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It is not easy to find perfect ideas for your baby’s middle name, if you’ve already settled on Blair as the first name. No worries! I have scoured the web and found plenty of websites, and make the best list of  the middle names for Blair.  

Meaning and Origin Of the Name Blair

Blair is a unisex name of Gaelic origin, meaning “from the field.” While Blair is gaining momentum, it is still unpopular especially in the US. It is not in the Top 2000 in the Social Security Index. The unpopularity makes it a perfect fit if you want something unique. 

When used as a first name, Blair combines well with other names as follows. Do you feel excited for the middle names for Blair? Let’s dive in!

Best Middle Names for Blair(Girls):

Cute,Beautiful Middle Names for Blair

  1. Blair Luna: It means “moon,” which is a great way to honor someone who has given you light in your life. Its meaning coupled with Latin in origin, which makes it a little unusual and stylish. 
  2. Blair Ursula: A cute girl’s name meaning “little she-bear”, taken from the Latin words ursa,“female bear”) and -ula, “little she-bear”. 
  3. Blair Bella: Bella means “beautiful,” and the origin is Italian, which is also very pretty. This name pairs well with Blair because it’s feminine but still strong-sounding. 
  4. Blair Adah: A name of Hebrew origin, Adah means Beautiful Ornament aesthetic qualities. If you want to give your daughter an earthy name that’s also beautiful and majestic, Adah is a great choice. 
  5. Blair Amy: Amy is a French name that translates literally to “beloved” or “well-loved”. The name comes from the Latin amare, meaning “to love.” 
  6. Blair Chloe: Chloe means “blossoming” or “fertile.” It’s a beautiful name for an equally beautiful girl. You can use it to show that you love the bloom of your kid. 

Nature-Themed Middle Names for Blair

  1. Blair Lily: In English, it means “lily flower,” which makes it a great choice for parents who want a name that’s soft and unique. 
  2. Blair Rose: Rose is a sweet and romantic middle name that means “rose flower” in Latin. It’s a beautiful way to honor your grandmother, who may have been named after her mother, Rose. 
  3. Blair Violet: Violet means pretty flower that symbolizes modesty, purity and refinement. It’s also the color of royalty). It’s a feminine Latin name that pairs well with nature-inspired names like Blair. 
  4. Blair Heather: The name Heather is a feminine form of the British surname. It referred to white, pink or purple flowering shrubs on peaty barren Scottish lands. 

Elegant, Classic, Old Money Middle Names for Blair

  1. Blair Scarlett: Scarlett is a feminine middle name that depicts red, a color of blood. Red is also a color associated with passion and love. It’s also a trendy, fashionable name that adds a pop of color to any given name combination. 
  2. Blair Willow: The willow was graceful for its free-swinging branches. Inspired by the tree itself, means “freedom” which goes well with the joy of bringing in a new being. 
  3. Blair Mary: Mary is an excellent pick if you want something that’s a little more modern with great history. 
  4. Blair Grace: Grace is the kind of name that always makes me think of gracefulness and elegance. And Blair has both of those qualities in spades. 
  5. Blair Faith: Faith is another great name that’s not too common these days. It’s perfect for Blair because she has such faith in her own abilities as a writer and an artist. 
  6. Blair Hope: Hope is a name with a lot of meaning behind it. Blair definitely deserves some hope after all she went through during her childhood. 
  7. Blair Tatiana: It’s the name of a Shakespearean character. Her most famous role was Titania in A Midsummer Night’s Dream
  8. Blair Evelyn: This is the perfect choice to avoid a gender-specific moniker. It means desired, island, or wished for. 
  9. Blair Ava: Ava means “life” in Latin, which is very fitting since this name means “life” in the sense of being alive and healthy. It’s also historical dating back to the Middle Ages. 
  10. Blair Bethany: Bethany, also known as Bethphage in Greek—”house of affliction” or “house of figs”). This versatile choice appeals to parents seeking something classic with a twist. 
  11. Blair Fiona: In Latin, Fion is a form of the word “fōn”, meaning white, beautiful or fair. In Irish, its Anglicized forms include an element meaning “vine.” 
  12. Blair Jennifer: The name Jennifer is of English origin, and means “fair; soft.” It affiliates to Cornish variation Guinevere—the name of King Arthur’s queen
best middle names for blair

