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After what feels like centuries of trying to pick the perfect name for your bundle of joy, you finally settled on a first name you both love: Ruby. If you are looking for middle names for Ruby, you can choose from this list of over 100+ middle names for Ruby. 

Your child’s middle name is a chance to showcase your personal style. Knowing how daunting picking a name is, I have scoured name databases, online discussion forums, and other sources to create a list of some of my favorite middle names that pair well with Ruby.

Why Ruby Is A Great Name

The name Ruby has Latin origins and is derived from the word rubrum, which means red. You might be more familiar with the word Ruby, referring to the precious stone known for its brilliant red hues, but it also makes for a great baby name. The name works for both boys and girls, but it is mostly used as a girl’s name. 

Ruby became popular in the late Victorian era as naming girls after precious jewels was the in thing. Between 1919 and 1922, over 8000 babies were named Ruby. That said, its popularity has dwindled over the years, but it has been slowly gaining traction since the mid-2010s to date.  

100+ Middle Names For Ruby

Ruby is linked to a sassy, optimistic, bubbly, outgoing, and romantic personality. It describes a beautiful individual with a lot of spirit, inner beauty, creativity, positive energy, and compassion. Here are my suggestions for the perfect middle names for Ruby. 

Trendy Middle Names For Ruby

  1. Ruby August

Meaning: Great or Magnificent

Origin: English variation of the name Augustus

August is a perfect middle name and the go-to celebrity baby name right now. It was popular with kings such as Julius Caesar, and even Prince Eugine named her child August.  

  1. Ruby Duke

Meaning: Leader

Origin: Latin

I like this name because it refers to nobility, and pairing it with Ruby works well, especially if your child has a strong personality. 

  1. Ruby Kai

Meaning: Keeper of the Keys 

Origin: Greek, Scandinavian and Welsh roots 

I am a big fan of the Cobra Kai series and this name works well with Ruby. 

  1. Ruby Ezra

Meaning: Helper or protector

Origin: Hebrew; from the name Azar

This name has a strong heroic biblical history and has a quirky sound with a fresh, familiar feel. This will work well if you are searching for a biblical name. 

  1. Ruby Rowan

Meaning: Little redhead

Origin: Irish and Scottish roots

I like this name because it is reminiscent of the Rowan tree, a popular part of Scottish folklore. This name would be great for your little one if they are a redhead or have a fiery persona similar to the tree’s red berries.  

  1. Ruby Mae

Meaning: May, Goddess of spring

Origin: Roman

Derived from the Goddess of spring, this name beams sunshine and makes a great middle name for a vibrant baby. 

  1. Ruby Raya

Meaning: friend, queen

Origin: Hebrew 

This name means friend and is a great way to symbolize the bond between you and your baby. 

  1. Ruby Luna

Meaning: moon

Origin: Latin 

This is a wonderful name for a child who has a brave, independent spirit. It’s also quite popular right now, as everyone is literally over the moon for the name. 

  1. Ruby Rae

Meaning: ewe; female sheep 

Origin: Hebrew 

This name alludes to someone favored most tenderly because of their purity and gentleness. 

  1. Ruby River

Meaning: a flowing body of water

Origin: British

Reminiscent of a river, this name represents growth and tranquility. It’s a subtle way to remind your child to keep going despite what they are going through. 

Cool Middle Names For Ruby

  1. Ruby Imogen

Meaning: maiden 

Origin: Celtic; from the Gaelic word inghean, meaning daughter. 

This name has been quite popular in England but is slowly becoming one of the more popular middle names for Ruby globally. Its unique nature makes it a cool, outstanding name. 

  1. Ruby Blythe

Meaning: Happy, carefree

Origin: This name has English origins and is derived from the old English word bliðe, meaning merry and cheerful.

This name embodies a cheerful, upbeat spirit. 

  1. Ruby Harper

Meaning: Harp player

Origin: English 

This name was often given to children from musical backgrounds or those who exhibited musical talent early. However, even if your infant has no musical bone in their body, this name will definitely hit the right note. 

  1. Ruby Legend

Meaning: Hero

Origin: English  

This name comes from a group of names inspired by narrative words such as fable or saga. However, unlike the others, it has some extra weight to it because it refers to a noteworthy person. Wouldn’t you want that for your child? 

  1. Ruby Luis

Meaning: Renowned warrior

Origin: Spanish and old German

I like this name because it inspires perseverance. No matter what hurdles your child will pass through in life, this name will give them the inner strength they need to push through. 

  1. Ruby Asher

Meaning: blessed, happy

Origin: Hebrew 

This is a biblical name that sounds absolutely wonderful. It also has a very befitting meaning and would make a great middle name. 

