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Aurora is such a beautiful name for a baby girl. Now it’s time to choose the perfect middle name for Aurora from my list of the “Top 100 Perfect Middle Names for Aurora.” 

I have covered everything from the most trendy middle names like Aurora Grace to old-fashioned middle names like Aurora Eileen.

Meaning of the Name Aurora

What name can be more inspiring than that of “Aurora,” the ancient Roman goddess of dawn? A goddess that is responsible for the beginning of each new day. Every morning, “Aurora” travels across the sky in her chariot, bringing the rising sunshine into all our lives.

Origin of the Name Aurora

Not only was Aurora the name of the ancient Roman goddess of dawn, but the Romans believed her tears actually created the morning dew and that the goddess was responsible for the Northern Lights, also known as the Aurora Borealis.

With such a beautiful origin story, it’s no wonder Disney chose the name Aurora for their all-time classic fairy tale, Sleeping Beauty. The tale of a cursed princess who slept for one hundred years only to be awakened by the kiss of a prince.

So there’s no need for you to scroll through the internet any longer in your search for the ideal middle name for your little goddess because I have done that for you. Join me now as we explore the “top 100 perfect middle names for Aurora.”

Famous People Named Aurora

  • Aurora was the princess in Disney’s “Sleeping Beauty.”
  • Aurora Aksnes is a famous singer/songwriter from Norway.
  • Aurora Gil is a very famous Mexican actress.

Aurora: Global Popularity

CountryNumber on the list of Most Popular Girls NamesYear of ranking
Australia (NSW)35th2021
United States36th2021
England and Wales56th2021
New Zealand42th2021

100 Middle Names for Aurora

Trendy Middle Names for Aurora

  1. Rose
  • Origin: Flower names became popular around Europe in the 19th century.
  • Meaning: Rose represents beauty.
  1. Josephine
  • Origin: Joséphine originally became popular in France, but it was originally the feminine form of Joseph in Hebrew, Yōsēf.
  • Meaning: God will increase.
  1. Pearl
  • Origin: Like the precious gem found in oysters.
  • Meaning: Precious.
  1. Grace
  • Origin: The word gratia from Latin origin means thanks. The word grace, meaning eloquence and kindness, was inspired by the Latin word for thanks, “gratia.”
  • Meaning: Charm, beauty, joy.
  1. Lee
  • Origin: Lee was originally an old English surname Lēah
  • Meaning: Meadow
  1. Marie
  • Origin: Marie is the French version of Mary. From the Bible, Mary was the mother of Jesus.
  • Meaning: Lady of the sea.
  1. Claire
  • Origin: From the Latin word clāru
  • Meaning: Clear or bright
  1. June
  • Origin: Like the sixth month of the year.
  • Meaning: Summer.
  1. Jane
  • Origin: From French, Jehanne and Jeanne are both feminine forms of Jean or John. 
  • Meaning: God’s grace.
  1.  Maeve
  • Origin: Maeve comes from Irish mythology. She was the queen of Connacht, one of the four Irish provinces.
  • Meaning: Intoxicating beauty.

Unique Middle Names for Aurora

  1. Zola
  • Origin: Zola is possibly from the Latin word for the earth but may also be the Zulu word for tranquil. 
  • Meaning: Earth or tranquil.
  1. Priscilla
  • Origin: The Catholic church made Priscilla a saint because she refused to give up her Christian faith during Roman times.
  • Meaning: Brave.
  1. Lucinda
  • Origin: Originally, Lucinda was a name used by Cervantes in 1605 for his novel Don Quixote.
  • Meaning: Lucia means light.
  1.  Ruby
  • Origin: From the Latin word rebeus meaning reddish.  
  • Meaning: A ruby is a gemstone.
  1.  Talulla
  • Origin: A name that became popular in the U.S. during the last century.
  • Meaning: A beautiful name that matches Aurora perfectly.
  1.  Lace
  • Origin: From patterned material.
  • Meaning: Delicate.
  1.  Filippa
  • Origin: A name that was very popular in the 19th century, then disappeared for almost a hundred years and became popular again recently.
  • Meaning: Filippa Aurora is very pretty.
  1. Hazel
  • Origin: Simply from the hazelnut tree or the Hebrew word hazā’ēl.
  • Meaning: God sees.
  1. Gray
  • Origin: The color.
  • Meaning: Gray.
  1. Letitia
  • Origin: One of the most popular names in the U.S. for the entire 20th century.
  • Meaning: Aurora Letitia is so pretty.

