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If you’re a mom-to-be and hunting for a unique name for your newborn baby that expresses a special meaning, you may take a few unique names into consideration that mean “two”. In this article, you will find a compilation of 100 names that mean two. The list includes 20 names for boys, 20 for girls, and 20 unisex names. 40 names with the same meaning are also included for a second child.

What Does “TWO” Mean in Names?

The number “two” has been a popular choice for naming children since ages. Many cultures around the globe have been incorporating it into their naming traditions. In general, “two” is a symbol of duality, balance, and harmony. Here are some more specific meanings and associations of “two” in different cultures:

  • In Chinese culture, the number two is considered lucky because it represents balance and harmony. It is often used in names to convey this meaning, as well as to honor ancestors or express a desire for good fortune.
  • In African cultures, the number two is associated with unity, as it represents the coming together of two people or communities. Names that include “two” may therefore be used to signify a desire for harmony and connection.
  • In Hindu culture, they associate the number “two” with divine principles of Shiva and Shakti. These gods and goddesses are believed as male and female energies that combine to create the universe. Therefore the believers adopt the number “two” for their newborns to invoke these energies and symbolize balance and creativity in their personality.
  • In Western culture, the number two is often associated with pairs or opposites, such as the two sides of a coin or the two hemispheres of the brain. Therefore the names that are extracted from the number “two” are used to symbolize unity or complementarity.

The value of the number “Two” in different cultures, religions, and traditions is symbolic that can be interpreted in many ways. It may have diverse expressions and contexts for different cultures in which it is used. However, common themes such as balance, harmony, and unity are often associated with it, thus making it a popular choice for parents seeking a meaningful and unique name for their child.

20 Boy Names That Mean Two

1. Amadou 

Origin: Africa 

Meaning: The second-born”

Pronunciation: Ah-mah-Doo

2. Deuce 

Origin: English

Meaning: “Two”

Pronunciation: Doos

3. Ekalavya 

Origin: Indian

Meaning: Devoted to second master

Pronunciation: E-ka-lav-ya 

4. Futaba 

Origin: Japanese

Meaning: Two leaves

Pronunciation: Foo-Tah-bah

5. Gemini 

Origin: Latin

Meaning: Twins

Pronunciation: Jem-uh-nahy 

6. Kambiri 

Origin: African

Meaning: Allow me to join this family

Pronunciation: Kahm-Beer-ee

7. Pio 

Origin:- Spanish 

Meaning: Pious, “Second-born, Pious Devout

Pronunciation: Pee-oh

8. Tatsu 

Origin: Japanese

Meaning: Dragon, Second-born

Pronunciation: Taht-soo

9. Tianyi 

Origin:- Chinese

Meaning: The second one

 Pronunciation: tyen-Ee

10. Zweit 

Origin:- German

Meaning: Intuition, Enlightenment, Dreams

Pronunciation: Tsveit

11. Reuel

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: Friend of God

Pronunciation: Roo-uhl

12. Taj

Origin: Arabic

Meaning: Crown

Pronunciation: Tahj

13. Tau

Origin: African

Meaning: Lion

Pronunciation: Tow

14. Thorne

Origin: English

Meaning: From the thorn bush

Pronunciation: Thorn

15. Tobar

Origin: Scottish

Meaning: A kind of light porous volcanic rock

Pronunciation: Toh-bahr

16. Tzvi

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: Gazelle

Pronunciation: Tzvy

17. Tullius

Origin: Latin

Meaning: Name of king

Pronunciation: Tul-ee-us

18. Tudor

Origin: Welsh

Meaning: Ruler of the people

Pronunciation: Tyoo-der

19. Tye

Origin: English

Meaning: Pasture

Pronunciation: Tie

20. Zweig

Origin: German

Meaning: Twig

Pronunciation: Ts-vi-k

20 Girl Names That Mean Two

1. Diti

Origin: Sanskrit

Meaning: Idea, Splendor, Radiance, Brilliance,

Pronunciation: Dee-tee

2. Anuka

Origin: Indian

Meaning: Envious,

Pronunciation: ah-Noo-kah

3. Elvina



Meaning: Friend of the elves, Second child

Pronunciation: el-Vee-nah

4. Zohara

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: “Brightness” or “Light”

Pronunciation: Zoh-har-ah

5. Sachi

Origin: Japanese

Meaning: “Blessed with wisdom”, “Child of joy and happiness”

