30+ Best Korean Names That Mean Faith (with meaning)

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Korea is a rare country boasting a rich history and versatile heritage. Same as the people and culture, even their names are extraordinary. Did you know that there are many Korean names that mean faith

For many years, each syllable of a Korean name had a matching Chinese character for a deeper meaning. But now, many Korean families are choosing pure Korean names. Usually, they come with three syllables. 

So if you’re hunting for unique Korean names for your little munchkin, surf through our list of best baby names fit for both genders. Some are also gender-neutral to keep it light. 

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started! 

30+ Korean Names that Mean Faith 

Korean names with meaning hold a rich connection to an ancient and old culture, which is why they sound so alluring when said out loud. 

Whether you simply want to pay tribute to your Korean roots or want a classic name for your bundle-to-be, these Korean names take the cake. 

Korean Names that Mean Faith for Girls 


  • Korean spelling: 친선 (Sino Korean)
  • Meaning: Someone who seeks goodness and truth in everything. 
  • Pronunciation: CHEEN SUN
  • This name will induce great qualities in your child.

Chung Cha 

  • Korean spelling: 청차 (Sino Korean)
  • Meaning: Daughter. Noble. Faith.
  • Pronunciation: CHOONG CHA
  • I like this name as it directly means daughter yet sounds so ancient.


  • Korean spelling: 의 (Pure Korean)
  • Meaning: Righteousness.
  • Pronunciation: AAY
  • Righteousness and faith go hand-in-hand. 


  • Korean spelling: 은 (Pure Korean)
  • Meaning: Silver and faith.
  • Pronunciation: En
  • Eun is usually combined with other characters, but it is sometimes used as an independent name. 

Eun Kyung 

  • Korean spelling: 은경 (Sino Korean)
  • Meaning: Faithful and graceful gem.
  • Pronunciation: EN KYOONG
  • Name your precious daughter a gem! So beautiful, isn’t it?


  • Korean spelling: 구 (Pure Korean)
  • Meaning: The one who completes you and make you believe.
  • Pronunciation: Goo
  • This can make a coherent meaning if joined with similar names in a string. 


  • Korean spelling: 해 (Pure Korean)
  • Meaning: Faith / the girl who is like an ocean.
  • Pronunciation: Hay
  • Watching the ocean or sea makes people calmer and believe in a better future.

Hee Young

  • Korean spelling: 희영 (Sino Korean)
  • Meaning: A girl who brings faith, success and happiness wherever she goes. Prosperity and happiness.
  • Pronunciation: Hee Yoh Ng
  • Your daughter will be truly special if you pick Hee Young. 

Hwa Young

  • Korean spelling: 화영 (Sino Korean)
  • Meaning: A gorgeous flower / belief.
  • Pronunciation: Hawa Yoh ng
  • Add a botanical touch and note of faith to your daughter’s name. 


  • Korean spelling: 효 (Pure Korean)
  • Meaning: The one with a filial duty and high faith. 
  • Pronunciation: HHYow
  • Hyo sounds like a graceful whisper and that’s why I adore it.

Hyun Ae

  • Korean spelling: 현애 (Sino Korean)
  • Meaning: The woman who is faithful and loving.
  • Pronunciation: HYOON eh
  • It is important to exude love while having a clear direction, and this name highlights both attributes. 

Hyun Ok

  • Korean spelling: 현옥 (Sino Korean)
  • Meaning: A lustrous, faithful and wise pearl.
  • Pronunciation: Hyoon Ok
  • Each of these meanings is so powerful and beautiful! 

Mun Hee

  • Korean spelling: 문희 (Sino Korean)
  • Meaning: A literate, faithful or educated girl.
  • Pronunciation: Moon Hay
  • Do you want your daughter to be wise and full of faith? Pick Mun Hee then.

Sun Hi

  • Korean spelling: 선희 (Sino Korean)
  • Meaning: The one with joyful and decent manners. The one who believes.
  • Pronunciation: ˈsən hee
  • Don’t we all adore girls with such a personality?


  • Korean spelling: 웅 (Pure Korean)
  • Meaning: Magnificent, faithful and grand.
  • Pronunciation: W-OO-ng
  • Go big with this majestic choice. 

Eun Gyeong

  • Korean spelling: 은경 (Sino Korean)
  • Meaning: Faith, mercy, and kindness. 
  • Pronunciation: -NG GYONG
  • Eun combined with Gyeong sounds fantastic. Gyeong means view or scenery on its own. 


