100 Sweetest Latin Names Meaning Love (For Girls & Boys)

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Feeling the love in the air tonight are we? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Here is a list of 100 Latin names meaning love that you might find entertaining. 

Whether to name your newborn or use it as an alias, these Latin names may prove useful as an inspiration. To help you with your cause, we’ve searched the web to show you each one’s origin, meaning, and pronunciation. We’ve also only compiled names that sound unique and interesting to make your child feel loved and cherished.

So let’s dive right into the list and let’s find that perfect name for your little one.

50 Latin Boy Names Meaning Love, Light, or Hope:

  1. Amor

Meaning: Although it is a gender-neutral name, naming your baby boy Amor will surely encapsulate your love for your own child. 

Pronunciation: [AH-mohr]

  1. Lucius

Meaning: “Light”, which could roughly translate to radiant or love.

Pronunciation: LOO-see-us

  1. Spero

Meaning: The perfect name that symbolizes hope

Pronunciation: SPEH-roh

  1. Amadeus

Meaning: Love of God

Pronunciation: ah-muh-DAY-us

  1. Lumen

Meaning: Derived from the same Latin word that means ‘Measure of Light’.

Pronunciation: LOO-men

  1. Caelum

Meaning: Let your child know that they are your ‘heaven’

Pronunciation: KIE-lum

  1. Benedict

Meaning: Blessed

Pronunciation: BEN-uh-dikt

  1. Fidelis

Meaning: Faithful, or reliable, both meanings should suffice for a unique name that is Fidelis

Pronunciation: fuh-DEL-is

  1. Lux

Meaning: A unique name that also means light.

Pronunciation: luks

  1. Felix

Meaning: Happy, lucky

Pronunciation: FEE-lix

  1. Valentinus

Meaning: Give your bundle of joy strength by naming them after a strong and healthy character from Latin history.

Pronunciation: VAH-len-tie-nus

  1. Adhuc

Meaning: A very unique name that could mean ‘forever’ or ‘still’. 

Pronunciation: AD-huk

  1. Salvator

Meaning: Savior

Pronunciation: SAL-vuh-tor

  1. Venustus

Meaning: Charming, pleasing, beautiful, friendly, and elegant. A name that embodies personalities that one could ever dream of.

Pronunciation: veh-NOOS-tus

  1. Prudentius

Meaning: Wise, practical

Pronunciation: proo-DEN-tee-us

  1. Vesper

Meaning: Evening star

Pronunciation: VESS-per

  1. Amando

Meaning: Lovable or God’s love. There’s nothing better than having God’s love in your life.

Pronunciation: ah-MAN-doh

  1. Hilaris

Meaning: You have every reason to be cheerful and happy with the name Hilaris.

Pronunciation: HI-lair-is

  1. Cato

Meaning: Wise

Pronunciation: KAY-toh

  1. Oriens

Meaning: Rising sun could also mean light. 

Pronunciation: OH-ree-enz

  1. Amias

Meaning: Loved or beloved. You don’t need to explain why you chose this name for your baby boy.

Pronunciation: ah-MY-as

  1. Gaudium

Meaning: Joy is what your kid Gaudium will bring you.

Pronunciation: GAW-dee-um

  1. Lucan

Meaning: Bringer of light

Pronunciation: LOO-kan

  1. Carus

Meaning: Of course, your child is worthy of a name that translates to ‘beloved’ or precious, if not, you won’t be looking at this list right now.

Pronunciation: KAH-roos

  1. Isidore

Meaning: Gift of Isis

Pronunciation: EYE-zi-dawr

  1. Amoros

Meaning: Derived from the Latin word meaning ‘love’, you can instead change it up to Amoros, rather than taking up the more common one, Amor.

Pronunciation: ah-MOR-os

  1. Sol

Meaning: Sun

Pronunciation: sol

  1. Zeno

Meaning: The name translates to the ‘Gift of Zeus’, which we all know is the god of Sky.

Pronunciation: ZEE-noh

  1. Albus

Meaning: White and bright, which could also mean light.