Beautiful Middle Names for Aurora

  1.  Odette
  • Origin: A French name that originated in Germany.
  • Meaning: Wealth.
  1.  Willow
  • Origin: Just like the graceful willow tree.
  • Meaning: Graceful.
  1.  Faith
  • Origin: With its roots in Latin, “faith” has always been a popular Christian name.
  • Meaning: Belief in God.
  1.  Enya
  • Origin: Estella is a Latin word adopted by the French to become Estelle.
  • Meaning: Star.
  1.  Fiona
  • Origin: Fiona comes from the Gaelic word fionn, a very popular name throughout Ireland because of the legendary Irish warrior Fionn Mac Cumhail
  • Meaning: Fair.
  1.  Fay
  • Origin: Derived from the old French word feie, which means fairy.
  • Meaning: Fairy.
  1.  Kasey
  • Origin: A pet name for Cassandra.
  • Meaning: Brave one.
  1.  Shelby
  • Origin: An old English surname.
  • Meaning: Where willows grow.
  1.  Sloane
  • Origin: From the Irish name O’Sluagháin.
  • Meaning: Warriors.
  1.  Patricia
  • Origin: Patricia comes from the Latin word patrician.
  • Meaning: Noble person.

Gender-Neutral Middle Names for Aurora

  1.  Sage
  • Origin: Like the herb.
  • Meaning: Aurora Sage is a beautiful name.
  1.  Nova
  • Origin: The Latin word for new.
  • Meaning: New.
  1.  Quinn
  • Origin: Once an Irish surname meaning wisdom in the Irish language.
  • Meaning: Wisdom.
  1.  Nyx
  • Origin: Nyx was the Greek night goddess.
  • Meaning: Goddess.
  1.  Harper
  • Origin: A Middle English surname.
  • Meaning: Harp player.
  1.  Parker
  • Origin: A Middle English surname.
  • Meaning: A park keeper.
  1.  Rowan
  • Origin: An English version of Ruadhán, which means little red-haired one in the Irish language.
  • Meaning: Little red-haired one.
  1.  Flynn
  • Origin: A modern neutral name.
  • Meaning: Popular.
  1.  Jade
  • Origin: A gemstone that brings luck and confidence.
  • Meaning: Stone of the Gods.
  1. Blair
  • Origin:  Blair is a Scottish surname that comes from the Gaelic word for plain, “blár.”
  • Meaning:  Plain.
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Old Fashioned Middle Names for Aurora

  1.  Agatha
  • Origin: From the Greek word for kind, “agathos.” Agathē was a popular girl’s name in Greece and eventually became Agatha in English.
  • Meaning: Kind.
  1.  Colleen
  • Origin: Colleen means “girl” or “lass” in the Irish language.
  • Meaning: Girl.
  1.  Josephine
  • Origin:  Joséphine in French comes from Yōsēf in Hebrew.
  • Meaning: God will add.
  1.  Eileen
  • Origin: Eibhlín is a popular Irish name that was adopted by the English and became Eileen.
  • Meaning: Light.
  1.  Nora
  • Origin:  From the English word “Honor.”
  • Meaning: Honor.
  1.  Eleanor
  • Origin: Derived from the Celtic name Genovefa. 
  • Meaning: Tribe.
  1.  Cora
  • Origin: From the Greek word Korē.
  • Meaning: Maiden.
  1.  Violet
  • Origin: The Latin word viola was adopted by the French and changed to Violette in the middle ages.
  • Meaning: Faithfulness.
  1.  Hannah
  • Origin:  In the Bible, Hannah was the mother of Samuel the prophet. In Hebrew, hannāh means gracious.
  • Meaning: Gracious. 
  1. Alice
  • Origin: Originally Adalheidis in German, then adopted by the French and changed to Adaliz and Aaliz, then altered by the English to Aeleis and eventually became Alice.
  • Meaning: Truth.

