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Names that mean redeemed are hopeful, pleasant, and liberating for a newborn. The word “redeemed” has a positive vibration. It means to rescue and compensate for negatives.

Children are the bright light that compensates for their parents’ flaws. They save their families from uncertain futures by providing clarity. Many famous people choose names with this meaning.

Here is a list of my favorite names for girls and boys that mean redeemed.

Famous People with Names Meaning Redeemed

● The iconic Charlie Chaplin was one of the best English comedians.

Joshua Micheal Peck from Nickelodeon series “Drake and Josh” also shares the meaning.

Ansel Elgort is a famous American actor who played the lead male role in the 2014 movie “The Fault in Our Stars”.

Best Names That Mean Redeemed

Girl Names That Mean Redeemed

  1. Galenka (Russian): The Russian name sounds terrific. It means “my God shall redeem”. 
  2. Galia (Hebrew): Your daughter will have a rhythmic personality. Girls with this name are fun, Attractive, and talkative.
  3. Lutgardis (Latin): Girls with this name love colors. They are social butterflies in the true sense and adaptable.
  4. Salvatora (Spanish): Ambitious, goal-focused, and active. These are the first words that come to mind on hearing this gorgeous Spanish name. It means redeemer or savior.
  5. Mahya (Arabic): It is a unique-sounding name becoming popular. It means “a life of redemption.”
  6. Raanana (Hebrew): The name celebrates redemption with meanings like fresh and renewal.
  7. Sahar (Arabic): A lovely name that makes girls kinder, patient, and good listeners. It means “the dawn of redemption.”
  8. Zera (Hebrew): Girls with this name are sensible yet adventurous. The name celebrates a new beginning after redemption. 
  9. Matisoon (Native American): The name combines life and redemption. After all, life is all about redemption.
  10.  (Hindi): Your little girl will lead a happy and peaceful life full of redemption.

Boy Names That Mean Redeemed

  1. Padon (English): Your little boy will search for knowledge with this name.
  2. Pedahzur (Biblical): The name has a unique sound. It comes as a strong masculine name. It means “the stone of redemption.” 
  3. Redempto (Latin): Your son will be a powerful, intuitive, and cooperative person!
  4. Alexander (Greek): Like Alexander the Great, your boy will achieve a lot in life with this name by his side. The name means “redeemer of mankind.”
  5. Sopatra (Greek): The name often means “a father’s redemption”, which is true. Boys do add a lot of value to their dad’s life.
  6. Oshea (Hebrew): A name from biblical times, it is unique and gorgeous. 
  7. Elikai (Hebrew): The name inculcates a distinctive and charged personality. It means “God is my redemption.”
  8. Joshua (Hebrew): The famous musician Joshua William Dun shares this name.
  9. Pedaiah (Biblical): Your boy will thrive in logical reasoning. He will have a pioneering personality and spirit.
  10. Fajr (Arabic): The Arabic name means the dawn of redemption. Yes, every day is a new chance to redeem yourself.

Gender Neutral Names That Mean Redeemed

  1. Fidaa (Arabic): A beautiful unisex name which draws our hearts towards redemption.
  2. Iphedeiah (Hebrew): The melodious name is unique and makes kids peace lovers. They are also drawn to nature.
  3. Arpad (Biblical): The meaning of the name is “the light of redemption.” Your child will be full of grace and kindness.
  4. Geuel (Hebrew): Your child will be a visionary with a knack for adventure. The idea of growth will inspire them.
  5. Aheen (Hindi): The name means “abundance of redemption.” This pretty name will make your child an all-rounder. 
  6. Priam (Greek): The name comes from the Greek word “Priamos” which means “ the redeemed.” 
  7. Alejandra (Greek): Another Greek beauty, the name will make your child persuasive. The name means “redeemer of men.”
  8. Sal (American): The name attracts a balanced and steady life. Individuals with this name are creative.
  9. Messiah (Arabic): The name refers to any redeemer figure. Your child will be sensible, cooperative, and inclusive in many ways. 
  10. Alex (Greek): It was in the famous Disney series, “Wizards of Waverly Place”. It featured Selena Gomez as Alex Russo!
names that mean redeemed
  1. Salvino (Latin): The name means savior in its truest sense. These people are ambitious, empathetic, and protective.
  2.  Ritza (German): The nature of people with this name is tactful, go-getters, and friendly.
  3.  Ansel (Hebrew): Ansel Elkins is a famous American poet. He is the winner of the 2014 Yale Series Competition.
  4.  Edmon (French): Your child will attract achievements and luck with the help of this name.
  5.  Sigmund (German): The famous Psychologist Sigmund Freud shares this name.
  6.  Xabat (Spanish): Your child will gel in well with people and be the source of information on many occasions!
  7.  Alesta (Scottish): People with this name are reliable and great organizers. Professional success awaits your little one.
  8.  Nassir (Arabic): This Arabic name is approaching popularity daily. It has some brilliant traits like intelligence and introspection.
  9.  Arminda (Latin): Your child will be a considerate person. They will put others before their own needs, a rare quality.
  10.  Ramona (Spanish): Ramona Singer is an outstanding businesswoman and TV personality. She appeared in the Real Housewives franchise.

