100+ Unique and Adorable Middle Names For Maya

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The name Maya has been steadily climbing up the popularity charts since the 2000s. Once you have decided on this beautiful name, go ahead and choose the perfect middle name from this elaborate list of 100+ middle names for Maya.

From cool to quirky, pretty to fantasy – you shall find all sorts of middle names in this list. So go ahead, choose your pick!

Origin and Meaning of the name Maya

The name Maya has Sanskrit origins. It is the name of the  Hindu goddess Laxmi, who signifies wealth, joy and beauty.

In Sanskrit, Maya means “illusion” or “magic”. This name is opted by many parents due to its exotic vibe and is fast gaining widespread popularity.

Maya:US Popularity

This name has been predominantly used for girls. In the year 2021 the rank of Maya has shot up by 6 places. It is presently the 55th most popular girl name in the USA, as per data released by SSA.gov.

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Popularity of name Maya over the years in the USA

(US Baby Name Popularity Visualizer – Engaging Data (engaging-data.com)

Maya: Global Popularity

CountryNumber on the list of Most Popular Girl NamesYear of ranking
United States55th2021
New Zealand84th2021
Australia (NSW)28th2021
England and Wales29th2021

Famous people with the name Maya

  • Maya Angelou – Famous poet and civil rights activist
  • Maya Wiley – American lawyer and activist
  • Maya Lin – American architect, designer, and sculptor 
  • Maya Rudolph – TV actress

100 Best Middle Names For Maya

Trendy Middle Names for Maya

  1. Maya Anise
  • Meaning: Pure soul
  • Origin: American
  • A holy name suitable for the innocent kiddo
  1. Maya Austen
  • Meaning: Great
  • Origin: Latin
  • Simply love the sound of Maya Austen – quite trendy, right?
  1. Maya Coree
  • Meaning: Maiden
  • Origin: Australian
  • An uncommon name with a foreign vibe
  1. Maya Elein
  • Meaning: Torch, bright light
  • Origin: German/Welsh
  • Maya Elein sounds quite soothing
  1. Maya Gina
  • Meaning: Queen
  • Origin: Italian
  • This name was widely used as a surname, but shall prove to be a sweet suffix to the name Maya
  1. Maya Hazel
  • Meaning: The hazelnut tree
  • Origin: Old English
  • Nature-loving parents love the rustic vibes that this name gives out.
  1. Maya Joyce
  • Meaning: Experienced in battle
  • Origin: Latin
  • A fierce name for the little fighter
  1. Maya Maven
  • Meaning: One who understands
  • Origin: Hebrew
  • A sweet name with a deep meaning
  1. Maya Reverie
  • Meaning: Daydream
  • Origin: French
  • A strong name with a sensitive meaning
  1. Maya Rosen
  • Meaning: Rose bush
  • Origin: German
  • Originally used as a surname, this name is fast becoming a popular among parents throughout the world

Cool Middle Names for Maya

  1. Maya Bambi
  • Meaning: Little child
  • Origin: Italian
  • A beloved character of the classic Disney movie
  1. Maya Bowie
  • Meaning: Blonde
  • Origin: Scottish
  • A perfect name for your blonde babe
  1. Maya Carly
  • Meaning: Free man
  • Origin: German
  • A quirky, witty name for a curly haired child!
  1. Maya Carmen
  • Meaning: Crimson or red
  • Origin: Spanish
  • Popularized by the glamorous Carmen Electra
  1. Maya Cyra
  • Meaning: Sun or throne
  • Origin: Greek
  • Once a Muslim girl’s name, it is fast becoming a crowd favorite globally
  1. Maya Frida
  • Meaning: Peace
  • Origin: French/German
  • Loved by parents with an artistic bend of mind since it pays tribute to the famous Mexican painter, Frida Kahlo.
  1. Maya Poppy
  • Meaning: Red flower
  • Origin: Old English
  • A floral name that does not sound traditional at all
  1. Maya Trixie
  • Meaning: She who brings joy
  • Origin: Latin
  • A fun name for the little cutiepie
  1. Maya Vesper
  • Meaning: Evening star, often refers to Venus
  • Origin: Latin
  • A soothing name for the pretty kid
  1. Maya Winnie
  • Meaning: Fair and smooth
  • Origin: Welsh
  • Kids adore Winnie the Pooh!
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Pretty Middle Names for Maya