Cool,Unique Middle Names for Blair

  1. Blair Imogen: The name Imogen comes from the Celtic name Innogen, meaning “daughter of”. This lovely girl’s name might also have Greek origins based on inno (= beloved), gen (child). 
  2. Blair Eve – With Eve, we are reminded that women have always been the ones who bring new life into the world. And when we look at our daughters today, we see how true this still is today. 
  3. Blair Roslynn: Roslynn has its roots in Old German, and it is a derivative of the name Rosalind. 
  4. Blair Matilda: The name Matilda is from the Germanic word mahthilt, meaning “might.” Pronounced: Mu TIL dah. Mattie is a sweet nickname for Matilda. Other options include Tilly (short for Theodora) and my personal favorite: Tilda. It’s so lovely! 
  5. Blair Felicity: Felicitas, the Latin word from which felicity is derived. It means “good fortune.”It has a cheerful sound that makes it just as appropriate for girls as other virtue names. 
  6. Blair Henrietta: The name Henrietta means Keeper of home and hearth. Overseer and ruler in her own domain. 

Powerful Middle Names for Blair

  1. Blair Amelia: Amelia means “industrious” and comes from the Latin word for “work.” This is a great pick if you want something that has some meaning behind it. 
  2. Blair Genevieve: The name Genevieve is most commonly given to girls and means “woman of the race”. In some contexts, it might mean “white wave.” 
  3. Blair Beth: Beth translates to the most general word for “house” or “habitation.” It is often used in the names of places—particularly those associated with religion. 
  4. Blair Emmeline: Emmeline is a beautiful and inspirational name with German origin. Emmeline means “hardworking or industrious.” The name will inspire the baby to dedicate herself early on in life. 
  5. Blair Bernadetta: Bernadetta is a female French and Polish name. It comes from the male name Bernard, meaning “brave as a bear”. 
  6. Blair Alexandra: The meaning of Alejandra—defender or protector of man (or woman). It gives your baby a warrior’s attitude. 
  7. Blair Penelope: Penelope is a name of Greek origin, meaning “weaver.” In ancient mythology, Penelope was the wife of Odysseus and queen of Ithaca. 

Faithful Middle Names for Blair

  1. Blair Michelle: Michelle is a derivative of Michael, which means “Who is like God?”— cool enough. 
  2. Blair Adelaide: Adelaide is a beautiful name, translating to noble nature. It’s got a lot of history behind it and a classy feel, which makes it great for names like Blair. 
  3. Blair Isabelle: This Hebrew name means “God is my oath” “pledged to God,” and “God is perfection.” 
  4. Blair Ingrid: Ingrid is a female name of Scandinavian origin that means “Ing’s Beauty.” It is created from the names of two Norse gods—the fertility god Ing and Fríðr, who denotes beauty. 
  5. Blair Anne: Anne derives from various Hebrew names including Hannah and Anne. The name means “He (God) has favored me” or “whom God pities/mourns for.” 
  6. Blair Vanessa: The Latin root of the name is from Venus – goddess of love. In Greek mythology it’s a reference to Phanessa (Pandora’s daughter). 
  7. Blair Seraphina: The name Serafina, which means “burning ones.” It comes from the seraphim of Jewish scripture. He was the highest rank of angels known for their intense passion.    
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Best Middle Names for Blair(Boys):

Cool, Unique Middle Names for Blair

  1. Blair Cameron: Cameron is a modern name with ancient roots; it comes from the Old English word “camb,” meaning bent. Actresses Cameron Diaz and Cameron Tucker are two celebrities who bear this name. 
  2. Blair Ace:  Blair Ace, meaning unity, one. This name is Latin in origin and is a great way to honor your heritage. 
  3. Blair Rebel: Rebel is a cool and rebellious name for both boys and girls. It has an air of defiance to it, but not necessarily in an unkind way. It can also lend a touch of fun if you want your child to stand out from the crowd. 
  4. Blair Cassandra: Cassandra is a Greek name that means “the one who shines and excels over man.” I’d love my kid to grow with an ego! 
  5. Blair Blue: Blue is a name with a very cool, unique sound to it. It’s short, sweet, and has a fun meaning: “color.” The origin of the name is English. 

