100 Blessed Names Meaning God Answers Prayers(Curated Gems)

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names meaning god answer prayers

Are you looking for a unique name for your baby with spiritual significance? If so, you may want to consider these amazing 100 baby names meaning God answers prayers, that I’ve collected for you. 

Whether you’re looking for a name inspired by the Bible or one that reflects your faith, these baby names will surely be a blessing to your family. 

By diving into historical records, linguistic studies, and cultural texts, we’ve ensured that each name on our list is both genuine and meaningful. Read on to learn more about the spiritual meaning behind each one.

100 Baby Names Meaning God Answers Prayers

10 Baby Girl Names Meaning God Answers Prayers

1. Eliana

  • Meaning: God answers my prayers. 
  • By choosing this beautiful Hebrew name, you’ll remind your child of your belief in God’s help and the importance of faith in life. 

2. Anayah

  • Meaning: God has answered.
  • The name is derived from the phrase “Ani Yhwh,” which means “God answers my prayers. Anayah also refers to someone who is full of grace and has a gentle spirit. 

3. Arabella

  • Meaning: Prayerful.
  • Arabella derives from the Latin phrase “orabilis,” meaning “given to prayer.” If you connect the Latin words ‘ara’, meaning ‘altar’ and ‘bella’, meaning ‘beautiful,’ you’ll come up with a lovely name Arabella. 

4. Pernita

  • Meaning: Answered prayer.
  • Pernita is a Hindu-originated name that speaks to the idea that no matter how difficult life can be, God is always there to listen and answer our prayers. This name can be a great source of comfort and strength during challenging times.

5. Anael

  • Meaning: God has answered.
  • It is believed that Anael is inspired by the angel of the Lord in Jewish and Christian traditions. According to legend, Anael is a Heavenly messenger who serves as an intercessor between God and mankind.

6. Helen 

  • Meaning: Light. It interprets that God has responded. 
  • Helen signifies divinity and is a well-known name from Greek mythology.

7. Vernita

  • Meaning: An answered prayer.
  • This is a gorgeous Indian feminine name, which is uncommon and truly unique for your child.

8. Chisara

  • Meaning: God answers my prayers.
  • This is a famous name from the West African Igbo folks. Only five people adopted this name in the last 100 years. Another version you can consider is Chizara.

9. Aldora

  • Meaning: Winged gift. Excellent. Angelic prayer. 
  • This Greek name is a great choice for your hero girl!

10. Aliyah

  • Meaning: Heaven sent, supreme, heavenly, or ascending. 
  • This Hebrew feminine name derives from mixed roots, such as Greek, Slavic, and Arabic.
the names meaning god answers prayers

10 Baby Boy Names Meaning God Answers Prayers

11. Jaanai

  • Meaning: Whom God answers.
  • The male name Jaanai is of Hebrew origin and reminds us that God listens to our requests and cares for our well-being. It is a meaningful, inspirational, and beautiful-sounding name!

12. Saul

  • Meaning: Asked for/inquired of God.
  • This name is derived from the Hebrew language and combines two words – “sual,” which means to ask, and “el,” which means God. 

13. Lian

  • Meaning: God has responded.
  • This masculine name comes from Hebrew roots. It’s so simple, powerful, and meaningful at the same time!

14. Cordon

  • Meaning: God-given or Godsend.
  • This is a charming and meaningful name with a strong message for your little boy. 

15. Donato

  • Meaning: God’s presence or miracle.
  • This Italian masculine name can also be traced back to Spanish tradition. Donato is a cult favorite among Filipino boys. 

16. Thaddeus

  • Meaning: Gift from the Gods.
  • It’s derived from the Aramaic tradition. You can use Thad as a short and cute nickname.

17. Giannis

  • Meaning: God is gracious and gives abundantly.
  • This Hebrew boy’s name is also popular in the French tradition with the same meaning. Other variations are Yiannis and Yannis.

18. Oluwadahunsi

  • Meaning: God answers me.
  • Oludahunsi originates from the Yoruba language in Southwest Nigeria. Since it’s pretty long, you can use Oli as an awesome nickname. 

19. Josiah

  • Meaning: God bestows, helps, and heals. The ultimate God’s love.
  • This Hebrew name also means that God has healed.

