100+ Middle Names For Adelaide

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best middle names for Adelaide

Adelaide is one name that speaks class and poise. You’re probably looking for the perfect middle name that goes with this name, so here’s a list of 100+ middle names for Adelaide

We have composed a list of trendy, nature-themed, charming, classic, international, and several-syllable middle names that would go well with Adelaide. 

Eager already? Let’s dive into these beautiful names!

Meaning and Origin of the Name 

Adelaide means noble, noble-natured, or nobility. It is a female name of German origin. Adelaide is the English form of the Old High German name, Adalheidis, meaning noble kind or noble sort

Saint Adelaide was married to Holy Roman Emperor, Otto the Great. The name became popular when Adelaide, a German princess, married King William IV, the British King in 1830. Adelaide is a city in Australia named in her honor.

US Popularity For The Name Adelaide

According to SSA, Adelaide is the 263rd most popular female name in the US as of 2021. 

Global Popularity of The Name Adelaide

France441st 2021
England and Wales 380th2021

100+ Middle Names For Adelaide

Below is a list of 100+ middle names for Adelaide we have carefully compiled. 

Trendy Middle Names For Adelaide

1. Adelaide Zoe

  • Meaning: Life
  • Origin: Greek
  • Zoe is a short and cute middle name for your little girl.

2. Adelaide Grace 

  • Meaning: English
  • Origin: God’s Favor
  • Grace is derived from the Latin word, Gratia. It’s a simple name but with a heavenly meaning. 

3. Adelaide Sage

  • Meaning: Wise
  • Origin: Latin
  • Your little one would be as wise as her name.  

4. Adelaide Claire

  • Meaning: Bright
  • Origin: French
  • Claire is the French form of Clara. A beautiful name for your little light!

5. Adelaide Maya

  • Meaning: Magic
  • Origin: Sanskrit
  • Maya is an exotic and charming name.

6. Adelaide Gwen

  • Meaning: White circle 
  • Origin: Welsh
  • Gwen is a short name that works well with Adelaide. 

7.  Adelaide Liv

  • Meaning: Norse
  • Origin: Life
  • This beautiful name screams life!

8. Adelaide Diana

  • Meaning: Divine
  • Origin: Greek
  • Diana has a sacred meaning and it sounds charming too!

9. Adelaide Beatrice 

  • Meaning: Blessed
  • Origin: Latin 
  • You can shorten this sacred name to Bea

10. Adelaide Mackenzie

  • Meaning: child of the wise leader 
  • Origin: Gaelic
  • This Gaelic name screams wisdom!

11.  Adelaide Gabrielle

  • Meaning: God is my strength 
  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Gabrielle can be shortened to Gab, Gabby, or even Rielle. Get creative with it!

Earthy, Nature-themed Middle Names For Adelaide

12. Adelaide Rose

  • Meaning: Rose; a flower
  • Origin: Latin
  • Rose is one of my favorite kinds of flowers and is also a pretty name for a girl. 

13. Adelaide Pearl

  • Meaning: Pearl
  • Origin: Latin
  • Your precious baby girl is a gem with this name! 

14. Adelaide Zora

  • Meaning: Dawn
  • Origin: Serbo-Croatian
  • Don’t you just love how this name sounds? Zora sounds exotic and represents light.

15. Adelaide Avalon

  • Meaning: Island of Apples
  • Origin: Celtic
  • Avalon is an exotic name with an earthy meaning! 

16. Adelaide Ava 

  • Meaning: Bird
  • Origin: Latin
  • If you like a two-syllable name with a nature-themed meaning, Ava is a good choice!

17. Adelaide Iris

  • Meaning: Rainbow
  • Origin: Greek
  • Iris is earthy, colorful, and sweet-sounding!

18. Adelaide Phoebe

  • Meaning: Greek
  • Origin: Radiant
  • Your little one is a shining light with this name.

19. Adelaide Astrid

  • Meaning: Scandinavian
  • Origin: Divinely beautiful
  • If you like hippie names, consider Astrid. 

20. Adelaide Terra

  • Meaning: Earth
  • Origin: Greek
  • Terra is an earthy and nature-themed name that symbolizes life. 

21. Adelaide Mira

  • Meaning: Peace
  • Origin: Slavic
  • Mira sounds calm and charming.  It’s also easy to pronounce. 

22. Adelaide Estelle

  • Meaning: Star
  • Origin: French
  • Estelle is perfect for your little star. 