  1. Maya Alicia
  • Meaning: Noble, exalted
  • Origin: Mexican
  • Who doesn’t love Alicia Keys?
  1. Maya Althea
  • Meaning: One with healing power
  • Origin: Greek
  • The foreign touch makes this name sound so very unique
  1. Maya Bernice
    • Meaning: Bringer of victory
    • Origin: Greek
    • Maya Bernice – sounds unique, yet quite catchy!
  1. Maya Celeste
  • Meaning: Heavenly, divine
  • Origin: French
  • Celeste complements the ethereal theme of Maya, hence proves to be a perfect choice for your little angel
  1. Maya Clarice
  • Meaning: Bright and clear
  • Origin: Italian
  • It’s the name of the lovely doe sweetheart of Rudolph, the reindeer. It is perfect for a baby born during the festive months.
  1. Maya Darlene
  • Meaning: Dear one
  • Origin: Old English
  • Maya Darlene – sounds like ‘Maya Darling’. Adorable, isn’t it?
  1. Maya Rae
  • Meaning: Doe
  • Origin: Hebrew
  • A lovely feminine name that represents grace
  1. Maya Kirsten
  • Meaning: Christian
  • Origin: Scandinavian
  • A popular name choice for religious parents
  1. Maya Lucille
  • Meaning: Light
  • Origin: French
  • A bright name for the cute baby
  1. Maya Tamara
  • Meaning: Date palm tree
  • Origin: Hebrew
  • A nature name that is trending due to its melodious sound

Unisex Middle Names for Maya

  1. Maya Bay
  • Meaning: Reddish brown. Another name for sea shore
  • Origin: English/French
  • A short name with a seaside vibe
  1. Maya Blue
  • Meaning: The color blue
  • Origin: English
  • A perfect name for your blue-eyed baby
  1. Maya Dale
  • Meaning: Valley
  • Origin: German
  • Many silver screen icons have immortalized this gender-neutral name
  1. Maya Jude
  • Meaning: The praised one
  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Maya Jude – a unique sounding name
  1. Maya Lee
  • Meaning: Meadow
  • Origin: Old English
  • Once predominantly a boy’s name, it is a popular choice for girls as well
  1. Maya Regan
  • Meaning: Little king
  • Origin: Irish
  • A regal unisex name for the little pumpkin
  1. Maya Rue
  • Meaning: An evergreen plant with lovely yellow flowers
  • Origin: Old English 
  • I am in love with this cute name due to it’s earthy vibes
  1. Maya Rowan
  • Meaning: A deciduous tree with red berries
  • Origin: Irish/Scottish
  • A fitting name for a red-headed cherub
  1. Maya Wren
  • Meaning: A charming songbird
  • Origin: English
  • Maya Wren – how cool does it sound!
  1. Maya Jackie
  • Meaning: God has been gracious
  • Origin: Scottish
  • Jackie Chan fans, anyone?
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Classic Middle Names for Maya

  1. Maya Beatrice
  • Meaning: She who brings happiness
  • Origin: Latin/Italian
  • The relatively long name can be shortened to a cute ‘Bea’ if your kid so desires
  1. Maya Calla
  • Meaning: Beauty
  • Origin: Latin/Greek
  • Is there a better name for the beautiful angel born to you?
  1. Maya Evelyn
  • Meaning: Lake
  • Origin: Welsh/Hebrew
  • Maya Evelyn – slightly long, but sounds unique
  1. Maya Florence
  • Meaning: Blossom
  • Origin: Latin
  • Once cast away as a traditional name, it is gaining immense popularity these days
  1. Maya Ivanna
  • Meaning: God is gracious
  • Origin: Slavic
  • A religious name that sound so great with Maya
  1. Maya Lorena
  • Meaning: Holy
  • Origin: Latin/Spanish
  • A classic name with a fancy twist
  1. Maya Marilyn
  • Meaning: A drop of sea
  • Origin: English/Latin
  • Who isn’t in awe of the glamorous yester-year diva?
  1. Maya Thea
  • Meaning: Goddess
  • Origin: Greek
  • Often used as a short form of Alathea, this name is traditional, yet interesting
  1. Maya Verity
  • Meaning: Truth
  • Origin: French
  • Ideal for parents who wish to choose a virtue name, but want their kid to stand out from the crowd of Grace, Hope and Faiths.
  1. Maya Zinnia
  • Meaning: A pretty flower
  • Origin: German/Latin
  • A lovely flower name suitable for nature-loving parents

