30 Best Korean Names That Mean Victory (Also Work in English)

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Ready to discover Korean names that will empower you with their triumphal energy? This article will present you with the best Korean names that mean victory!

Korean culture is a treasure trove of rich history, unique names, and vibrant traditions. And this carefully selected list of names is the cream of the crop!

Without further ado, let’s dive in!

30 Korean names that mean victory

Korean names that mean victory for girls

  1. Seung-ae
  • Korean Spelling: 승애 (Pure Korean)
  • Meaning: Love and victory
  • Pronunciation: seung-ae
  • I adore this name! It has a nice sound, reminding me of winning someone’s heart. It’s all about love and winning!
  1. Seung
  • Korean Spelling: 경원 (Sino-Korean)
  • Meaning: Victorious
  • Pronunciation: se-ung
  • For me, this name feels like a call to greatness and leadership. It fits someone who wants to succeed in all endeavors.
  1. Kwan 
  • Korean Spelling: (Pure Korean)
  • Meaning: Strong girl
  • Pronunciation: kwan
  • What a perfect name for someone who’s strong enough to win and overcome all challenges! 
  1. Jin-seon
  • Korean Spelling: 진선 (Sino-Korean)
  • Meaning: Truth and victory
  • Pronunciation: jin-seon
  • This name has a beautiful ring and feels like a call to always stand for what is right and emerge victorious.
  1. Sung
  • Korean Spelling: 수연 (Pure Korean)
  • Meaning: Victorious
  • Pronunciation: sung
  • This name has a lovely ring! It’s a reminder to be strong and compassionate at the same time.
  1. Geum-Eocho 
  • Korean Spelling: 금어초 (Mixed)
  • Meaning: Strong / strong enough to win
  • Pronunciation: hye-jin
  • The name Hyejin radiates bright and powerful energy. Its meaning inspires one to overcome any obstacle with a positive outlook.
  1. Yeonghui
  • Korean Spelling: 영희 (Mixed)
  • Meaning: Heroic victory
  • Pronunciation: yeong-hui
  • With a name like Yeonghui, one can’t help but feel like a hero! The combination of “heroic victory” is a call to courage and strength.
  1. Areum
  • Korean Spelling: 아름 (Pure Korean)
  • Meaning: Beautiful victory
  • Pronunciation: ah-reum
  • Areum is a name that embodies beauty and triumph. It inspires us to strive for excellence in all aspects of life.
  1. Ae Ri
  • Korean Spelling: 利 (Mixed)
  • Meaning: To gain/to win
  • Pronunciation: ae-ri
  • Ae Ri is a name that feels both tender and strong. It reminds us of gaining something and winning.
  1. Myungwon
  • Korean Spelling: 명원 (Sino-Korean)
  • Meaning: Clear victory
  • Pronunciation: myung-won
  • This unique name inspires everyone to aim for success with clarity and purpose.

Korean names that mean victory for boys

  1. Hyeon-u
  • Korean Spelling: 현우 (Pure Korean)
  • Meaning: Victory and rain
  • Pronunciation: hyeon-u
  • What a refreshing sound this name has! It combines the meaning of victory with the cleansing power of rain.
  1. Cheol-seong
  • Korean Spelling: 철성 (Sino-Korean)
  • Meaning: Star and triumph
  • Pronunciation: cheol-seong
  • The star-triumph combo gives this name a celestial quality. It’s perfect for someone who dreams big.
  1. Tae-geun
  • Korean Spelling: 태근 (Sino-Korean)
  • Meaning: Victory and firm
  • Pronunciation: tae-geun
  • This name evokes a sense of strength and resilience. In my opinion, it fits someone who overcomes challenges with ease.
  1. Min-ho
  • Korean Spelling: 민호 (Pure Korean)
  • Meaning: Clever victory
  • Pronunciation: min-ho
  • What a great name for someone who values strategy and wit.
  1. Won-hyuk
  • Korean Spelling: 원혁 (Sino-Korean)
  • Meaning: Original victory
  • Pronunciation: won-hyuk
  • If you want a name that combines victory with the idea of being innovative – Won-hyuk should be your choice.
  1. Seok-won
  • Korean Spelling: 석원 (Sino-Korean)
  • Meaning: Rock and triumph
  • Pronunciation: seok-won
  • The combination of victory and rock gives this name a grounded and solid quality. It’s fantastic for someone reliable and dependable.
  1. Ki-tae
  • Korean Spelling: 기태 (Pure Korean)
  • Meaning: Victory and great
  • Pronunciation: ki-tae
  • If you want a name with a strong and powerful sound, this is the one! It’s perfect for someone who aspires to greatness.
  1. Yeong-hun
  • Korean Spelling: 영훈 (Sino-Korean)
  • Meaning: Hero of victory
  • Pronunciation: yeong-hun
  • This name combines victory with the idea of heroism. Is there any better choice for someone brave and courageous?
  1. Jae-suk
  • Korean Spelling: 재석 (Sino-Korean)
  • Meaning: Victory and purity
  • Pronunciation: jae-suk
  • The combination of victory and purity gives this name a virtuous quality.
  1. Ju-won
  • Korean Spelling: 주원 (Sino-Korean)
  • Meaning: Chief victory
  • Pronunciation: ju-won
  • This name has a leadership quality, combining victory with being a chief or leader.

