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best middle names for audrey

Have you been looking for the best middle names for Audrey without much success? You’re not alone. Like most other people, I struggled to find the best-fit middle name for my firstborn daughter, Audrey. 

And this is what prompted my research, to help others like you who’re struggling with the same issue. My 100+ list is based on the most popular names from reputable journals, forums, and national birth registration bureaus, alongside other sources. 

The names are classified into various sections so you can easily make your pick. 

Meaning, Origin, and Popularity of the Name Audrey

Audrey is a female English name of Anglo-Norman ancestry derived from the name “Aethelthryth”, a historical figure. It is a name that later morphed into Saint Audrey, which translated to “noble strength”

Audrey is a popular name around the world, especially in the US with the SSA ranking it among the names with increasing popularity.

Furthermore, it is the name of some of the most famous celebrities in the US such as Audrey Hepburn, a British actress, Audrey Wells, an American film director, and Audrey Penn American author among others.

100+ Middle Names for Audrey

Now that you understand the origin, meaning, and popularity of the name Audrey, here now is a list of cute middle names that match the name Audrey.

Fashionable Middle Names for Audrey

1. Audrey Bryce

  • Origin: from the Celtic name Brych
  • Meaning: freckled or speckled
  • It shows someone adorable.

2. Audrey Laine

  • Origin: British
  • Meaning: dweller near a lane or road.
  • It creates the impression of someone that is versatile.

3. Audrey Donatella

  • Origin: Italian ancestry
  • Meaning: a gift of God
  • It has spiritual inspiration.

4. Audrey Ellen

  • Origin: from the Greek name Helene
  • Meaning: torch or shining light
  • It symbolizes a bright future.

5. Audrey Brianna

  • Origin: Irish ancestry
  • Meaning: strong and virtuous
  • It signifies someone that will grow into a strong woman.

6. Audrey Faye

  • Origin: from the Middle English name “faie”
  • Meaning: belief or faith
  • The name symbolizes spiritual inspiration.

7. Audrey Alessia

  • Origin: derived from the Italian name “Alexius”.
  • Meaning: defending warrior.
  • The name implies feminine power.

8. Audrey Aliana

  • Origin: of Latin origin from the names Alia and Anne.
  • Meaning: Noble and gracious
  • It connotes majestic beauty and beauty.

9. Audrey Dahlia

  • Origin: Anglo-Saxon ancestry
  • Meaning: from a flower named after a Swedish botanist Anders Dahl.
  • It signifies grace and beauty.

10: Audrey Belle

  • Origin: from the French fairytale La Belle
  • Meaning: beautiful
  • It means a beautiful adorable person

Cool Middle Names for Audrey

Unique Middle Names for Audrey

11. Audrey Elise

  • Origin: derived from the French short form of the Hebrew name Elizabeth.
  • Meaning: my God is the abundance
  • It signifies spiritual inspiration

12. Audrey Emmeline

  • Origin: German
  • Meaning: hardworking or industrious person
  • It shows someone with a prosperous future potential.

13. Audrey Isla

  • Origin: Scottish ancestry
  • Meaning: from the word “Islay”, an island off the west coast of Scotland. 
  • It flows nicely with the name Audrey.

14. Audrey Louisa

  • Origin: from the Latin language, a derivation of Louis.
  • Meaning: famous female warrior
  • It indicates prospects of prosperity in life.

15. Audrey Jessenia

  • Origin: Spanish and Latin ancestry
  • Meaning: jasmine flower
  • It connotes a beautiful person.

Quirky Middle Names for Audrey

16. Audrey Olympia

  • Origin: Greek mythology.
  • Meaning: derive from mount Olympus, the mountain of Greek gods, and the Olympics.
  • It has a spiritual inspiration with an athletic twist.

17. Audrey Blythe

  • Origin: from old English names
  • Meaning: cheerful or joyous
  • It creates an image of a happy person.

18. Audrey Artemis

  • Origin: Greek mythology
  • Meaning:  the Greek Goddess of the moon, hunting, and chastity.
  • It has spiritual inspiration and power.

19. Audrey Guinevere

  • Origin: Welsh
  • Meaning: white hair or fair one
  • It implies beauty

20. Audrey Indigo

  • Origin: Greek ancestry
  • Meaning: blue dye from India
  • It conjures the image of a colorful world.
best middle names for audrey

Natural Middle Names for Audrey

21. Audrey Dove

  • Origin: from the old English name “Dufe”
  • Meaning: a loveable type of bird
  • The dove symbolizes peace.

22. Audrey Lavender

  • Origin: from the Old French name Lavender
  • Meaning: name of a lovely smelling evergreen shrub.
  • The name symbolizes natural beauty and freshness.

