100+ Amazing Middle Names for Lydia (With Meanings)

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Lydia has been a popular name for over a decade. It’s now easy to choose the perfect middle name for Lydia from our list of 100+ middle names for Lydia.

We reviewed some cool, classic, and popular celebrity names worldwide. These 100 choices are perfect middle names for Lydia.

Meaning of the Name Lydia

The name Lydia means “beautiful one” or “noble one” from the Greek roots.Lydia is a beautiful and fascinating name with a long, rich history.

As a result, it’s a feminine name with origin in the bible’s New Testament and Ancient Greece. People first used Lydia in the 2nd century BCE, the Iron Age.

Origin of the Name Lydia

The name Lydia originated from the Greek word Λυδία, pronounced as “loo-dee-uh”. It was the feminine form of the given name Λυδός or Lydus, who was the king of a region of Lydia during the Iron Age.

Lydia also originated from the Acts of Apostles in the New Testament of the Bible. Lydia of Thyatira was a famous businesswoman. Also, she was the first Christianity convert in Europe. Additionally, Lydia hosted the apostle Paul after his release from prison.

Famous People Names Lydia

Some of the famous people named Lydia include;

  • Lydia Hearst is an American model, actress and lifestyle blogger.
  • Lydia Cecilia Hill was an English Cabaret dancer killed during World War I.
  • Lydia Cornell is an American actress best known for her role in the comedy, Too Close for Comfort.
  • Lydia Lunch is an American singer, actress, poet, writer and self-empowerment speaker.

US Popularity of the Name Lydia

us popularity of the name lydia

Global Popularity of the Name Lydia

#133United Kingdom2019

Read on to discover some of the most trendy, cool, unisex and classic middle names for Lydia.

100 Middle Names for Lydia

Trendy Middle Names for Lydia

  1. Lydia Arya
  • Meaning: friend, faithful
  • Origin: Persian
  • From the Game of Thrones, Arya Stark was a great inspirational character.
  1. Lydia Alia
  • Meaning: Exalted, sublime and lofty
  • Origin: Arabic
  • It’s a variant of Aaliya and goes well with Lydia, with the names rhyming well.
  1. Lydia Dahlia
  • Meaning: Named after a Swedish Botanist, A. Dahl. It’s associated with beauty, kindness and commitment.
  • Origin: Latin
  • A unique flowery name for a beautiful girl.
  1. Lydia Giselle
  • Meaning: Pledge
  • Origin: French
  • The famed Model Giselle is an inspiration to many women globally
  1. Lydia Hayley
  • Meaning: Hay meadow
  • Origin: English
  • One of the most renowned singers in the world, Hayley continues to break world records.
  1. Lydia Malia
  • Meaning: Bitter and of the sea
  • Origin: Hawaii
  • Inspired by Malia Obama, this name is beautiful.
  1. Lydia Lane
  • Meaning: from the lane
  • Origin: English
  • It goes very well with Lydia, as it rhymes well.
  1. Lydia Pearl
  • Meaning: A gem of the sea
  • Origin: Latin
  • Pearl is an exquisite name when combined with Lydia.
  1. Lydia Renee
  • Meaning: Reborn
  • Origin: French
  • It’s as if all French names have a perfect ring to them; Lydia Renee is an unforgettable name.
  1. Lydia Rihanna
  • Meaning: Great queen
  • Origin: Irish
  • Who doesn’t know Rihanna? So let’s introduce Lydia Rihanna to the world!
  1. Lydia Rylee
  • Meaning: Courageous or valiant
  • Origin: Irish
  • Lydia Rylee is a cute name with a powerful meaning
  1. Lydia Shiloh
  • Meaning: His Gift
  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s daughter Shiloh Jolie-Pitt.
  1. Lydia Willow
  • Meaning: Freedom
  • Origin: English
  • Inspired by the willow tree, one of the most graceful trees.