10 Names That Mean Rebirth

41.    Phoenix (Greek): Summer Joy Phoenix is a popular American activist who shares this name.

  1.  Sachar (Hebrew): Your child will be a freedom lover with plenty of optimism.
  2.  Tan (Vietnam): Good fortune, Success, and prosperity await your child.
  3.  Alba (Italian/Spanish): The gorgeous, evergreen American actress Jessica Alba shares this name.
  4.  Amara (Sanskrit): A ravishing name that rose to popularity recently. Actress Nina Dobrev’s doppelgänger character was Amara in TVD.
  5.  Aurora (Roman): Disney popularized this name for Sleeping Beauty in their 1959  film.
  6.  Dawn (English): The dawn comes with new beginnings and chances of rebirth.
  7.  Eos (Greek): individuals who share this name are gentle and dignified.
  8.  Kia (African): Your child will be charming and cheerful with this name.
  9.  Nova (Latin): Your child’s personality will be magnetic and robust, like a SuperNova.

10 Names That Mean New Beginning

      51.   Aadi (Sanskrit): Your child will have a positive, caring nature. Aadi is often a nickname for longer names like Aditya.

  1.  Altan (Turkish): It also means “The Red Dawn” and signifies a chance towards a new beginning.
  2.  Anatole (French): Your child will be well-dressed, impressive, and eloquent. The name comes from the Greek name Anatolius. It means “sunrise”.
  3.  Dagian (English): The name also means dawn. It is a feminine name that adds value to your daughter’s personality.
  4.  Fresco (French): Your child will bless every social gathering with their presence.
  5.  Inizio (Italian): These people are courageous and brave. Looking at your baby will remind you that every day is a fresh start.
  6.  Janus (Roman): Diplomatic and psychic, your child will be a great storyteller.
  7.  Navin (Indian): The name means fresh and new. It often serves as a surname in many cultures. 
  8.  Sura (Native American): Sura is a multicultural name becoming popular. Girls with this name have beauty and kindness. 
  9.  Zoran (Serbian): The name means daybreak which symbolizes a new beginning. People with this name have cheerful personalities. 

10 Names That Mean Hope

      61.    Jesse (Hebrew): The name also means “God exists”, which provides hope to many people.  

  1.  Tumaini (Egyptian): A multicultural name for both boy and girl babies.  
  2.  Von (Norse): This masculine name will always guide your boy with hope.
  3.  Baruch (Hebrew): The name also means “the hope of blessings” or “blessed”.
  4.  Elpidius (Latin/Greek): The name is for boys. It makes them fearless and analytical.  
  5.  Isamu (Japanese): The literal meaning of his name is “Hope towards a better future”.
  6.  Titus (Roman): William Shakespeare’s play Titus Andronicus has made the name famous.
  7.  Umit (Turkish): This unisex Turkish name is a variation of the Persian name Omid. Individuals with this name are empathetic and compassionate. 
  8.  Aakansha (Indian): The name means “a ray of hope”. Girls with this name are ambitious.
  9.  Aamanee (Arabic): This beautiful Arabic name means “A hopeful blessing” or “Great desire”.

10 Names That Mean Transformation

71.    Neander (Greek): The name means “a new man”. You boy will trust his intuition with this unique name. 

  1.  Vihaan (Sanskrit): The name means dawn which brings a new transformation daily.
  2.  Zora (Biblical): the beautiful name means “new shining light”, which symbolizes transformation.
  3.  Zorina (Slavic): This pretty name also means “the golden dawn”. Your daughter will be adaptable and friendly. 
  4.  Zelenka (Czech): Your child will be a science enthusiast. He will be a fair minded person.
  5.  Ashnah (Biblical): Your child will be a devoted and trusted companion to many. Her positive energy will be a source of peace in your house. 
  6.  Aviva (Hebrew): The name also means “fresh”, which symbolizes a fresh transformation.
  7.  Aeolus (Greek): The name means “changeable”.
  8.  Oighrig (Gaelic): The name also means “the new one”. Anything new must transform.
  9.  Renee (French): The beauty of France; Renee means born again as a new individual.

Final Thoughts

Congratulations! You’ve made it to the end of the list of names meaning redeemed. I hope you have found the ideal name for your little one. After all, it is one of the best moments of a parent’s life.

The name you choose will shape your child’s personality and add value to their life. Your baby blesses your life with its loving presence. You must give the best name to your bundle of redemption in return.

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