50 Best Names That Mean Mint for Girls and Boys

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Names that mean mint are just as refreshing as mint itself. They sound beautiful and stylish. Since names meaning mint are so popular worldwide, you will find gorgeous names in almost every origin with a touch of mint!

Many famous personalities love such names and choose them for their newborns. Let me walk you through my list of some of the best names that mean mint for girls and boys.  

Famous People with Names Meaning Mint

  • Ashley Greene is a famous American actress who played the role of Alice in the Twilight series.
  • Araminta Ross‘ real name was Harriet. She chose Araminta when she started working as a social activist.
  • Jade Thrilwall is a famous English songwriter and singer. She is known for being a member of the popular girl band called Little Mix.

Best Names That Mean Mint

Girl Names That Mean Mint

  1. Cedrina (Italian): Girls with this name are beautiful, kind, and loved. They are born with enthusiastic personalities. The name is rhythmic and means healing mint.
  2. Darpha (Turkish): Darpha comes from the Turkish word Darphane which translates to mint. It is a unique and expressive name for your newborn.
  3. Piperita (Latin): This lovely name means peppermint. Your girl will have organization skills and great insight with this name.
  4. Minttu (Finnish): Minttu is a popular name in Finland with another variant, “Minttar”. It is a cute, bubbly, and joyous name for a refreshing little member of your family.
  5. Minteu (Korean): This brilliant name takes us back to Mint tea and is a popular Korean name choice. Mintteu stands out of the crowd every time.
  6. Menta (Spanish): The name means mint in Spanish and Hungarian. This beautiful name comes from the Latin word Mentha.
  7. Bohe (Chinese): A gorgeous name that also means mint in Mandarin. Bohe is a solid yet subtle name that is great for powerful women.
  8. Araminta (English): This excellent, classy name is prominent in William Congreve’s 1963 comedy “The Old Bachelor.”
  9. Anise (English): Sounds almost romantic; Anise is feminine. girls with this name are pure and friendly.
  10. Krusmynta (Swedish): Astrid Lindgren made this name popular. A female character in her popular series Pippi Longstocking is named Krusmynta.
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Boy Names That Mean Mint

  1. Minze (German): Minze sounds mystical and extraordinary, just like your little boy. Another variation of this name is Minz.
  2. Aminta (Greek): This name takes me back to the famous play Aminta by the Italian poet Torquato Tasso. The name has a unique sense of strength; Men with this name are desirable and gentle. 
  3. Basil (Greek): Basil is a famous mint herb that also means “the King .”What a perfect name for your boy! He achieves the freshness of mint along with the leadership of a king.
  4. Celadon (Greek): If your boy has yellowish-green eyes, this is his perfect name. Celadon is often linked to glazed pottery. Just like glazed pottery, this name shines bright.
  5. Bhustrin (Sanskrit): Another variant of this name is Bhustrina which also means lemon grass! Boys with this name have bright personalities.
  6. Vasyl (Greek): the famous Ukrainian boxer Vasyl Anatoliyovych has made this name quite popular. Boys with this name emerge as courageous individuals.
  7. Pasi (Finnish): Boys with this name are bold, authoritative, and hold strong luck. This name is strong enough to change anyone’s destiny the way your newborn has changed yours for the better!
  8. Coleus (Greek): Coleus is a lovely herb from the mint family. This is his name if you want your child to lead a meaningful life. This name cultivates growth and development.
  9. Minto (Scottish): Minto group is a successful Canadian company. Many Minto men worked as laborers in the early 1940s owing to their determination to grow.
  10. Iksura (Hindi): Iksura is a masculine name promoting creativity, optimism, and versatility. These boys are generous and intellectual.
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Gender Neutral Names That Mean Mint