Cool Middle Names for Lydia

  1. Lydia Ada
  • Meaning: Noble, happy
  • Origin: German
  • Inspired by the first female computer programmer, Ada Lovelace! How cool is that?
  1. Lydia Alexa
  • Meaning: Defender of the people
  • Origin: American
  • The cool virtual assistant from Amazon inspires this name.
  1. Lydia Bella
  • Meaning: Beautiful and God is my oath
  • Origin: Italian
  • As a fan of the TWILIGHT novel series, I love Bella Swan.
  1. Lydia Esme
  • Meaning: Loved
  • Origin: French
  • How cool is a name that means beloved?
  1. Lydia Kylie
  • Meaning: Graceful or princess
  • Origin: English
  • Kylie Jenner and Kylie Minogue are some of the down-to-earth celebrities.
  1. Lydia Maude
  • Meaning: Battle mightily
  • Origin: German
  • An amazing name for an amazing little girl.
  1. Lydia Olive
  • Meaning: Olive tree
  • Origin: English
  • Olive is a peaceful name because of the symbolism of the olive branch.
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  1. Lydia Paige
  • Meaning: Assistant, page
  • Origin: English
  • Paige sings in Beauty and the Beast with such a captivating voice.
  1. Lydia Petra
  • Meaning: Rock
  • Origin: Greek
  • Lydia Petra sounds so sophisticated and solid.
  1. Lydia Reese
  • Meaning: Passion, enthusiasm
  • Origin: Welsh
  • Reese Witherspoon is such a cool actress.
  1. Lydia Savanna
  • Meaning: Open Plain
  • Origin: Spanish
  • It’s a name for freedom and nature, giving a unique spin on a baby name.
  1. Lydia Shae
  • Meaning: Admirable
  • Origin: Gaelic
  • An honorable name for a child who will grow up to be a well-respected adult.
  1. Lydia Skye
  • Meaning: Island of clouds
  • Origin: Scottish
  • The name exudes a light, breezy nature.

Unisex Middle Names For Lydia

  1. Lydia Adin
  • Meaning: Beautiful or slender
  • Origin: Hebrew
  • It’s a beautiful biblical name.
  1. Lydia Adiel
  • Meaning: God’s ornament
  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Such a captivating name with a powerful meaning.
  1. Lydia Adler
  • Meaning: Eagle
  • Origin: German
  • The unisex name is unique and sassy.
  1. Lydia Bliss
  • Meaning: Happiness or perfect joy
  • Origin: English
  • You can share your joy about your baby by naming her Bliss.
  1. Lydia Drew
  • Meaning: Strong
  • Origin: English
  • Drew Barrymore is one of my favourite actresses.
  1. Lydia Kai
  • Meaning: Sea in Hawaiian, Earth in Scandinavia
  • Origin: Hawaiian
  • Kai has a rich history across different regions of the world.
  1. Lydia Lou
  • Meaning: Warrior
  • Origin: German
  • Lydia Lou has a great ring to the name of a little warrior.
  1. Lydia Lyric
  • Meaning: Words of a song
  • Origin: English
  • Great for families passionate about music.
  1. Lydia Pace
  • Meaning: Peaceful one
  • Origin: English
  • It’s stylish and a bit offbeat.
  1. Lydia Quinn
  • Meaning: counsel
  • Origin: Irish
  • The name grew in popularity after the TV hit show Glee.
  1. Lydia River
  • Meaning: Lovely or stream of water flowing to the sea
  • Origin: English
  • Brings memories of the late actress River Phoenix.
  1. Lydia Sage
  • Meaning: Wise
  • Origin: English
  • Wisdom is a great quality to behold.

Classic Middle Names that aren’t Boring for Lydia

  1. Lydia Abigail
  • Meaning: Joy of the father
  • Origin: Hebrew
  • It’s a classic name with so many famous people named Abigail. Also, it’s a common name among Hawaiian princesses.
  1. Lydia Berkeley
  • Meaning: from the Birch wood
  • Origin: English
  • I am thinking about Berkeley castle!
best middle names for lydia
  1. Lydia Cordelia
  • Meaning: Heart
  • Origin: English
  • There is a romantic and antique ring to the name.
  1. Lydia Daphne
  • Meaning: Laurel tee
  • Origin: Greek
  • I love Greek mythology and the interesting great tales.
  1. Lydia Eleanor
  • Meaning: Shining light
  • Origin: French
  • Eleanor Roosevelt is famous for being the longest-serving first lady of the USA.
  1. Lydia Eloise
  • Meaning: Healthy
  • Origin: French
  • The name is feminine, elegant and classic.
  1. Lydia Esme
  • Meaning: Beloved, esteemed
  • Origin: French
  • Beautiful name meaning beloved.
  1. Lydia Hyacinth
  • Meaning: Blue flower or precious
  • Origin: Greek
  • I love flowers, especially unusual; flower names.
  1. Lydia Phoebe
  • Meaning: Bright, shining
  • Origin: Greek
  • In Greek mythology, Phoebe was a Titan with the power to prophecy.
  1. Lydia Lilith
  • Meaning: Of the Night
  • Origin: Arabic
  • Lilith was the first wife of Adam.
  1. Lydia Ophelia
  • Meaning: Help
  • Origin: Greek
  • The name represents selflessness and beauty.
  1. Lydia Rose
  • Meaning: Rose, a flower
  • Origin: Latin
  • Refers to timeless and romantic bloom.

