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best middle names for quinn

Have you decided to name your baby Quinn and are now wondering what to choose as a middle name? Lucky for you, I have curated an enormous list of 100+ middle names for Quinn. 

I adore this name with a unique and uncommon first letter. Ahead, you will learn the basic information behind Quinn and various categories of middle names for your inspiration. 

Without further ado, let’s find a cool and original name for your cherub. 

Meaning and Origin of The Name 


Quinn is a unisex name having Irish roots. By definition, it means wisdom or loyalty. Quinn is derived from the Old Irish word Conn or Ceann, which translates to chief or head.   


Quinn was initiated as a Scottish, Gaelic, Celtic, or Irish surname in Ireland, derived from Ò Cuinn, descendants of Conn. Due to the popularity of the name in the 17th century, it was soon anglicized to Quinn. And to this day, we are using Quinn as a first name worldwide. Isn’t it amazing how history travels?

Speaking of popularity, see the table of the global fame acquired by the name below. 

US Popularity Of The Name Quinn

Global Popularity Of The Name Quinn 

CountryNumber on the list of Most Popular Girl NamesNumber on the list of Most Popular Boy NamesYear of ranking
United States85th438th2020
New Zealand52nd67th2021
England and Wales238th263rd2021

108 Middle Names for Quinn

Trendy/ Fashionable Middle Names for Quinn

  1. Quinn Celine 
  • Meaning: Heavenly. 
  • Origin: Latin and French roots.
  • The name is a feminine variant of the Roman Caelinus. 
  1. Quinn Cadence 
  • Meaning: A music part played by a musician. 
  • Origin: Italian.
  • This gender-neutral name is derived from “cadenza,” – an Italian word. 
  1. Quinn Ellen 
  • Meaning: Shining.
  • Origin: Greek.
  • Ellen also refers to sunray. 
  1. Quinn Ensley
  • Meaning: Solitary clearing. 
  • Origin: Scottish.
  • This is a version of Ainsley.
  1. Quinn Finley
  • Meaning: Warrior.
  • Origin: Scottish. 
  • It’s derived from an Old Norse name – Fionnlagh. 
  1. Quinn Kelsey 
  • Meaning: Ship’s victory. 
  • Origin: Old English.
  • Kelsey is derived from an old name – Ceolsige. 
  1. Quinn Lucy
  • Meaning: Light.
  • Origin: Latin. 
  • English feminine name derived from a masculine Latin name Lucius. 
  1. Quinn Molly 
  • Meaning: Star of the sea.
  • Origin: Irish. 
  • Lots of girls named Molly are observed in Gaelic folklore. 
  1. Quinn Morgan 
  • Meaning: A champion. 
  • Origin: Breton and Welsh roots. 
  • Morgan will make your child a warrior. 
  1. Quinn Phoebe 
  • Meaning: Shining.
  • Origin: Greek.
  • This ancient Greek name is a feminine variant of the masculine name Phoebus.
  1. Quinn Rachel 
  • Meaning: Ewe.
  • Origin: Hebrew roots.
  • This feminine name was made famous by the Biblical figure of the Israelite patriarch Jacob’s wife. 
  1. Quinn Skyler
  • Meaning: Scholar. 
  • Origin: Dutch roots. 
  • It’s a common unisex name. 

