30 Best Korean Names that Mean Dark (Also Work in English)

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Looking for Korean names that mean dark? You’ve come to the right place! 

Are you a parent who wants to give your child a meaningful and unforgettable name or an artist who needs a stage name that stands out? In each case, these names will surely catch your attention. 

Why not delve into the cultural tapestry of Korea and find the perfect name that perfectly fits your unique situation? Get ready to be inspired!

30 Korean Names with dark meanings

Korean names with dark meanings for girls

  1. Hee-yeon
  • Korean Spelling: 희연 (Pure Korean)
  • Meaning: Burning smoke and darkness
  • Pronunciation: hee-yeon
  • This name exudes an air of mystery and intrigue. I imagine it like a swirling of dark smoke. So fascinating! 
  1. Hyeon
  • Korean Spelling: 현 (Pure Korean)
  • Meaning: Dark or mystery
  • Pronunciation: hye-on
  • I love how Hyeon suggests a sense of depth and enigma. It’s like a darkness that conceals secrets. So intriguing, isn’t it?
  1. Eun-ae
  • Korean Spelling: 은애 (Pure Korean)
  • Meaning: Charming darkness
  • Pronunciation: eun-ae
  • Eun-ae suggests beauty and allure that is unique to the evenings. It has a nice sound and it’s super easy to pronounce.
  1. Ye-seul
  • Korean Spelling: 예슬 (Pure Korean)
  • Meaning: Night dew
  • Pronunciation: ye-seul
  • Ye-seul “screams” freshness and purity. It’s a great option for a girl born during the night!
  1. Hae-rim
  • Korean Spelling: 해림 (Pure Korean)
  • Meaning: Sea forest
  • Pronunciation: hae-rim
  • I especially love this name because it suggests a connection to nature. I imagine it like a mysterious and enchanting darkness of the sea.
  1. Da-hye
  • Korean Spelling: 다혜 (Pure Korean)
  • Meaning: Great darkness
  • Pronunciation: da-hye
  • Da-hye is a name of strength, and it has such a powerful sound.
  1. Ji-ah
  • Korean Spelling: 지아 (Sino Korean)
  • Meaning: Knowing dark or wisdom in the darkness
  • Pronunciation: ji-ah
  • Ji-ah suggests a sense of wisdom and intelligence, particularly in navigating the darkness and the unknown. I absolutely love it!
  1. Min-ju
  • Korean Spelling: 민주 (Pure Korean)
  • Meaning: Dark gem
  • Pronunciation: min-ju
  • Min-ju is a name with a sense of value and preciousness. It reminds me of a gem that shines bright in the darkness.
  1. Eun-ha
  • Korean Spelling: 은하 (Sino Korean)
  • Meaning: Galaxy
  • Pronunciation: eun-ha
  • Eun-ha suggests a sense of vastness and mystery, like the infinite expanse of the galaxy.
  1. So-jin
  • Korean Spelling: 소진 (Sino Korean)
  • Meaning: Small and dark
  • Pronunciation: so-jin
  • So-jin carries a sense of contrast, and that’s what makes it beautiful.

Korean names that mean dark for boys

  1. Hae-in
  • Korean Spelling: 해인 (Pure Korean)
  • Meaning: Dark or deep sea
  • Pronunciation: hae-in
  • Hae-in is a beautiful name connected to mysterious depths of the ocean.
  1. Eun
  • Korean Spelling: 은 (Pure Korean)
  • Meaning: Darkness, black or night
  • Pronunciation: eun
  • Eun is a simple yet striking name that embodies the darkness and depth of the color black.
  1. In-ho
  • Korean Spelling: 인호 (Sino Korean)
  • Meaning: Dark or mysterious lake
  • Pronunciation: in-ho
  • This name suggests a sense of mystery and depth. I can imagine it like a dark and enigmatic lake.
  1. Hyun
  • Korean Spelling: 현 (Pure Korean)
  • Meaning: Mysterious or dark
  • Pronunciation: hyun
  • Hyun, a name with a sense of mystery and depth, reminds me of the darkness that holds secrets waiting to be uncovered. So exciting!
  1. Gun-woo
  • Korean Spelling: 건우 (Pure Korean)
  • Meaning: Dark or nobility
  • Pronunciation: gun-woo
  • Gun-woo evokes images of the impressive night sky. I love it because it’s so mysterious and commanding.
  1. Tae-yang
  • Korean Spelling: 태양 (Sino Korean)
  • Meaning: Darkness of the sun / Dark sun
  • Pronunciation: tae-yang
  • Tae-yang is a name that seamlessly combines light and dark, representing a sun hidden behind the night’s veil.
  1. Soo-hyun
  • Korean Spelling: 수현 (Sino Korean)
  • Meaning: Dark and mysterious
  • Pronunciation: soo-hyun
  • Soo-hyun is another name of depth and enigma. I love how it perfectly captures its intriguing essence.
  1. Jin-woo
  • Korean Spelling: 진우 (Sino Korean)
  • Meaning: Noble and dark
  • Pronunciation: jin-woo
  • Jin-woo presents a sense of nobility and darkness. It also evokes the awe-inspiring power and beauty of the night sky.
  1. Seong-min
  • Korean Spelling: 성민 (Sino Korean)
  • Meaning: Clever and dark
  • Pronunciation: seong-min
  • Seong-min is another name for intelligence, cleverness and resourcefulness. It’s like navigating the darkness with super powers and skills.
  1. Yeong-gi
  • Korean Spelling: 영기 (Sino Korean)
  • Meaning: Dark and rising
  • Pronunciation: yeong-gi
  • Yeong-gi is a name that suggests a sense of growth and potential. Imagine it like a darkness before dawn.

