100+ Best Middle Names for Eloise (With Meaning)

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best middle names for Eloise

You made an excellent choice picking Eloise as a first name for your princess. Now, it’s time to settle on a perfect middle name for Eloise.

Read further, and we’ll walk you through an extensive list of 100 middle names for Eloise.

But before then, let’s take a look at your first choice.

Meaning and Origin of the Name Eloise

The name Eloise is believed to have both German and Portuguese origins. Some say that the name is an English derivative of the french word Héloïse.

There are different meanings to the name Eloise. It all depends on your origin. For a German girl, the name Eloise translates into ‘Famous warrior.’ For the French, it translates into ‘healthy’ and ‘wise’’.

Eloise has become a popular choice for mothers these days. A report from a 2022 survey shows that the name Eloise is the 106th most popular name for females.

We’ve also included different ways to spell the name, as well as nickname options for the name.

Because we already promised to help you with this decision, we’ve segmented a list of middle name options that are sure to go well with an Eloise. Whichever idea comes to your mind when choosing a middle name, you’ll indeed find something that fits within this list.

Trendy Middle Names for Eloise

Here are five stylish names to complement an Eloise:

  1. Eloise Renee 
  • Meaning: The name Renee means to be reborn or to be born again. It has excerpts to spirituality. 
  • Origin: The name, which has Roman origins, was associated with spiritual baptism and cleansing, especially during medieval times. 
  • It’s a fine choice if you think a loved one reincarnated your child.
  1. Eloise Dakota 
  • Meaning: Friend; beautiful creation
  • Origin: American
  • Dakota has two beautiful meanings. Pick whichever meaning best resonates with you and stick with it. Perfect for kids from Dakota or born there.
  1. Eloise Willow 
  • Meaning: means fertility, new life, and the ability to thrive and survive in difficult situations. 
  • Origin: This trendy name has its roots in Old English history. 
  • It’s an excellent pick if you want your girl to have a name that’s a combo of stylish and vintage.
  1. Eloise Coral 
  • Meaning: The name Coral represents the immense beauty of the underwater world. 
  • Origin: Latin
  • Corals have shades of different colors that exude elegance and sheer attraction of the exact features you want your princess to have.
  1. Eloise Hazel 
  • Meaning: God has seen
  • Origin: Hebrew 
  • If you take your Christianity seriously, you’d always want your child in the sight of God.

Cool Middle Names for Eloise

  1. Eloise Belle 
  • Meaning: beautiful, elegant, and popular. 
  • Origin: French 
  • Your daughter will grow to be an attractive young woman, so it’s only fitting that you give her a name that would match her features.
  1. Eloise Vanora 
  • Meaning: In Greek, Vanora translates into a butterfly. In Welsh, it means ‘pure; white wave; fair; golden. 
  • Origin: Greek; Welsh
  • The name may also be a variant of “Guinevere,” the name of King Arthur’s legendary queen. It’s an elegant name associated with beauty, fairness, and grace.
  1. Eloise Delilah 
  • Meaning: Delicate, fragile, and approachable. 
  • Origin: Hebrew
  • It’s the perfect Hebrew name for your meek and gentle princess. The name Delilah has a melodic ring to it.
  1. Eloise Iona 
  • Meaning: Dove; a peaceful being, a gentle one. 
  • Origin:It has both Scottish and Greek Origins. 
  • The name Iona is a popular choice for little girls who are naturally considered pure and meek.
  1. Eloise Maeve 
  • Meaning: ‘Powerful; she who rules; intoxicating.’ 
  • Origin: Maeve was the name of one of Ireland’s most powerful queens in the first century.
  • The name Maeve is the perfect complimentary name for your Eloise. Both names have similar meanings.

Pretty Middle Names for Eloise

  1. Eloise Spring 
  • Meaning: Source; to come forth; to leap
  • Origin: The name, though an English name, is believed to have an Anglo-Saxon origin. This is a perfect name for active young girls. 
  • As a ‘source,’ your princess can also be the fount of your happiness, success, and all other positive energy that comes into your life after her birth.
  1. Eloise Iris 
  • Meaning: Iris is a name that comes from the Greek word for “rainbow.” 
  • Origin: Greek. 
  • Eloise Iris is a name your angel would be glad to bear.
  1. Eloise Ocean 
  • Meaning: Ocean
  • Origin: Greek
  • With a name like this, your princess would possess a respectable amount of elegance and poise.
  1. Eloise Nadia 
  • Meaning: Hope
  • Origin: It is a popular name in Slavic-speaking countries, such as Russia and Bulgaria. 
  • Some people may like the meaning of the name and the association with the famous gymnast, while others may not be as fond of it.
  1. Eloise Pearl 
  • Meaning: A precious thing
  • Origin: English. The name Pearl came into use as a given name in the 19th century and has been famous as a girl’s name since then.
  • Pearl is an excellent choice for your princess. It means rare and priceless, just like your princess is.