Boho/ Earthy/ Nature-themed/ Hippie Middle Names for Quinn

  1. Quinn Callie
  • Meaning: The most beautiful. 
  • Origin: Greek. 
  • Callie further affirms the beauty of your baby. In Greek mythology, Callisto was a maiden and nymph of Artemis. 
  1. Quinn Crystal 
  • Meaning: Precious.
  • Origin: Greek.
  • This name holds many roots with Old French and Old English as a base. 
  1. Quinn Edith
  • Meaning: Blessed or riches. 
  • Origin: Old English.
  • Derived from the ancient word of èad, Edith is common in Dutch, Scandinavian countries, Germy, and English cultures. 
  1. Quinn Evelyn 
  • Meaning: Island, water, or desired. 
  • Origin: Norman French. 
  • It derives from the French name Aveline. 
  1. Quinn Hailey 
  • Meaning: Meadow or clearing. 
  • Origin: Old English. 
  • Although males adopt this name, Hailey is predominantly feminine. 
  1. Quinn Indie
  • Meaning: Indian or independent. 
  • Origin: American.
  • Indiana and India are other versions. 
  1. Quinn Jasmine 
  • Meaning: A flower with a mesmerizing scent. 
  • Origin: French, Arabic, and Persian. 
  • Other variations include Yasmin, Jessemin, and more. 
  1. Quinn Roxanne 
  • Meaning: Bright star. 
  • Origin: Greek. 
  • In ancient Greece, Rhōxanē was the wife of Alexander the Great. 
  1. Quinn Phoenix 
  • Meaning: A mythical bird.
  • Origin: Greek, Old French, and Latin. 
  • Phoenix rises from ashes and becomes reborn. 
  1. Quinn Summer 
  • Meaning: The sought-after season in the year. 
  • Origin: British. 
  • A cool name for your Quinn. It’s reminiscent of ambient lighting, cool breeze, and peaceful days. 
  1. Quinn Veda
  • Meaning: Knowledge and wisdom. 
  • Origin: Sanskrit roots.
  • Veda is a popular name among Hindus. 
  1. Quinn Jamena
  • Meaning: Beautiful princess. 
  • Origin: Arabic. 
  • Jamena also means a holy river, productive, intellectual, and progressive. 
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Pretty/Beautiful/Charming /Cute Middle Names for Quinn

  1. Quinn Keilana
  • Meaning: Calmness.
  • Origin: Hawaiian roots. 
  • Keliana also means glory. 
  1. Quinn Katalina
  • Meaning: Pure. 
  • Origin: Spanish roots. 
  • It has traveled from ancient Greece to modern royals.  It is a variant of Catherine. 
  1. Quinn Luciana 
  • Meaning: Light.
  • Origin: Italian roots. 
  • The meaning warmly welcomes your baby and Quinn will be a shining beacon for everyone. 
  1. Quinn Octavia 
  • Meaning: Eight derived from Octavia genes. 
  • Origin: Latin roots. 
  • This is great for the 8th month born child. 
  1. Quinn Seraphina
  • Meaning: Angel or other celestial being. 
  • Origin: Latin roots. 
  • Seraphina also comes from the Hebrew word Seraphim, which means burning or fire. 
  1. Quinn Jazz
  • Meaning: Vitality, energy, pep, and spirit. 
  • Origin: A West Coast slang in 1912. 
  • It is actually short for Jazmine
  1. Quinn Kace
  • Meaning: Watchful or a descendant of Cathasaigh. 
  • Origin: Irish roots. 
  • Kace is derived from Cathasaigh – a Gaelic name.
  1. Quinn Shiloh 
  • Meaning: Tranquil.
  • Origin: Hebrew roots.
  • This spiritual name also means abundance or His gift. It’s also the place where Israelites used to gather and reside before Judah. 
  1. Quinn Taylor 
  • Meaning: A clothing tailor. 
  • Origin: Anglo French. 
  • It is derived from the Old French word tailleur
  1. Quinn Sylvia 
  • Meaning: Spirit of the wood. 
  • Origin: Latin roots. 
  • The mythological forest God was connected to the figure of Silvanus. Other variations are Silvia and Sylvie. 
  1. Quinn Starr
  • Meaning: Star. 
  • Origin: Pre-modern English word – sterre or starre
  • This is a cool family name. 
  1. Quinn Dora
  • Meaning: Gift of God.
  • Origin: Greek. 
  • It is a short version of Dorothy or Dorothea. 