Pronunciation: Sah-chee

6. Isadora

Origin: Greek

Meaning: Gift of Isis

Pronunciation: Iz-uh-dawr-uh

7. Iona

Origin: Scottish, Greek

Scottish Meaning: Island

Greek Meaning: Dove, Omen, Yew-place

Pronunciation: eye-Oh-nuh

8. Danae

Origin: Greek

Meaning: God is my judge, From Denmark

Pronunciation: dan-ay

9. Tekla

Origin: Greek

Meaning: Glory of God, Second child

Pronunciation: Tek-lah

10. Deva

Origin: Sanskrit

Meaning: God like, Divine

Pronunciation: Dvee-ah

11. Althea

Origin: Greek

Meaning: Healer, Wholesome, Two

Pronunciation: Al-thee-uh

12. Bithiah

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: Daughter of God, Daughter of Jehovah

Pronunciation: Bith-ee-uh

13. Liora

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: Light for me, God is my light

Pronunciation: Lee-or-ah

14. Nadira

Origin: Arabic

Meaning: “Rare, Unique

Pronunciation: Nah-Deer-ah

15. Nomi

Origin: Hebrew, Japanese

Meaning: “pleasant”, Delightful, My joy, My delight

Pronunciation: Noh-mee

16. Twyla

Origin: English

Meaning: Double woven, Two threads

Pronunciation: Twy-lah

17. Jemima

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: Dove, Daystar

Pronunciation: Juh-my-muh

18. Kia

Origin: African

Meaning: Season’s beginning, Keeper of keys, Mountain

Pronunciation: Kee-uh

19. Duana

Origin: Irish

Meaning: “song”, Poem, Two

Pronunciation: Doo-ahn-uh

20. Seline

Origin: Latin

Meaning: Goddess of the moon, Heavenly

Pronunciation: Suh-leen

20 Unisex Names that Mean Two

1. Akemi

Origin: Japanese

Meaning: Bright and beautiful, Dawn

Pronunciation: Ah-Keh-mee

2. Darcy

Origin: Irish

Meaning: Dark one

Pronunciation: Dahr-see

3. Eko

Origin: Indonesian

Meaning: First child

Pronunciation: Ey-koh

4. Isi

Origin: Native American (Choctaw)

Meaning: Deer

Pronunciation: Ee-see

5. Kian

Origin: Irish

Meaning: Ancient, Grace of God

Pronunciation: Kee-an

6. Lior

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: My light, Gift of light from God

Pronunciation: lee-Or

7. Maayan

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: Spring of water, Fountain

Pronunciation: mah-AH-yahn

8. Mika

Origin: Japanese

Meaning: Beautiful, Fragrance, Good

Pronunciation: Mee-kah

9. Nava

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: “Pleasant”, “Beautiful”

Pronunciation: Nah-vah

10. Noam

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: Pleasantness, Delight

Pronunciation: No-am

11. Nyx

Origin: Greek

Meaning: Night

Pronunciation: Niks

12. Rio

Origin: Spanish

Meaning: River

Pronunciation: Ree-oh

13. Sachi

Origin: Japanese

Meaning: Happiness, Child of joy

Pronunciation: SAH-chee

14. Inbar

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: Amber (A fossilized tree resin, prized for its beauty since ages)

15. Ash

Origin: English, Hebrew

English Meaning: Ash tree

Hebrew Meaning: Happy

Pronunciation: Ash

16. Devi

Origin: Sanskrit

Meaning: Goddess

Pronunciation: Day-vee

17. Kai

Origin: Hawaiian

Meaning: Sea

Pronunciation: Kye

18. Rumi

Origin: Japanese

Meaning: Beauty, Current or flow, Lapis lazuli

Pronunciation: roo-mee

19. Tao

Origin: Chinese

Meaning: Large waves, Way, Long life

Pronunciation: Dow

20. Zion

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: Fortress, Protection, Highest point