Gender-neutral Korean names that mean victory

  1. Ji-won
  • Korean Spelling: 지원 (Sino-Korean)
  • Meaning: Support and victory
  • Pronunciation: jee-won
  • This name feels so optimistic! In short, it means that victory is always within reach if you have the right support.
  1. Seong-hyeon
  • Korean Spelling: 성현 (Pure Korean)
  • Meaning: Victorious virtue
  • Pronunciation: sung-hyun
  • A name that reflects the idea that success comes from being virtuous.
  1. Min-jun
  • Korean Spelling: 민준 (Pure Korean)
  • Meaning: Quick and victorious
  • Pronunciation: min-joon
  • A name that suggests agility and decisiveness, and a predisposition toward triumph.
  1. Su-ho
  • Korean Spelling: 수호 (Sino-Korean)
  • Meaning: Defend and achieve victory
  • Pronunciation: soo-ho
  • Strength and determination in one name. It represents protecting what is valuable and achieving success in doing so.
  1. Hyeon-u
  • Korean Spelling: 현우 (Sino-Korean)
  • Meaning: Victorious and wise
  • Pronunciation: hyun-woo
  • This name evokes the idea that intelligence and smart decisions lead to triumph.
  1. Min-gu
  • Korean Spelling: 민구 (Pure Korean)
  • Meaning: Clever victory
  • Pronunciation: min-goo
  • A name that suggests a smart and strategic approach toward winning.
  1. Jin-seong
  • Korean Spelling: 진성 (Sino-Korean)
  • Meaning: Sincere and victorious
  • Pronunciation: jin-sung
  • I love how Jin-seong reflects the idea that honesty is a key factor in achieving success.
  1. Su-yeon
  • Korean Spelling: 수연 (Sino-Korean)
  • Meaning: Grace, victory, and defend
  • Pronunciation: soo-yun
  • A name that encourages to overcome challenges with grace! So inspiring, isn’t it?
  1. Seong-min
  • Korean Spelling: 성민 (Pure Korean)
  • Meaning: Victorious and clever
  • Pronunciation: sung-min
  • This name represents the ability to succeed through intelligence and strategy.
  1. Byeong-ho
  • Korean Spelling: 병호 (Sino-Korean)
  • Meaning: Bravery and victory
  • Pronunciation: byeong-ho
  • A name that conveys courage and determination in the pursuit of success and triumph.


3 Ideas for crafting perfect Korean names that mean victory

  • Select a name incorporating the Korean term for triumph, success, or victory.
  • Additionally, seek out names that include other words linked to accomplishment.
  • You can use names inspired by Korean historical figures famous for their triumphs. One of them is Sejong – named in honor of King Sejong. Another great example is Yi Sun-sin, named after the esteemed admiral.

What does Ryujin mean in Korean?

“Dragon god” or “dragon king” stands behind Korean name Ryujin. It combines two characters, “Ryu” meaning “dragon” and “Jin” meaning “god” or “king”. 

In Korean and Japanese culture, the dragon is a symbol of power. It also represents strength, and wisdom.

What Korean name means luck?

“복” (bok) is Korean name that means luck. It’s possible to use it as a standalone name or combine it with other characters. 

For instance, you can go with this combo: “복자” (bok-ja). This means a lucky person. Or you can try something like this:  “복남” (bok-nam), which means lucky man.

Final thoughts

That’s all! I have listed 30 Korean names that mean victory! 

I hope you enjoyed them and feel inspired to choose the perfect name for your child, stage name, or even your pet! These names are great for any occasion and for anyone who wants to stand out. 

Thank you for reading!

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