Pronunciation: AL-bus

  1. Veritas

Meaning: Truth will always prevail as long as your kid has a name to back it up.

Pronunciation: veh-REE-tas

  1. Augustus

Meaning: Great, magnificent

Pronunciation: aw-GUS-tus

  1. Lev

Meaning: Light

Pronunciation: LEHV

  1. Anteros

Meaning: Love returned or also known as the god of requited love. Don’t take this name too lightly because the name also is known to be the punisher of those who scorn love.

Pronunciation: an-TER-os

  1. Clarus

Meaning: Bright, clear

Pronunciation: KLAR-us

  1. Fortunatus

Meaning: Fortunate lucky is a good fit for someone you think will take chances.

Pronunciation: for-tu-NA-tus

  1. Luxor

Meaning: Light

Pronunciation: LUK-sor

  1. Amato

Meaning: Beloved

Pronunciation: ah-MAH-toh

  1. Alba

Meaning: Not the beautiful Jessica Alba or Idris Alba, but the Latin one that means fortunate or bright. In a way, it does capture the personalities of both celebrities.

Pronunciation: AL-bah

  1. Gratian

Meaning: Grateful, thankful

Pronunciation: gray-shun

  1. Lumina

Meaning: Light

Pronunciation: loo-MEE-nuh

  1. Modesto

Meaning: As you might have guessed, Modesto is where the word modest comes from.

Pronunciation: mo-DES-toh

  1. Flos

Meaning: Flower

Pronunciation: flos

  1. Valentino

Meaning: Strong, healthy

Pronunciation: val-en-TEE-noh

  1. Auriel

Meaning: Golden or Lion of God, this name fits someone who is fierce, yet charming.

Pronunciation: AW-ree-el

  1. Pietas

Meaning: Piety, devotion

Pronunciation: pee-ET-as

  1. Luxorius

Meaning: Luxurious, rich

Pronunciation: luk-SOR-ee-us

  1. Nuntius

Meaning: A unique name that means ‘messenger’. A messenger of love maybe?

Pronunciation: NUN-tee-us

  1. Ademar

Meaning: Famous for nobility

Pronunciation: AH-de-mar

  1. Amorino

Meaning: Little love

Pronunciation: ah-moh-REE-noh

  1. Canticus

Meaning: Canticus is a name that is now widely known to other cultures. It should be since it symbolizes singing, chanting or celebration.

Pronunciation: kan-TEE-kus

50 Latin Girl Names Meaning Love, Light, or Hope:

  1. Carina

Meaning: Beloved or dear

Pronunciation: kuh-REE-nuh

  1. Aurora

Meaning: A beautiful name that is hardly used, meaning dawn or light.

Pronunciation: aw-ROH-ruh

  1. Valentina

Meaning: Strong, healthy

Pronunciation: val-en-TEE-nuh

  1. Lucinda

Meaning: Illumination

Pronunciation: loo-SIN-dah

  1. Amorette

Meaning: Although it means little love, there’s nothing little about the love the child is having from everyone.

Pronunciation: ah-moh-RET

  1. Seraphina

Meaning: Burning one, fiery

Pronunciation: ser-uh-FEE-nuh

  1. Clare

Meaning: Bright and famous, it perfectly fits someone who is about to change the world.

Pronunciation: klayr

  1. Luce

Meaning: Light

Pronunciation: lo

  1. Felicity

Meaning: Happiness, good fortune

Pronunciation: fuh-LIS-i-tee

  1. Sancia

Meaning: Sancia can mean sacred, holy, and blessed.

Pronunciation: SAN-see-uh

  1. Alma

Meaning: Nourishing, kind

Pronunciation: AL-muh

  1. Vespera

Meaning: Evening star

Pronunciation: ves-PAIR-uh

  1. Astra

Meaning: Star

Pronunciation: AS-truh

  1. Candida

Meaning: The word candida translates to the word ‘white’, which can mean purity, light, and salvation.

Pronunciation: kan-DI-duh

  1. Amata

Meaning: Beloved

Pronunciation: ah-MA-tuh

  1. Luminosa

Meaning: Luminous, bright

Pronunciation: loo-mi-NO-suh

  1. Spes

Meaning: A unique name that should be used a little more often as it brings hope to everyone near her.