European/ French Middle Names for Aurora

  1. Ariana
  • Origin: From the Welsh word for silver, arian.
  • Meaning: Holy one.
  1.  Mia
  • Origin: Mia was a pet name for Maria in Sweden.
  • Meaning: Rebellious.
  1.  Bridget
  • Origin: Along with St. Patrick, St. Bridget is a patron saint of Ireland.
  • Meaning: Strength.
  1.  Aisling
  • Origin: In the Irish language, aisling means dream.
  • Meaning: Dream.
  1.  Aimee
  • Origin:  From the French word for beloved, amee.
  • Meaning: Loved.
  1.  Pauline
  • Origin: A french name.
  • Meaning: Humble.
  1.  Eloise
  • Origin: The German name Helewidis was adopted by the French.
  • Meaning: Famous.
  1.  Emer
  • Origin:  Wife of Irish legend Cuchulainn.
  • Meaning: Beautiful voice.
  1.  Gabrielle
  • Origin: A French name that derives from Hebrew. God is my strength, “gavhrī’ēl.”
  • Meaning: God is my strength.
  1. Rosalee
  • Origin: Rosalie in French.
  • Meaning: Rose.
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Several Syllable Middle Names for Aurora

One Syllable Middle Names for Aurora

  1.  Anne
  • Origin:  Changed from Hanna in Hebrew to Anna in Latin, adopted by the French and changed to Anne; this name has also been used in English for hundreds of years.
  • Meaning: Grace.
  1.  May
  • Origin: A pet name for Mary or Margaret.
  • Meaning: The fifth month of the year.
  1.   Niamh
  • Origin: Niamh, pronounced neeve, means radiance in the Irish language.
  • Meaning: Radiance.
  1.   Rain
  • Origin: A popular modern name.
  • Meaning: Water drops.
  1.  Elle
  • Origin:  Extremely popular in the U.S. over the past twenty years.
  • Meaning: A very pretty name.
  1.  Claire
  • Origin: Clārus, the Latin word for bright, became a very popular name across Europe.
  • Meaning: Bright.
  1.  Jade
  • Origin: jade is a gemstone known to have the power to heal and is associated with confidence.
  • Meaning: Confidence.
  1.   Hope
  • Origin: For the more hopeful person.
  • Meaning: Hopeful.
  1.   Cruise
  • Origin: A very popular name in the U.S. over the past twenty years.
  • Meaning: Aurora Cruise just sounds good.
  1.   Starr
  • Origin: This unusual name has become a very popular choice.
  • Meaning: Like the stars in the night sky.

Two Syllable Middle Names for Aurora

  1.  Eden
  • Origin: In Hebrew, ēdhen means delight. From the Bible, Adam and Eve were created in the garden of Eden.
  • Meaning: Delight.
  1.  Autumn
  • Origin: Often used for girls born during the fourth season of the year.
  • Meaning: Autumn or Fall.
  1.  Ava
  • Origin: A beautiful choice.
  • Meaning: Like a bird.
  1.  Kayla
  • Origin: From Michaela to Makayla to Kayla.
  • Meaning: Slender.
  1.  Maggie
  • Origin: A pet name for Margaret.
  • Meaning: One of my favorites.
  1.  Molly
  • Origin: This Popular name was once a pet name for mary.
  • Meaning: Queen of the sea.
  1.  Paisley
  • Origin: While paisley is well known as a pattern used in the textile industry, it is also a town in Scotland and has become popular as a girls name in the past fifteen years.
  • Meaning: Church.
  1.  Sadie
  • Origin: The pet name for Sarah.
  • Meaning: Princess.
  1.   Sophie
  • Origin: A popular name in England since the 17th century, it was derived from the Greek name Sophia.
  • Meaning: Wisdom.
  1.   Olive
  • Origin: Like the fruit from the olive tree.
  • Meaning: Aurora Olive sounds so nice.
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Three Syllable Middle Names for Aurora