  1. Ruby Jaylani

Meaning: Heavenly, one of a kind, gift from God

Origin: Hawaiian and Polynesian

This name is quite rare, with only about 23 people named Jaylani in the last century. Having this name will definitely make your baby stand out. 

  1. Ruby Phoenix

Meaning: dark red

Origin: Greek

The phoenix symbolizes rebirth and transformation. And just like this bird rises from the ashes, this name will remind your child of the endless possibility of renewal and growth, inciting them to keep going – the true definition of a trailblazer. 

  1. Ruby Blaze

Meaning: Fire, flame

Origin: Latin 

Isn’t this a great name for a fiery, spirited baby? What’s even better is that it has some even cooler spelling variations, such as Blaise (French) or Blazej (Polish), so you have a lot of cool options to pick from. 

  1. Ruby Zane

Meaning: God is gracious

Origin: Hebrew 

This is quite a noticeable name with variations such as Zain or Zayn. Don’t these sound great too?

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Pretty Middle Names For Ruby 

  1. Ruby Rose

Meaning: Flower

Origin: It is derived from the Latin name rosa meaning timeless and romantic

Despite being an old name, it is still charming, cheeky, and irresistible. Plus, it will always remind you of roses. 

  1. Ruby Celeste

Meaning: heavenly

Origin: Latin

This is a soft name with heavenly overtones of celestial beings. Almost used exclusively for females, the name also works as a unisex name. 

  1. Ruby Jules

Meaning: soft, youthful or downy

Origin: it is derived from the name Julius which has Greek and Latin roots. 

While it is considered a nickname for Julia or Julie, Jules is now used on its own. Paired with Ruby, it evokes excitement and youthfulness and even sounds like Ruby rules. 

  1. Ruby Clementine 

Meaning: merciful, mild

Origin: French; feminine version of the Latin name Clement.

Holding such pleasantness, much like the fruit, this name conjures images of sweet delights. As the feminine counterpart of Clement, this name is perfect for a baby girl. 

  1. Ruby Royal

Meaning: regal, of the king

Origin: English 

Similar to other names derived from words associated with nobility, the name royal demands you address me with some respect. Having this name can boost their confidence and make them feel like royalty. 

  1. Ruby Mylah

Meaning: Grace, favor, soldier

Origin: French, Latin, and Slavic roots

I like how pretty this name sounds. 

  1. Ruby Jax

Meaning: son of Jack

Origin: British 

This is a simple, easy-to-pronounce name that also works well as a nickname. 

  1. Ruby Celyse

Meaning: lit from within, heavenly

Origin: Australian 

This is a great choice if you are looking for a religious name or a way to express your faith.

  1. Ruby Arlo

Meaning: between two hills, the barberry tree

Origin: Spanish 

It’s a superb choice if you want your baby to find the natural beauty that lies inside them. 

  1. Ruby Kian

Meaning: God is gracious

Origin: Hebrew and Gaelic roots

It bestows a long, prosperous life and is a great name for an energetic child. 

Unisex Middle Names For Ruby

  1. Ruby Mackenzie

Meaning: child of the wise leader

Origin: Scottish 

Despite being an exclusively male name for a while, it has become a staple unisex name after actress Mackenzie Phillips made her TV appearance. Even J.K Rowling named her child Mackenzie.  

  1. Ruby Ira

Meaning: watchful one

Origin: Hebrew  

Ira is your best bet if you are looking for a discreet biblical name. It is the shortest non-biblical sounding name on this list and belonged to one of the strongest warriors of King David. 

  1. Ruby Finely

Meaning: Fair-haired hero

Origin: Scottish and Irish origins

This is another name that was exclusively used as a boy’s name but later became so popular it transitioned into a unisex name. 

  1. Ruby Logan

Meaning: hollow

Origin: Scottish 

This gender-neutral name has gained popularity thanks to characters such as Wolverine from the X-men. Despite its empty etymology, the name is associated with strong-willed individuals, whether real or fictional. So naming your baby Logan will constantly remind them of their inner strength.  

  1. Ruby Quinn

Meaning: intelligent, chief 

Origin: Gaelic

This name is a modern take on the Irish surname O’Cuiin, meaning descendant of Conn. Like any good chief, Ruby Quinn has no problem guiding others and taking charge but can also take a step back and enjoy life. 

  1. Ruby Alexis

Meaning: Defender, protector

Origin: Greek 

This is a glorious name for a child who stands for what they believe in. It’s very similar to Alexandra, but Alexis elegantly rolls off the tongue. 