Unisex Middle Names for Eloise

  1. Eloise Kai 
  • Meaning: Sea; shell
  • Origin: Hawaii, Japanese
  • There’s an aura of elegance to the name Eloise Kai, so it’s a good choice.
  1. Eloise Murphy 
  • Meaning: Murphy means ‘sea warrior.’ 
  • Origin: Irish.
  • It is the perfect Viking name for your vibrant princess. Here’s a chance to make your princess stand out. Who knows. She could be the reason the rest of the world realizes that the name Murphy is unisex.
  1. Eloise Neve 
  • Meaning: “bright,” ‘’snow’’, or “radiant.” 
  • Origin: Irish
  • Your pretty girl will no doubt want to tell the whole world the meaning of her middle name.
  1. Eloise Quinn 
  • Meaning: Wise one
  • Origin: Quinn is a unisex name with Scottish/Irish origins. 
  • If your little Quinn turns out to be sensible, wise, intelligent, and smarter than her age, don’t be surprised, she’s only living up to her name. 
  1. Eloise Reed 
  • Meaning: Red haired
  • Origin: British
  • Finally, It’s the perfect name for a ginger-haired Eloise. It is a simple yet distinct name that tells the uniqueness of your precious child.

International Middle Names for Eloise

  1. Eloise Paloma 
  • Meaning: Dove. 
  • Origin: Spanish
  • Families keen on spirituality also use this name to acknowledge the presence of the divine realm in the child’s life.
  1. Eloise Kristen
  • Meaning: Follower of Christ
  • Origin: Scandinavian
  • The name Kristen is lovely and authentic. However, your child would likely be saying ‘‘ No, not Kristen, Kirsten’’ for a long time.
  1. Eloise Sasha 
  • Meaning:  The name means ‘Defender of humankind. It can also translate into ‘man’s helper.’ 
  • Origin: The name Sasha is a Russian derivative of the Greek name Alexandra 
  • Sasha is bound to be extroverted and full of energy. If you think your princess will be outspoken and confident, then this would be a perfect middle name for her.
  1. Eloise Maya 
  • Meaning: In Sanskrit, it means “illusion,” while in Hebrew, it means “water.” 

In Greek, it is a variation of the name Maia, the name of a Greek goddess associated with spring and fertility. 

In Spanish, Maya is a variation of the name Mayra, derived from the Latin word “maiores,” meaning “elders.”

  • Origin: Hebrew, Greek, and Spanish
  • This is a beautiful complementary name for your baby. The combo Eloise Maya sounds Elegant and feminine.
  1. Eloise Mirai 
  • Meaning: Mirai means the beauty of the future. 
  • Origin: Mirai is ideally a Japanese name. However, it also contains excerpts from Chinese mandarin and Korean heritage.
  • Mirai is a beautiful cultural name that will please the hearts of your culture-obsessed mother(in law.)

Naming your princess Mirai indicates that you have aligned with the divine realm to make her future beautiful and colorful.

Several Syllable Middle Names for Eloise

  • One-Syllable Middle Names for Eloise
  1. Mae 
  2. Kai 
  3. Reed 
  4. Rose 
  5. Anne 
  • Two-Syllable Middle Names for Eloise 
  1. Amber 
  2. Anna 
  3. Bella 
  4. Ava 
  5. Marie
  • Three-Syllable Middle Names for Eloise 
  1. Murphy 
  2. Sofia 
  3. Beverly 
  4. Angela 
  5. Bethany
  • Four Syllable Middle Names for Eloise 
  1. Isabella 
  2. Tatiana 
  3. Penelope 
  4. Angelina 
  5. Katerina

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the foreign variations of the name Eloise?

EnglishLoise, Elise; Elly
GermanAloysia; Louise; Heloise; Elousie
SpanishLuisa; Eloisa

What is the correct pronunciation of Eloise?

The name Eloise is phonetically pronounced as eh-Loh-EEZ.

How to choose a middle name?

When you choose a middle name, the foremost thing on your mind should be how well your choice name blends with the first and last names. Next, you should ensure that your child’s initials do not form weird acronyms. 

The meaning and origin of your chosen names are also important-you. Do not want to pick a name that attracts negativity of any kind.

The best part about getting a middle name is that you can have more than one. And, since a middle name is an opportunity to express your creativity and intrepidness, it wouldn’t hurt to think outside the box.

What are the best 5 alternative names for Eloise?

In case you’re on the fence about picking the name Eloise as a first name for your princess, here are 5 alternative names that you could consider:

  1. Elaine
  2. Alise
  3. Elodie
  4. Elowen
  5. Elise

What are the best 5 nicknames for Eloise

Want a nickname for your angel? Here are five of the best picks:

  1. El
  2. Lulu
  3. Elly
  4. Lou
  5. Lissy 

What are the sibling names for Eloise? 

Your first child’s name will, to an extent, determine the names of the others that follow. Siblings’ names should have a balance and a form of connectivity to each other. 

This way, your kids will have a sense of belonging and will likely develop team spirit within themselves.

Already have an Eloise, and you need fitting names for the other kids? We got you.

  • Sister Names for Eloise 
  1. Alice 
  2. Louanne 
  3. Andrea 
  4. Almira
  • Brother Names for Eloise 
  1. Alois 
  2. Alloysius 
  3. Andre 
  4. Cedric 
  5. Boris
  • Twin Names for Eloise
  1. Eloise and Elodie 
  2. Eloise and Lyla 
  3. Eloise and Lorelei 
  4. Eloise and Aloysia 
  5. Eloise and Eleanor


There you have it – 100 middle names for Eloise. We are sure that by now, you will have settled on the most suitable choice for your pretty little angel. Cheers!

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