Classic/ Old fashioned/Old Money/Southern Middle Names for Quinn

  1. Quinn Genevieve 
  • Meaning: Woman of the race. 
  • Origin: Celtic or German. 
  • This is a truly classic pick. 
  1. Quinn Natalia 
  • Meaning: Christmas day. 
  • Origin: Latin. 
  • Natalia is used in Polish, Romanian, Bulgarian, Spanish, Ukrainian, Greek, and Portuguese cultures. 
  1. Quinn Penelope 
  • Meaning: Weaver.
  • Origin: Greek.
  • Penelope is a very elegant name. 
  1. Quinn Naomi 
  • Meaning: Delightful.
  • Origin: Hebrew roots. 
  • Previously, it used to be pronounced with a stress on the letter a
  1. Quinn Lark
  • Meaning: Playful. 
  • Origin: British. 
  • Lark is ideal for a light-hearted Quinn. 
  1. Quinn Pearl
  • Meaning: Gemstone.
  • Origin: Latin. 
  • Pearl expresses Quin as a precious child. 
  1. Quinn Ruth
  • Meaning: A spiritual deed or a compassionate friend. 
  • Origin: Hebrew roots. 
  • Ruth is a critical character in the Old Testament. 
  1. Quinn Samantha 
  • Meaning: Samuel meaning the name of God and Anthea meaning flower. 
  • Origin: American.
  • Samantha originated in the 18th century. 
  1. Quinn Zoe
  • Meaning: Life. 
  • Origin: Greek. 
  • Other variations are Zoë, Zoè, Zoey, and more. 
  1. Quinn Bonnie 
  • Meaning: Pretty.
  • Origin: Scottish.
  • Bonnie is used as a reference in a Scottish folk song: My Bonnie Lies over the Ocean. 
  1. Quinn Bexley 
  • Meaning: Clearing enveloped with box trees. 
  • Origin: English. 
  • Bexley is a nature inspired name. 
  1. Quinn Dior
  • Meaning: Golden. 
  • Origin: French. 
  • Dior is tied to the fashion elite. Your baby will be a trendsetter and admire the finer things in life. 
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International/Arabic/Hebrew/French/Spanish/Irish/Italian Middle Names for Quinn

  1. Quinn Gabriella 
  • Meaning: Heroine.
  • Origin: Hebrew. 
  • This name never gets old. The short versions of Gabriella are Gabbi, Bella, Gab, and Ella. 
  1. Quinn Isabella 
  • Meaning: Committed to God. 
  • Origin: Hebrew. 
  • Isabella also means pious. It’s an Italian and Spanish version of the Hebrew name Elisheba
  1. Quinn Julieta
  • Meaning: Love’s child. 
  • Origin: Latin roots.
  • Julieta also means youthful. 
  1. Quinn Jessica 
  • Meaning: Someone with a rare foresight. 
  • Origin: Hebrew. 
  • First recorded in a William Shakespeare play, the author made this name by anglicization of the biblical name Iscah
  1. Quinn Mikaela
  • Meaning: Gift of God. 
  • Origin: Scandinavian roots.
  • It also means Godlike. 
  1. Quinn Veronica 
  • Meaning: The one who brings victory.
  • Origin: Latin.
  • This poised name is also derived from the Greek name Berenice, which comes from phèrein. Veronica is steeped in Christianity and history. 
  1. Quinn Forrest 
  • Meaning: Woods. 
  • Origin: Scottish and English. 
  • It’s derived from the Old French word forest, which comes from foris, meaning outside. 
  1. Quinn Jenn
  • Meaning: Smooth and fair. 
  • Origin: Welsh. 
  • It’s a short form of Jennifer. 
  1. Quinn Kim
  • Meaning: Gold or iron. 
  • Origin: Korea. 
  • Kim also means a royal fortress and is the most popular Korean surname. 
  1. Quinn Luna
  • Meaning: The light in dark times. 
  • Origin: Spanish and Italian. 
  • In Roman mythology, Luna was used as a divine personification of the moon. 
  1. Quinn Shay
  • Meaning: Gift. 
  • Origin: Irish Gaelic. 
  • It’s a variation of Shea and derived from Seamus
  1. Quinn Abby 
  • Meaning: Father’s happiness.
  • Origin: Hebrew roots.
  • Other variations are Abbie, Abi, and Abbey. It also means My Father is joyful. 