  • Korean spelling: 에어라 (Sino Korean)
  • Meaning: Love and faith.
  • Pronunciation: Eh Ra
  • Aera is also a famous boy’s name in India. It means lion there. Shin Ae-ra is a perfect namesake. She is a popular South Korean actress. 


  • Korean spelling: 경 (Pure Korean)
  • Meaning: Honor, faith and respect.
  • Pronunciation: g-y-uh-ng
  • Kyong, Kyuoung, and Kyung are other variations of the name. 


  • Korean spelling: 숙 (Pure Korean)
  • Meaning: Pure faith.
  • Pronunciation: Suk
  • This is one of the few single syllable names for girls in Korea. Its alternate spelling is Suk. 

Korean Names that Mean Faith for Boys 


  • Korean spelling: 빛가람 (Sino Korean)
  • Meaning: A light river / strong believer.
  • Pronunciation: Beet Gaaram
  • In my opinion, a slow river reminds us about being faithful and resilient. 

Bon Hwa 

  • Korean spelling: 본화 (Sino Korean)
  • Meaning: One who is glorious and faithful.
  • Pronunciation: Bon Hwa
  • Give a touch of royalty to your son with Bon Hwa.

Chin Hae 

  • Korean spelling: 친해 (Sino Korean)
  • Meaning: Depth of the ocean. Truth. Faith.
  • Pronunciation: Cheen Hayy
  • Faith and truth are inseparable. 

Chin Mae

  • Korean spelling: 친매 (Sino Korean)
  • Meaning: Someone who only speaks the truth. Faith. 
  • Pronunciation: Cheen Mayy
  • This name denotes truth and faith in a different light.


  • Korean spelling: 철 (Pure Korean)
  • Meaning: Something which is neither very hard nor soft. Firm, but faithful.
  • Pronunciation:cheol
  • Keep a firm faith with Chul.

Chung Hee

  • Korean spelling: 정희 (Sino Korean)
  • Meaning: Someone who is dutiful and righteous. Gracious justice and faith.
  • Pronunciation: chong hi
  • Only a faithful person can be just.

Chung Ho

  • Korean spelling: 정호 (Sino Korean)
  • Meaning: A righteous lake. Faith.
  • Pronunciation: chong ho
  • How can a lake be righteous? It must have some hidden ancient context. This makes the name mysterious. 

Dae Hyun

  • Korean spelling: 대현 (Sino Korean)
  • Meaning: Honor, faith and great.
  • Pronunciation: dayy hyeon
  • Your son will surely triumph with such an honorable name. 

Dae Jung

  • Korean spelling: 대정 (Sino Korean)
  • Meaning: Honest, faithful, righteous, and great.
  • Pronunciation: dayy jong
  • If you want these three qualities in your son, look no further.


  • Korean spelling: 대심 (Sino Korean)
  • Meaning: The greatest mind. Faithful person.
  • Pronunciation: dayy sheem
  • Do you take intellect seriously? Choose Daeshim.

Dong Sun

  • Korean spelling: 동선 (Sino Korean)
  • Meaning: The goodness of the east. 
  • Pronunciation: DOng son
  • If you belong to the East, it can be a good choice. This is a Korean name that means gift from God.

Dong Yul

  • Korean spelling: 동율 (Sino Korean)
  • Meaning: One having the passion of the east. A strong believer.
  • Pronunciation: DOng yool
  • The east denotes valuable attributes. 

Du Ho

  • Korean spelling: 두호 (Sino Korean)
  • Meaning: Goodness and head.
  • Pronunciation: doo Ho
  • Goodness from the heart while wisdom from the head.

Duck Hwan

  • Korean spelling: 덕환 (Sino Korean)
  • Meaning: The return of virtue and faith.
  • Pronunciation: Dok Hawan
  • In this corrupted world, this virtuous name rings like success.

Duck Young

  • Korean spelling: 덕경 (Sino Korean)
  • Meaning: The virtue is everlasting and undeniable. Faith.
  • Pronunciation: dok yUHng
  • Your son will forever believe in virtue if you go by this name.

Beom Seok

  • Korean spelling: 범석 (Sino Korean)
  • Meaning: Everyone flourishes. Pattern of a rock. The one who believes. 
  • Pronunciation: BOm SOk
  • Lee Beom Seok was the first Prime Minister of Korea. It can also be spelled as Pom Sok or Bum Suk. 

Chin Hwa

  • Korean spelling: 친화 (Sino Korean)
  • Meaning: The most rich and full of faith.
  • Pronunciation: Cheen Hawa
  • It is also written as Chinhwa. 