Nature-Themed Middle Names for Blair

  1. Blair Wolf: This Germanic name means strong and unique—a wolf is one of the most powerful and fearsome animals in nature! It’s also a cool middle name that pairs well with the strong meaning of Blair. 
  2. Blair Ocean: Ocean is a Greek name meaning “sea”. Given the power and vastness of the ocean, Ocean is one of today’s fastest-rising baby names. 
  3. Blair Winter: Winter is a fresh alternative for the traditional names Summer and Autumn. 
  4. Blair Zephyr: It means “west wind,” a Greek mythology that was associated with the god Zeus and his son, Boreas. It’s a great choice if you want something that feels ancient, but unique. 
  5. Blair Kai: Kai is a name with many meanings: “sea” in Hawaiian culture, and “shell” in Japanese. In Europe, Kai means “warrior”; the name likely has Frisian roots—the shortened form of Kaimbe. And, has a meaning in some Welsh, Scandinavian, Greek, and African cultures. 

Classic,Old Fashioned,Old Money Middle Names for Blair

  1. Blair James: James is an Old Testament name meaning “supplanter” or substitute. Yet, in recent years—it’s also become trendy. 
  2. Blair Alexander – This classic name is a great option for boys, but it can also be used as a unisex name. It’s also not too popular, so it might stand out in the crowd. 
  3. Blair Augustus – This name has an old-world feel to it. But it’s still relatively uncommon. This makes it a good choice if you want something different from the norm. 
  4. Blair Marcellus – This name has Latin origins and is relatively uncommon. The unpopularity makes it a good option if you want something different from the norm. It’s also got some masculine charm to it that might make it appealing if you want your child to feel like they stand out. 

Best Unisex Middle Names for Blair 

  1. Blair Asa: Asa can be used as a unisex name—its most common meaning is “physician” or “healer.” It also has Japanese roots where it means ” born at dawn”. 
  2. Blair Garland: Garland is a name that can be used by either gender. It comes from the Old English and French, and it means “land of spears” or “wreath”. 
  3. Blair Lucky: Lucky is an American name that means prosperous, and it provides good fortune. Giving it to babies is a way to wish them success. 
  4. Blair Quince: The name Quince is a unisex name, coming from Latin. It means “applelike fruit.” 
  5. Blair River: River is an English name that derives from the word for a large body of flowing water. It’s historically a boy’s name but its use among girls has increased in recent years. 
  6. Blair Zen: comes from the Japanese word Zen, meaning “meditation.” It is a quality your child may have in abundance. 
  7. Blair MacLaren: It is a Scottish name derived from the Gaelic personal name Labhrann. The name was a Gaelicized form of Lawrence. 
  8. Blair Mckay: McKay is a gender-neutral name that combines Scottish and Irish roots. It means “happy” or “rejoicing.” 
best middle names for blair


What are the variations or foreign spelling for Blair?

Depending on the region or country, the name Blair can you can spell the name Blair as;

  • Blawr
  • Blayr
  • Bllaer
  • Bllair
  • Bllaur
  • Bllayr

How Do You Pronounce Blair?

You pronounce Blair as BLehR, according to the English pronunciation guide. 

Best 5 Alternative names to Blair

  • Clare.
  • Bear.
  • Jair.
  • Blaise.
  • Belle.

Best 5 nicknames for Blair

  • Beely
  • Bumble Bee
  • Blay
  • Blair Bear

Sibling names for Blair 

 Sister names for Blair

  • Blair and Camila
  • Blair and Clare
  • Blair and Claire
  • Blair and Eleanor
  • Blair and Blake

Brother names for Blair

  • Blair and Adair
  • Blair and Briar
  • Blair and Layne
  • Blair and Delainey
  • Blair and Lilac

Twin names for Blair

  • Blair and Ivy
  • Portia
  • Harper
  • Eden
  • Chloe

Ready To Choose a Perfect Middle Name For Your Baby Blair?

It seems that the general idea behind middle names is that they should not be used. Thanks to this post, you can now sidestep that taboo. From inspiration right down to an actual suggested middle name, I’ve got your back. Hope you have found your ideal middle names for Blair.

Wanna get more name ideas for your baby? Check out our guide: Best Middle Name Ideas and Best First Name Ideas.

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