International Middle Names for Maya

  1. Maya Bodhi
  • Meaning: Awakening
  • Origin: Sanskrit
  • A buddhist name that goes nicely with the holy vibe of Maya
  1. Maya Devika
  • Meaning: Little goddess
  • Origin: Sanskrit/Hindi
  • Perfect for Indian parents who wish to stay connected to their roots
  1. Maya Esme
  • Meaning: Beloved, esteemed
  • Origin: Persian/French
  • An adorable, yet short name for  the cute baby
  1. Maya Frances
  • Meaning: Frenchman
  • Origin: French
  • The prominent French undertones makes this name so cool
  1. Maya Huma
  • Meaning: Bird of paradise
  • Origin: Persian
  • Complements the exotic vibe of Maya
  1. Maya Natasha
  • Meaning: Birthday of the Lord
  • Origin: Russian
  • Who doesn’t love the feisty Avenger?
  1. Maya Nubia
  • Meaning: Gold
  • Origin: Egyptian
  • The African origin name has a fancy foreign aura
  1. Maya Odette
  • Meaning: Wealthy
  • Origin: French
  • A fancy name with a foreign twist
  1. Maya Olena
  • Meaning: Sun ray
  • Origin: Greek/Russian
  • This chic name is the Ukrainian version of Helen, and is gaining popularity worldwide
  1. Maya Yasmin
  • Meaning: Jasmine flower
  • Origin: Persian
  • A foreign name that is rapidly climbing the popularity charts
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Several Syllable Middle Names for Maya

One syllable middle names for  Maya

  1. Maya Alix
  • Meaning: Noble
  • Origin: German
  • A cool name and one of my absolute favorites
  1. Maya Bess
  • Meaning: Pledged to God
  • Origin: Hebrew
  • An excellent choice for religious parents
  1. Maya Dove
  • Meaning: The bird, dove
  • Origin: English
  • A soft, gentle name for the pure soul that has lit up your home
  1. Maya Dune
  • Meaning: A hill of sand
  • Origin: English
  • The name is one of my favorites since it has prominent sci-fi connections
  1. Maya Gwen
  • Meaning: White circle
  • Origin: Welsh
  • Spiderman fans shall love this trendy name
  1. Maya Jace
  • Meaning: Healer
  • Origin: Hebrew
  • This unisex name is becoming extremely popular among American parents
  1. Maya Lark
  • Meaning: A songbird
  • Origin: Old English
  • A pretty name with musical undertones
  1. Maya Sloane
  • Meaning: Raider
  • Origin: Irish
  • A sophisticated name that is perfect for the little peanut
  1. Maya Snow
  • Meaning: Celebrates the frozen wonder of the festive season
  • Origin: English
  • Prefect for winter babies
  1. Maya Tess
  • Meaning: To harvest
  • Origin: English
  • The name has strong Thomas Hardy connotations and shall be a favorite among parents who love literature

Two syllable middle names for  Maya

  1. Maya Ava
  • Meaning: To live
  • Origin: Latin
  • A lovely name for a lovely babe
  1. Maya Betty
  • Meaning: Pledged to God
  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Betty brings back those fond memories of Archie comics
  1. Maya Carla
  • Meaning: Island
  • Origin: German
  • Absolutely love this unique name!
  1. Maya Cassie
  • Meaning: The purified one
  • Origin: English
  • A perfect holy name
  1. Maya Daphne
  • Meaning: Laurel
  • Origin: Greek
  • One of my favorite mythological names
  1. Maya Diya
  • Meaning: Light
  • Origin: Sanskrit
  • This exotic Indian name has the Oriental vibes that make it sound so unique!
  1. Maya Emma
  • Meaning: Whole, universal
  • Origin: German
  • With lovely actresses like Emma Watson and Emma Stone proudly carrying this name, who wouldn’t fall in love with it?
  1. Maya Freya
  • Meaning: Lady
  • Origin: Scandinavian
  • A lovely feminine name that shall make your kid stand out in the crowd
  1. Maya Giselle
  • Meaning: Pledge
  • Origin: French
  • A fancy chic name loved by all
  1. Maya Navi
  • Meaning: Kind to people
  • Origin: Sanskrit
  • The name is in vogue following the mind-blowing success of the Avatar series
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Three syllable middle names for  Maya