Do Hyun

  • Korean spelling: 도현 (Sino Korean)
  • Meaning: A permitted and faithful path. 
  • Pronunciation: DOh HYYon
  • Hyun is also used as a famous surname in Korea. It can be spelled as Do Yun and Do Hyeon as well. 

Gun Woo

  • Korean spelling: 건우 (Sino Korean)
  • Meaning: Hope for mankind. Believer.
  • Pronunciation: GOn Oo
  • Many famous Korean personalities are named Gun Woo. The alternate spellings include Eun Woo, Kun Woo, and Keon Woo. 

Min Ho

  • Korean spelling: 민호 (Sino Korean)
  • Meaning: Strong, faithful, and clever. 
  • Pronunciation: MEEn Ho
  • This is a frequently used masculine name in Korea.

Gender-neutral Korean Names that Mean Faith 


  • Korean spelling: 대 (Pure Korean)
  • Meaning: Shining, the faithful one. 
  • Pronunciation: day
  • Dae sounds like a name with leadership qualities.


  • Korean spelling: 현 (Pure Korean)
  • Meaning: Intelligent, faithful and bright. 
  • Pronunciation: hee-oh-n
  • The variation of this name is Hyeon, which means virtuous. 


  • Korean spelling: 지 (Pure Korean)
  • Meaning: Wisdom or faith.
  • Pronunciation: Jee
  • Two wonderful qualities combined in one simple name. Inspiring! 


  • Korean spelling: 기 (Pure Korean)
  • Meaning: The one who has arisen.
  • Pronunciation: Gee
  • Gi is the most resounding name in the list.


  • Korean spelling: 은 (Pure Korean)
  • Meaning: Mercy, kindness, and faith.
  • Pronunciation: oo-n
  • Although Eun sounds simple, it translates to beautiful meaning.

Ji Woo

  • Korean spelling: 지우 (Sino Korean)
  • Meaning: Ji means purpose, faith, or ambition. Woo translates to universe or house. 
  • Pronunciation: jee-oo
  • This unisex name has other variations such as Chi Woo or Jee Woo. Choi Ji Woo is a famous South Korean actress. 

Ji Yoon

  • Korean spelling: 지윤 (Sino Korean)
  • Meaning: Good luck, faith, and posterity.
  • Pronunciation: jee YUn
  • Ji Youn, Ji Yun, and Jee Yoon are the alternative spellings. 

Mi Sun

  • Korean spelling: 미순 (Sino Korean)
  • Meaning: A beautiful gift, goodness, and beauty. 
  • Pronunciation: mee SUn
  • Mi Second and Mee Sun can be the alternate spellings of the name. Jeon Mi Seon is a well-known South Korean actress. 

Yu Jin

  • Korean spelling: 유진 (Sino Korean)
  • Meaning: Possess, faithful, and precious.
  • Pronunciation: Yoo Jeen
  • A singer and volleyball player are named Yoo Jin in Korea. 

Hyun Woo

  • Korean spelling: 현우 (Sino Korean)
  • Meaning: A Divine intervention or manifestation. Believer.
  • Pronunciation: hee-oh-n OO
  • For me, Hyun Woo seems like a blessing in Korean name. It comes with the alternate spellings of Hyeon U, Hyon Woo, or Hyeon Woo. 

Jong Woo

  • Korean spelling: 정우 (Sino Korean)
  • Meaning: Noble house, a faithful man or an upright friend.
  • Pronunciation: j-AW-ng OO
  • With the varying spellings of Jung Woo, Jeong U, and Jeong Woo, many famous Korean personalities have adopted this name. 


  • Korean spelling: 관 (Pure Korean)
  • Meaning: Strong and faithful.
  • Pronunciation: k w AA n 
  • This is also a famous surname in both Korea and China. 


What Are Ideas to Craft a Perfect Korean Name that Means Faith?

  1. Pick the surname first.
  2. Surname is usually a family name. 
  3. Choose a second and third name.
  4. The last two names are personal and relate to the individual. 
  5. Consider the meaning and hanji characters of the full name. 

Are There Any Cultural Customs or Traditions Associated with Naming a Child with a Name that means “Faith” in Korea?

Naming a child with a “faith” name in Korea reflects the virtue’s importance to the family’s morals and ethics, influenced by Confucianism. Some parents choose names with characters from traditional Korean literature emphasizing faith.

Wrapping it Up 

So now you have many answers to the question: what is Korean name for faith? I hope that you found this guide to be helpful and are inspired by so many rich Korean names. 

Which one did you like the best? Tell me in the comments below. 

Thanks for reading and until next time!

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