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: Guardian or like the protective nature of wings
Suggestion Reason: A strong and protective name for a girl. That has a nurturing and caring spirit.

Tsubasa [tsoo-BAH-sah]

Origin: Japanese
Meaning: Wing
Suggestion Reason: This name is too simple as its name denotes a calm personality and grace.

Vanora [va-NOHR-ah]

Origin: Scottish
Meaning: White wave or cool and soft breeze as the graceful movement of wings
Suggestion Reason: A lovely and serene name for a girl with a calm and gentle spirit. That shows the feminine touch in it.

Vega [VAY-gah]

Origin: Arabic
Meaning: Swooping eagle, associated with the eagle’s powerful wings
Suggestion Reason: A bold and powerful name for a girl. With a strong and confident personality.

10 Boy Names That Mean Wing

Alaric [AL-uh-rik]

Origin: Germanic
Meaning: Ruler of all with wings and related to the majestic wings of mythical creatures.
Suggestion Reason: The best choice for parents for their child is to have God’s qualities. That is to lead and multitask with charisma by nature.

Ariel [AIR-ee-el]

Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: Lion of God or  associated with the wings of the archangel Ariel
Suggestion Reason: A noble and spiritual name. With the compassionate and protective nature of the boy. And the best selection of parents to put this name on.

Azazel [AZ-uh-zel]

Origin: Hebrew
Meaning:  Having connected to the fallen angel Azazel with wings or God’s strength.
Suggestion Reason: This name is curious and bold for the baby boy. As he has a multitasking personality and the power to live.

Icarus [IK-uh-rus]

Origin: Greek
Meaning: A Greek Mythical character with wings
Suggestion Reason: It is a bold and daring character name. For a baby boy with an adventurous and fearless personality.

Kael [KAYL]

Origin: Gaelic
Meaning: Titan with wings to succeed
Suggestion Reason: This is a name that is unique and famous as it leads to the youth. It is the strong and determined name for a boy with a warrior character.

Malakai [MAL-uh-kai]

Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: Having a connection to messenger with wings
Suggestion Reason: A spiritual and uplifting name. It is best for a boy with a wise and insightful personality.

Nuriel [NOOR-ee-el]

Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: It associates with the fiery wings of the archangel Nuriel or Fire of the heavens.
Suggestion Reason: This name shines as naturally and boldly as fire and a powerful name. For a boy with a warm and passionate spirit.

Pavo [PAH-vo]

Origin: Latin
Meaning: Peacock is a bird associated with their magnificent wings.

Suggestion Reason: It is an energetic and colorful name best for parents who are looking for such a name. It is for a boy with a lively and charismatic personality.

Ramiel [RAH-mee-el]

Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: connected to the archangel Ramiel with wings as God’s explosion
Suggestion Reason: A dynamic and powerful name. For a boy with an energetic and passionate character.

Zephyr [ZEF-er]

Origin: Greek
Meaning: Cold breeze with wings to move around.
Suggestion Reason: It is a calm and artistic name. That is to appeal to the world to invent something more and more.

5 Gender-Neutral Names That Mean Wing

Avia [AY-vee-uh]

Origin: Latin

Meaning: It shows the feathered friend as having lovely wings.

Suggestion Reason: This name is the best selection for their child. Because it is peaceful by nature and loves liberty.

Chrysippus [kri-SIP-us]

Origin: Greek

Meaning: Comparable to the Pegasus myth with Wings as coat color horse

Suggestion Reason: A unique and glorious name. For whom have powerful and noble- minds.

Galena [gah-LEH-nah]

Origin: Slavic

Meaning: cool as wings and pacific nature.

Suggestion Reason: Its name is a beautiful and lovely name. And parents may choose it for their baby. Because it shows a peaceful personality and gratefulness.

Wing [wing]

Origin: English

Meaning: Wing

Suggestion Reason: This name is the best choice as it is full of freedom and power. To flue till sky and simple personality as according to the name.

Yael [YA-el]

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: Flew above to sky as like to the wings and flexible like a Mountain goat.

Suggestion Reason: Yael is an all-around energetic name. It has a dynamic nature with a multi-talented personality.

5 Greek Names That Mean Wing

Icarus [IK-uh-rus]

Origin: Greek
Meaning: A Mythical character with wings
Suggestion Reason: It is an alluring and powerful name. For a baby boy who is fearless and curious to find things.

Daedalus [DED-uh-lus]

Origin: Greek
Meaning: The Greek myth to invent nature with wings.
Suggestion Reason: This name refers to the imaginative and creative character. That finds solutions and makes natural wonders.

Nike [NY-kee]

Origin: Greek
Meaning: God gifted wings to win And relates to resilient
Suggestion Reason: This name Nike denotes an arrived and flexible character. By nature which leads to the success of the newborn baby in his life.

Zephyr [ ZEF-er]

Origin: Greek
Meaning: A cool wind that peasant for wings go away.

Suggestion Reason: It shows the delightful, sweet, and soothing nature name for a baby boy.

Himeros [hi-MEER-os]

Origin: Greek
Meaning: Magnetic connections to the heavens.
Suggestion Reason: A personality full of fancy, bold, and attractive by nature. It is also appealing to the passionate ones. It’s a great option for parents to choose this name.

Final Thoughts

Lastly, every parent might be looking for some cool and beautiful names for their child. We have provided you with appealing names meaning Wings that are lovely, near to nature, and meaningful. These names call up a sense of peace, uniqueness, aesthetics, creativity, alluring, and liberty, for your newborn child. 

The names above the list included their strong and versatile meanings. As well as pronunciation which leads to speaking in the correct voice. Good luck!

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