30+ Best Korean Names That Mean Light (Also Work in English) 

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Korea is a rare Asian country boasting extraordinary culture. Their names are heavily influenced by Chinese traditions and consist of hanja characters. 

If you’re new to hanja or simply want to stick to your Korean roots, today’s guide will walk you through Korean names that mean light. Light is a beautiful universal concept that inspires everyone. With such bleak times, choosing a name with such meaning will earn you thanks from your child.

So, are you ready to bask in Korean boy names that mean light as well as special feminine names? Let’s wait no more. Here we go!

30 Korean Names that Mean Light 

Similar to Chinese culture, Koreans take their name meanings seriously and what better meaning exists than light itself?

While other parents go after natural or botanical meanings, the light will strike out as unique. 

Korean names that mean light for girls 


  • Korean spelling: 윤아 (Sino Korean)
  • Meaning: The one who is the light of God. 
  • Pronunciation: YOO-nah 
  • This popular name comes with a spiritual meaning. 


  • Korean spelling: 숙 (Pure Korean)
  • Meaning: Light or pure. 
  • Pronunciation: Suk
  • Sook is an uncommon single-syllable feminine name. 

Ha Neul

  • Korean spelling: 하늘 (Sino Korean)
  • Meaning: Sky.
  • Pronunciation: Hanŭl
  • Ha Neul directly means the sky which reminds us of the sun and starlight. 


  • Korean spelling: 헤이 (Sino Korean)
  • Meaning: Grace and bright.
  • Pronunciation: Hey
  • Hei is a super sweet name for your cherub with a deep meaning.

Myung Hee

  • Korean spelling: 명희 (Sino Korean)
  • Meaning: Pleasure or brightness.
  • Pronunciation: Myŏnghŭi
  • I like Myung Hee as both meanings are so charming and positive!

Myung Ok

  • Korean spelling: 명옥 (Sino Korean)
  • Meaning: A bright pearl.
  • Pronunciation: Myŏng-og
  • Parents see their daughters as pearls and this name is perfect for that bond.


  • Korean spelling: 령 (Pure Korean)
  • Meaning: Brightness.
  • Pronunciation: Ryeong
  • Ryung is actually unisex but more often picked for girls.


  • Korean spelling: 선 (Pure Korean)
  • Meaning: Goodness and light.
  • Pronunciation: ˈsən
  • It is also an English word which makes it super easy to remember and use.

Sun Hi

  • Korean spelling: 선희 (Sino Korean)
  • Meaning: Joyful, light, and good.
  • Pronunciation: ˈsən-hee
  • As you can see, by just adding “Hi”, you can invent a new meaningful name. 

Young Soon

  • Korean spelling: 영순 (Sino Korean)
  • Meaning: Mild, light, and flowery.
  • Pronunciation: yo-ung so-on
  • This is one of the unique Korean girl names.

Soo Hee

  • Korean spelling: 수히 (Sino Korean)
  • Meaning: Luminous or white.
  • Pronunciation: Su Hee
  • This elegant name is great for your beautiful snow white.


  • Korean spelling: 유리 (Sino Korean)
  • Meaning: Crystal shine or glass.
  • Pronunciation: Yoo ree
  • I personally adore a Korean singer by this name. 

Ha Yun

  • Korean spelling: 하윤 (Sino Korean)
  • Meaning: Sunlight.
  • Pronunciation: Ha Yoon
  • Ha Yun also translates to summer and sky. 

Hye Jin

  • Korean spelling: 혜진 (Sino Korean)
  • Meaning: Intelligent, rare, bright, and favorable.
  • Pronunciation: Hey Jin
  • I love multifaceted meaning names.

Ji Hye

  • Korean spelling: 지혜 (Sino Korean)
  • Meaning: Bright.
  • Pronunciation: jee hey
  • This delicate name also translates to wisdom and intelligence. 


  • Korean spelling: 빛나 (Sino Korean)
  • Meaning: Shining.
  • Pronunciation: Bich-na
  • This rare name is sweet yet powerful. 

Seul Gi

  • Korean spelling: 슬기 (Sino Korean)
  • Meaning: Blue jewel.
  • Pronunciation: Sŭlki
  • Lots of famous Korean personalities are named Seul Gi. It also means foundation raise. 

Eun Kyung

  • Korean spelling: 은경 (Sino Korean)
  • Meaning: A beautiful gem, ight.
  • Pronunciation: Eun gyeong
  • A combo of gems and lights describes your little princess in the best possible way.

Mi Ok

  • Korean spelling: 미옥 (Sino Korean)
  • Meaning: A graceful, shining pearl.
  • Pronunciation: mee og
  • Another name means pearl but with a twist. 

Korean names that mean light for boys 

Byeong Ho

  • Korean spelling: 병호 (Sino Korean)
  • Meaning: Glorious, luminous, and bright.
  • Pronunciation: byung ho
  • Heaven, sky, and vast are other meanings as well. It can also be written as Byung Ho. 


  • Korean spelling: 혜 (Pure Korean)
  • Meaning: Intelligent or bright.
  • Pronunciation: hey
  • Although Hye is rarely used as a single syllable, it is usually combined with other characters. 

Il Seong

  • Korean spelling: 일성 (Sino Korean)
  • Meaning: Sun, day, succeeded or completed.
  • Pronunciation: eel sung
  • The masculine name sounds so powerful, inspiring and positive!

Ji Ho

  • Korean spelling: 지호 (Sino Korean)
  • Meaning: Sky, heaven, bright.
  • Pronunciation: jee hey
  • Ji Ho also means intellect, summer, and wisdom. I personally like Korean names that mean heaven.