  1. Sage (English): The beauty of his name is that it comes from many origins, like German, Irish, and English. It refers to healthy green herbs, and let me say this; the name sounds gorgeous. 
  2. Greene (Latin): This name reminds me of Rachel Greene from the American series Friends. Girls in the 90s’ loved Rachel Greene’s haircut! Girls in the 90s’ just loved Rachel Greene’s haircut!
  3. Mint (English): This unisex name will encourage your child to be social, interactive, and considerate. If you’re a mint lover, this is the perfect way to express your love for mint and your child.
  4. Pepper (English): Just like pepper adds some flavor to our cuisines, it will also add some spice to your child’s life. Who doesn’t love a unique name that turns around all heads in a room?
  5. Wrigley (English): The famous American politician Drew Wrigley added to the fame of this name back in 1965. The name has plenty of vibrational energy, so your child is going places.
  6. Emerald (English): Don’t we love the beautiful emerald gemstone? The name sounds just as beautiful and means mint and green. People with this name are gentle, intuitive, and kind-hearted.
  7. Hejia (Chinese): Hejia is an incredible unisex name that means mint. It is unique, with a hint of brilliance to it. You shouldn’t waste time before blessing your child with this great name.
  8. Binda (Australian): Binda is a two-syllable, gorgeous Australian name. The meaning is a green, minty field. This aboriginal name will be a game changer for your child because of its exceptional sound and attributes.
  9. Cyan (English): This name is ideal if you need your child to be selfless, brave, and gifted. It is a good name that is undoubtedly gaining popularity in the modern world.
  10. Greenlee (English): People who love greenery will fall in love with this name. It reminds me of a minty green field with a cool breeze. Children with this name are free-spirited and adventurous.
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Names Related to Mint

  1. Grun (German): Grun is a German name that has been around for centuries. It means green, and the differentiating sound of his name makes it desirable. You can expect your child to be crafty and street-smart with this name.
  2. Jade (Spanish): Jade is the name of a lead character in the popular animated show bratz. People with this name are sensitive and loyal. People with this name are sensitive and loyal.
  3. Pine (French): Pine serves as the last name for the famous American celebrity Chris Pine. Nothing beats this name’s gorgeous French flow and a hint of green pine. This classic name is evergreen!
  4. Verdell (Latin): People with this name have balanced personalities and know how to take steady steps toward success. The name gives a vibe of earnestness and persuasiveness. 
  5. Turquoise (English): The color turquoise signifies healing and growth in psychological terms. So, people with his name are calm, sensitive, and logical.
  6. Hakka (Japanese): Hakka is a strong yet gorgeous Japanese name that many cultures love. Your child will be artistic and have a flair for creativity if you name them Hakka!
  7. Khloe (Greek): Doesn’t this name feel like a flower is blooming? Yes, this girl’s name refers to green, looming shoots. The famous American celebrity, Khloe Kardashian is an example of a green shoot aging beautifully.
  8. Lavender (English): people with this name have a caring personality. They go above and beyond to be good Samaritans and do well for others. Like the beautiful lavender flower, these people spread joy wherever they go.
  9. Zec (Italian): This name has a certain warmth to it, love, and elegance. The name sounds beautiful and resembles the American name Zac.
  10. Saranae (Thai): If you name your baby Saranae, they will attract a lot of respect from others. These people are willing to achieve their goals and always find their way through things.
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Names That Mean Green, Evergreen 

  1. Teal (American): Teal is a cool name with a modern touch. The name means bluish-green and will surely add colors to your child’s life.
  2. Viridian (Latin): People with this name are great entrepreneurs and visionaries. Thanks to its Latin lineage, the name is unique and stands out.
  3. Laramie (French): Your child will become a social butterfly! They will have a cheeky personality with this name.
  4. Fern (English): I love this name as it reminds me of beautiful green ferns.
  5. Yashem (Pakistani): This name comes from Arabic origin and translates into “a green leaf.”
  6. Orna (Spanish): Orna takes us back to the ornaments used to decorate a Christmas tree, doesn’t it? 
  7. Liko (Hawaiian): Like a leaf bud is young and fresh, this name will continue to shower your baby with freshness.
  8. Khidr (Arabic): I love the rhythmic sound of this name. It means “the green one” in Arabic.
  9. Irving (Scottish): the literal meaning of this name is “flowing green water.” This name has the exact beautiful resemblance to the flow of a river.
  10. Berilo (Spanish): Your baby is precious and a life-changing gift to you, just like a gem. So, this name means “a green gemstone.”

Final Thoughts

It is one of the most critical decisions to name your child. Yes, this moment brings plenty of joy. But, you are responsible for choosing the perfect name for your newborn. 

The name you choose is a gift to your child that will stay with them for their entire life. So, if you are drawn to names that mean mint, you can choose any of the beautiful names mentioned above.

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P.S. If you have some suggestions, share them with me in the comments. Thanks for reading!

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