20. Corbon

  • Meaning: God-given or Godsend.
  • It was originally derived from the Old French word “corbeau”. 

Unisex Names Meaning God Answers Prayers

21. Adura

  • Meaning: One who is everywhere or answers prayers. 
  • This rare name originates from Sanskrit roots and translates to a beautiful meaning. It is also a shorter version of the Nigerian name Aduramigba. 

22. Joyce

  • Meaning: A person who brings happiness to others or belongs to God.
  • This is a popular name in English countries with religious contexts. 

23. Theo

  • Meaning: God’s gift.
  • This is an ancient Greek name and is short for Theodora or Theodore.
The sentence of " God is love" in the Bible.

Baby Names Meaning God is Faithful

8 Baby Girl Names Meaning God is Faithful

24. Elsie

  • Meaning: God is faithful.
  • This is a distinctly feminine name from Scottish roots having religious context. It can also mean the oath of God. 

25. Janina

  • Meaning: God is gracious.
  • This stunning name is pronounced as yah-nee-nah and traces to Italian roots. 

26. Deetya

  • Meaning: An answer to prayers.
  • This beautiful baby girl’s name is bursting with gratitude to God and everything he does for us.

27. Gauri

  • Meaning: The fair one. 
  • This cherished name refers to the Goddess Parvati. I love how unusual it sounds! 

28. Gia

  • Meaning: Same as Janina.
  • This cute and short name is a little “sibling” of Georgia, Giada, or Gianna. 

29. Nakia

  • Meaning: Faithful.
  • This Arabic name is rising in popularity and sounds so cool.

30. Mumina

  • Meaning: Believer.
  • Mumina has an Arabic origin, a nice sound, and I can really imagine calling my little princess “Mumi”.  

31. Datyah

  • Meaning: Belief in God. 
  • Such a special and powerful Hebrew name!

13 Baby Boy Names Meaning God is Faithful

32. Sutada

  • Meaning: One who grants wishes.
  • Many people wouldn’t use this name for baby boy, and that’s what makes it so special.

33. Ameen

  • Meaning: Divine.
  • This is a beautiful Muslim name with a charming sound and deep meaning.

34. Tudor

  • Meaning: A Divine King.
  • It comes from Welsh culture and reflects an admiration for God. 

35. Ritesh

  • Meaning: God of truth or a Divine being.
  • Ritesh has a Hindu origin. It implies someone wise and knowledgeable seeking to uncover the truth.

36. Emmanuel

  • Meaning: God is with us.
  • This Hebrew name confirms one’s faith in the Almighty. You can also consider Emuna, an independent name meaning faith.

37. Fidel

  • Meaning: Faithful.
  • It is a famous Latin name. As a name, Fidel is a reminder to be steadfast and true to oneself and those around us.

38. Daijon

  • Meaning: God’s gift of hope.
  • This is a breathtaking American name, which was revered by the first generation of American families.

39. Jahleel

  • Meaning: Hope in God.
  • This Muslim boy’s name is also found in the Bible.

40. Amin

  • Meaning: Trustworthy and faithful God.
  • This Arabic name is another version of Ameen. 

41. Hanif

  • Meaning: True believer.
  • Hanif has an Arabic origin, and its meaning is so inspirational!

42. Olufemi

  • Meaning: God loves me.
  • The name with Yoruba origin with a lovely message behind it.

43. Zinedine

  • Meaning: Beauty of the faith.
  • It is also from Arabic roots and reflects the importance of our determination to God. 

44. Timothy

  • Meaning: Honouring God. 
  • Timothy has English roots, and it’s very popular in England and USA. 
the names meaning god answer prayers, god is fathful, god has heard, thanks to god, god's gift.

5 Unisex Names Meaning God is Faithful

45. Deva

  • Meaning: Godlike or Divinity.
  • This Indian name resembles Diva. 

46. Faith

  • Meaning: Belief and trust.
  • This English word defines our trust in the Almighty. Faith is derived from the Old French word “feid”, which means something sweeping in the past. 

47. Chibuike

  • Meaning: God is my strength.
  • This name belongs to the Igbo people and has a motivational and inspirational message.

48. Iman

  • Meaning: Faith.
  • An Arabic name which is respected among Muslims. I love how simple it is and how nice it sounds!