23. Adelaide Luna

  • Meaning: Moon
  • Origin: Spanish
  • Luna is a pretty and celestial name. 

24. Adelaide Celeste

  • Meaning: Heavenly
  • Origin: Latin
  • Celeste is a sacred name and goes well with Adelaide. 

Pretty Middle Names For Adelaide

25. Adelaide Belle

  • Meaning: Beautiful
  • Origin: French
  • Belle is a character from the Disney animation, Beauty and Beast. It’s short and pretty.

26. Adelaide Nova

  • Meaning: New
  • Origin: Latin
  • Nova is a short name that’s charming to the ears.

27. Adelaide Lennon

  • Meaning: Lover
  • Origin: Irish
  • This Irish name is a pretty name for your baby girl.

28. Adelaide Zadie

  • Meaning: Princess
  • Origin: Greek
  • Zadie represents royalty and nobility, a perfect name to pair with Adelaide.

29. Adelaide Regan

  • Meaning: Regal
  • Origin: Irish
  • This name also represents royalty. 

30. Adelaide Thea

  • Meaning: goddess
  • Origin: Greek
  • Thea is the short form of Althea.

31. Adelaide Elise

  • Meaning: God’s promise
  • Origin: Latin
  • Elise is a charming name with a heavenly meaning.

32. Adelaide Louise

  • Meaning: Renowned warrior
  • Origin: French
  • A charming and feisty name for your little one.

33. Adelaide Jade

  • Meaning: Precious stone
  • Origin: British
  • Jade represents wealth and goes well with nobility. 

34. Adelaide Faye

  • Meaning: Fairy
  • Origin: French
  • This pretty name sounds magical.

35. Adelaide Jasmine

  • Meaning: Gift of God
  • Origin: Persian
  • Jasmine is an exotic name and is perfect for your beautiful gift from God.

36. Adelaide Calla

  • Meaning: Beautiful
  • Origin: Greek
  • This Greek name represents beauty and charm.

Classic Middle Names For Adelaide

37. Adelaide Daphne

  • Meaning: Laurel tree
  • Origin: Greek
  • This name is classic and nature-themed at the same time.

38. Adelaide Nora

  • Meaning: Light
  • Origin: Greek
  • Nora is a short, pretty, and classic name.

39. Adelaide Josephine

  • Meaning: Jehovah increases 
  • Origin: French
  • This name represents abundance and God’s favor.

40. Adelaide Genevieve

  • Meaning: tribe woman
  • Origin: French
  • This name may be old-fashioned but works well in recent times.

41. Adelaide Margot

  • Meaning: Pearl
  • Origin: French
  • Margot can also be spelled as Margeaux

42. Adelaide Elsie

  • Meaning: pledged to God
  • Origin: Scottish
  • Elsie is a sacred and sweet-sounding name that pairs well with Adelaide.

43. Adelaide Evelyn

  • Meaning: Desired
  • Origin: French
  • Pretty, an old-fashioned name with a deep meaning.

44. Adelaide Vera

  • Meaning: Faith
  • Origin: Russian
  • Vera is a classic name that holds a strong meaning.

45. Adelaide Cleo

  • Meaning: Glory
  • Origin: Greek
  • Represents valor and beauty.

46. Adelaide Felicity 

  • Meaning: Good fortune
  • Origin: Latin
  • Three-syllable name with a deep meaning.

47. Adelaide Harriet

  • Meaning: Estate ruler
  • Origin: English
  • Represents wealth, royalty, and nobility.

48. Adelaide Catherine

  • Meaning: Pure
  • Origin: Greek
  • This name screams perfection!

49. Adelaide Valentina

  • Meaning: Strength
  • Origin: Latin
  • Perfect if your child is born on Valentine’s Day.

50. Adelaide Victoria

  • Meaning: Victory
  • Origin: Latin
  • Victoria is a classic name but is still common in recent times. It goes well with the classic Adelaide.

51. Adelaide Dorothy

  • Meaning: Gift of God
  • Origin: Greek
  • Classic and heavenly.

52. Adelaide Rosalind

  • Meaning: Pretty rose
  • Origin: Latin
  • Classic and flowery! 

53. Adelaide Miranda

  • Meaning: Marvelous
  • Origin: Latin
  • Classic, pretty, and sweet-sounding.

54. Adelaide Charlotte

  • Meaning: Free woman
  • Origin: French
  • Adelaide Charlotte is a perfect combination of classic names.

