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best middle names for Mateo

Now that you have decided to name your child Mateo, we’d love to help you pick the best middle name to go with it. We are confident you will love our ultimate list of 100+ middle names for Mateo.

We selected the best middle names from thousands of options. We put them into categories with their origin and meaning. You don’t have to do any hard work because we have already done it for you!

Look no further because the best middle names for Matthew are right here!

Meaning of the Name Mateo

The name Mateo became a popular choice for parents because of its special meaning. Mateo is a Spanish name that means “gift of God.”

Origin of the Name Mateo

The Spanish name Mateo is a variant of Matthew, a name of Hebrew origin. It is an ancient Biblical name, and also the name of one of the apostles of the New Testament and the name of a saint.

100+ Middle Names for Mateo

Trendy middle names for Mateo

Mateo David

Origin: Hebrew 

Meaning: Adored

Mateo Ethan

Origin: Hebrew 

Meaning: Firm, Strong

Mateo Caleb

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: Whole-hearted

Mateo Kobe

Origin: Hebrew 

Meaning: Supplanter

Mateo Sebastian

Origin: Latin

Meaning: Venerable

Mateo Jacob

Origin: Hebrew 

Meaning: Supplanter

Mateo Thomas 

Origin: Aramaic 

Meaning: A Twin

Mateo Knox

Origin: Old English

Meaning: From The Small Hill

Mateo Ezekiel

Origin: Hebrew 

Meaning: God Will Strengthen

Mateo Clyde

Origin: Scottish

Meaning: Warm; Friendly

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Unique middle names for Mateo

Mateo Cyrus

Origin: Persian 

Meaning: Sun

Mateo Duke

Origin: Latin 

Meaning: Leader

Mateo Xander

Origin: Greek 

Meaning: Defender Of Humankind

Mateo Oliver

Origin: Latin 

Meaning: Olive Tree

Mateo Aiden

Origin: Scottish

Meaning: Little Fire

Mateo Apollo

Origin: Greek 

Meaning: Destroyer

Mateo Zeus

Origin: Greek

Meaning: Sky; Shine

Mateo Trace

Origin: English 

Meaning: Brave

Mateo Liam

Origin: Irish 

Meaning: Helmet Of Will, Protection; Strong-Willed Warrior

Mateo Elliot

Origin: Hebrew 

Meaning: The Lord Is My God

Southern middle names for Mateo

Mateo Atticus

Origin: Latin

Meaning: From Attica

Mateo Emmett

Origin: English masculine variation of Emma, German

Meaning: Universal

Mateo Cooper

Origin: English occupational name

Meaning: Barrel Maker

Mateo Austin

Origin: English, a shortened form of Augustine

Meaning: Magnificent

Mateo Rufus

Origin: Latin

Meaning: Red Head

Mateo Rhett

Origin: English from Dutch

Meaning: Advice

Mateo Emerson

Origin: English

Meaning: Son of Emery

Mateo Rafe

Origin: Variation of Ralph

Meaning: Wolf Counsel

Mateo Hank

Origin: Diminutive of Henry, German

Meaning: Estate Ruler

Mateo Dawson

Origin: English

Meaning: Son of David

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Beautiful middle names for Mateo

Mateo Avery

Origin: British

Meaning: Ruler Of Elves

Mateo Amir

Origin: Arabic 

Meaning: Prince

Mateo Nathaniel

Origin: Hebrew 

Meaning: God Has Given

Mateo Augustus

Origin: Latin 

Meaning: Great; Magnificent

Mateo Elijah

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: The Lord Is My God

Mateo Jared

Origin: Hebrew 

Meaning: Descending

Mateo Jonah

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: Dove

Mateo Samuel

Origin: Hebrew 

Meaning: God Has Heard; Name Of God

Mateo Raphael

Origin: Hebrew 

Meaning: God Has Healed

Mateo Josiah

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: God Supports And Heals

Gender-neutral middle names for Mateo

Mateo Arden

Mateo Landry

Mateo Salem

Mateo Quinn

Mateo Robin

Mateo Alex

Mateo August

Mateo Shiloh

Mateo Addison

Mateo Bailey

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Cute middle names for Mateo

Mateo Anthony

Origin: Latin 

Meaning: Priceless One

Mateo Javier

Origin: Spanish

Meaning: New House

Mateo Angelo

Origin: Greek origin.

Meaning: Messenger Of God

Mateo Theodore

Origin: Greek

Meaning: God’s Gift

Mateo Dylan

Origin: Welsh

Meaning: Son Of The Sea

Mateo Edward

Origin: British origin.

Meaning: Wealthy Guard

Mateo Joseph

Origin: Hebrew 

Meaning: Jehovah Shall Add

Mateo William

Origin: German

Meaning: Resolute Protector

Mateo Nicholas

Origin: Greek 

Meaning: People Of Victory

Mateo Xavier

Origin: Spanish

Meaning: Bright; Splendid; New House

Old fashioned middle names for Mateo

Mateo Abraham

Origin: Hebrew 

Meaning: Father of multitudes; Father of nations

Mateo Atticus

Origin: Ancient Rome 

Meaning: man of Attica

Mateo Elijah

Origin: Bible

Meaning: Yahweh is my God

Mateo Lucas

Mateo Dominic

Origin: English and Irish

Meaning: of the Lord

Mateo Cornelius

Origin: Latin

Meaning: horn

Mateo Wyatt

Origin: English

Meaning: brave at war

Mateo Louis

Mateo Ignatius

Origin: Latin

Meaning: Fiery; Ardent

Mateo Emmett

Origin: English

Meaning: Universal; Truth

European/ French middle names for Mateo

Mateo Joaquin

Mateo Martin

Mateo Alexandre

Mateo Fidel

Mateo Zacharie

Mateo Adrien

Mateo Bruno

Mateo Carlos

Mateo Pablo

Mateo Gustav

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Several Syllable middle names for Mateo

One syllable middle names for Mateo 

Mateo Blake

Mateo Dean

Mateo Kai

Mateo Hans

Mateo Jude

Two syllable middle names for Mateo

Mateo Adam

Mateo Connor

Mateo Henry

Mateo Landon

Mateo Noah

Three syllable middle names for Mateo

Mateo Benjamin

Mateo Edison

Mateo Fabian

Mateo Gregory

Mateo Orlando

Four syllable middle names for Mateo

Mateo Azariah

Mateo Nicodemus

Mateo Emiliano

Mateo Archimedes

Mateo Alessandro

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How to spell Mateo in different countries?

Mateo – United States 

Matteo – Italy

Matheo – Archaic Spanish

Mathéo – France

How to pronounce the name Mateo?

Pronunciation maa-teh-oh / muh-tai-oh

Why is Mateo a popular name?

The name Mateo has been popular for centuries, especially in Spanish-speaking cultures. It became popular in the United States because of the Hispanic and Latino immigrants. It has also become a trend to use ancient Biblical names and add a modern twist to them.

Famous People Named Mateo

  • Mateo dos Santos – the son of the football star Cristiano Ronaldo
  • Mateo Messina – an American composer best known for his work on the soundtrack of Juno
  • Matteo Bandello – an Italian novelist and one of the most popular short-story writers of the 15th century.


Even though there’s an endless list of baby names out there, remember to choose the name that is unique. Instead of picking a name that sounds nice, always consider if it is easy to spell and pronounce.

We hope our list of middle names for Mateo has helped you decide on a name for your baby boy! If you’re not entirely sold on Mateo, check out some great middle name ideas

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