49. Tumelo

  • Meaning: Faith.
  • It has Sotho or Tswana origin. 

Baby Names Meaning God’s Gift

5 Baby Girl Names Meaning God’s Gift

50. Godiva

  • Meaning: God’s gift. 
  • This is a powerful feminine name in Old English. 

51. Calidora

  • Meaning: The ultimate gift from the Gods or supreme beauty. 
  • This Greek name is very rare and so magical!

52. Kimaya

  • Meaning: Miracle or divine.
  • This is a Sanskrit name that conveys qualities of grace, strength, and wisdom.

53. Darina

  • Meaning: Gift
  • It is a Slavic name. 

54. Dory or Doris

  • Meaning: Gift from God. 
  • This is a short form of Dorothea. It is a Greek name. 

5 Baby Boy Names Meaning God’s Gift

55. Mattaniah

  • Meaning: A gift from Yahweh. 
  • This awesome biblical name came around when Yahweh was the king of Israel. It was chosen by the Babylonian king when they took over the country.

56. Matthew

  • Meaning: Gift from Jehovah.
  • This biblical name is found in the first book of the New Testament. Matthew was a disciple of Jesus Christ. Some nicknames could be Matty, Matt, or Mat. 

57. Fedor

  • Meaning: God’s gift.
  • This is a sweet and meaningful Ukrainian name for your little boy. 

58. Theodore

  • Meaning: Gift of God. 
  • Sounds like a king, right? It’s usually shortened to Theo. 

59. Jonathan

  • Meaning: Gift of Jehovah.
  • This masculine Hebrew name is found in the Bible, and it’s very popular in England

2 Unisex Names Names Meaning God’s Gift

60. Elyon

  • Meaning: “Most high,” a title for God, a gift from above. 
  • The name is also thought to be connected to the idea of “ascending to the heights” and soaring above the ordinary.

61. Ariel

  • Meaning: Lion of God or present from God.
  • A unisex Hebrew name that’s also the name of a powerful angel in the Bible.
The prayer under the sun and he is waiting to god's answer.

Baby Names Meaning Blessing From God or Miracle

3 Baby Girl Names Meaning Blessing From God or Miracle

62. Nasia

  • Meaning: God’s miracle.
  • It is a lovely Hebrew name for your girl with a beautiful meaning. 

63. Behati

  • Meaning: Blessing.
  • This is a feminine African name. 

64. Aditi

  • Meaning: Boundless and infinite.
  • It’s taken from Sanskrit roots – Aditi pays homage to the goddess of fertility and heaven. 

9 Baby Boy Names Meaning Blessing From God or Miracle

65. Adriel

  • Meaning: God sends, God supports, God blesses, and more.
  • Adriel is from Hebrew roots.

66. Ambrosio

  • Meaning: God’s grace or blessing.
  • This powerful and nice-sounding name is popular in Spanish-speaking countries.

67. Milagro

  • Meaning: A miracle from God.
  • Milagro is also a sign of faith and optimism, implying that something extraordinary and unexpected can happen.

68. Loreto

  • Meaning: Divine light or enlightenment.
  • Loreto is found in Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese cultures. 

69. Benedict

  • Meaning: You are blessed by God.
  • This medieval name has risen in popularity and emerged from Latin roots.

70. Matthan

  • Meaning: Hope of the Lord.
  • Originated from Israel. 

71. Ezekiel

  • Meaning: God’s strength.
  • This Hebrew name belongs to a Biblical prophet. 

72. Barke

  • Meaning: Blessings
  • It is derived from Africa, particularly from Swahili and Arabic-speaking countries. Alternatively, it can be spelled as Berke. 

73. Nathaniel

  • Meaning: Gift of God.
  • This masculine Hebrew and biblical name can be shortened to Nate or Nat. 

2 Unisex Names Meaning Blessing From God or Miracle

74. Chance

  • Meaning: God-given luck.
  • It is predominantly a masculine name, but you can give it to your little girl, too.

75. Shia

  • Meaning: Gift of God.
  • In Hebrew, it can be just called Shi too. It’s a gender-neutral name. 

