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Are you considering naming your new baby girl “Evelyn” and want a middle name to go well with it? Well, here we have recommendations of 90 middle names for Evelyn.

We have checked all these middle names’ origins, meanings, syllables, and lengths. Besides we also said the names out loud to ensure they sounded compatible and provided reasons as to why we liked each of these middle names.

So, without further ado, let’s dive in,  

Meaning of Evelyn

Evelyn is a female English name inspired by the French name Evelyn or HEvelyn. It means “hazelnut”,”life”, and “desired”. Yet, It translates to “island”. 

Origin of Evelyn

The origin of Evelyn is a Norman French name, “Aveline.” 

Evelyn: US Popularity

Evelyn: Global Popularity

CountryNumber on the list of Most Popular Girl NamesYear of ranking
United States9th2021
New Zealand27th2021
Australia (NSW)21th2021
England and Wales21th2021

100+ Middle Names for Evelyn

Trendy, Fashionable Middle Names for Evelyn

1. Evelyn August

  • Meaning: Impressive, respected
  • Origin: Latin origin derived from Augustus
  • The name symbolizes elegance and historical importance. 

2. Evelyn Liane

  • Meaning: Sun
  • Origin: Roman family  name “Aelianus.”
  • It signifies life, energy, power, and clarity.

3. Evelyn Jane

  • Meaning: God is gracious
  • Origin: Old French name “Jehhane.”
  • It is a short name resonating well with Evelyn.

4.Evelyn  Belle

  • Meaning: Beautiful
  • Origin: Derived from the Latin name “Bella.”
  • It is a special name portraying feminine charm.

5. Evelyn Claire

  • Meaning: Bright, clear
  • Origin: Latin word “clarus.”
  • It represents the moon’s light as in “Clair de lune.”

6. Evelyn Diana

  • Meaning: To shine, sky
  • Origin: Proto-indo-European roots
  • The name signifies the vast, radiant sky shining on the child.

7.  Evelyn Flora

  • Meaning: Flower 
  • Origin: Latin roots 
  • This beautiful name displays delicacy and grace.

8. Evelyn Heather

  • Meaning: Evergreen flowering plant
  • Origin: British origin 
  • It symbolizes everlasting productive life even in tough times.

9. Evelyn Eliana

  • Meaning: God has answered
  • Origin: Derived from the Hebrew name “Eliyanah.”
  • It shows gratefulness that God has blessed your prayers with Evelyn.

10. Evelyn Lia

  • Meaning: Relaxed, gentle
  • Origin: Latina roots
  • It could help bring calm, peace, and warmth into the life of baby Evelyn.

11. Evelyn Adele

  • Meaning: Nobility
  • Origin: the German word “Adel.”
  • It denotes the Noble heritage and flawless nature.

12. Evelyn Dream

  • Meaning: Joyous music
  • Origin: American roots
  • It seems like a magical middle name.

13. Evelyn Hannah

  • Meaning: Grace, favour
  • Origin: Hebrew
  • It attributes that God has favored you with a child.

14. Evelyn Kelsey

  • Meaning: Ship’s victory
  • Origin: Old English word “Ceolsige.”
  • It showers the blessings of great victories.

15. Evelyn Stella

  • Meaning: Star
  • Origin: Latin roots
  • It relates to a vast universe of shining stars.

Cool Middle Names for Evelyn 

16. Evelyn Gemma

  • Meaning: Little dove, gem
  • Origin: Hebrew name “Jemma.”
  • The baby is no less than a gem

17. Evelyn Halena

  • Meaning: Brightness
  • Origin: Australian origin 
  • It is a special name denoting the brightness the baby bought into your life.

18.  Evelyn Nyla

  • Meaning: Achiever
  • Origin: Arabic roots
  • You want your baby to win at everything she does.

19. Evelyn Dora

  • Meaning: Gift, blessing
  • Origin: Greek word “Dorothy.”
  • It is a cute little name that sounds cool with Evelyn.

20. Evelyn Vivien

  • Meaning: Lively
  • Origin: the French word “Viviana.”
  • It is an adorable and cheerful name.

21. Evelyn Callie

  • Meaning: Beautiful
  • Origin: Derived from the name of the Greek myth “Callisto.”
  • It illustrates the beauty of baby Evelyn.

