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Sadie, a beautiful name that means “princess” in Hebrew, may just be the perfect name for your baby girl. Here are my top 100 perfect middle names for Sadie.

Putting together my list of the “top 100 middle names for Sadie” was a heartwarming experience for me. I have discovered the amazing origin stories and meanings of hundreds of beautiful baby girl names, some popular today and some once popular but forgotten over time.

From names like Sabrina, the Celtic river Goddess to more modern names based on adjectives like Stormy or Sunny, I have seen them all.

Meaning of the Name Sadie

Interestingly, the name Sadie was originally a pet name for Sarah before becoming a popular stand-alone name independent of its mother name. 

Origin of the Name Sadie

While many parents choose this name for their little girl because of its Hebrew origin, which means “princess,” the name Sadie (or Sarah) also has a stronger, more powerful meaning: “woman of high rank.”

With such diverse meanings that are both strong and beautiful, I have included names in my “top 100 middle names for Sadie” that compliment both Sadie, the “princess,” and Sadie, the strong, brave, and powerful “woman of high rank.”

You no longer have to search the endless internet for the perfect middle name for Sadie because I have done that for you with pleasure. 

Famous People Named Sadie

  • Sadie Sink is a very popular actress from the hit show “Stranger Things.”
  • Sadie Sandler is the daughter of famed actor and comedian Adam Sandler.
  • Sadie Robertson is an actress from the show “Duck Dynasty.”

Sadie: Global Popularity

CountryNumber on the list of Most Popular Girls NamesYear of ranking
United States78th2021
Australia (NSW)76th2021
England and Wales154th2021
New Zealand65th2021

100 Middle Names for Sadie

Trendy Middle Names for Sadie

  1. Louise
  • Origin: Lutwig was originally a Germanic boy’s name that was adopted by the French and given a male and female form, Louis and Louise.
  • Meaning: Famous warrior
  1. Elizabeth
  • Origin: Originally elīsheba in Hebrew, Elizabeth, from the Bible, was the mother of John the Baptist.
  • Meaning: God’s promise.
  1. Mary
  • Origin: Originally, Miryām in Hebrew became Maria or Mary. According to the Bible, Mary is the mother of Jesus.
  • Meaning: Beloved
  1. Grace
  • Origin: The word gratia from Latin origin means thanks. The word grace, meaning eloquence and kindness, was inspired by the Latin word for thanks, “gratia.”
  • Meaning: Charm, beauty, joy.
  1. Lee
  • Origin: Lee was originally an old English surname Lēah
  • Meaning: Meadow
  1. Catherine
  • Origin: Catherine comes from the Greek word for pure, “katharos.” Catherine is also believed to come from the Greek goddess Hecate.
  • Meaning: pure.
  1. Claire
  • Origin: From the Latin word clāru
  • Meaning: Clear or bright
  1. Helen
  • Origin: The Greek word for light, ēlē became Helenē. Known in Greek legend for her beauty, Helenē was wife to the king of Sparta.
  • Meaning: Light.
  1. Jane
  • Origin: From French, Jehanne and Jeanne are both feminine forms of Jean or John. 
  • Meaning: God’s grace.
  1.  Laura
  • Origin: From laurus, the Latin word for the laurel tree. Used by ancient Greeks to make wreath crowns for the victorious. 
  • Meaning: Laurel.

Unique Middle Names for Sadie

  1. Zola
  • Origin: Zola is possibly from the Latin word for earth but may also be the Zulu word for tranquil. 
  • Meaning: Earth or tranquil.
  1. Stella
  • Origin: Stella comes directly from the Latin word Stella.
  • Meaning: Star.
  1. Poppy
  • Origin: From the lovely red flower, it may also be a pet name for the Latin name Poppaea.
  • Meaning: Poppy flower.
  1.  Ruby
  • Origin: From the Latin word rebeus meaning reddish.  
  • Meaning: A ruby is a gemstone.
  1.  Mila
  • Origin: Derived from the Spanish word “milagros.”
  • Meaning: Miracle
  1.  Lace
  • Origin: From patterned material.
  • Meaning: Delicate.
  1.  Juniper
  • Origin: From the evergreen shrub that has berries used to flavor gin.
  • Meaning: Juniper
  1. Hazel
  • Origin: Simply from the hazelnut tree or from the Hebrew word hazā’ēl.
  • Meaning: God sees.
  1. Gray
  • Origin: The colour.
  • Meaning: Gray.
  1. Bea
  • Origin: Taken from the Latin word beātus.
  • Meaning: Happy or blessed.
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Southern Middle Names for Sadie