Gender-Neutral Korean names that mean dark

  1. Ha-neul
  • Korean Spelling: 하늘 (Pure Korean)
  • Meaning: Dark or deep blue sky
  • Pronunciation: ha-neul
  • This name is a connection to the mysterious expanse of the sky, full of dark and deep shades of blue.
  1. Byeol
  • Korean Spelling: 별 (Pure Korean)
  • Meaning: Dark or black night sky
  • Pronunciation: byeol
  • Byeol is a simple yet striking name that embodies the depth of the night sky I love how international it sounds!
  1. Jae
  • Korean Spelling: 재 (Sino Korean)
  • Meaning: Dark or black
  • Pronunciation: jae
  • Jae is a name that suggests a sense of depth and darkness. It’s so short but powerful at the same time!
  1. Dal
  • Korean Spelling: 달 (Pure Korean)
  • Meaning: Dark or moon
  • Pronunciation: dal
  • Dal presents a connection to the dark and mysterious beauty of the moon. It’s like a combination of moon’s light and sky’s darkness.
  1. Eun-ha
  • Korean Spelling: 은하 (Sino Korean)
  • Meaning: Dark or black galaxy
  • Pronunciation: eun-ha
  • Eun-ha is a name that suggests a sense of vastness and mystery. I imagine it like a darkness and beauty of the galaxy.
  1. Gyeong
  • Korean Spelling: 경 (Sino Korean)
  • Meaning: Dark or black
  • Pronunciation: gyeong
  • Gyeong presents a depth of darkness. It reminds me of the sky’s blackness full of little stars.
  1. Min
  • Korean Spelling: 민 (Pure Korean)
  • Meaning: Dark or black
  • Pronunciation: min
  • When I think of the name Min, I imagine the full blackness of the night sky.
  1. Hyun-seo
  • Korean Spelling: 현서 (Sino Korean)
  • Meaning: Dark and profound
  • Pronunciation: hyun-seo
  • Hyun-seo also means depth and complexity. It’s like the darkness that hides mysteries and secrets.
  1. Hwi
  • Korean Spelling: 휘 (Pure Korean)
  • Meaning: Dark or black
  • Pronunciation: hwi
  • This short, beautiful name refers to depth and darkness. It’s one of the most popular names in Korea.
  1. Kang
  • Korean Spelling: 강 (Sino Korean)
  • Meaning: Dark or strong
  • Pronunciation: kang
  • Kang is another name for power and strength. It’s like a darkness that can be both mysterious and awe-inspiring.


7 ideas to craft perfect Korean names that mean dark?

  1. Look for inspiration in Korean mythology or folklore with dark or mysterious characters.
  2. Consider combining a word that means dark with another word or name significant to you or your family.
  3. Consider the qualities you want to convey through the name, such as strength, mystery, or elegance, and choose a name that reflects those qualities.
  4. Play with different Korean spellings, including Pure Korean and Sino Korean, to find a name that sounds beautiful and unique.
  5. Research the meanings and origins of different Korean names that mean dark to find one that resonates with you or holds a special significance.
  6. Consider seeking input or advice from a Korean language or culture expert or consulting with family members who have experience choosing Korean names.
  7. Get creative or mix and match different Korean words or names to create your special one.

Are there any cultural or historical significance associated with Korean names that mean dark?

Korean names meaning “dark” don’t have a significant cultural or historical meaning. However, they can be important to a family due to their personal significance.

Some parents choose a name that means dark to reflect their child’s unique qualities, while others appreciate the beauty and uniqueness of such names and choose them based on their preference.

Ready to choose the best Korean names that mean dark?

And that’s it! We’ve covered all the amazing Korean names that mean ‘dark’. This type of name can hold a special meaning, such as strength or mystery, and offer a unique and memorable identity for the child throughout their life. One thing is for sure – anyone who chooses a name with this meaning will not regret it. 

So go ahead and trust your intuition to pick the perfect name for your little one!

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