30 Best Korean Names that Mean Moon

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korean names that mean moon

Korean names are connected to nature and good luck. These names make a person stand out of the crowd.

Moon has qualities of beauty, calmness, enlightenment and peace. A Korean name meaning moon would make your child feel more precious among others. Let’s explore these amazing names.

30 Korean Names that Mean Moon 

Korean Names that Mean Moon For Girls

Deciding a perfect baby girl name is an important job. Korean girl names have deep meanings. They sound very pleasing to hear!

The moon is a symbol of femininity in Korean culture. Keeping a Korean baby girl name which means moon would be an exciting yet joyful decision. Let’s dive into these beautiful names!

1. Wolha

  • Korean Spelling: 월화 (Sino Korean)
  • Meaning: Moonflower, pretty
  • Pronunciation: WOL-HA
  • Wolha means a pretty and flowery  girl like the moon!

2. Danwol

  • Korean Spelling: 월인 (Sino korean)
  • Meaning: Moon 
  • Pronunciation: DAN-WOL
  • ‘Danwol’ originated from Chinese into Korean language. It contains the word ‘Wol’ which means ‘Moon’ in Korean.

3. Chaewol

  • Korean Spelling: 채월(Sino Korean)
  • Meaning: Bright moon
  • Pronunciation: CHAE-WOL
  • This well sounding name refers to a girl who is as bright and beautiful as the glowing moon!

4. Hyewol

  • Korean Spelling: 혜월 (Sino Korean)
  • Meaning: Young Moon
  • Pronunciation: HYE-WOL
  • This unique name refers ro a young girl who is as pretty and ageless as the moon!

5.  Dalnimi

  • Korean Spelling:달님이 (Pure Korean)
  • Meaning: Moonlike person
  • Pronunciation: DAL-NEE-MEE
  • ‘Dalimi’ is a soft and gentle person who is similar to the moon. It is a popular nickname in Korea!

6. Kynthia/Cynthia

  • Korean Spelling: 신티아 (Pure Korean)
  • Meaning: Moon 
  • Pronunciation: KYN-THE-AA or CYN-THEE-AA
  • This beautifully sounding name refers to the good-looking moon. It is one of the most popular names in the Korea

7. Dallim

  • Korean Spelling: 달님 ( Pure Korean)
  • Meaning: Miss Moon
  • Pronunciation: DAL-LEEM
  • ‘Dallim’ refers to a beautiful girl who is calm and gentle in nature just as the moon..

8. Dal

  • Korean Spelling:달 ( Pure Korean)
  • Meaning:  Moon
  • Pronunciation: DAL
  • ‘Dal’ is an actual Korean originated name for the ‘Moon’. This is a common feminine name which symbolizes eternal beauty, kindness and charm!

9. Dalbit

  • Korean Spelling: 달빛 ( Pure Korean)
  • Meaning: Moonlight
  • Pronunciation: DAL-BIT
  • ‘Dalbit’ refers to a person who is gentle, cool  and calm as the moonlight!

10. Dalnim

  • Korean Spelling: 달님( Pure Korean)
  • Meaning: Moon
  • Pronunciation: DAL-NEEM
  • This popular name refers to a person who is beautiful and graceful like the moon!

Korean Names that Mean Moon For Boys

Arrival of your little baby boy must be exciting news for the parents. Picking up a meaningful name for your sweet baby is a primary and important task for parents. Selecting a Korean name that means moon would be a perfect idea to make this moment unforgettable!

Moon is connected to power, loyalty and ancient values in Korean tradition. A Korean boy’s name which means ‘moon’ is closely connected to elegance, gracefulness, strength, love and courage! Let’s get to know these cute sounding and unique Korean boy names which mean moon.

11. Sowol

  • Korean Spelling: 소월 (Sino Korean)
  • Meaning: White moon, bright moon, true moon
  • Pronunciation: SO-WOL
  • This significant name refers to a very famous poet, Kim Sowol, in Korean literary history!

12. Jinwol

  • Korean Spelling: 眞月 (Sino Korean)
  • Meaning: truth, jewel, moon,
  • Pronunciation: JIN-WOL
  • Jinwol relates to a person who is truthful and glowy like the moon!

13. Dalae

  • Korean Spelling: 달애 (Pure Korean)
  • Meaning: Moon-child
  • Pronunciation: DAL-AE
  • This short name means a peaceful child like the moon!

14. Eundal

  • Korean Spelling: 은달 (Pure Korean)
  • Meaning: Bright, silver, shining element
  • Pronunciation: EUN-DAL
  • This significant name refers to a bright and glowing man.

15. Dongwol

  • Korean Spelling: 동월 ( Sino Korean)
  • Meaning: winter, east, moon
  • Pronunciation: DONG-WOL
  • Dongwol is a bright and moon-like child who is born in winters.

16. Yeongwol

  • Korean Spelling: 영월 (Sino Korean)
  • Meaning: Graceful, fine
  • Pronunciation: YEONG-WOL
  • This significant name refers to a pure and graceful boy!

17. Wollong

  • Korean Spelling: 월랑 (Sino Korean)
  • Meaning: A lake with the moon
  • Pronunciation: WOL-LONG
  • Wollong is a beautiful name which means moon reflected on a lake!