  1.  Georgia
  • Origin: Georgia is derived from the Greek word geōrgos.
  • Meaning: Worker of the earth.
  1.  Olivia
  • Origin: From the olive or olive tree.
  • Meaning: Olive
  1.  Scarlet
  • Origin: A bright red colour that was often used by royalty throughout the ages.
  • Meaning: Red
  1.  Virginia
  • Origin: From the Latin word Verginius and also a state in the southeast of the United States.
  • Meaning: Flourishing
  1.  Rosalie
  • Origin: The Latin name Rosalia was adopted by the French and became Rosalie.
  • Meaning: Rose.
  1.  Maggie
  • Origin: Maggie is a pet name for Margaret.
  • Meaning: It’s just a pretty name.
  1.  Hayley
  • Origin: Originally a northern English surname.
  • Meaning: A remote valley.
  1.  Eleanor
  • Origin: This name is derived from the Greek name Helenē.
  • Meaning: Light.
  1.  Daphne
  • Origin: The daughter of Peneus in Greek mythology turned into a laurel tree to escape Apollo.
  • Meaning: Laurel tree.
  1.  Dorothy
  • Origin: Taken from the Greek Dōrothea, dōron means gift and theos means God.
  • Meaning: Gift of God.

Beautiful Middle Names for Sadie

  1.  Aurora
  • Origin: From the Latin word for dawn, Auror was the Roman Goddess of dawn.
  • Meaning: Dawn of a new day.
  1.  Juliet
  • Origin: A form of the French name Juliette that was made famous by Shakespeare’s play Romeo and Juliet.
  • Meaning: Just a beautiful name.
  1.  Faith
  • Origin: With its roots in Latin, “faith” has always been a popular Christian name.
  • Meaning: Belief in God.
  1.  Estelle
  • Origin: Estella is a Latin word adopted by the French to become Estelle.
  • Meaning: Star.
  1.  Fiona
  • Origin: Fiona comes from the Gaelic word fionn, a very popular name throughout Ireland because of the legendary Irish warrior Fionn Mac Cumhail
  • Meaning: Fair.
  1.  June
  • Origin: Derived from Latin, Juno was the Roman goddess of marriage.
  • Meaning: The sixth month of the year.
  1.  Kasey
  • Origin: Kasey is a pet name for Cassandra.
  • Meaning: Another beautiful name.
  1.  Shelby
  • Origin: An old English surname.
  • Meaning: Where willows grow.
  1.  Sloane
  • Origin: From the Irish name O’Sluagháin.
  • Meaning: Warriors.
  1.  Patricia
  • Origin: Patricia comes from the Latin word patrician.
  • Meaning: Noble person.
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Gender-Neutral Middle Names for Sadie

  1.  Asher
  • Origin: Asher is a Jewish name.
  • Meaning: Happy or blessed.
  1.  Adrian
  • Origin: From the Latin name Adriānus.
  • Meaning: Rich, dark soil.
  1.  Jayden
  • Origin: Jade is a gemstone that is said to bring luck.
  • Meaning: Stone of the Gods.
  1.  Gaia
  • Origin: Gaia was the Greek goddess of the earth.
  • Meaning: Earth
  1.  Harper
  • Origin: A Middle English surname.
  • Meaning: Harp player.
  1.  Parker
  • Origin: A Middle English surname.
  • Meaning: A park keeper.
  1.  Saige
  • Origin: Pronounced sage, like the herb.
  • Meaning: Prophet.
  1.  Flynn
  • Origin: A modern neutral name.
  • Meaning: Popular.
  1.  Jade
  • Origin: A gemstone that brings luck and confidence.
  • Meaning: Stone of the Gods.
  1. Jamison
  • Origin:  A surname made famous by Irish whiskey.
  • Meaning:  A neutral version of James.