23. Audrey Feather

  • Origin: English name derived from ancient Norman.
  • Meaning: hair covering of a chicken
  • The name signifies softness and likeability

24. Audrey Strawberry

  • Origin: Middle English origin
  • Meaning: sweet flavor fruit that is grown using straw for mulching.
  • It symbolizes a lovely person

25. Audrey Snow

  • Origin: from middle English name “snaw”
  • Meaning: someone with white hair or a pale complexion.
  • It symbolizes blending with natural features.

26. Audrey Weaver

  • Origin: Old English name “wefan”
  • Meaning: one who weaves clothes
  • It signifies a creative and industrious person.

27. Audrey Waterlily

  • Origin: from the Greek word nymph.
  • Meaning: types of plants growing in water
  • The name signifies an adaptive tenacious person.

28. Audrey Misty

  • Origin: English origin
  • Meaning: covered with light fog
  • It denotes the beauty of nature.

29. Audrey Pepper

  • Origin: from the Middle English name pepper or piper.
  • Meaning: one who makes spices
  • It signifies a creative person.

30. Audrey Olive

  • Origin: English ancestry
  • Meaning: The olive tree signifies peace.
  • It implies a person who will grow to be a peaceful person.

Pretty Middle Names for Audrey

Beautiful Middle Names for Audrey

31. Audrey Claire

  • Origin: French ancestry
  • Meaning: bright or clear
  • It indicates bright future prospects.

32. Audrey Cordelia 

  • Origin: Latin ancestry
  • Meaning: heart or love
  • It shows a likable person

33. Audrey Honora

  • Origin: Latin
  • Meaning: a woman of honor
  • It implies a respectable person.

34. Audrey Sloane

  • Origin: from an old Irish clan name
  • Meaning: raider or conqueror
  • It creates an impression of a triumphant person.

35. Audrey Ivy

  • Origin: from the old Greek word “ifig”
  • Meaning: climbing evergreen vine plant
  • It shows steadfastness.

Cute Middle Names for Audrey

36. Audrey Velvet

  • Origin: English ancestry
  • Meaning: soft fabric
  • It implies a soft likable person.

37. Audrey Zephyr

  • Origin: Greek origin
  • Meaning: seasonal winds controlled by the Greek god Zephyrus.
  • It has spiritual inspiration.

38. Audrey Poe

  • Origin: Norse ancestry
  • Meaning: a flamboyantly dressed person or peacock
  • The name signifies majestic confidence.

39. Audrey Persephone

  • Origin: Greek mythology
  • Meaning: bringer of destruction
  • It symbolizes a life trailblazer.

40. Audrey Whisper

  • Origin: English ancestry
  • Meaning: a soft voice
  • The name signifies lovely feminine nature.
best middle names for audrey

Unisex Middle Names for Audrey

Gender-Neutral Middle Names for Audrey

41. Audrey Veryan

  • Origin: From Geek or Gaelic Irish word “farhyne”
  • Meaning: homestead or settlement
  • The name implies someone that is a homemaker.

42. Audrey Fable

  • Origin: English ancestry
  • Meaning: a story with a moral lesson
  • The name symbolizes a person with great morals.

43. Audrey Ellis

  • Origin: from Welsh origin
  • Meaning: the Lord is my God
  • The name conjures spiritual inspiration.

44. Audrey Peyton

  • Origin: Irish English from the name “Payton” 
  • Meaning: fighting man’s estate
  • The name symbolizes prosperity.

45. Audrey Sawyer

  • Origin: Middle English name from the word “saghier”
  • Meaning: someone that cuts wood
  • It symbolizes a hardworking person.

Powerful Middle Names for Audrey

46. Audrey Avalon

  • Origin: Celtic ancestry from the King Arthur legend
  • Meaning: island of apple
  • The name symbolizes royalty.

47. Audrey Bailey 

  • Origin: derived from the old English and French name “Bailiff” or “city fortification”
  • Meaning: steward or official
  • The name signifies authority and power.

48. Audrey Royal

  • Origin: English ancestry
  • Meaning: of the king
  • It portrays an image of power.

49. Audrey Skyler

  • Origin: from the old Norse ancestry
  • Meaning: of the cloud
  • It implies a highly successful person.

50. Audrey Reign

  • Origin: British origin from the word sovereign
  • Meaning: to rule or to conquer
  • The name suggests a person of high birth. 

Classic Middle Names That Aren’t Boring For  Audrey

51. Audrey Davina

  • Origin: Scottish and Hebrew ancestry a derivation of the male name David
  • Meaning: my friend or beloved
  • The name signifies a lovable person.

52. Audrey Pearl

  • Origin: English
  • Meaning: Sea jewels
  • It implies preciousness.