  1. Ruby Tatum

Meaning: Tata’s homestead

Origin: British

It exudes charm and serves as a peaceful reminder of home.  

  1. Ruby Saige

Meaning: wise

Origin: Latin

Just like a wise sage, this is the perfect name for a young one looking to expand their knowledge about life. 

  1. Ruby Monet

Meaning: to be heard

Origin: French, Hebrew, Latin

It will remind your child that their voice matters and they should speak their mind. 

  1. Ruby Hartley

Meaning: deer meadow

Origin: British

It carries the peaceful, serene, picturesque nature of a meadow and reminds you to take joy in the present moment. 

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Classic Middle Names That Aren’t Boring For Ruby

  1. Ruby Ophelia

Meaning: help or aid

Origin: Greek

Ophelia represents beauty and selflessness and shows someone with a talent for helping others. This name is devastatingly gorgeous and would make a lovely choice as a middle name. 

  1. Ruby Allen

Meaning: handsome, little rock or harmony

Origin: Gaelic

Allen is a classic masculine name that has Irish roots. Derived from a word that translates to handsome, it is a wonderful way to pay homage to your baby’s looks. It also translates to harmony, which can serve as a reminder that there’s beauty in peace and vice versa. 

  1. Ruby Belle

Meaning: beauty, lovely one, fair

Origin: French and Roman origins

Thanks to Disney, the name belle stirs up images of the strong-willed princess Belle from Beauty and the Beast. However, unlike other damsels in distress, Belle desired more to life than simply finding love. As such, this name can serve as inspiration that your child can achieve any goal they set their mind to. 

  1. Ruby Anne

Meaning: grace, favor

Origin: Hebrew 

This old-school girl’s name is widely accepted as a religious name. It is a timeless name that rolls off the tongue. Although it was quite popular, it is not a common choice for many parents today, making it the perfect classic middle name, especially if you are looking for something special.  

  1. Ruby Dawn

Meaning: Dawn, morning

Origin: English 

If you are a nature lover or are inspired by the outdoors, then this is the perfect name. Associated with early mornings, the name can signify new beginnings, and its exotic beauty will never go out of style. 

  1. Ruby Aretha

Meaning: Excellence, righteous

Origin: Greek

This is a powerful name that inspires excellence to its bearer.

  1. Ruby Colt

Meaning: young male horse

Origin: British

Love horses? This is a great name that embodies the spiritedness of running free. 

  1. Ruby Bennet

Meaning: Blessed

Origin: Latin

As a variation of Benedictus, the name suggests a sensible demeanor with a timeless charm.  

  1. Ruby Boe

Meaning: handsome, farm

Origin: Scandinavian and French origins

This is a wonderful name to remind your child of their beauty both inside and out. 

  1. Ruby Gianna

Meaning: God is gracious

Origin: Italian

This name has a stylish edge to it and can be shortened to Gigi or Gia. 

International Middle Names For Ruby 

  1. Ruby Siobhan 

Meaning: God is gracious

Origin: Irish

Despite being very popular in Ireland, this name is just now gaining notoriety in other parts of the world. Pronounced as shiv-on, this makes for a great middle name as it adds to the unique nature of the already rare first name.  

  1. Ruby Margaux

Meaning: pearl

Origin: French

The name is associated with the finer things in life. As a twist on the better-known variation of the name Margo, or Margot, Margaux easily stands out. It also means pearl, which is another name that pairs perfectly with Ruby.  

  1. Ruby Luciana 

Meaning: light

Origin: Spanish and Italian roots

Inferred from the Latin word lux, meaning light, this is a superb name to give your bundle of joy. It shows your child will be a shining beacon whose light will never go out. It is a great way to inspire your child.

  1. Ruby Fabiana 

Meaning: bean farmer

Origin: Italian 

Thanks to the popularity of telenovelas, the trend of having elaborate girly names ending with -ella or -ana has pushed this Italian name into the limelight. This is a great name that easily adds a bit of drama to your child’s name and can be a wonderful way of connecting to your Italian roots.  

  1. Ruby Riko 

Meaning: Jasmine, or Truth

Origin: Japanese

I like this name because it’s a simple Japanese name that translates easily to any western context.  

  1. Ruby Xiomara

Meaning: ready for battle

Origin: Spanish

With this name, you can encourage your child to be strong and confident while facing whatever life throws at them. 

  1. Ruby Ryuji

Meaning: double dragon

Origin: Japanese

Dragons symbolize strength and have a commanding presence. Do you really need more convincing to name your baby Ryuji? 

  1. Ruby Yara

Meaning: small butterfly, water lady

Origin: Arabic

This unique moniker has great symbolism and can be a wonderful pet name for your little one. 