55. Adelaide Annabelle

  • Meaning: Grace and Beauty 
  • Origin: Latin and French
  • You can’t go wrong with Adelaide Annabelle, a beautiful pair!

International Middle Names For Adelaide

56. Adelaide Cerise

  • Meaning: Cherry
  • Origin: French
  • I love the way Cerise sounds! 

57. Adelaide Imani

  • Meaning: Faith
  • Origin: Swahili
  • Imani sounds amazing and holds a strong meaning.

58. Adelaide Zahra

  • Meaning: Blooming flower 
  • Origin: Arabic
  • If you love flower names, consider Zahra. It’s a pretty name and easy to pronounce.

59. Adelaide Allegra

  • Meaning: Joyous
  • Origin: Italian
  • Allegra is a unique name that your child will cherish.

60. Adelaide Isabella

  • Meaning: Pledged to God
  • Origin: Spanish
  • Isabella works perfectly with Adelaide.

61. Adelaide Ariana

  • Meaning: Sacred
  • Origin: Italian 
  • Who wouldn’t want to be the namesake of Ariana Grande?

62. Adelaide Yara

  • Meaning: Small butterfly
  • Origin: Arabic
  • Your baby would be namesake of the beautiful actress, Yara Shahidi

63. Adelaide Eliana 

  • Meaning: God’s answer to a devotee’s prayer.
  • Origin: Hebrew
  • You can get creative with this name and shorten it to Ellie, Lia, or Liana

64. Adelaide Leilani 

  • Meaning: Royal child of heaven
  • Origin: Hawaiian 
  • Exotic with a beautiful meaning. 

65. Adelaide Mirabella

  • Meaning: Wonderful
  • Origin: Italian
  • You can shorten this name to Mira or Bella

66. Adelaide Annette 

  • Meaning: Gracious
  • Origin: French
  • A stylish middle name for Adelaide. 

67. Adelaide Renée

  • Meaning: Renaissance
  • Origin: French
  • A beautiful name with a unique meaning. 

68. Adelaide Valérie

  • Meaning: Valiant
  • Origin: French
  •  It represents nobility and heroism.

69. Adelaide Clarisse

  • Meaning: Shining and gentle
  • Origin: French
  • This combination sounds elegant!

70. Adelaide Shannon

  • Meaning: Wise river
  • Origin: Irish
  • Symbolizes wisdom, peace, and life.

71. Adelaide Fionna

  • Meaning: Fair and beautiful
  • Origin: Irish
  • Perfect if your baby has skin as white as snow.

72. Adelaide Gemma

  • Meaning: Gem
  • Origin: Italian
  • It is a cute name for your precious little girl.
middle names for Adelaide

Several Syllable Middle Names For Adelaide

One-Syllable Middle Names For Adelaide

73. Adelaide Quinn

  • Meaning: Wisdom
  • Origin: Irish
  • Unique, exotic, and easy to pronounce. 

74. Adelaide Eve

  • Meaning: Life
  • Origin: Hebrew
  • An excellent, classic pair!

75. Adelaide Sloane

  • Meaning: Irish Gaelic
  • Origin: Warrior
  • A unique and feisty name for the little warrior!

76. Adelaide Blythe

  • Meaning: Happy
  • Origin: English 
  • Nobility and joy, a strong combination!

77. Adelaide Anne

  • Meaning: Gracious
  • Origin: Jewish
  • Simple, yet stylish.

78. Adelaide Dove

  • Meaning: a bird symbolizing peace
  • Origin: British
  • A calm and unique combination.

79. Adelaide Blake

  • Meaning: Bright and shining
  • Origin: British
  • Sounds like an excellent pair!

80. Adelaide Jane

  • Meaning: God is gracious
  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Adelaide Jane- I love how they sound together.

81. Adelaide Beth

  • Meaning: God’s oath
  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Short and sacred in meaning. 

82. Adelaide Jess

  • Meaning: Wealth
  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Simple and easy to pronounce.

Two-Syllable Middle Names For Adelaide

83. Adelaide Payten 

  • Meaning: To be like a noblewoman
  • Origin: Irish
  • Double nobility! Sounds excellent to me. 

84. Adelaide Selene

  • Meaning: Peaceful
  • Origin: Greek
  • Easy to pronounce, beautiful meaning.

85. Adelaide Elise

  • Meaning: Pledged to God
  • Origin: French
  • Catchy, unique, and sacred.