22. Evelyn Caris

  • Meaning: Kindness, love
  • Origin: Welsh roots
  • It denotes your selfless love and kindness for the child.

23. Evelyn Lina

  • Meaning: Tender, delicate
  • Origin: Arabic roots
  • The name sounds compatible with Evelyn. 

24. Evelyn Nora

  • Meaning: Honor, respect
  • Origin: Latin word “Honor.”
  • It is a prayer for your child to receive honor and respect.

25. Evelyn Elizabeth 

  • Meaning: God is my oath
  • Origin: Hebrew roots
  • It is a perfect name for parents who believe in God Almighty and want their children to be the same.

26. Evelyn Hazel

  • Meaning: Name of a tree, color
  • Origin: Old English
  • It could show the color of the eyes or the firm foundation like a strong tree.

27. Evelyn Jacqueline

  • Meaning: May God protect
  • Origin: French roots
  • The name has powerful vibes but is a humble prayer.

28. Evelyn Vera

  • Meaning: Faith
  • Origin: Slavic origin
  • It has one syllable and is perfect for Evelyn.

29.  Evelyn Nicole

  • Meaning: People of the victory
  • Origin: Female version of French male name “Nicolas.”
  • It represents the baby becoming one of the people with victory.

30. Evelyn Lark 

  • Meaning: Playful bird
  • Origin: British roots
  • The name represents a baby, playful and small.
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Pretty Middle Names for Evelyn

31. Evelyn Emma

  • Meaning: Whole, universal
  • Origin: Derived from the German word “Erman.”
  • The name produces a rhythmic sound combined with Emma.

32. Evelyn Lauren

  • Meaning: Sweet of Honor, wisdom
  • Origin: Rooted from the French name “Laurence.”
  • Its meaning adds to the meaning of the name Evelyn representing acumen.

33. Evelyn Rosalie

  • Meaning: Flower, rose
  • Origin: Latin word “Rosa.”
  • The name emits radiance due to spring-like vibes.

34. Evelyn Zoe

  • Meaning: Life
  • Origin: Zoey is of Greek origin
  • The name represents the blessings of long and healthy life when used with Zoe. 

35. Evelyn Tess

  • Meaning: “Late Summer”
  • Origin: Greek word “Teresa.”
  • It is a cute name with a warm feeling.

36. Evelyn Sarah

  • Meaning: Noblewoman, princess
  • Origin: Hebrew-derived female name
  • The name featured strength, dignity, and virtue. 

37. Evelyn Ivy

  • Meaning: Climbing evergreen plant
  • Origin: it is a girl name of British origin
  • This Name displays Eternity and Fidelity. Also, it enhances popularity.

38. Evelyn Ariel

  • Meaning: Lion of God
  • Origin: Hebrew origin
  • The name describes the quality or strength together with Ariel.

39. Evelyn Melissa

  • Meaning: Honeybee, servant of Jesus
  • Origin: its roots are from the Ancient Greek word “Mélissa.”
  • The name appears elegant when combined with Mellisa.

40. Evelyn Arabelle

  • Meaning: Prayerful
  • Origin: Latin word “Orabillis.”
  • It suggests the strength of character and remembrance of God.

41. Evelyn Gracie

  • Meaning: Favor, blessings
  • Origin: Scottish Gaelic word Greusaich.
  • It adds to the charm of the name Evelyn because of its gracious meaning and lovely pronunciation.

42. Evelyn Rica

  • Meaning: Everlasting ruler
  • Origin: Norse roots
  • The name resonates with Rica because it illustrates power and authority.

43. Evelyn Lucille

  • Meaning: Light
  • Origin: French name “Lucia.”
  • It shows brightness and guidance besides its origin in Roman Empire.

44. Evelyn Iris

  • Meaning: Rainbow
  • Origin: Greek word “Iris.”
  • It is a youthful name with the significance of adding colors to life.

45. Evelyn Caroline

  • Meaning: Strong
  • Origin: French
  • It symbolizes energy and courage, a must-have for a strong character. 

Gender-neutral Middle Names for Evelyn

46. Evelyn Wren

  • Meaning: Small bird
  • Origin: Inspired by the English name of the songbird
  • It signifies your delicate and small baby.

