70 Beautiful Names That Mean Eyes(For Girls and Boys)

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Name selection is both an art and a science; having many name-selection categories. Such as ascribing to features like the “eyes” carrying beauty and visionary symbolism. Likewise, eyes bear universal significance; every single culture divines eyes. So, we have compiled a list of 70 names from different cultures that portray “eyes.” 

The history of such names tracks centuries when parents cherished eyes as the windows of the souls. Furthermore, Egyptians considered eyes as the perception of the real world. Likewise, subcontinent cultures valued eyes for offering good luck and protection. In short, eyes were a source of soul-enriching attributes, from beauty to wisdom.

Let us check names that mean “eyes” and their meanings.

10 Baby Girl Names Meaning Eyes

Baby girls are the link between angels and parents. Those giggles, bows, curls, and ribbons deserve a name that portrays her beauty in a true sense. So, we have created a list of unique characters that depict the beauty and power of the eyes. 


Origin: Arabic 

Meaning: Living or life

It has its roots coming from Arabic history as Aisha (A’ishah). She was the favorite wife of the Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) and has a dictionary meaning of “alive and well.”


Origin: Latin

Meaning: White, dawn, or bright

Alba is the epitome of purity, linked to the Latin Albus, which depicted the first light of dawn. The name defines good fortune and a new and bright beginning.


Origin: Turkish 

Meaning: Moon halo or the one that belongs to the moon.

It is a combination of two words; “ay,” meaning “moon,” and “lin,” meaning “halo.” In Turkish, its pronunciation is “again – EYE-lin.” The name is as popular in English-speaking countries as it is in its native town of Turkey. 


Origin: Greek

Meaning: Rainbow

Iris is also the eye’s circular part surrounding the black pupil. Greeks had a goddess of the rainbow by the name of Iris and a messenger of gods. Likewise, the Iris symbolizes courage, bravery, and hope in floriography. 


Origin: Arabic

Meaning: Light or Radiant

Nur is a girl’s name with origins in Arabic and Aramaic, and it is the perfect name for the newest light in your life. The name is trendy in Islamic countries as it attributes to the divine light of God.


Origin: Spanish 

Meaning: Eyes

Ojos is generally used as a nickname but is beautiful as the first name. It is popular in Spain and its neighboring countries.


Origin: Hindi

Meaning: Light or brightness

Roshni is usually considered a Hindi word but originates from a Persian word. The name is popular in the subcontinent region. And it has also become a surname in combination with other characters.


Origin: Arabic

Meaning: Pure

Safiya (a variant of Safiyah) originates from Arabic. This feminine name shows the righteousness and purity of a soul. So, it becomes a bundle of joy entering your blank canvas and filling it with a beautiful innocent soul.


Origin: Persian

Meaning: Sweet or delicate

The name is popular in Central Asia, especially Iran and the subcontinent. You can couple it to offer your little princess an expression full of sweetness, like her smile. 


Origin: Greek

Meaning: Flourishing

One of the Muses in Greek mythology was Thalia, the muse of comedy. They were daughters of Zeus and a symbol of beauty and charm.

10 Boy Names That Mean Eyes

Everything changes with a boy, as it brings a boy in his grandfather and a man out of his father. Thus, giving him a name that defines his personality is as essential as his wardrobe. 

We have enlisted names related to “eyes” that can showcase meaningfulness and uniqueness. 


Origin: Persian

Meaning: Hero or truthfulness

Arash originates from the Persian word “Arash,” which means “bright” and symbolizes truthfulness. Moreover, Arash, the archer, was the hero who divided Iran and Turan by shooting an arrow. It is a common first name in Iran and countries where Persian is famous.


Origin: Sanskrit

Meaning: Eye or sight

Chakshu is an old name popular amongst regions where Sanskrit was the core language. It was synonymous with good luck and carried a self-love mantra. In Hindu mythology, the Chakshu sage had the power of prophecy.


Origin: Persian

Meaning: Sun or the one who bestows care

Cyrus is a popular name as it has seen several Persian kings, Cyrus the Great of the Achaemenid Empire. The word originates from the word “Kurush.” So, it is a perfect name for a boy if you wish him to become strong and caring.


Origin: German

Meaning: Edge of a sword

Originating from the German word “egil,” meaning edge, while “hildr” means “battle.” The name is prevalent, especially in Germany. It depicts the baby’s fierce and mighty side.


Origin: Japanese

Meaning: One’s masculine power

Kano is synonymous with “capability”. It derives its source from the Japanese word “kan,” which means perception. Kano is a popular name in Japan and a few parts of East Asia.


Origin: Persian

Meaning: Grace of God

It is a beautiful, simple, and short baby boy name. The word has its roots connected to the Persian word “Kiyan,” meaning “favor.” Kian is pronounceable in all dialects and thus becomes a global name.


Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: Who resembles god

Mikael is a popular name among European countries but with different spellings. Hebrew’s Mikael is a combination of “mi,” meaning “resembles,” and “kamocha,” meaning “like you.” Moreover, it has religious significance, as in the Bible, it’s the one who protects Israel.