  1.  Addison
  • Origin: An old English surname.
  • Meaning: Pretty.
  1.  Delilah
  • Origin:  A Hebrew name and partner of Samson in the Bible.
  • Meaning: Delicate.
  1.  Savannah
  • Origin:  From Spanish.
  • Meaning: A plain with no trees.
  1.   Lydia
  • Origin: In Greek, Lydia was a kingdom in the west.
  • Meaning: Noble.
  1.  Mackenzie
  • Origin: A surname in Ireland that means son of Coinneach or son of Kenny.
  • Meaning: Fair or handsome.
  1.  Cassandra
  • Origin:  Derived from the Greek name Kassandra.
  • Meaning: Shining on man.
  1.  Christina
  • Origin: The feminine version of Christian.
  • Meaning: Follower of Christ.
  1.  Eliza
  • Origin: Eliza was a short form of Elizabeth until it became a name of its own. 
  • Meaning:  God is my oath.
  1.   Rebecca
  • Origin: Of Latin origin, this name wasn’t used in English until the late 16th century.
  • Meaning: Captivating.
  1.   Winona
  • Origin: Once popular, Winona has made a comeback in the last twenty years.
  • Meaning: Aurora Winona has a great ring to it.

Four Syllable Middle Names for Aurora

  1.  Victoria
  • Origin: From Latin.
  • Meaning: Victory.
  1.  Olivia
  • Origin:  A form of Olive.
  • Meaning: Peace.
  1.  Isabella
  • Origin: Spanish for Elizabeth.
  • Meaning: God is my oath.
  1.  Lilianna
  • Origin: A combination of Lilly and Anna.
  • Meaning: Just a pretty name.
  1.  Makayla
  • Origin: Popular in the U.S.
  • Meaning: Great.
  1.  Azariah
  • Origin: Hebrew for “help of God” and a king of Judah from the Bible.
  • Meaning: Help of God.
  1. Natalia
  • Origin:  Of Latin origin, this name was once given to girls born on Christmas day.
  • Meaning: Natal day, Christmas.
  1.  Valentina
  • Origin: The female form of Valentine.
  • Meaning: Healthy.
  1.  Magnolia
  • Origin: From the flower that was named after the French botanist Pierre Magnol.
  • Meaning: Beautiful flower.
  1.  Evangeline
  • Origin: Derived from Greek meaning good news.
  • Meaning: Bringer of good news.
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Alternative Names to Aurora

  1. Aurelia

The feminine form of the Latin name Aurelius, meaning “golden.”

  1. Aria

Aria is a Persian name that means “noble.”

  1. Ophelia

A creative, wise, and beautiful wildflower.

  1. Soraya

Soraya is a name stemming from Iranian background. Soraya is a distant name to Sarah, Sarai, and Zahara. It’s no surprise that such a pleasant name is gaining popularity.

  1. Cora

Korē is a Greek word meaning “maiden.”

Best 5 Nicknames for Aurora

  1. Aurie
  2. Rora
  3. Ro 
  4. Rory
  5. Orah 

Sibling Names for Aurora

Sister Names for Aurora

  1. Harper
  2. June
  3. Olivia
  4. Colleen
  5. Aisling

Brother Names for Aurora

  1. Jasper
  2. Samson
  3. Darragh
  4. Jackson
  5. Jordan

Twin Sister Names for Aurora

  1. Agatha
  2. Sage
  3. Lucinda
  4. Odette
  5. Priscilla

Twin Brother Names for Aurora

  1. Emmet
  2. William
  3. Roman
  4. Rowan
  5. Carson


Can the name Aurora be a boy’s name?

Aurora is not a popular name for boys; it is almost nonexistent.

Is there a male version of the name Aurora?

There isn’t a male version of Aurora, but names like Bodhi, Lucian, and Aaron all mean “light.”

Final Thoughts

Choosing the name for your newborn is a wonderful moment for any mother. 

While some choose to name their baby after a family member or someone they love and admire, others base their choice on the origin of a name or what that name means. Aurora is a great example of this! 

Check out to get more baby middle name ideas.

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