53. Audrey Alyson

  • Origin: From the French name “Aalis”
  • Meaning: little Alice
  • The name signifies someone that is adored

54. Audrey Halo

  • Origin: from the Greek word halos
  • Meaning: “disk of the sun” and also has a spiritual meaning of divine aura
  • The name has spiritual inspiration 

55. Audrey Brooke

  • Origin: English or German ancestry
  • Meaning: water or small stream
  • Water signifies and inspires life.

56. Audrey Victoria

  • Origin: From the Roman Mythology
  • Meaning: God of victory
  • The name symbolizes prosperity.

57. Audrey Florence

  • Origin: from the French word Florentia.
  • Meaning: blossoming
  • The name suggests growth.

58. Audrey Aurora

  • Origin: from the Latin Goddess of dawn.
  • Meaning: meaning daybreak
  • The name implies a new great start in life.

59. Audrey Beatrice

  • Origin: from the Latin name “Beatrix”
  • Meaning: blessed one
  • It inspires spiritual growth.

60. Audrey Edith

  • Origin: from the old English words “ead”
  • Meaning: riches or blessed
  • It connotes prosperity.
best middle names for audrey

International Middle Names For  Audrey

French Middle Names For  Audrey

61. Audrey Margaux

  • Origin: French variant of the English name “Margo” or “Margot”
  • Meaning: pearl
  • Expresses preciousness.

62. Audrey Camille

  • Origin: French derived from the Latin word Camillus.
  • Meaning: priest’s helper
  • Symbolizes spiritual uprightness.

63. Audrey Solene

  • Origin: French derived from the Latin name “Sollemnis”
  • Meaning: solemn or religious.
  • It shows someone with moral straightness.

64. Audrey Jeanne

  • Origin: derived from the French name Jehanne.
  • Meaning: God is gracious
  • It symbolizes divine providence.

65. Audrey Blanche

  • Origin: French from the Latin word “Blancus”
  • Meaning: white or fair
  • It signifies beauty.

Italian Middle Names For  Audrey

66. Audrey Giulia

  • Origin: feminine version of the male name Julian from the Latin name “Julianus”
  • Meaning: youthful or dedicated to Jupiter.
  • It implies someone full of vigor. 

67. Audrey Dafne

  • Origin: derived from the Greek word “Daphne”
  • Meaning: laurel tree
  • The laurel tree signifies protection.

68. Audrey Fiorella

  • Origin: from the Italian word “fiore”
  • Meaning: flower.
  • The name shows a beautiful person.

69. Audrey Fabrizia

  • Origin: Italian feminine form of Fabricius.
  • Meaning: works with hands.
  • It symbolizes industry and creativity.

70. Audrey Angela

  • Origin: from the Greek word Angelos
  • Meaning: angel or messenger of God
  • It implies divine power

German Middle Names For  Audrey

71. Audrey Karoline

  • Origin: German form Caroline
  • Meaning: free woman
  • It symbolizes independence

72. Audrey Alma

  • Origin: from the Latin word “Alma mater”
  • Meaning: nourishing and bountiful mother.
  • It connotes motherly love.

73. Audrey Eartha

  • Origin: From Anglo-Saxon language
  • Meaning: born of the earth
  • It symbolizes the richness of the earth

74. Audrey Herta

  • Origin: from the ancient German word Nerthus.
  • Meaning: the power of life.
  • It symbolizes a productive and procreative person.

75. Audrey Nixie

  • Origin: Germanic
  • Meaning: water sprite
  • Water signifies life and vigor.

Hispanic Middle Names For  Audrey

76. Audrey Aitana

  • Origin: Basque ancestry, originally named after a mountain in Valencia.
  • Meaning: Glory
  • Glory implies a prosperous life.

77. Audrey Maria

  • Origin: derived from Latin origin.
  • Meaning: the star of the sea, but also associated with the English name Mary.
  • The spiritual association with spiritual motherhood.

78. Audrey Alejandra

  • Origin: Spanish form of the Greek name Alexandra.
  • Meaning: defender of mankind
  • It symbolizes power and justice.

79. Audrey Linda

  • Origin: Spanish origin
  • Meaning: pretty and tender.
  • The name creates the image of a beautiful adorable person.

80. Audrey Estrella

  • Origin: Spanish twisting of the Latin name Stella
  • Meaning: divine strength
  • It conveys feelings of divine protection.
best middle names for audrey

Syllable Middle Names for Audrey

One-Syllable Middle Names for Audrey

81. Audrey Chris

  • Origin: derived from the Greek name Christoforos
  • Meaning: bearer of Christ
  • The name denotes someone with divine protection

82. Audrey Gem

  • Origin: from Italian ancestry
  • Meaning: precious stones
  • It signifies a valuable person to society.