47. Evelyn Mackenzie

  • Meaning: child of the bright one
  • Origin: Scottish surname “MacCoinnich.”
  • It praises the parents for giving birth to a healthy child.

48. Evelyn Arya

  • Meaning: Faithful
  • Origin: Persian roots
  • It shows faith and friendly nature.

49. Evelyn Shea

  • Meaning: Hawl-like, dauntless
  • Origin: Gaelic roots
  • It symbolizes a well-respected and admirable individual. 

50. Evelyn Bleu

  • Meaning: Blue
  • Origin: French origin
  • It symbolizes the boundless blue sky.

51. Evelyn Avery

  • Meaning: Ruler of Alves
  • Origin: French and English roots
  • This name suits Evelyn because of the accent.

52. Evelyn Robin

  • Meaning: Fame
  • Origin: Derived from the French and German name “Robert.”
  • It is a popular name that represents popularity.

53. Evelyn Whitney

  • Meaning: White Island
  • Origin: Old English
  • It is a cool name that became popular in late-nighties. 

54. Evelyn Garnet

  • Meaning: Dark Red Gemstone, protect
  • Origin: German roots
  • It represents a precious stone like your valuable child.

55. Evelyn Quinn

  • Meaning: Chief, head
  • Origin: Irish/Scottish surname
  • This name is for Evelyn, who has family roots in Ireland.
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Classic,Elegant Middle Names that Aren’t Boring for Evelyn

56. Evelyn Eve

  • Meaning: Living
  • Origin: Latin name “Eva.”
  • One of the most classic yet simple names.

57. Evelyn Virginia

  • Meaning: Maiden
  • Origin: Roman family name “Virginus.”
  • It was another name for Queen Elizabeth I. 

58. Evelyn Sandra

  • Meaning: Protector of humanity
  • Origin: Greek Roots
  • It relates to the goddess “Hera,” a great defender.

59. Evelyn Yasmin

  • Meaning: Jasmine flower
  • Origin: Persian origin
  • It could relate to the Disney movie “Aladin.”

60. Evelyn Miriam

  • Meaning: Wished for a child
  • Origin: Hebrew Origin
  • It shows sincere devotion and longing for a child.

61. Evelyn Selena

  • Meaning: The moon
  • Origin: Greek origin
  • It is the name of the Greek goddess of the moon and brightness.

62. Evelyn Sierra

  • Meaning: Mountain range
  • Origin: Spanish word
  • It connotes a sense of large strength.

63. Evelyn Charlotte

  • Meaning: Petite, freeman
  • Origin: Female alternative to the French name “Charles.”
  • It is one of the most classic names dating back to the 14th century.

International Middle Names for Evelyn 

64. Evelyn Aurora

  • Meaning: Dawn
  • Origin: Latin roots
  • The name represents the mesmerizing beauty of the child.

65. Evelyn Cassidy

  • Meaning: curly-haired
  • Origin: Irish surname “Caiside.”
  • The name is fit for a curly-haired Evelyn.

66. Evelyn Emily

  • Meaning: Persuasive
  • Origin: Roman Family name “Aemilius.”
  • The name represents soft speech, persuasion, and strength qualities.

67. Evelyn Fiona

  • Meaning: Fair
  • Origin: Latinized form of the Gaelic word “Fionna.”
  • The fair is for beauty, elegance, and character.

68. Evelyn Helen 

  • Meaning: Shining light
  • Origin: Greek roots
  • The name signifies dignity, kindness, power, and pride.

69. Evelyn Irene

  • Meaning: Peace
  • Origin: Greek and French origin
  • It represents the peace you feel by looking at your daughter.

70. Evelyn Kate

  • Meaning: Pure
  • Origin: English and Greek roots
  • It is a cute little name with an extensive history.

Several Syllable Middle Names for Evelyn

One-Syllable Middle Name for Evelyn

71. Evelyn Ash

  • Meaning: Happy
  • Origin: Rooted from Hebrew Title “Asher”
  • The name fits well with Ash and represents happiness and love.

72. Evelyn Trace

  • Meaning: Brave
  • Origin: English origin from “Tracy.”
  • The name expresses Warrior-like moral values.