Several Syllable Middle Names for Quinn

One Syllable Middle Names for Quinn

  1. Quinn Anne
  • Meaning: Favored or graceful. 
  • Origin: Latin. 
  • This is an old soul name. 
  1. Quinn Blaire
  • Meaning: Dweller in the plain.
  • Origin: Gaelic. 
  • Blaire is a popular surname throughout Scotland. 
  1. Quinn Beth
  • Meaning: House. 
  • Origin: Hebrew. 
  • This is a shorter version of Elizabeth and Bethany. Beth first appeared in the 19th century novel Little Women. 
  1. Quinn Bea
  • Meaning: She who brings happiness. 
  • Origin: Latin. 
  • It’s derived from beātus meaning blessed. 
  1. Quinn Blue 
  • Meaning: Lustrous. 
  • Origin: Old French or Middle English. 
  • Blue is also suspected to be derived from the Old High German word blao. 
  1. Quinn Clare
  • Meaning: Famous.
  • Origin: Latin. 
  • Clare also means bright. 
  1. Quinn Dove 
  • Meaning: Peace.
  • Origin: Old Norse English. 
  • Dove is a perfect symbol of harmony and elegance. 
  1. Quinn Dell
  • Meaning: Glen or a small valley. 
  • Origin: Old English word del. 
  • It’s an English unisex surname and nickname. 
  1. Quinn Elle
  • Meaning: Sun ray. 
  • Origin: Greek and Hebrew. 
  • It’s laced with a chic French connection, belonging to the pronoun elle that means she. 
  1. Quinn Gem
  • Meaning: Bud or jewel. 
  • Origin: Old French, Old English, and Latin. 
  • A great pick for your gem of a child!
  1. Quinn Gwen
  • Meaning: Blessed, holy, or white. 
  • Origin: Welsh feminine name.
  • This is a short version of Gwendolyn
  1. Quinn Jules
  • Meaning: Soft and youthful. 
  • Origin: French. 
  • Jules is timeless and universal as it has served as a nickname through decades. For instance, Juliet, Julien, Juliette, or Julia. 

Two Syllable Middle Names for Quinn

  1. Quinn Avah
  • Meaning: Desire or water. 
  • Origin: Persian, German, and Hebrew. 
  • Avah is a common 2-syllable name known everywhere. 
  1. Quinn Adley
  • Meaning: The lord is just. 
  • Origin: Hebrew. 
  • Adley is discovered from the Old Testament and ancient Hebrew name Adlai
  1. Quinn August 
  • Meaning: Noble, majestic, and venerable. 
  • Origin: Latin. 
  • For August born Quinn. It’s the name of the first Roman emperor. 
  1. Quinn Adah
  • Meaning: Ornament. 
  • Origin: Hebrew. 
  • Adah is a common biblical name. 
  1. Quinn Alma
  • Meaning: Fostering, nourishment, and kind. 
  • Origin: Latin. 
  • It’s a feminine variant of the Latin word almus
  1. Quinn Beckett 
  • Meaning: Beehive or shelter. 
  • Origin: Old English word beo
  • It’s a gender-neutral name. 
  1. Quinn Fallon
  • Meaning: Descended from a ruler. 
  • Origin: Irish. 
  • Fallon is a charming name that exudes sweetness. 
  1. Quinn Hayden 
  • Meaning: Hay valley. 
  • Origin: Old or Middle High German. 
  • Hayden also means heather. 
  1. Quinn Huxley 
  • Meaning: Hugh’s meadow. 
  • Origin: English. 
  • This is a gentle masculine surname. 
  1. Quinn Korbyn 
  • Meaning: Little crow. 
  • Origin: Latin. 
  • If you’re into birds, pass on your passion with a name meaning Raven!
  1. Quinn Lennon 
  • Meaning: Cloak, blackbird, or lover.
  • Origin: Irish Gaelic. 
  • I love names with multiple meanings.
  1. Quinn Raegan
  • Meaning: Little king, nobility, or impulsive. 
  • Origin: Irish. 
  • It’s a unisex name. 
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Three Syllable Middle Names for Quinn

  1. Quinn Alondra
  • Meaning: Lark. 
  • Origin: Spanish. 
  • This is a short version of Alejandra
  1. Quinn Annalise 
  • Meaning: Full of grace.
  • Origin: German and Latin. 
  • It’s a variant of the Latin name Annalisa
  1. Quinn Anika
  • Meaning: Soldier or fearless. 
  • Origin: Sanskrit and Housa. 
  • Anika also means brilliant and graceful. 
  1. Quinn Belinda 
  • Meaning: Beautiful.
  • Origin: Latin. 
  • In Spanish, Linda means pretty. 
  1. Quinn Bethany 
  • Meaning: House of figs. 
  • Origin: Hebrew. 
  • It was the Biblical home of Lazarus. 
  1. Quinn Darina 
  • Meaning: Gift.
  • Origin: South Slavic. 
  • Darina is common in Ukrainian, Bulgarian, Slovenian, Slovak, and Czech cultures. 
  1. Quinn Dorothy 
  • Meaning: Gift of God.
  • Origin: Greek. 
  • Dorothy goes back to the 1400s. 
  1. Quinn Emerie
  • Meaning: Home strength. 
  • Origin: German roots.
  • This Old German name will urge your sugarplum to cherish their home. 
  1. Quinn Emily 
  • Meaning: An industrious person.
  • Origin: Roman family name Aemilius. 
  • Emily might also come from Greek or Latin words aimylos and aemulus
  1. Quinn Fiona 
  • Meaning: White.
  • Origin: Scottish Gaelic. 
  • Fiona also means pure. 
  1. Quinn Harmony 
  • Meaning: Joining. 
  • Origin: Old French, Latin, and Greek. 
  • Harmony confirms the calm nature of Quinn. 
  1. Quinn Isabelle
  • Meaning: God is my oath. 
  • Origin: French. 
  • Isabelle first came out in the 12th century. 

