80 Unique Baby Latin Names Meaning Dark (with Meanings)

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If you’re looking for unique names that are ominous, this list of 80 Latin names meaning dark is all you need. 

To help those who are in search of distinctive names, we offer you these Latin names that are inspired by darkness and shadows. We also provided its pronunciation, origin, and meaning to make it much easier for you. Whatever reason draws you in, you will find no better list than what we have for you.

40 Latin Boy Names Meaning Dark

10 Latin Boy Names Meaning Dark or Darkness

  1. Tenebrus 

Meaning: Obscure, Murky, Shadowy

Pronunciation: [Teh-NEH-brus]

  1. Obscurus 

Meaning: Covered, Dark, Obscure

Pronunciation: [ob-SKOO-rus]

  1. Caligo

Meaning: Dimness of sight, Mist, Darkness

Pronunciation: [kah-LEE-go]

  1. Umbra

Meaning: The darkest part of the shadow, Shade

Pronunciation: [UHM-bra]

  1. Cimmerius

Meaning: Intensely dark, Very dark, Gloomy

Pronunciation: [sih-MEER-ee-us]

  1. Sable

Meaning: Black, Sword

Pronunciation: [SAY-bul]

  1. Fuscus

Meaning: Hollow, Cavernous, Dark, Dusky

Pronunciation: [FUSS-kus]

  1. Ater

Meaning: Dark-colored, Black

Pronunciation: [AH-ter]

  1. Nocturne

Meaning: Belonging to the night, Night

Pronunciation: [nok-TUR-nee]

  1. Nigrescent

Meaning: To become black, Becoming black, Blackish

Pronunciation: [nig-REH-sent]

10 Latin Boy Names Meaning Demon

  1. Incubus

Meaning: One who lies down on the sleeper, Demon in male form, nightmare

Pronunciation: [IN-kyoo-bus]

  1. Demonius

Meaning: Demon, Evil Spirit

Pronunciation: [deh-MOH-nee-us]

  1. Diabolus

Meaning: The Devil, Demon, Prince of Darkness

Pronunciation: [dye-AH-bo-lus]

  1. Mephisto

Meaning: A legendary devil, Demon, Tempter

Pronunciation: [meh-FISS-toh]

  1. Lucifer

Meaning: Morning Star, Light-bearer, Fallen Angel

Pronunciation: [LOO-sih-fer]

  1. Asmodeus

Meaning: Demon of Wrath, Demon of lust, The Destroyer

Pronunciation: [az-moh-DEE-us]

  1. Belial

Meaning: Personification of Wickedness, Worthless

Pronunciation: [BEE-lee-ul]

  1. Azazel

Meaning: Personification of Unclenlness, Demon of the desert, Scapegoat

Pronunciation: [AZ-uh-zel]

  1. Baphomet

Meaning: Symbol of balance, Symbol of the occult, The Satan goat

Pronunciation: [BAF-oh-met]

  1. Leviathan

Meaning: Twisted, Coiled, Sea monster, Demon of envy

Pronunciation: [lih-VYE-uh-thun]

10 Latin Boy Names Meaning Shadow

  1. Adumbratus

Meaning: Secret, In the dark, Shadowed, Shaded

Pronunciation: [ad-um-BRA-tus]

  1. Skotos

Meaning: Of darkened eyesight, Shadow, Darkness

Pronunciation: [SKOH-tos]

  1. Sombra

Meaning: Shadow, Shade

Pronunciation: [SOHM-bra]

  1. Tenebrae

Meaning: Shadows, Darkness, Shade

Pronunciation: [teh-NEH-brye]

  1. Umbrus

Meaning: Shady, Shadowed, Darkness

Pronunciation: [UHM-brus]

  1. Caligine

Meaning: Soot, Smog, Fog, Darkness, Gloom

Pronunciation: [kah-lih-JYE-nee]

  1. Fuscus

Meaning: Dark, Dusky, Black

Pronunciation: [FUSS-kus]

  1. Gloomius

Meaning: Dark, Gloomy

Pronunciation: [GLOO-mee-us]

  1. Melancton

Meaning: Dark, Black flower

Pronunciation: [mel-ANK-ton]

  1. Umber

Meaning: Shadow, Shade, Moon

Pronunciation: [UHM-ber]

10 Badass Latin Boy Names

  1. Atticus

Meaning: Man of Attica, Wise

Pronunciation: [A-tih-kus]

  1. Brutus

Meaning: Brutal, Heavy, Dull, Fierce

Pronunciation: [BROO-tus]

  1. Decimus

Meaning: Tenth, Warrior

Pronunciation: [DEH-sih-mus]

  1. Flavius

Meaning: Golden, Blonde, Yellow-haired

Pronunciation: [FLAY-vee-us]

  1. Lucius

Meaning: Light, Illumination

Pronunciation: [LOO-see-us]

  1. Magnus

Meaning: Greatest, Big, Powerful

Pronunciation: [MAG-nus]

  1. Maximus

Meaning: The Greatest, Biggest

Pronunciation: [MAX-ih-mus]

  1. Nero

Meaning: Stern, Vigorous, Strong, Powerful

Pronunciation: [NEH-roh]

  1. Octavius

Meaning: Eighth-born, Wise

Pronunciation: [ohk-TAY-vee-us]

  1. Valerius

Meaning: Valiant, Health, Strong

Pronunciation: [vuh-LAIR-ee-us]

40 Latin Girl Names Meaning Dark

If you’re looking for a beautiful and mysterious name for your baby girl, here are 30 Latin names that mean dark.