  1. Ruby Dulce

Meaning: Sweet

Origin: Italian 

Who is sweeter than your lovely baby, so why not give them a name celebrating that attribute? 

  1. Ruby Sumana

Meaning: good-hearted, flower

Origin: Indian

While it’s a delicate name, it symbolizes strength, generosity, and purity, making it a wonderful inspiration to your child. 

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Several Syllable Middle Names For Ruby

One-Syllable Middle Names For Ruby

  1. Ruby Anne
  2. Ruby Dee
  3. Ruby Fay
  4. Ruby Lou
  5. Ruby Maeve
  6. Ruby Rex
  7. Ruby Fleur

Meaning: flower 

Origin: French  

  1. Ruby Sky
  2. Ruby Kate
  3. Ruby Wren  

Meaning: a small brown songbird 

Origin: British

Two-Syllable Middle Names For Ruby

  1. Ruby Aura
  2. Ruby Cara
  3. Ruby Giselle  

Meaning: pledge 

Origin: French

  1. Ruby Paula
  2. Ruby Indie
  3. Ruby Alice
  4. Ruby Nathan
  5. Ruby Hunter
  6. Ruby Jaden
  7. Ruby Sadie

Three-Syllable Middle Names For Ruby

  1. Ruby Amara  

Meaning: everlasting, grace, to love 

Origin: Cambodian 

  1. Ruby Winona  

Meaning: first-born daughter 

Origin: Native American 

  1. Ruby Sophia
  2. Ruby Annabelle  

Meaning: favored grace, beauty 

Origin: Hebrew 

  1. Ruby Savannah  

Meaning: treeless plain 

Origin: Spanish

  1. Ruby Avery  

Meaning: elf counsel  

Origin: British 

  1. Ruby Sierra  

Meaning: jagged 

Origin: Spanish 

  1. Ruby Cameron  

Meaning: crooked nose 

Origin: Scottish  

  1. Ruby Fabian  

Meaning: one who grows beans 

Origin: Latin  

  1. Ruby Elliot  

Meaning: the Lord is my God 

Origin: Hebrew

Four-Syllable Middle Names For Ruby

  1. Ruby Felicity

Meaning: happiness 

Origin: Latin 

  1. Ruby Adelina  

Meaning: nobility 

Origin: Italian

  1. Ruby Nicoletta  

Meaning: victory of the people 

Origin: French

  1. Ruby Penelope

Meaning: weaver 

Origin: Greek 

  1. Ruby Viviana

Meaning: alive, lively 

Origin: Italian

  1. Ruby Henrietta  

Meaning: home ruler 

Origin: German  

  1. Ruby Alexander/Alexandra  

Meaning: warrior 

Origin: Greek

  1. Ruby Giovanni

Meaning: God is gracious 

Origin: Italian

  1. Ruby Rosabella  

Meaning: beautiful rose 

Origin: Italian

  1. Ruby Liliana  

Meaning: lily 

Origin: Latin

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Variations And Foreign Spelling of Ruby

If you are considering naming your child Ruby, here are a few variations you can try. 

  1. Rubee
  2. Rubey
  3. Rubella 
  4. Rubina 
  5. Rubi 
  6. Rubie 
  7. Rubina 

Pronunciation of Ruby

You pronounce Ruby as “RU-bee,” with particular emphasis on the first syllable.

Best 5 Alternative Names to Ruby

  • Pearl
  • Jade
  • Lilly
  • Eleanor
  • Olivia

Best 5 Nicknames for Ruby

Despite being a short name, there are several nicknames for Ruby. These include 

  • Bee 
  • Bibi
  • Ru
  • Rubes
  • Rue

Sibling Names for Ruby 

If you have other kids and are wondering what sibling names pair well with Ruby, here are a few suggestions. 

Sister Names for Ruby

  • Ruby and Riley
  • Ruby and Jade
  • Ruby and Lucille
  • Ruby and Avery
  • Ruby and Thea

Brother Names for Ruby

  • Ruby and Arthur
  • Ruby and Blake
  • Ruby and Luca
  • Ruby and Owen
  • Ruby and Rhett

Twin Names for Ruby

  • Ruby and Molly
  • Ruby and Abby
  • Ruby and Brenda
  • Ruby and Lionel
  • Ruby and Hazel


Ruby is one of those names that stands out because of its unique origins. Derived from a beautiful gemstone, this name is elegant, royal, and precious. Hopefully, this list will help you pick a middle name befitting a timeless, awe-inspiring first name. 

And if you’re still open to other options for the first name, check out some other popular girl names like Abigail, Eloise, or Chloe.

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