Jun Ho

  • Korean spelling: 준호 (Sino Korean)
  • Meaning: Sky, bright, and heaven.
  • Pronunciation: joon ho
  • The masculine name also means handsome, talented, and summer. 

Seong Ho

  • Korean spelling: 성호 (Sino Korean)
  • Meaning: Daybreak, bright, and flourishing. 
  • Pronunciation: sung ho
  • Seong Ho also translates to finished and abundant. 

Seong Jin

  • Korean spelling: 성진 (Sino Korean)
  • Meaning: Star, planet, and succeeded. 
  • Pronunciation: sung jin
  • Seong Jin is one of the common Korean first names.

Yeong Ho

  • Korean spelling: 영호 (Sino Korean)
  • Meaning: Reflect light, clear, luminous, and bright. 
  • Pronunciation: yong ho
  • The name also has other meanings such as vast, flower, hero, and swim. 

Yeong Hwan

  • Korean spelling: 영환 (Sino Korean)
  • Meaning: Shining, lustrous, bright, and eternal. 
  • Pronunciation: yong hwan
  • Dive and perpetual are other meanings of the name too. 


  • Korean spelling: 환 (Pure Korean)
  • Meaning: Bright, lustrous, and shining. 
  • Pronunciation: hwan
  • This boy’s name packs lots of potential. The South Korean government provides a list of approved hanja to submit in name registration. Although Hwan consists of a single syllable, 21 hangul exist for it. 


  • Korean spelling: 진 (Pure Korean)
  • Meaning: Jewel.
  • Pronunciation: jin
  • Jin is a beloved name by Koreans and also means truth. 


  • Korean spelling: 경 (Pure Korean)
  • Meaning: Brightness.
  • Pronunciation: gyong
  • It is one of the most famous Korean boy names that mean light.


  • Korean spelling: 령 (Pure Korean)
  • Meaning: Brightness.
  • Pronunciation: ryong
  • Ryung represents light in the Korean name.

Gender-neutral Korean names that mean light


  • Korean spelling: 은 (Pure Korean)
  • Meaning: Silver. Light.
  • Pronunciation: Un, En, Ehn, Enn, Unn
  • Eun also means mercy, kindness, money, or charity. 


  • Korean spelling: 환 (Pure Korean)
  • Meaning: Brilliant, lustrous, and shining.
  • Pronunciation: hwan
  • Hwan means everything that glitters.

Hyeon Jeong

  • Korean spelling: 현정 (Sino Korean)
  • Meaning: Glitter and shine.
  • Pronunciation: hyon jong
  • The unisex name also translates to virtuous, chaste, loyal, and worthy. 

Hyeon Ju

  • Korean spelling: 현주 (Sino Korean)
  • Meaning: Light, capable, worthy, or jewel.
  • Pronunciation: hyon joo
  • My favorite Korean American rapper has this unique, cool name. 

Jeong Hui

  • Korean spelling: 정희 (Sino Korean)
  • Meaning: Splendid, bright, and glorious.
  • Pronunciation: jong hey
  • The unisex name also has other meanings such as gentle, solitude, and correct. 


  • Korean spelling: 명 (Pure Korean)
  • Meaning: Brightness.
  • Pronunciation: myong
  • Myeong also means clear and light. 


  • Korean spelling: 혁 (Pure Korean)
  • Meaning: Radiant. 
  • Pronunciation: hyug
  • Hyuk is a unique but adorable unisex name in Korea. 

Da Eun

  • Korean spelling: 다은 (Sino Korean)
  • Meaning: Silver, mercy, and kindness. 
  • Pronunciation: da unn
  • Silver is considered precious in Korean culture. 


  • Korean spelling: 明 (Pure Korean)
  • Meaning: Bright, light
  • Pronunciation: myung
  • Simple unisex name with a nice sound!

Jung Eun

  • Korean spelling: 정은 (Sino Korean)
  • Meaning: Silver, kindness, and mercy. 
  • Pronunciation: jeong unn
  • Jung Eun is the name of a Korean Oscar-winning actress. 


  • Korean spelling: 하늘 (Sino Korean)
  • Meaning: unity in the sky
  • Pronunciation: ha-neul
  • Haneul also means heaven.


  • Korean spelling: 대 (Pure Korean)
  • Meaning: Shining, the great one.
  • Pronunciation: day
  • Dae will impart leadership qualities to your child. 


  • Korean spelling: 현 (Pure Korean)
  • Meaning: Intelligent or bright. 
  • Pronunciation: hyun
  • What a splendid meaning!


What are 5-7 ideas to craft a perfect Korean name that means light?

Use the word light or similar ones. For instance:

  • 빛 (Bit) – direct translation for light
  • 해온 (Haeon) – combines sun and warmth/light
  • 밝은이 (Bakeuni) – means a bright person
  • 새벽하늘 (Saebyeokhaneul) – means dawn sky
  • 별빛이 (Byeolbichi) – means starlight
  • 반짝이 (Banjjaki) – means sparkling or glittering
  • 광채나 (Gwangchaena) – means a radiant person

Are there any famous Koreans with names that mean light?

There are many famous Koreans with a variety of names, but it is difficult to say which ones specifically mean light. Some popular Korean names that incorporate the word for light or related concepts include Park Hae-jin (박해진), which means “park with shining sun,” and Kim Tae-yeon (김태연), which means “gold light.”

Summing it up

Seems like we have gone through all the unique Korean names meaning light, heaven, bright, pearl, gem, and so much more. All these meanings are perfect for your bundles of joy.

Did you find the name you were hunting for? Which one caught your eye the most? Do tell me in the comments below. Thanks for reading and until next time. 

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