International Middle Names for Lydia

  1. Lydia Agnieszka
  • Meaning: Pure and Holy
  • Origin: Poland
  • One of my favourite names meaning chaste and innocent.
  1. Lydia Camille
  • Meaning: Helper to the priest
  • Origin: French
  • Perfect name for raising a baby spiritually.
  1. Lydia Colette
  • Meaning: People of victory
  • Origin: French
  • Lydia Colette is a chic and charming name.
  1. Lydia Eireann
  • Meaning: Belonging to Ireland
  • Origin: Ireland
  •  A name that makes you proud of your birthplace.
  1. Lydia Gertrud
  • Meaning: Spear, strength
  • Origin: German
  • The name has a great German twist.
  1. Lydia Lore
  • Meaning: Merciful, God is my light
  • Origin: Italy
  • Lydia Lore sounds like a sophisticated lady.
  1. Magdalena
  • Meaning: Woman from Magdala
  • Origin: German
  • Associated with Mary Magdalene from the bible, she loved Jesus.
  1. Lydia Paola
  • Meaning: Small
  • Origin: Italy
  • No matter how old the baby is, she will always be my baby.
  1. Lydia Sorcha
  • Meaning: Brightness
  • Origin: Ireland
  • It’s a unique Irish name for an intelligent baby.
  1. Lydia Valeria
  • Meaning: Strong, brave and healthy.
  • Origin: Spain
  • Lydia Valeria rhymes so well and is easy to pronounce.
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Several Syllable Middle Names for Lydia

One syllable middle name for Lydia

  1. Lydia Ann
  • Meaning: God has favoured me
  • Origin: Hebrew, Latin
  • God’s favour is upon you.
  1. Lydia Dawn
  • Meaning: Daybreak
  • Origin: English
  • The name reminds you of the beginning of happiness.
  1. Lydia Elle
  • Meaning: Sunray
  • Origin: Hebrew and Greek
  • It’s a unique name reminding you that God is your light.
  1. Lydia Eve
  • Meaning: Life
  • Origin: Latin and Hebrew
  • Reminds me of Eve, the mother of life.
  1. Lydia Fay
  • Meaning: Fairy
  • Origin: French
  • A feminine name for a fairy!
  1. Lydia Fern
  • Meaning: One who lives among the ferns
  • Origin: English
  • Signifies magic and fascination.
  1. Lydia Jess
  • Meaning: Gift of God
  • Origin: English
  • A great name that reminds you of God’s gift to you.
  1. Lydia Jo
  • Meaning: God is gracious
  • Origin: Hebrew
  • A unique and short name that allows you to share your faith with the baby.
  1. Lydia Lynn
  • Meaning: From the lake
  • Origin: Irish
  • It’s trendy and gender-neutral.
  1. Lydia May
  • Meaning: Great
  • Origin: English
  • Your baby may be a social butterfly.

Two syllable middle names for Lydia

  1. Lydia Bria
  • Meaning: High, noble, Liveliness
  • Origin: Italian
  • It’s a sweet but spirited name.
  1. Lydia Brigid
  • Meaning: Strength or exalted one
  • Origin: Irish
  • Goddess of fire!
  1. Lydia Chantal
  • Meaning: Made of stone
  • Origin: French
  • A name for a girl with a strong demeanor.
  1. Lydia Charis
  • Meaning: Grace, kindness
  • Origin: Greek
  • A name befitting elegant girls.
  1. Lydia Eden
  • Meaning: Paradise
  • Origin: Hebrew
  • The first home of Adam and Eve.
  1. Lydia Ellen
  • Meaning: Shining Light
  • Origin: Greek
  • A beacon of limitless love for any new parent.
  1. Lydia Emma
  • Meaning: Whole
  • Origin: Germany
  • Perfect name for a bay that will be your whole world.
  1. Lydia Faith
  • Meaning: Trust, Devotion
  • Origin: English
  • A virtuous name with a rich history.
  1. Lydia Gail
  • Meaning: Gives joy
  • Origin: English
  • What better name than this one that brings joy?
  1. Lydia Iris 
  • Meaning: Rainbow
  • Origin: Greek
  • Greek mythology rainbow goddess.
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Three-syllable middle names for Lydia