10 Latin Girl Names Meaning Dark or Darkness

  1. Nigra

Meaning: Dark, Black Person

Pronunciation: [NEE-gra]

  1. Aterna

Meaning: Dark, Eternal shadow (Derived from noctis aeterna)

Pronunciation: [ah-TER-nah]

  1. Calantha

Origin: Greek

Meaning: Beautiful flower, Dark petal

Pronunciation: [kuh-LAN-tha]

  1. Dusky

Meaning: Dark in color, Duskily, Dim

Pronunciation: [DUS-kee]

  1. Erebos

Meaning: Darkness, Shadow, Primordial god of darkness

Pronunciation: [EH-reh-bos]

  1. Melantha

Origin: Greek

Meaning: Dark flower, Dark violet

Pronunciation: [mel-AN-tha]

  1. Nightshade

Meaning: Dark, Poison

Pronunciation: [NYT-shayd]

  1. Shadow

Meaning: Shadow, darkness

Pronunciation: [SHA-do]

  1. Tenebrara

Meaning: Dark, Shadowy, Darkness

Pronunciation: [teh-NEH-brah-ra]

  1. Umbra

Meaning: The darkest part of the shadow, Shade

Pronunciation: [UHM-bra]

10 Latin Girl Names Meaning Demon

  1. Lilith

Meaning: Demon of the night, Night monster

Pronunciation: [LIL-ith]

  1. Hecate

Meaning: Goddess of witchcraft, Goddess of the underworld, Demons

Pronunciation: [HEH-ka-tee]

  1. Lamia

Meaning: Demon who preys on children, Female demon

Pronunciation: [LAH-mee-ah]

  1. Malaphar

Meaning: Evil demon

Pronunciation: [ma-LAF-ar]

  1. Succubus

Meaning: Demon in female form, Evil spirit, Seducer

Pronunciation: [SUHK-yoo-bus]

  1. Belfry

Meaning: Demonic spirit, Devil

Pronunciation: [BEL-free]

  1. Gaap

Meaning: Prince of hell, Great president of hell

Pronunciation: [gahp]

  1. Morax

Meaning: Demon of writing and astronomy, Great earl

Pronunciation: [MOH-raks]

  1. Nyx

Meaning: Goddess of night, Personification of night

Pronunciation: [niks]

  1. Paimon

Meaning: King of hell,Devil, Demon of knowledge

Pronunciation: [PAY-mon]

10 Latin Girl Names Meaning Shadow

  1. Adumbrata (Derived from adumbratus)

Meaning: Secret, In the Dark 

Pronunciation: [ad-um-BRA-ta]

  1. Adriana

Meaning: Dark, Rich

Pronunciation: [Ad-Ree-An-uh]

  1. Cinzia

Meaning: From Kynthos (a Greek mountain), Shadow

Pronunciation: [CHIN-tzee-ah]

  1. Erebella

Meaning: Beautiful darkness

Pronunciation: [eh-reh-BEL-ah]

  1. Falina

Meaning: Shadowy, Cat-like

Pronunciation: [fah-LEE-nah]

  1. Kage

Meaning: Shadow, Shade

Pronunciation: [KA-geh]

  1. Melanctha

Meaning: Dark flower, Black flower

Pronunciation: [mel-ANK-tha]

  1. Penumbra

Meaning: Partial shadow, Almost shadow

Pronunciation: [peh-NUHM-bra]

  1. Shade

Meaning: Shadow, darkness

Pronunciation: [Shayd]

  1. Tenebra

Meaning: Darkness, shadows

Pronunciation: [teh-NEH-bra]

10 Badass Latin Girl Names

  1. Bellona

Meaning: Goddess of war, To fight

Pronunciation: [bel-LOH-na]

  1. Dominatrix

Meaning: Female ruler, Dominator

Pronunciation: [doh-muh-NAY-triks]

  1. Fortuna

Meaning: Goddess of luck and fortune, Good fate, Chance

Pronunciation: [for-TOO-nah]

  1. Juno

Meaning: Queen of the gods, Queen of the heavens, Protector of women

Pronunciation: [JOO-noh]

  1. Nemesis

Origin: Greek

Meaning: Goddess of revenge and retribution, Vengeance

Pronunciation: [NEH-muh-sis]

  1. Regula

Meaning: Ruler, Queen, Law

Pronunciation: [REH-goo-lah]

  1. Secunda

Meaning: Second-born, Successful

Pronunciation: [sih-KUN-dah]

  1. Vespera

Meaning: Evening star, Of the evening

Pronunciation: [ves-PAIR-uh]

  1. Venatrix

Meaning: Female hunter, Huntress

Pronunciation: [veh-NAH-triks]

  1. Victoria

Meaning: Goddess of Victory, Conqueror

Pronunciation: [vik-TOR-ee-ah]

Final Thoughts

Most of the time, the meaning of names does not accurately depict the character or personality of the person. Take Latin names that mean dark for example. The reason for these names to get taken may just simply be the ‘coolness’ or uniqueness of it. As long as you feel comfortable about it, then we wish you nothing but good luck and good health.

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