18. Hyeonwol

  • Korean Spelling: 賢월 (Sino Korean)
  • Meaning: Worthy moon
  • Pronunciation: HYE-ON-WOL
  • This name is given to a worthy person who is as precious as the moon.

19. Hyeogwol

  • Korean Spelling: 赫월(Sino Korean)
  • Meaning: Red moon
  • Pronunciation: HYE-OG-WOL
  • This significant name refers to the red moon which is seen on Lunar eclipse. 

20. Hawol

  • Korean Spelling: 하아월(Sino Korean)
  • Meaning: Grand, handsome, moon
  • Pronunciation: HA-WOL
  • Hawol name is given to a handsome and influential person like the moon.

Gender-Neutral Korean Names that Mean Moon

Most of the Korean names are gender neutral. They have deep meaning and are connected to moral values.

Moon is a symbol of integrity and calmness. Going for a gender neutral Korean name meaning moon would be an exceptional idea for naming your little angel!


  • Korean Spelling: 월영 (Sino Korean)
  • Meaning: Graceful moon
  • Pronunciation: WOL-YE-ONG
  • This neutral name signifies qualities like gratefulness and softness as the moon.


  • Korean Spelling: 월희 (Sino korean)
  • Meaning: Moon
  • Pronunciation: WOL-HU-EE
  • Wolhui originated from Chinese into Korean language. It means ‘Moon’.

23. Seong-wol

  • Korean Spelling: 성월 (Sino Korean)
  • Meaning: Accomplish, to finish, moon
  • Pronunciation: SEE-ONG-WOL
  • This eye catchy name is related to a complete and full of life personality!


  • Korean Spelling: 유월 (Sino Korean)
  • Meaning: Flexible, flowing
  • Pronunciation: YU-WOL
  • ‘Yuwol’ name signifies the soft nature of a person like a gentle moon!

25. Eun-wol

  • Korean Spelling: 은월(Sino Korean)
  • Meaning: Silver, bright
  • Pronunciation: EUN-WOL
  • This unique name is given to a young and shining moon-like personality.

26. Daloreum

  • Korean Spelling: 해오름 (Pure Korean)
  • Meaning: Moonrise, rising
  • Pronunciation: DAL-OREUM
  • This unique name means the one who rises in darkness like the moon.

27.  Woldong

  • Korean Spelling: 月童  (Sino Korean)
  • Meaning: Moon child
  • Pronunciation: WOL-DONG
  • The ‘Woldong’ name signifies a child like the moon.

28. Yuwol

  • Korean Spelling: 유월 (Sino Korean)
  • Meaning: Flexible, flowing
  • Pronunciation: YU-WOL
  • ‘Yuwol’ name refers to a person who is flexible in life just like a moon changing shapes!

29. Manwol

  • Korean Spelling: 유월 (Sino Korean)
  • Meaning: Full moon
  • Pronunciation: MAN-WOL
  • Manwol refers to the full moon in the renowned K-drama ‘Hotel del Luna’.

30. Bandal 

  • Korean Spelling: 반달 (Pure  Korean)
  • Meaning: Half moon
  • Pronunciation: BAN-DAL
  • This unique name is repressed to signify the half moon. It is a sign of life and fertility!

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5 Ideas To Craft A Perfect Korean Name That Mean Moon

  • Choose a well sounding name which is also easy to pronounce.
  • Select the right name which is well sounding and meaningful when called in a nickname too.
  • Each Korean name usually consists of three syllables. So, select a relevant Korean name which has easy spelling and relevancy.
  • The Korean word for the moon is ‘Dal’  which  is more feminine than ‘Wol’. Craft baby name according to the gender of the baby.
  • Be thoughtful about your traditions and family culture so that the final name you choose will be so good in meaning and adorable to sound!

5 Reasons To Have A Korean Name That Mean Moon

  • Korean names originate from Chinese (which is also known as Sino Korean) and Native Korean. So, you will get a wide variety of possibilities while selecting a Korean name with the meaning moon.
  • Korean names sound really cute and distinct from other names. These names represent aspirations and desires for the child from the parents.
  • For girls, you can choose names which have ‘Dal’ in it. The word ‘Dal’ has a classic feminine and traditional touch which makes that name rare and unique.
  • Whereas, you can choose names containing ‘Wol’ for boys. ‘Wol’ signifies power, and strength in males. Such boys’ names will be harmonious to sound and mean.
  • Korean names use their language to make themselves more creative and recognizable than others. 

Ready To Choose Best Korean Names That Mean Moon?

A baby name is itself a priceless moment to experience. Parents wish their baby to get the best and superior things in life. So is the baby name! A Korean name which means ‘moon’ has so many wonderful possibilities to select. 

Moon is a symbol of rhythm, love, joy, passing and returning of season and loyalty. Even though it changes its shapes, it is always there for us in the open sky. A Korean name meaning moon for a baby with such a beautiful meaning will give him a lifelong memory!

I wish you the best for selecting an ideal baby name which means moon in Korean language. Trust your intuitions and get the perfect name for your little bundle of joy!

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