Cute Middle Names for Sadie

  1. Aisha
  • Origin:  From the Arabic word ‘Āisha.
  • Meaning: Alive and well.
  1.  Bianca
  • Origin: An Italian word.
  • Meaning: White or fair.
  1.  Celine
  • Origin:  The Latin word Caelīna, an old Family name from Rome.
  • Meaning: The moon.
  1.  Diana
  • Origin:  Diviana or moon goddess of Greek legend.
  • Meaning: Divine.
  1.  Erin
  • Origin:  Érinn is the for Ireland in the Irish language.
  • Meaning: Ireland.
  1.  Grace
  • Origin:  A name inspired by its meaning.
  • Meaning: Eloquence and kindness.
  1.  Lara
  • Origin: A pet name for Klara or Larissa in Russian.
  • Meaning: Famous.
  1.  Madison
  • Origin: It is a female name derived from the son of Matthew, Matt’s son.
  • Meaning: Gift from God.
  1.  Nadine
  • Origin: Nadia, a Russian name adopted by the French to form Nadine.
  • Meaning: Hope.
  1.  Sky
  • Origin: From the sky above us.
  • Meaning: The beautiful blue sky.
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Old Fashioned Middle Names for Sadie

  1.  Iris
  • Origin: Iris is the Greek rainbow goddess or an English flower.
  • Meaning: Valor, faith, and wisdom.
  1.  Clara
  • Origin: Clara is the feminine form of the Latin Clarus.
  • Meaning: Brilliant.
  1.  Josephine
  • Origin:  Joséphine in French comes from Yōsēf in Hebrew.
  • Meaning: God will add.
  1.  Penelope
  • Origin: Pēnelopē waited for the return of her husband Odysseus for twenty years according to Greek mythology.
  • Meaning: Weaver of the loom.
  1.  Nora
  • Origin:  From the English word “Honor.”
  • Meaning: Honor.
  1.  Genevieve
  • Origin: Derived from the Celtic name Genovefa. 
  • Meaning: Tribe.
  1.  Cora
  • Origin: From the Greek word Korē.
  • Meaning: Maiden.
  1.  Violet
  • Origin: The Latin word viola was adopted by the French and changed to violette in the middle ages.
  • Meaning: Faithfulness.
  1.  Freya
  • Origin:  Freya was a fertility goddess in Norse mythology.
  • Meaning: Beauty and love.
  1. Alice
  • Origin: Originally Adalheidis in German, then adopted by the French and changed to Adaliz and Aaliz, then altered by the English to Aeleis and eventually became Alice.
  • Meaning: Truth.

European/ French Middle Names for Sadie

  1. Ariana
  • Origin: From the Welsh word for silver, arian.
  • Meaning: Holy one.
  1.  Mia
  • Origin: Mia was a pet name for Maria in Sweden.
  • Meaning: Rebellious.
  1.  Oceana
  • Origin: From the U.S.
  • Meaning: One with the ocean.
  1.  Jules
  • Origin: This female version of Julius in Latin was a Roman name.
  • Meaning: Perfect.
  1.  Aimee
  • Origin:  From the French word for beloved, amee.
  • Meaning: Loved.
  1.  Pauline
  • Origin: A french name.
  • Meaning: Humble.
  1.  Eloise
  • Origin: The German name Helewidis was adopted by the French.
  • Meaning: Famous.
  1.  Emer
  • Origin:  Wife of Irish legend Cuchulainn.
  • Meaning: Beautiful voice.
  1.  Gabrielle
  • Origin: A French name that derives from Hebrew. God is my strength, “gavhrī’ēl.”
  • Meaning: God is my strength.
  1. Rosalee
  • Origin: Rosalie in French.
  • Meaning: Rose.
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Several Syllable Middle Names for Sadie 

One Syllable Middle Names for Sadie

  1.  Anne
  • Origin:  Changed from Hanna in Hebrew to Anna in Latin, adopted by the French and changed to Anne, this name has also been used in English for hundreds of years.
  • Meaning: Grace.
  1.  May
  • Origin: A pet name for Mary or Margaret.
  • Meaning: The fifth month of the year.
  1.   Rae
  • Origin: Short for Rachel.
  • Meaning: Wise protector.
  1.   Rain
  • Origin: A popular modern name.
  • Meaning: Water drops.