Origin: Nepali

Meaning: Good eyesight

The Nepali words “su” for “good, and “Jan” for “eyesight” combine to form Sujan. It is a famous baby name in the land of Everest and India. Since it is a short name, thus becomes the first choice of many parents.


Origin: Japanese

Meaning: Dragon

Dragons are symbols of bravery, strength, and power in Japanese culture. So, if you are looking for a name that can bring the vital aspect out of your baby boy, Tatsu is the perfect name.


Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: “God is my light.”

In Hebrew, “or” translates to “light,” and “el” means “light.” Uriel is famous for wisdom and creativity in Jewish tradition. Moreover, its shortness makes it a perfect name to pronounce and light on the tongue.

10 Unisex Names Meaning Eyes


Origin: Arabic

Meaning: Eye

The word Aini comes from the Arabic word meaning “ain,” meaning “eye.” Since it is short and cute, thus it is famous worldwide around the Middle East and South Asia.


Origin: Spanish

Meaning: Eyes

Ojos is a first-choice name in Spanish-speaking regions. But it has recently become popular in other countries. Since Ojos depicts clear vision, it becomes a perfect name for both boys and girls.


Origin: Japanese

Meaning: Bright or Clear

Japanese culture is keen on positive names; hence Akira has become popular. Thus, if you are searching for a name that signifies a clear and profound vision, this name becomes a good option.


Origin: Persian

Meaning: Eyesight

Banan is a sweet, speakable name that suits both a boy and a girl. Likewise, it is a unique and meaningful name for your little one and associates itself with eyes.


Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: Bear

Dov symbolizes strength and power. If you are searching for a short and powerful name for your kid, look no beyond this option. Further, you can couple it with other terms to give it a unique meaning.


Origin: Hindi 

Meaning: Eye

Nayan is a popular choice of many Indian parents. Once connected with other words, Nayan becomes a very poetic name. Its unisex-ness makes it a perfect name for your little one.


Origin: Japanese

Meaning: Fox or Inari

In Japanese, Oinari relates to the deity of foxes; it is a significant name option. Despite its cultural limits, the name is now accepted across the borders beyond Japan.


Origin: Irish

Meaning: Elf

Siofra in Irish is a whimsical and charming option for parents looking for a poetic name. You can use it both for a boy or a girl.


Origin: Slavic 

Meaning: Little one

Sagan is a sweet and endearing name for your bundle of joy. The name is short and depicts the cuteness of the child.


Origin: Welsh

Meaning: Privileged birth

Urien becomes a perfect fit for your little one if you search for an option that conveys honor and distinction.

20 Unique Names for Different Color Eyes

Eye color is of significant importance as it sets babies apart from others. So, it is no surprise that parents across the globe select names that resemble their child’s eye color.

But, if you are still trying to suggest a name that fits the beauty of your kids, here is a list to ease your decision.

5 Names That Mean Beautiful Eyes


Origin: Slavic

Meaning: Bright, beautiful

Alina is a name popular in Slavic countries as it has its roots in this region. Yet, the versatility is evident because it is a common name in South and Central Asia. Hence, it is a global name with sweet pronunciation.  


Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: Grace, compassion

It is a well-known name in Latin America but as delicate as your child’s. So, it becomes a perfect name if you want to showcase the compassion of your little angel.


Origin: Japanese

Meaning: Clear vision, bright

Arisa is a Japanese name highlighting a baby’s vision and bright future. The name is cute and short with a powerful meaning.


Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: Delightful, pleasant

Edan was very popular in the earlier part of the 20th century. Hence it is revisiting. Nothing explains the cheerfulness of the kid better than this name.


Origin: Greek

Meaning: Rainbow, messenger

Iris is more of a feminine name and is popular in the United Kingdom. Yet, its shortness without compromising on cuteness. Thus, making it a go-to name for parents worldwide.

5 Names That Present Brown Eyes

Brown eyes depict warmness, mystery, and invitation. They are so fascinating that your kid needs a particular one as attractive as those eyes.

Here are suggestions for your little cutie. 


Origin: French

Meaning: Brown-eyed

Brunelle’s name is a variant of Brunella. It is a perfect choice for new parents looking for a French name that describes brown eyes.


Origin: Maori

Meaning: Dark-eyed

Maori names are becoming popular as they offer a new dimension to the kid’s personality. Thus, Kapeka is a beautiful name for a kid with brown or dark eyes.


Origin: English

Meaning: Brownish-orange color

If you are searching for a timeless and elegant name associated with warm brown shades, Tawny is the answer. 


Origin: Scottish

Meaning: Dark-skinned, brown-eyed

Duff is a traditional Scottish name that has resurfaced recently. If you are an old-school type, it is the perfect choice for your kid.


Origin: Irish

Meaning: Dove, brown-haired

It is a masculine name that is ideal for brown-eyed kids; likewise, it is gentle and easy to pronounce. 

5 Names meaning Blue Eyes

Blue eyes are a symbol of vastness and depth. Any kid with blue eyes must have a name that compliments the beauty of their eyes.