Pronunciation: spehs

  1. Rosa

Meaning: Rose

Pronunciation: RO-zuh

  1. Lucilla

Meaning: Little light

Pronunciation: loo-SIL-uh

  1. Carissa

Meaning: Beloved

Pronunciation: kuh-RISS-uh

  1. Amorina

Meaning: Loving

Pronunciation: ah-moh-REE-nuh

  1. Caelia

Meaning: Heaven

Pronunciation: SEE-lee-uh

  1. Flora

Meaning: A somewhat famous name that is taken by those who are generous and loving at heart. It is derived from the same word that means ‘flower’.

Pronunciation: FLOOR-uh

  1. Clarissa

Meaning: Bright, clear

Pronunciation: kluh-RISS-uh

  1. Aida

Meaning: Happy

Pronunciation: ah-EE-duh

  1. Vita

Meaning: Life

Pronunciation: VEE-tuh

  1. Candace

Meaning: Pure, white

Pronunciation: KAN-dis

  1. Felicitas

Meaning: Happiness, good fortune

Pronunciation: feh-lih-KEE-tahs

  1. Luciana

Meaning: A simple word that means light, but when taken as a name, the word becomes much brighter that they become a ray of sunshine to everyone near them.

Pronunciation: loo-see-AH-nuh

  1. Amalia

Meaning: Amalia is the personification of the term ‘hardworking’. Give this name to your child and see how she’ll conquer the world.

Pronunciation: ah-MAH-lee-uh

  1. Ora

Meaning: Prayer, golden

Pronunciation: OR-uh

  1. Serenity

Meaning: Calm, peaceful

Pronunciation: suh-REN-i-tee

  1. Gratia

Meaning: Grace

Pronunciation: GRAH-shuh

  1. Amorosa

Meaning: Loving

Pronunciation: ah-moh-ROH-suh

  1. Anastasia

Meaning: Resurrection

Pronunciation: ah-nuh-STAY-zhuh

  1. Luminara

Meaning: Illuminated

Pronunciation: loo-muh-NAHR-uh

  1. Clemencia

Meaning: Merciful and soft-hearted. Both terms can be interpreted as love.

Pronunciation: klem-EN-see-uh

  1. Stella

Meaning: Star

Pronunciation: STEL-uh

  1. Amatah

Meaning: Beloved

Pronunciation: ah-MAH-tuh

  1. Luxanna

Meaning: Light

Pronunciation: loo-SAN-uh

  1. Esperanza

Meaning: Esperanza is a popular choice in the Latin community, simply because it means ‘hope’ and expectation.

Pronunciation: es-peh-RAHN-zah

  1. Bella

Meaning: We frequently hear the name ‘Bella’ as the protagonist’s name in movies and it is rightfully so, knowing that it means beautiful.

Pronunciation: BEL-uh

  1. Lucea

Meaning: Light

Pronunciation: loo-SEE-uh

  1. Vesperia

Meaning: Evening star

Pronunciation: ves-PAIR-ee-uh

  1. Clemence

Meaning: Mild and Merciful is what Clemence is all about.

Pronunciation: KLEM-uhns

  1. Speranza

Meaning: Hope

Pronunciation: SPEH-ran-za

  1. Felixa

Meaning: Lucky, successful

Pronunciation: FEE-lik-suh

  1. Amorisa

Meaning: Coming from the word Amor, Amorisa may just be as endearing to the name Amor.

Pronunciation: ah-moh-REE-suh

  1. Lucina

Meaning: Light

Pronunciation: loo-SEE-nuh

  1. Candid

Meaning: Although it means different when taken as an American word, Candid in Latin actually means truthful or the “one who shines bright white”

Pronunciation: KAN-did

Final Thoughts

Picking the right name for your newborn is a challenging decision that every parent has to make. With that being said, we do hope our list of 100 Latin names meaning love, light, or hope has provided you with at least some ideas or a refreshing insight on which names to pick.

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