73. Evelyn May

  • Meaning: A month
  • Origin: English word from “Maia.”
  • It could be the perfect name for your Evelyn, born in May.

74. Evelyn Jean

  • Meaning: God is Gracious
  • Origin: Derived from the Hebrew word “Yochanan.”
  • This name sounds cool but has deep meanings.

75. Evelyn Love

  • Meaning: Affection
  • Origin: Rooted from the old English word “Lufu.”
  • It is a simple yet adorable name you can use as a nickname.

Two Syllable Middle Names for Evelyn

76. Evelyn Autumn

  • Meaning: Fall, Harvesting season
  • Origin: Latin word
  • The name could work for an Autumn-born baby to signify the birth season.

77. Evelyn Finley

  • Meaning: Hero
  • Origin: Scottish word “Fionnlagh.”
  • Its ProtoGerman translation fits well with the name.

78. Evelyn Esme

  • Meaning: To esteem
  • Origin: Old French verb “Esmer.”
  • The name represents admiration and respect.

79. Evelyn Marie

  • Meaning: Beloved
  • Origin: French version of the English name “Mary.”
  • The name is also suitable as a first name.

80. Evelyn Gina

  • Meaning: Queen
  • Origin: Italian and Greek origin from the Greek nymph “Aegina.”
  • The name is easy to use and reflects royalty.
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Three-Syllable Middle Name for Evelyn

81. Evelyn Briana

  • Meaning: Virtuous, honorable
  • Origin: Counterpart of male Irish name “Brian.”
  • It reflects righteous qualities.

82. Evelyn Aliza

  • Meaning: Joy
  • Origin: Hebrew name
  • This name displays the joy that your daughter brings into your life.

83. Evelyn Harmony

  • Meaning: Unity
  • Origin: Greek word “Harmonia.”
  • It represents the peaceful nature of Evelyn.

84. Evelyn Katherine

  • Meaning: Pure
  • Origin: Greek word “Akaterine.”
  • The word is perfect for an innocent child. 

85. Evelyn Sofia

  • Meaning: Wisdom
  • Origin: Greek name “Sophia.”
  • It adds to the elegance of the first name.

Four Syllable Middle Names for Evelyn

86. Evelyn Victoria

  • Meaning: Victory
  • Origin: Latin word symbolizing goddess of victory
  • This name portrays an ever-winning champion.

87. Evelyn Ariana

  • Meaning: Holy
  • Origin: Greek name “Ariadne.”
  • It is a modern name with sophisticated meanings.

88. Evelyn Alivia

  • Meaning: Olive tree
  • Origin: American roots
  • This name represents nature and is harmonious with Evelyn.

89. Evelyn Liliana

  • Meaning: Innocent
  • Origin: Latin word “Lilium.”
  • This name suggests a pure childlike character.

90. Evelyn Valencia

  • Meaning: Healthy
  • Origin: Extrapolated from the Latin word “Valentia.”
  • The meaning is the same as that of Evelyn, thus, increasing strength and health.


What are some of Evelyn’s variations and foreign spellings? 

  • Evaline
  • Evalyn
  • Eveleen
  • Evelien

How is Evelyn Pronounced? 

The right pronunciation of Evelyn is “EEV-LIN.” 

What are the Best 5 Alternative names for Evelyn? 

  • Elouisa
  • Alice
  • Elsa
  • HEvelyn
  • Adalyn

What are the Best five nicknames for Evelyn? 

  • Ellie
  • El
  • Eve
  • Eva
  • Lyn

What are some of the best sibling names for Evelyn? 

Sister Names for Evelyn:

  • Eve
  • Isabella
  • Hazel
  • Olivia
  • Eisley

Brother Names for Evelyn:

  • Elvis
  • Levi
  • Alexander
  • Elijah
  • Liam

Twin Names for Evelyn:

  • Eleanor
  • Amelia
  • Evelyn
  • Leona
  • Camille


Middle names look elegant and add to the individuality of the child. But it takes more work to choose the most suitable name. Thus, we have made the list of all potential middle names for your newborn Evelyn. 

We hope you find inspiration in any of these names and give your baby a name with special meaning attached to it.

For more middle name dieas for your baby girl, please check out our guide middle names ideas.

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