83. Audrey Rhyl

  • Origin: Welsh ancestry 
  • Meaning: light 
  • Anyone named after light signifies a bright future

84. Audrey Sue

  • Origin: from the Hebrew word “Shoshan”
  • Meaning: as graceful as the lily flower
  • It denotes beauty and confidence

85. Audrey Vogue

  • Origin: French ancestry
  • Meaning: popular and fashionable
  • The name inspires stylish life

Two-Syllable Middle Names for Audrey

86. Audrey Megan

  • Origin: from the Greek word Margarites
  • Meaning: Pearl
  • The name indicates someone that is precious.

87. Audrey Sylvie

  • Origin: French form of Silvia from the Latin word Silva.
  • Meaning: from the forest
  • It indicates someone that is in harmony with nature.

88. Audrey Raven

  • Origin: from Norse mythology
  • Meaning: a type of bird
  • Ravens have been associated with wisdom

89. Audrey Zoe

  • Origin: Greek origin
  • Meaning: life
  • The name promises lots of future life

90. Audrey Maya

  • Origin: derived from the Maori language
  • Meaning: courage or bravery
  • The name stands for confidence

Three-Syllable Middle Names for Audrey

91. Audrey Brianna

  • Origin: Irish ancestry
  • Meaning: strong, virtuous, and honorable.
  • The name inspires confidence and power.

92. Audrey Meredith

  • Origin: derived from the Welsh name Meredydd
  • Meaning: Great lord
  • The name implies authority and power

93. Audrey Cassandra

  • Origin: Latin form of the Greek Kassandra
  • Meaning: Shining upon men
  • The name implies prosperity.

94. Audrey Vanessa

  • Origin: derived from the Greek, Goddess Phanessa
  • Meaning: god of the butterflies
  • The name signifies a lighthearted cheerful person

95. Audrey Patience

  • Origin: English and Scottish, a derivative of the Latin word Patientia
  • Meaning: perseverance
  • The name extols the virtue of patience

Four-Syllable Middle Names for Audrey

96. Audrey Calliope

  • Origin: Derive from one of the goddesses in Greek mythology.
  • Meaning: beautiful voice
  • The name shows a cheerful and talented person.

97. Audrey Luciana

  • Origin: Roman feminine variation of the male name Lucius
  • Meaning: Light
  • The name connotes brilliance

98. Audrey Valentina

  • Origin: from the Latin word Valens.
  • Meaning: good health and strength.
  • The name extols the value of vigor.

99. Audrey Mirabella

  • Origin: from the Latin name mirabilis.
  • Meaning: of exceptional beauty.
  • It implies someone that will grow to be beautiful.

100. Audrey Esperanza

  • Origin: Spanish
  • Meaning: hope or expectation
  • It inspires confidence for a bright future.

101. Audrey Natalia

  • Origin: from the Latin word Natalis
  • Meaning: Christmas day
  • It implies sharing of birthday with a deity
best middle names for Audrey


Best 5 Alternative Names for Audrey

  • Aubrie
  • Adria
  • Audree
  • Audra
  • Khari

Best 5 Nicknames for Audrey

  • Dreedree
  • Audie
  • Drea
  • Audi
  • Dee
  • Adey

Sibling Names for Audrey

Sister Names for Audrey

  • Audrey & Perry
  • Audrey & Cory
  • Audrey & Berry
  • Audrey & Ada
  • Audrey & Adele

Brother Names for Audrey

  • Audrey & Terry
  • Audrey & Harry
  • Audrey & Austin
  • Audry & Derek
  • Audry & Blake

Twin names for Audrey

  • Audrey & Amelia
  • Audrey & Amaya
  • Audrey & Rachel
  • Audrey & Ariana
  • Audrey & Alicia

What Are the Foreign Spells of the Name Audrey?

The name Audrey is pronounced differently depending on various locations. Here are a few below.

  • Audericus – Latin
  • Odri – Armenian
  • Odry – Belarusian
  • Odeuli – Korean
  • Ao dai li – Chinese

What Are Foreign Pronunciations of the Name Audrey?

The name Audrey is also pronounced differently, as you can see in the examples below.

  • Oderi – French
  • Ade – Catalan
  • Odei – Dutch
  • Udri – German
  • Udhri – Italian
  • Auderi – Portuguese

Wrap up

Audrey is a cute name for a baby girl whose popularity has been on a steady rise. Better yet, the name matches perfectly with the right middle name classifications. With our 100+ middle names list, nothing is to stop you from nailing the best middle name for your baby Audrey. 

Check out our best Middle Names Ideas for more such catchy middle names for your little princess!

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