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best middle names for Lincoln

Lincoln is a cute name and has a lovely ring to it. What middle names for Lincoln can you pair with it? I have done thorough research to provide you with the best 100+ middle names for Lincoln. 

The research included looking at the most preferred and famous middle names for Lincoln. All you need to do is choose the one that pleases you the most. In this article, you will learn about 100+ middle names for Lincoln divided into various categories. I even provided you with multiple alternatives.

Origin and Meaning

Before naming your child, you should learn the name’s origin and meaning. The name Lincoln is British and originates from a town with the same name. Some people consider the name masculine and a surname of Anglo-Saxon origin.  It has a rich meaning ‘Lynn’, a Brythonic word meaning a lake, and ‘Colonia’, a Latin name for ‘colony’. The name Lincoln means “Lake Colony”.

Lincoln means a town by the pool or someone who lives by the lake. Due to its use to honour President Lincoln, the name has gained immense popularity. Many males around the United States use it.

Famous People Named Lincoln

Are you wondering if there are famous people named Lincoln? Here are some who have constituted to make this baby’s name more prominent.

  • Abraham Lincoln- the 16th president of the United States
  • Bathsheba Lincoln- grandmother of the 16th US president
  • John Lincoln- Abraham Lincoln great-grandfather
  • Lincoln Melcher- Actor
  • Lincoln Bell Shepard- Kristen Bell’s son
  • Lincoln Peirce- Cartoonist
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Here are 50+ middle names for Lincoln to help you choose the best for your baby boy.

Trendy Middle Names for Lincoln

  • Lincoln Finn- means fair
  • Lincoln Calvin- little bald one
  • Lincoln Lennox- with many elm trees
  • Lincoln Ronin- masterless samurai
  • Lincoln Henry- house ruler
  • Lincoln Lucias
  • Lincoln William- strong-willed warrior

Cool/ Unique Middle Names for Lincoln

  • Lincoln Tanner- leather maker
  • Lincoln Atlas- of Greek origin meaning “to carry”
  • Lincoln Micah- means “who is like God”
  • Lincoln Lian- lotus flower/graceful willow
  • Lincoln Trey -means three
  • Lincoln Rodney- means island near the clearing
  • Lincoln Wayne- craftsman, wagon driver
  • Lincoln Chance- means good fortune
  • Lincoln Jaxton- means God is gracious or son of Jack

Southern Middle Names for Lincoln

  • Lincoln Darren- it means the little great one
  • Lincoln Hunter- one who likes hunting
  • Lincoln Drake- a dragon
  • Lincoln Garrett- spear strength
  • Lincoln Grant- the tall one
  • Lincoln Colton- from the coal town
  • Lincoln Declan- man of prayer

Beautiful Middle names for Lincoln

  • Lincoln Berenger- warrior fighting with spear
  • Lincoln Asa- healer
  • Lincoln Alexander- man’s defender
  • Lincoln Bell- beautiful
  • Lincoln Amos- carried by God
  • Lincoln Balsam
  • Lincoln Asher- happiness
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Gender-Neutral Middle Names for Lincoln

  • Lincoln Arden- high valley
  • Lincoln Casey- watchful
  • Lincoln Jessie-king, God’s gift
  • Lincoln Ollie-elf warrior
  • Lincoln Kerry-black-haired
  • Lincoln Brighton-bright town
  • Lincoln Alva-his highness

Cute Middle Names for Lincoln

  • Lincoln Noel- of or born on Christmas
  • Lincoln Neil- champion
  • Lincoln Leighton- herb garden
  • Lincoln Kaiser- emperor
  • Lincoln Ruben- behold, a son
  • Lincoln Mateo- gift of God
  • Lincoln Rowan- little redhead