40 Names for a Second Child

20 Boy Names For The Second Child

1. Akio

Origin: Japanese

Meaning: Bright, Clear, Man

Pronunciation: Ah-kee-oh

2. Eko

Origin: Indonesian

Meaning: Two

Pronunciation: Ay-koh

3. Jory

Origin: English

Meaning: Farmer

Pronunciation: Jor-ee

4. Kai

Origin: Hawaiian

Meaning: Sea

Pronunciation: Kye

5. Kato

Origin: African

Meaning: Second of twins

Pronunciation: Kah-toh

6. Kian

Origin: Irish

Meaning: Ancient, Grace of God

Pronunciation: kee-an

7. Luca

Origin: Italian

Meaning: Bringer of light

Pronunciation: Loo-ka

8. Maliq

Origin: Arabic

Meaning: King, Master

Pronunciation: Mah-leek

9. Mateo

Origin: Spanish

Meaning: Gift of God

Pronunciation: Mah-tay-oh

10. Nils

Origin: Scandinavian

Meaning: Victorious people

Pronunciation: Neels

11. Ryo

Origin: Japanese

Meaning: Good, Virtuous

Pronunciation: Ree-oh

12. Sachin

Origin: Sanskrit

Meaning: Pure

Pronunciation: Sah-chin

13. Soren

Origin: Danish

Meaning: Stern

Pronunciation: Soh-ren

14. Tavi

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: Good

Pronunciation: Tah-vee

15. Théo

Origin: Greek

Meaning: Divine gift

Pronunciation: Tay-oh

16. Tobin

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: God is good

Pronunciation: Toh-bin

17. Trey

Origin: English

Meaning: Three

Pronunciation: Tray

18. Uri

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: My light

Pronunciation: Oo-ree

19. Yuma

Origin: Native American

Meaning: Son of the Chief

Pronunciation: Yoo-mah

20. Zane

Origin: English

Meaning: Gracious, Merciful, Gift from God

Pronunciation: Zayn

20 Girl Names For The Second Child

1. Aikiko

Origin: Japanese

Meaning: Autumn’s child, Bright child, Glistening child

Pronunciation: Eye-kee-koh

2. Beatrix

Origin: Latin

Meaning: she who brings happiness, voyager

Pronunciation: Bee-triks

3. Dara

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: Pearl of wisdom, Gift

Pronunciation: Da-ra

4. Diti

Origin: Sanskrit

Meaning: A daughter, A sister

Pronunciation: Dee-tee

5. Duha

Origin: Arabic

Meaning: Morning, Forenoon

Pronunciation: Doo-ha

6. Gemini

Origin: Latin

Meaning: Twins

Pronunciation: Jem-in-eye

7. Gemma

Origin: Latin

Meaning: Precious stone

Pronunciation: Jem-mah

8. Heather

Origin: English

Meaning: A flowering evergreen plant

Pronunciation: Heth-er

9. Kali

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: woman of gloom

Pronunciation: Kah-lee

10. Kira

Origin: Russian,

Russian Meaning: Ruler, Mistress

Pronunciation: Kee-rah

11. Lani

Origin: Hawaiian

Meaning: Heaven, Chief

Pronunciation: Lah-nee

12. Lia

Origin: Italian

Meaning: Gentle, Relaxed

Pronunciation: Lee-ah

13. Lily

Origin: English

Meaning: A flower

Pronunciation: Lil-ee

14. Mahina

Origin: Hawaiian

Meaning: Moon, Moonlight

Pronunciation: Mah-hee-nah

15. Mithra

Origin: Sanskrit

Meaning: Friend, Ally

Pronunciation: Mith-rah

16. Nala

Origin: African

Meaning: Queen, Successful

Pronunciation: Nah-lah

17. Rumi

Origin: Japanese

Meaning: Two beautiful visions

Pronunciation: Roo-mee

18. Stella

Origin: Latin, Italian

Meaning: Star

Pronunciation: Stel-lah

19. Zara

Origin: Arabic

Meaning: Radiance, Blooming flower

Pronunciation: Zah-rah

20. Ziva

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: Radiance, Brilliance

Pronunciation: Zi-vah


If you are a new parent and hunting for a good name for your baby, it is important to remember that the name you choose will play a significant role in shaping his/her personality. There are many aspects to keep in consideration when choosing a good name including: meaning, origin of the name, and pronunciation. Choosing a name for your newborn is a fascinating practice, sometimes it may lead to a lovely disagreement between mom and dad. The above-mentioned names will hopefully help both of you choose the right name.

Name is one of the things that your child will carry throughout his/her life. Therefore, it is imperative that you choose a name that makes up the child’s personality as well as is easy to pronounce.

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