  1. Maya Amira
  • Meaning: Princess
  • Origin: Arabic
  • This name has a fancy Arabian nights vibes
  1. Maya Annalise
  • Meaning: Surrounded by God’s blessings
  • Origin: Scandinavian
  • A gracious name for a strong lady
  1. Maya Bethany
  • Meaning: House of figs
  • Origin: Hebrew
  • The biblical connotations of this name makes it popular among devoted Christians
  1. Maya Diana
  • Meaning: Moon goddess
  • Origin: Roman
  • The name was immortalized by the gorgeous and charismatic British princess
  1. Maya Maya
  • Meaning: Famous warrior
  • Origin: German
  • Maya Eloise sounds so unique!
  1. Maya Fatima
  • Meaning: The daughter of Prophet Muhammad
  • Origin: Arabic
  • Very popular among families practicing Islam
  1. Maya Henriette
  • Meaning: Ruler of the home
  • Origin: German
  • This name is slowly gaining popularity among English speaking countries
  1. Maya Kiana
  • Meaning: Divine
  • Origin: Hindi
  • Another of my favorite Oriental names
  1. Maya Vanessa
  • Meaning: Butterfly
  • Origin: Greek
  • A lovely sophisticated name for a beautiful lady
  1. Maya Ursela
  • Meaning: Bear
  • Origin: Latin/Scandinavian
  • A unique name that goes nicely with Maya

Four syllable middle names for  Maya

  1. Maya Angelina
  • Meaning: Heavenly messenger
  • Origin: Greek
  • Any fans of the feisty glam goddess, Angelina Jolie?
  1. Maya Ariella
  • Meaning: Lioness
  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Very similar to Ariel, the beloved Disney character
  1. Maya Catalina
  • Meaning: Pure
  • Origin: Spanish
  • A chic version of the overused Catherine
  1. Maya Eliana
  • Meaning: God has answered
  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Maya Eliana – a name appears to be a mouthful, but seems pretty cool!
  1. Maya Evianna
  • Meaning: God is gracious
  • Origin: American
  • A pretty combination of the names Eve and Ana
  1. Maya Frederica
  • Meaning: Peaceful ruler
  • Origin: German
  • A sweet traditional name that is perfect for parents who are averse from bold experimentation
  1. Maya Isadora
  • Meaning: Gift of the goddess Isis
  • Origin: Greek
  • Sounds fancy, doesn’t it?
  1. Maya Mariana
  • Meaning: A drop of the sea
  • Origin: Latin
  • The repeated ‘M’ syllable at the starting of both Maya and Mariana makes this name an attractive choice
  1. Maya Sabriana
  • Meaning: The name of a river
  • Origin: Welsh
  • An uncommon variation of the overused Sabrina
  1. Maya Serenity
  • Meaning: Peaceful
  • Origin: Latin
  • A soothing name for a beautiful child
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Best 5 Alternatives Names for Maya

  1. Kaya
  2. Mia
  3. Myra
  4. May
  5. Maysa

Best 5 Nicknames for Maya

  1. Mae
  2. Mina
  3. Mimi
  4. Mayo
  5. Moana

Sibling Names for Maya

Sister Names for Maya

  1. Amelia
  2. Gianna
  3. Celia
  4. Clara
  5. Maria

Brother Names for Maya

  1. Asher
  2. Leo
  3. Ezra
  4. Hector
  5. Felix

Twin Names for Maya

  1. Leah
  2. Luna
  3. Noah
  4. Raya
  5. Mayola


Naming a kid is a very emotional feeling for any parent. It is no wonder that new parents spend hours pouring over resources to find the perfect name for their sugar plum.

A unique sweet name shall be your kid’s fond companion throughout her life. Your daughter shall surely cherish the lovely name, Maya, for the years to come.

Check out our Best Middle Names Ideas for more such catchy middle names for your little princess!

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