86. Adelaide Lauren

  • Meaning: Wisdom
  • Origin: French
  • I love the way this name rolls out of your tongue!

87. Adelaide Nicole

  • Meaning: Victorious people
  • Origin: Greek
  • Adelaide Nicole; an excellent pair!

88. Adelaide Bernice

  • Meaning: Bringer of Victory
  • Origin: Greek
  • Unique meaning and cute pronunciation.

89. Adelaide Zaina

  • Meaning: Pretty
  • Origin: Arabic
  • Pretty name for your pretty little girl.

90. Adelaide Cara

  • Meaning: Beloved
  • Origin: Italian
  • It can also be spelled as Kara.

91. Adelaide Doris

  • Meaning: Sea
  • Origin: Greek
  • Represents strength and life. Perfect if you like water names. 

92. Adelaide Erin

  • Meaning: Ireland
  • Origin: Irish
  • Perfect if you want to pay homage to Ireland.

93. Adelaide Elaine

  • Meaning: Light
  • Origin: English
  • A cute and charming name for your charming little girl!

94. Adelaide Frieda

  • Meaning: Peace
  • Origin: German
  • A calm and soothing name.

95. Adelaide Haven

  • Meaning: Safe place
  • Origin: English
  • Sounds amazing and has a unique meaning.

96. Adelaide Jada

  • Meaning: Wise
  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Jada symbolizes wisdom and goes well with Adelaide.

97. Adelaide Karen

  • Meaning: Pure
  • Origin: Scandinavian
  • Karen sounds pretty to the ears.

98. Adelaide Nadine

  • Meaning: Hope
  • Origin: French
  • Pairs well with Adelaide.

Three-Syllable Middle Names For Adelaide 

99. Adelaide Sophia 

  • Meaning: Wisdom
  • Origin: Greek
  • Pretty name for a pretty girl!

100. Adelaide Minerva

  • Meaning: Intellect
  • Origin: Latin
  • Classic and perfect for Adelaide.

101. Adelaide Carissa

  • Meaning: Grace
  • Origin: Greek
  • You can shorten this name to Riss or Rissa.

102. Adelaide Tallulah

  • Meaning: Lady of Abundance
  • Origin: Irish
  • Tallulah symbolizes nobility.

103. Adelaide Kailani 

  • Meaning: Sea and sky
  • Origin: Hawaiian 
  • Perfect if you like nature-themed names.

104. Adelaide Aaliyah

  • Meaning: Exalted
  • Origin: Arabic
  • Noble and heavenly, perfect for Adelaide!

105. Adelaide Malika

  • Meaning: Queen
  • Origin: Arabic
  • Malike symbolizes royalty and wealth.

Four Syllable Middle Names For Adelaide

106. Adelaide Avianna

  • Meaning: Latin
  • Origin: Bird-like
  • Avianna is a pretty, nature-themed name.

107. Adelaide Anastasia

  • Meaning: Resurrection 
  • Origin: Greek
  • Classic and sacred.

108. Adelaide Olivia 

  • Meaning: Olive tree
  • Origin: Latin
  • Perfect if you like earthy names.

109. Adelaide Natalia

  • Meaning: Birthday of the Lord
  • Origin: Latin
  • This is a perfect name if your child is born on Christmas day.

110. Adelaide Eleanor

  • Meaning: God is my light
  • Origin: Hebrew
  • One of my favorite classic names!

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Variations Spelling of Adelaide

Old High GermanAdalheidis
FrenchAdélaïde or Adélaide
Czech Adéla or Adléta

Pronunciation of Adelaide

Adelaide is pronounced as Ah-Duh-Layd

Best 5 Alternative Names For Adelaide 

  1. Audrey
  2. Alice
  3. Aurora
  4. Beryl
  5. Hazel

Best 5 Nicknames For Adelaide 

  1. Addie
  2. Adele
  3. Della
  4. Laidy
  5. Heidi

Sibling names for Adelaide 

Sister names for Adelaide

  1. Annalise
  2. Adeline
  3. Arabella
  4. Amelia
  5. Aurelia

Brother names for Adelaide

  1. Andrew
  2. William
  3. Theodore
  4. Oliver
  5. Nathaniel

Twin names for Adelaide

  1. Anne Marie
  2. Beverly 
  3. Ava
  4. Graham
  5. Grant


You should take your time in choosing the perfect name for your child. 

Once you have found the perfect first name, choose a middle name that’s just as lovely as the first name. Choose from this list of 100+ middle names for Adelaide

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