Old-Fashioned Middle Names for Lincoln

  • Lincoln Griffin- prince or lord
  • Lincoln Wyatt- brave warrior, war strength
  • Lincoln Xavier- splendid, bright
  • Lincoln Tobias- God is good
  • Lincoln August- to increase, great
  • Lincoln Ethan- strong, enduring, firm
  • Lincoln Orion- great hunter, rising in the sky
  • Lincoln Evan- the Lord is gracious

European/French Middle Names for Lincoln

  • Lincoln Odilon
  • Lincoln Jean-Luc
  • Lincoln Claude
  • Lincoln Étienne
  • Lincoln Fançois
  • Lincoln Gael
  • Lincoln Pierre
  • Lincoln Guillaume

Several Syllable Middle Names for Lincoln 

Are you considering several-syllable middle names for Lincoln? Here are some good examples to help you decide.

One-Syllable Middle Names for Lincoln

  • Lincoln Cade- meaning a barrel or round
  • Lincoln Beau- a french name meaning handsome or beautiful
  • Lincoln Brook- means peace or small stream
  • Lincoln Chad- defender or protector
  • Lincoln Craig- rocky or rock

Two Syllable middle names for Lincoln

  • Lincoln Tyler- little king
  • Lincoln Ernest- truthful diligent
  • Lincoln Davies- alternative to David
  • Lincoln Dexter- means fortunate
  • Lincoln Ellis- means the Lord is my God

Three-Syllable Middle names for Lincoln

  • Lincoln Gregory- of Greek origin meaning alert, watchful
  • Lincoln Cristiano- a follower of christ
  • Lincoln Nicholas- victorious people
  • Lincoln Dakota- friendly-one
  • Lincoln Hadrian- dark-haired

Four Syllable Middle Names for Lincoln

  • Lincoln Donatello- Italian name meaning given by God
  • Lincoln Cornelius- wise or strong-willed
  • Lincoln Augustino- majestic
  • Lincoln Meridian- nature-inspired
  • Lincoln Aracello-charismatic
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Similar Names / Alternative Names to Lincoln

  • Landen
  • Laken
  • Kyndall
  • Landon
  • Lennon

Best 5-10 Nicknames for Lincoln

  • Linc
  • LiLi
  • Linky
  • Linkie
  • Linkin 

Sibling Names for Lincoln

Baby Brother Names for Lincoln

  • Collins
  • Lingard
  • Conrad
  • Leo
  • Lyndon 

Baby Sister Names for Lincoln

  • Lilly
  • Leah
  • Lilian
  • Linda
  • Lillith 

Twin names for Lincoln

  • Lincoln and Raymond
  • Lincoln and Lyle
  • Lincoln and Rocco
  • Lincoln and Luciano
  • Lincoln and Rowan


Foreign Spelling of It

  • Lin’koln (Greek)
  • Linkol’n (Russian)
  • Linekona (Hawaiian)
  • Linkolns (Latvian)
  • Lincolin (Mongolian)

Pronunciation of Lincoln

  • Ling. kn
  • Linken
  • LINK.kun
  • Lin Kuhn

How rare is the name Lincoln?

In 2021, parents in the US named 1 out of 280 newborn boys and 1 in 12,358 newborn girls Lincoln.

Why is the name Lincoln unique?

People considered Abraham Lincoln a natural-born leader. He was able to command a room and had great negotiation skills. Also, he would deliver powerful speeches. People consider Lincoln one of the best American presidents. Naming your child Lincoln could mean all this.

Is Lincoln an old-fashioned name?

Due to its link with Abraham Lincoln, people consider the name old-fashioned in some ways.

How old is the name Lincoln?

The name dates back to the 1st century BC when the Celtic people founded it.

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Wrapping it Up

As you have learned, Lincoln is a wonderful name to give your baby boy. You can choose from these 100+ middle names for Lincoln to pair with it. I must admit that all this gave me baby fever, and I am happy for everyone who has chosen to name their baby boy Lincoln. Let’s hear your thoughts on naming your baby Lincoln. Happy parenting!

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