  1. Lydia Christabel
  • Meaning: Beautiful Christian
  • Origin: Latin
  • Embodies a loyal mind with an open heart.
  1. Lydia Eliza
  • Meaning: Pledged to God
  • Origin: Hebrew
  • It’s a classic and beautiful name.
  1. Lydia Felicity
  • Meaning: Happiness
  • Origin: Latin
  • It’s good fortune and luck.
  1. Lydia Fiona
  • Meaning: Fair or Pale
  • Origin: Irish
  • Shrek’s feisty wife in the livable ogre movie.
  1. Lydia Juliet
  • Meaning: Youthful, downy
  • Origin: English
  • The name is famous for being part of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet.
  1.  Lydia Margaret
  • Meaning: Pearl
  • Origin: English
  • The name is famous across many languages, cultures and countries.
  1. Lydia Meredith
  • Meaning: Great Ruler
  • Origin: Welsh
  • The name feels like royalty.
  1. Lydia Mireille
  • Meaning: Admirable
  • Origin: French
  • Reminds me of the world-famous French pop singer Mireille Mathieu.
  1. Lydia Mirabel
  •  Meaning: Wondrous
  • Origin: English
  • A unique and captivating baby name.
  1. Lydia Minerva
  • Meaning: Goddess of wisdom
  • Origin: Latin
  • Famed after the Roman Goddess of wisdom.

Four-syllable middle names for Lydia

  1. Lydia Alexandra
  • Meaning: Defender
  • Origin: Greek
  •  A powerful name with a great meaning.
  1.  Lydia  Anastasia
  • Meaning: resurrection
  • Origin: Greek
  • Symbolizes one who will be reborn.
  1. Lydia Annabella
  • Meaning: Favored grace
  • Origin: Hebrew and Latin
  • Unique name for a beautiful and graceful baby.
  1. Lydia Anneliese
  • Meaning: Graces with God’s bounty
  • Origin: German
  • The name signifies the grace of God.
  1. LydiaArabella
  • Meaning: Prayerful
  • Origin: Latin
  • The baby is a result of answered prayers.
  1. Lydia Caterina
  • Meaning: Pure
  •  Origin: Italian
  • The name signifies the alluring innocence of a pure soul.
  1.  Lydia Genevieve
  • Meaning: White wave, a woman of the family
  • Origin: French
  • Reminds me of Saint Genevieve, patron saint of Paris.
  1. Lydia Henrietta
  • Meaning: Ruler of the home
  • Origin: English
  • With the name comes power.
  1. Lydia Theodora
  • Meaning: Divine gift
  • Origin: Greek
  • A charming classic name.
  1. Lydia Zuleika
  • Meaning: Brilliant Beauty
  • Origin: Arabic
  • One of the finest Arabic names for a brilliant baby.
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Alternative Names to Lydia

  1.  Lidia
  2.  Lillia
  3.  Linnea
  4.  Lilyan
  5.  Alysia

Best 5 Nicknames for Lydia

  1. Didi
  2.  Liddy
  3.  Lidi
  4. Dee
  5. Lilee

Sibling Names for Lydia

Sister Names for Lydia

  1. Melany
  2. Violet
  3. Eliana
  4. Eloise
  5. Lily

Brother Names for Lydia

  1. George
  2. Benjamin
  3. Elijah
  4. Alexander
  5. Sebastian

Twin Sister Names for Lydia

  1. Lydia and Camilla
  2. Lydia and Lola
  3. Lydia and Scarlette
  4. Lydia and Raina
  5. Lydia and Molly

Twin Brother Names for Lydia

  1. Lydia and Jordan
  2. Lydia and Christopher
  3. Lydia and William
  4. Lydia and Austin
  5. Lydia and Joshua


What are the Variations or Foreign Spellings of Lydia?

Lydia has been consistent over centuries, hence not so many variations. But, there are some few differences in spelling depending on the country, such as

  •   Lyyti (Finnish)
  •  Lidka (Polish)
  • Lidia (Italian)
  • Lydie (French)
  • Lidija (Slavic)

What’s the Pronunciation of Lydia?

Lydia is not a complicated name to pronounce, despite having the “Y” at the beginning. The correct way to pronounce it is “LI-dee-uh”. During pronunciation, you must put stress on the first syllable.

Final Thoughts

Parents put a lot of thought into naming their newborn children. Some choose to name their children after their parents or someone they admire. Others choose to go with baby name meaning.

Lydia is a great baby name, with its long and rich history. To add pomp to the name, choose one of the outlined middle names from our list.

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