So, here are a few name suggestions for your blue-eyed kid.  


Origin: Latin

Meaning: Sky Blue

Azura is a baby girl baby; its meaning is synonymous with the beautiful color of a child.


Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: My secret is mine or blue

Liraz is unisex and has a beautiful meaning and vibe for your blue-eyed child.


Origin: Greek

Meaning: Blue-green

Rooting its origins from the Greek word “kyanos,” it is a modern name that is short, charming, and easy to speak.


Origin: English

Meaning: To rejoice

Jay is a short and sweet name for a boy. It has a simple yet stylish sound that works well with different middle names.


Origin: Irish

Meaning: Blue Princess

It is a traditional Irish name that is as popular in modern times as it was a century ago. 

5 Names that mean Green Eyes


Origin: English

Meaning: A precious stone of green color

Emerald is the perfect fit for a green-eyed baby girl.


Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: Wise

Jada is a sweet little title that can join with other names to describe your little one’s beautiful eyes.


Origin: English

Meaning: Greenstone

Merald is a derivation of the Emerald. It further shortens the name without compromising true sense.


Origin: Native American (Tlingit)

Meaning: Chief

It is a beautiful traditional name for a modern baby.


Origin: Hawaiian

Meaning: Orange tree

The name is prevalent these days as it is simple and beautiful.

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Names based on eyes are so beautiful that no one can ignore them.

10 Names That Mean Visionary


Origin: Sanskrit

Meaning: The reddish glow of the rising sun

This name takes after the Hindu god Surya and is a unisex name popular in India. It also relates with other titles.


Origin: Greek

Meaning: Bringer of good news

It is a feminine name and was popular in old Greek times. But, its sweetness has brought back ancient times.


Origin: Arabic

Meaning: Joy, happiness

It is generally associated with vision and joy. It is popular in middle eastern countries. It is straightforward to use, like your cute baby girl.


Origin: Japanese

Meaning: Little dragon with extraordinary vision.

Kaida is a unique name that suits girls. The name showcases the power and vision aspects of the kid.


Origin: Irish

Meaning: Vision or wisdom.

Siofra is a unisex name but suits better for girls; its Irish roots make it popular in the United Kingdom.


Origin: Irish

Meaning: Poet or visionary

Tadhg is an inimitable boy’s name that can be associated with a visionary poet. Thus a perfect choice for art-loving parents. 


Origin: Sanskrit

Meaning: Knowledge, wisdom

The name Vidya is popular in India and given to girls. Usually, it joins other names to portray a little girl’s beauty. 


Origin: Spanish

Meaning: Seer or visionary

If you want a complete name with the power to depict a seer or vision, Vidente becomes your perfect choice.


Origin: Sanskrit

Meaning: Lightning or bright light

For parents looking to express their child’s bright side, Vidyut is theirs to take. The name is popular in India.


Origin: Slavic

Meaning: Dawn, daybreak, or vision.

Zora is such a sweet name that it does not need a second thought, as it highlights the baby girl’s far sight and vision.

10 Names That Mean Eyes of God

For religious parents, names that carry a sense of association with God are more attractive.

So, here is a list of such names.

5 Boy Names That Mean Eyes of God


Origin: Native American (Arikara)

Meaning: Eye of God

Arikara means the eye of God; it is a rare name as you will not hear it often, so it is there for you to take.


Origin: Greek

Meaning: Guardian of the sacred mountain

It is such a beautiful name that connects your child with the light of God. So, grab it to showcase your kid’s innocence.


Origin: Sanskrit

Meaning: Swan

Hmasa is so pleasing on the tongue that it will make you kiss your little joy; the name is popular in India for baby girls.


Origin: Japanese

Meaning: Ocean and sky

Kaito depicts the vastness of the child’s personality with an association with God.


Origin: Arabic

Meaning: Prophet Noah

Nuh is an ideal short name for a baby boy, and it also carries its religious zest. 

5 Girl Names That Mean Eyes of God


Origin: African

Meaning: Beautiful flower

Ayana is an enchanting name for your baby girl and is pleasing to the ears.


Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: Gentle, tender

If you want to bring out your child’s soft parts, Dalia is such a cute name.


Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: My secret

Liraz keeps the mystery of the child intact. And it becomes an ideal choice for your little kid with sweet secrets. 


Origin: Arabic

Meaning: Light or illumination

Nura is an Arabic name that highlights the glowing part of the baby.


Origin: Arabic

Meaning: Bounty

Your little doll is a bounty from God, so name her Aala.

Final Thoughts

A child’s name is not only for identification but also carries deep symbolic meaning. Likewise, it defines a child’s entire life. Thus, people in the past were careful in choosing names for their newborns.

Modern parents are selective. Thus, they search for a unique name that symbolizes their child’s personality. 

Furthermore, good names add value to a child’s grooming and remembrance in the community. So, we created the above list to make your name decision-selection process easy.

We hope we can offer your search a final reach and that you select a name from our list.

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