Two Syllable Middle Names for Sadie

  1.  Ada
  • Origin: Ada started as a pet name for Adelaide before becoming a name of its own.
  • Meaning: Noble one.
  1.  Autumn
  • Origin: Often used for girls born during the fourth season of the year.
  • Meaning: Autumn or Fall.
  1.  Ava
  • Origin: A beautiful choice.
  • Meaning: Like a bird.
  1.  Lola
  • Origin: A pet name of Spanish Dolores.
  • Meaning: Wise.
  1.  Aubrey
  • Origin: An English version of the French name Aubri.
  • Meaning: Elf Queen.

Three Syllable Middle Names for Sadie

  1.  Addison
  • Origin: An old English surname.
  • Meaning: Pretty.
  1.  Delilah
  • Origin:  A Hebrew name and partner of Samson in the Bible.
  • Meaning: Delicate.
  1.  Savannah
  • Origin:  From Spanish.
  • Meaning: A plain with no trees.
  1.   Lydia
  • Origin: In Greek, Lydia was a kingdom in the west.
  • Meaning: Noble.
  1.  Mackenzie
  • Origin: A surname in Ireland that means son of Coinneach or son of Kenny.
  • Meaning: Fair or handsome.

Four Syllable Middle Names for Sadie

  1.  Victoria
  • Origin: From Latin.
  • Meaning: Victory.
  1.  Valentina
  • Origin:  From Valentinus in Latin.
  • Meaning: Vigorous.
  1.  Isabella
  • Origin: Spanish for Elizabeth.
  • Meaning: God is my oath.
  1.  Lilianna
  • Origin: A combination of Lilly and Anna.
  • Meaning: Just a pretty name.
  1.  Makayla
  • Origin: Popular in the U.S.
  • Meaning: Great one.
  1.  Azariah
  • Origin: Hebrew for “help of God” and a king of Judah from the Bible.
  • Meaning: Help of God.
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Alternative Names to Sadie

  1. Sarai

Sarai is a biblical name. The spelling Sharai is another lovely option.

  1. Sera

Sera is a charming princess’s baby name. If Sarai doesn’t work for you, think about Sera. 

  1. Zadie

Zadie is a more trendy form of the name Sadie. It has a unique and pleasing tone that sets it apart from other names.

  1. Soraya

Soraya is a name stemming from Iranian background. Soraya is a distant name to Sarah, Sarai, and Zahara. It’s no surprise that such a pleasant name is gaining popularity.

  1. Zahra

Zahra is an Arabic name for a girl that means “flower.” Zahara is a beautiful and powerful name that can be used in a variety of cultures.

Best 10 Nicknames for Sadie

  1. Sayde
  2. Sadiya
  3. Saadia
  4. Saydee
  5. Sid
  6. Syed
  7. Shade
  8. Sades
  9. Sade
  10. Saders

Sibling Names for Sadie

Sister Names for Sadie

  1. Rose
  2. Hazel
  3. Mabel
  4. Emma
  5. Julie

Brother Names for Sadie

  1. Sam
  2. Leo
  3. Theo
  4. Mitchell
  5. Zane

Twin Sister Names for Sadie

  1. Alice
  2. Poppy
  3. Holly
  4. Olive
  5. Willow 

Twin Brother Names for Sadie

  1. Toby
  2. Simon
  3. Julian
  4. Noah
  5. Marshall

What is a foreign spelling of Sadie?

Generally, Sadie is spelled the same everywhere, probably because it originated as a nickname for Sarah. But in some languages, like Irish, the name Sadie is spelled Sadhbh, which simply means “nickname for Sarah.”

Final Thoughts

Choosing the name for your newborn is a wonderful moment for any mother. While some choose to name their baby after a family member or someone they love and admire, others base their choice on the origin of a name or what that name means. “Sadie” is a gorgeous example of this meaning “princess.”

Check out to get for more baby middle name ideas.

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