Baby Names Meaning God Has Heard Me

2 Baby Girl Names Meaning God Has Heard Me

76. Annalise

  • Meaning: Graced with God’s blessing
  • A name of Hebrew origin which also means “favored one”.

77. Benedetta 

  • Meaning: Blessed or the one who brings blessing.
  • Such a lovely Italian name with a holly meaning.

3 Baby Boy Names Meaning God Has Heard Me

78. Samel

  • Meaning: Heard by God.
  • This is a popular Estonian name.

79. Eliashib

  • Meaning: God restores.
  • This is a rare Hebrew name that I really like.

80. Samuel

  • Meaning: God has heard or name of God.
  • Did you know that Samual was the last ruling judge in the Old Testament? It’s sometimes spelled a bit differently, but it’s the same name.

3 Unisex Names Meaning God Has Heard Me

81. Simone

  • Meaning: One who hears.
  • This unisex name was first discovered in the 10th century, and it’s pretty popular in European countries today. 

82. Tinashe

  • Meaning: We are with God’s answered prayers.
  • The origin is from Shona.

83. Jadyn

  • Meaning: God has heard.
  • Initially, it was an American name used in all English-speaking countries. 

Baby Names Meaning God Has Given

3 Baby Girl Names Meaning God Has Given

84. Azaria

  • Meaning: A gift from God or what God gives.
  • The actual roots of this feminine name are unknown, but as per some sources, it was a popular Hebrew name. 

85. Grace

  • Meaning: Free and unmerited favor of God.
  • Grace is also derived from the Latin word gratia, which means favor or thanks. 

86. Lydia

  • Meaning: God has given
  • Lydia was also the name of a woman in the Bible who was converted to Christianity by Paul.
Best names meaning God answer the prayers.

6 Baby Boy Names Meaning God Has Given

87. Diosdado

  • Meaning: God has given.
  • This Spanish name sounds endearing and has a similar meaning to Theodore. Dado or Dios could be catchy nicknames. 

88. Bogdan

  • Meaning: God has given.
  • This is a well-known name from Slavic roots. If you have a Slavic ancestor, thank him for naming your son Bogdan.

89. Elnathan

  • Meaning: As He gave it. 
  • This Jewish name is mentioned many times in the Hebrew religious scriptures. Nate or Eli could be used as nicknames.

90. Haniel

  • Meaning: God gives.
  • It is a Hebrew name. I personally love it because it’s so easy to pronounce and sounds so international.

91. Khodadad

  • Meaning: A boy given by God.
  • It is a great Muslim name for a little boy.

92. Adeodatus

  • Meaning: A son given by God.
  • This unusual and beautiful name belongs to Latin roots.

2 Unisex Names Meaning God Has Given

93. Aidan

  • Meaning: Little fire or given by God.
  • Aidan was traditionally a boy’s name but is now super-popular for girls, too..

94. Riley

  • Meaning: Courageous. God has given the courage and strength.
  • Riley is a strong and determined name that works well for either gender.

Baby Names Meaning Thankful to God 

2 Baby Girl Names Meaning Thankful to God 

95. Shakira or Shaquira

  • Meaning: Thankful to God and grateful. 
  • Both names stem from the Arabic word “shukran”, meaning “to thank”. 

96. Carmen

  • Meaning: Thankful to God.
  • This international name has Hebrew origin, and I think it will never go out of style.

2 Baby Boy Names Meaning Thankful to God 

97. Gabriel

  • Meaning: God is my strength.
  • It is a Hebrew name that is very popular among Christians. 

98. Joshua

  • Meaning: Jehovah is salvation.
  • Also, a Hebrew name with admiration for God. 

2 Unisex Names Meaning Thankful to God 

99. Celeste

  • Meaning: To express your gratitude or love for answered prayers. 
  • Initially, it means heaven and has Spanish, Portuguese, and French roots. Although it’s more often used as a girl’s name, it’s also popular among boys today.

100. Isaiah

  • Meaning: God is salvation.
  • Another nice-sounding Hebrew name.

Final Thoughts

There are so many beautiful names with great meanings to choose from, right? Any of these 100 baby names meaning God answers prayers, would bring so much joy and pride to your child. They’ll always be reminded of God’s grace and mercy.

Which name will you pick for your cherub? Let me know in the comments below. Until next time!

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