Four Syllable Middle Names for Quinn

  1. Quinn Annabella 
  • Meaning: Gracious and stunning.
  • Origin: Latin.
  • This is a beautiful name for your child. 
  1. Quinn Aubriella 
  • Meaning: God is my strength.
  • Origin: Old High German. 
  • Aubriella will instill faith in your kid.
  1. Quinn Antonella 
  • Meaning: Firstborn.
  • Origin: Italian.
  • If this is your first bundle of joy, choose Antonella by all means.
  1. Quinn Barbarella 
  • Meaning: Foreign woman.
  • Origin: Latin.
  • This name fits Quinn nicely. 
  1. Quinn Bernadetta
  • Meaning: Strong. 
  • Origin: German roots.
  • Want your child to be brave? Bernadetta will do that for you. 
  1. Quinn Cordelia 
  • Meaning: Daughter of the sea.
  • Origin: Celtic and Latin roots. 
  • This name also means heart. 
  1. Quinn Clementia
  • Meaning: Showing clemency. 
  • Origin: Spanish. 
  • Clementia was fondly used in the Middle Ages. 
  1. Quinn Carolina 
  • Meaning: Free man. 
  • Origin: Latin. 
  • This feminine name is used in Swedish, Spanish, Catalan, English, Portuguese, and Italian cultures. 
  1. Quinn Eliana 
  • Meaning: God has responded. 
  • Origin: Hebrew roots.
  • I love the meaning behind Eliana. 
  1. Quinn Emilia 
  • Meaning: Diligent.
  • Origin: Latin roots.
  • Emilia also means brave. 
  1. Quinn Eleanor 
  • Meaning: Bright light. 
  • Origin: Greek and French. 
  • This is a common feminine middle name and is a variation of the Provençal name Alienor
  1. Quinn Felicity 
  • Meaning: Joy.
  • Origin: Old French and Latin. 
  • Most people often name their cats Felicity, but it’s equally attractive for a child!


What Are The Variations Or Foreign Spelling of Quinn?

Name Language
Quintessa Latin 
Kuinn Mongolian and Russian 
Gwen Welsh
Quinella Latin 
Quinna Irish 

What Is The Pronunciation of Quinn?

It is pronounced as “KWIN”.

5 Best Alternative Names to Quinn?

  1. Rowan
  2. Piper
  3. Wren
  4. Avery
  5. Connell 

5 Best Nicknames for Quinn

  1. Quinny
  2. Queen
  3. Quilla
  4. Quinton 
  5. Quintina

What are sibling names for Quinn?

Sister Names for Quinn

  1. Quinn and Harper
  2. Quinn and Hadley
  3. Quinn and Bella
  4. Quinn and Peyton
  5. Quinn and Claire 

Brother Names for Quinn

  1. Quinn and Marshall 
  2. Quinn and Olive
  3. Quinn and Jude
  4. Quinn and Beckett
  5. Quinn and Weston

Twin Names for Quinn

  1. Quinn and Connell
  2. Quinn and Everly
  3. Quinn and Tucker
  4. Quinn and Finn
  5. Quinn and Harper

Over To You

And that’s it, dear parents! These are the 100+ Middle Names for Quinn.  Which name did you like the most? 

Wanna get more baby name ideas, check out our guides: Best First Name Ideas and Best Middle Name Ideas.

P.S. If you have some suggestions, share them with me in the comments. Thanks for reading!

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