50 Best Names That Mean Balance And Harmony

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With tons of baby names out there, Names that mean balance are becoming popular. In a world full of disorder and chaos, the concept of balance gives us hope. 

And naming your baby after balance is the best way to ensure their stability throughout life. In today’s guide, I have gathered 50 names for parents that mean balance, harmony, Libra and more.

From unisex to rare options for son or daughter, you will find an ideal fit for your bundles of joy. 

So, if you’re interested in finding a unique name presenting the idea of balance, buckle up for the ride!

Famous people Named Balance

  • Hitoshi Ozawa is a famous Japanese actor and director. His name means level. 
  • Callum Robilliard Turner is another actor from the UK who shares the meaning of balance. Callum is most popular for Theseus Scamander in Fantastic Beasts
  • Justine Lupe-Schomp is an iconic American actress. Her best roles are in Cristela, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, and Mr. Mercedes. 

Best Names That Mean Balance

Girl Names That Mean Balance

  1. Cosima (Greek roots): Cosima is the female variant of Cosmo. It means balance, decency and order. Cosima originated from the Greek word Kosmâs
  1. Justine (Latin and French roots): Along with the variant Justina, it means balance. This name is a poised yet strong option for parents looking for a virtuous name for their daughters.
  1. Samta (Sanskrit roots): It means equality and shares Gujrati origin. Most people named Samta are Hindu by religion. 
  1. Adalat (Arabic roots): This unique name also exists in Urdu and similar languages. It means equality and justice.
  1. Armonia (Spanish origin): This rare name means balance and harmonious life.
  1. Atlanta (Greek roots): This special name comes from Greek mythology. It’s associated with the concept of equanimity.
  1. Evalie (Latin roots): This stunning name means balancing or equalizing. The perfect nicknames are Eva or Evie. 
  1. Nadeeda (Indian origin): It means balance and equal to another person. This interesting name will show your daughter that she looks like someone else (for instance her mother, sister, aunt, etc.). 

Boy Names That Mean Balance

  1. Adel (Old German and Hebrew roots): This name means God is eternal and harmonious. Adel also refers to the meanings of upright,  noble, and sincere. 
  1. Adeel (Arabic roots): Adeel means balance and the one who is fair and respectful. 
  1. Hitoshi (Japanese origin): Hitoshi means eve-tempered, compassionate, and balanced. It is a famous name for boys born into Taoist families. 
  1. Isocrates (Ancient Greek roots): This classic name means power and balance. It is actually the latinized version of the Greek name Isokrates
  1. Mik (Hebrew roots): This masculine name means balance and the one who can stand equal to God. 
  1. Nadidah (Arabic roots): This poignant name means balance and respect for everyone. 
  1. Shiva (Sanskrit roots): Shiva means kind, balanced and gracious. It is the ancient source of yogic traditions. 
  1. Mavzuna (Tajik roots): Originated from an Arabic word that translates to balance. Another meaning is “measure”. 

Gender Neutral Names That Mean Balance

  1. Chein (Burmese roots): This unisex name means balance. It was first discovered in Switzerland. It soon gained valuable credibility worldwide.
  1. Narachi (Sanskrit roots): It means the goldsmith scales and balance. The name is popular in Southeast Asian cultures, such as India and Pakistan. 
  1. Umoja (Swahili and Portuguese roots): It means harmony, balance or unity. 
  1. Yanjun (Chinese roots): The name means balance through some letter combinations. It is also the name of a popular Taiwanese singer
  1. He (Chinese origin): This single-syllable name means harmony and balance.
  1. Mekhi (Hebrew roots): It means harmony and equal to the Almighty. 
  1. Pratibal (Marathi origin): It means balanced and equal in strength. Many Hindu boys have this name. 
  1. Naya (Indian roots): It means “distant from extremes.” It has a sweet sound and also means balance and renewal.

Names Related to Balance 

Names That Mean Harmony

  1. Vevila (Irish and Gaelic roots): This adorable feminine name means harmony. It also means a woman with a melodious voice. 
  1. Wakana (Japanese origin): This girl’s name means balance, music, and harmony. 
  1. Levi (Hebrew roots): It means joined in harmony and balance. 
  1. Irie (Caribbean and Patois roots): Irie is a boy’s name meaning harmony, peace and balance. Many people in Jamaican culture love this name. 
  1. Alawn (Welsh origin): This interesting yet sophisticated name presents the sentiment of harmony. 

Names That Mean Libra

  1. Kaal (Estonian roots): It means weight, scale, and balance. In English, the name also means time. 
  1. Hirabayashi (Japanese origin): It means even, peaceful forest, and balance. Hirabayashi is popular in central Japan.
  1. Harmonia (Ancient Greek origin): Harmonia coms from Greek mythology. This name means an immortal goddess of concord, agreement and harmony.
  1. Nabhya (Indian roots): This name means central and balanced. It is actually another name for Lord Shiva
  1. Tula (Indian origin): It is a Sanskrit word which means balance. Many Indian girls have this name. It’s connected to the zodiac sign of Libra. Plus, it is a popular pose in Hatha yoga

Names That Mean Duality

  1. Ayodeji (Yoruba or Christian African origin): Ayodeji means double happiness and balanced life. What a cheerful way to ponder on duality!
  1. Dvita (Indian roots): It means duality, balance or doubleness. Dvita refers to a being existing in two forms. It means that it is a very spiritual name. 
  1. Oladimeji (Yoruba origin): This rich name means wealth and balance. Your child will enjoy great fortune in life with this name!
  1. Janus (Latin roots): This name originated from the Roman god of doorways and balance. It is a common name in the Scandinavian countries. Janus is also used as the latinization of Johannes or Jan. 
  1. Genji (Japanese origin): This boy’s name presents various meanings based on the kanji. One of those meanings is balance.

Names That Mean Balance of Nature

  1. Arcadia (Greek roots): This gorgeous girl’s name means harmony with nature. 
  1. Mizani (African origin): It expresses the sentiments of nature’s beauty, chemistry, and balance.
  1. Oreka (Basque origin): This extraordinary name means equilibrium in nature or balance.
  1. Bebhinn (Gaelic roots): This interesting feminine name means harmony with nature. 
  1. Hirakawa (Japanese origin): The name means a peaceful stream or river, even, and balance. 

Names That Mean Peacemaker

  1. Concordia (Latin roots): This melodious name means harmony and peace. 
  1. Amani (Arabic, Swahili, and more roots): Amani means different things in different countries. But it generally means wishes, balance and peace.
  1. Galena or Galene (Greek origin): It’s derived from the ancient Greek word Galênê. Galena means solitude or tranquil. In Greek mythology, the name personifies a calm sea and life balance.
  1. Irene or Irina (Ancient Greek roots): This girl’s name means a woman of peace and balance. The Goddess Eirene personifies serenity in Greek mythology. 
  1. Callum (Scottish Gaelic origin): This name represents the white dove – a global sign of peace.
  1. Kazumi (Japanese roots): This edgy boy’s name means beautiful harmony and peace. 

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Wrapping It Up 

Congrats! You’ve read my detailed list of baby Names That Mean Balance. I hope you’ve achieved a perfect equilibrium with these options. 

Remember – the name you choose will mold your child’s personality and bring value to their life. A name can shape your child’s identity and be a source of pride and confidence.

What were your favorite names? Let me know in the comments below. Thanks for reading, and until next time!

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