109 Attractive Japanese Twin Girl Names(Starts With The Same Letter)

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Looking for the perfect Japanese twin girl names that start with the same letter? Look no further. Japan has a rich tradition of naming practices, with names that are steeped in meaning and cultural significance. With so many beautiful and unique options to choose from, it can be challenging to select the right one.

In this article, we’ve compiled a list of the 109 best Japanese twin girl names that start with the same letter, making it easier for you to find the perfect names for your little ones.

Japanese Twin Girl Names Start With B

  1. Benika and Benie

Kanji: ベニカ , ベニー

Meaning: Deep red and rely.

Pronunciation: Beeneeka and Beenee

  1. Benio and Benina

Kanji: ベニオ , ベニナ

Meaning: Cherry blossom and lull.

Pronunciation: Beeniyo and Beeneena

  1. Biore and Beniho

Kanji: ビオレ , ベニホ

Meaning: Violet and guarantee.

Pronunciation: Beeohreh and beeneeho

  1. Banira and Budou

Kanji: バニラ , ぶどう

Meaning: Summer and revolve.

Pronunciation: baneerah and boodoh

  1. Bibia and Bibi

Kanji: ビビア , ビビ

Meaning: Paint.

Pronunciation: beebeeyah and beebee

  1. Bian and Beniyo

Kanji: ビアン , ベニヨ

Meaning: Biwa fruit and society.

Pronunciation: beean and beeniyoh

  1. Benii and Benimo

Kanji: べにい , ベニモ

Meaning: Humanity and algae.

Pronunciation: benee and beneemoh

  1. Biwako and Beni

Kanji: 琵琶湖 ,  ベニ

Meaning: Instruments.

Pronunciation: beewakoh and beenee

  1. Beni and Biyuu

Kanji: ベニ , びゆう

Meaning: Superiority.

Pronunciation: beenee and beeyoo

  1. Bonju and Bisui

Kanji: ぼんじゅ , ビス

Meaning: Timber and beauty.

Pronunciation: bonjoo and beesoo-ee

Japanese Twin Girl Names Start With M

  1. Machi and Michiko

Kanji: 町 , ミチコ

Meaning: Ten thousand and beautiful. 

Pronunciation: maachee and meecheeko

  1. Miya and Mikazuki 

Kanji: ミヤ , 三日月

Meaning: Temple and new moon.

Pronunciation: meeyah and meekaazookee

  1. Miyuki and Mieko

Kanji: みゆき ,  みえこ

Meaning:Snow and prosperity.

Pronunciation: meeyookee and mee-ayko

  1. Marri and Matsuko

Kanji: マリー , マツコ

Meaning: Wished-for-child and pine tree.

Pronunciation: maa-RR-ee and maatsookoh

  1. Mayumi and Mariko

Kanji: まゆみ , マリコ

Meaning: Truth and real.

Pronunciation: maayoomee and maareekoh

  1. Masumi and Mon

Kanji: ますみ , 月

Meaning: Beauty and heart.

Pronunciation: maasoomee and mon

  1. Miwa and Mitsuko

Kanji: みわ , ミツコ

Meaning: Beautiful harmony and bright child.

Pronunciation: meeva and meetsookoh

  1. Masago and Morie

Kanji:  まさご , まさご

Meaning: Sand and bay.

Pronunciation: maasaageh and mohree

  1. Masato and Mai

Kanji: マサト , マイ

Meaning: Commander and elegance.

Pronunciation: maasatoh and maa-yy

  1. Moriyo and Murasaki

Kanji: もりよ , むらさき

Meaning: Forest and purple.

Pronunciation: moreeyoh and moorasaakee

Japanese Twin Girl Names Start With H

  1. Hikaru and Hinata

Kanji: ひかる , ヒナタ

Meaning: To shine and sunny place.

Pronunciation: heekaroo and heenata

  1. Harue and Hiromasa

Kanji: 春江 , ひろまさ

Meaning: Born in spring and wise.

Pronunciation: haarooae and heeromasa

  1. Hisa and Hisoka

Kanji: ひさ , ヒソカ

Meaning: Long-lasting and reserved.

Pronunciation: heesa and heesoka

  1. Hideyo and Hanae

Kanji: ひでよ , ハナエ

Meaning: Excellent generation and spring tree.

Pronunciation: heedeyo and hanayy

  1. Hoshiyo and Hide

Kanji: ほしよ , 隠れる

Meaning: Star generation and excellent.

Pronunciation: hosheeyo and hid

  1. Hosyu and Hamako

Kanji: 保州 , ハマコ

Meaning: Conservativeness and child of the shore.

Pronunciation: hosyoo and hamakoh

  1. Harumi and Habiki

Kanji: はるみ , はびき

Meaning: Beauty and sound.

Pronunciation: haaroomee and habeekew

  1. Hachi and Hachiro

Kanji: ハチ , 八郎

Meaning: Eight and eighth son.

Pronunciation: hachee and haacheeroh

  1. Haiku and Hamako

Kanji: 俳句 , ハマコ

Meaning: Poem and unity.

Pronunciation: haaekoo and hamakoh

  1. Hana and Hanzo

Kanji: ハナ , 半蔵

Meaning: Flower and half.

Pronunciation: ha-na and han-zo

Japanese Twin Girl Names Start With T

  1. Tomoe and Tomomi

Kanji: 巴 , ともみ

Meaning: Blessing and friend. 

Pronunciation: to.mo and tomomee

  1. Taka and Takako

Kanji: タカ , 貴子

Meaning: Dutiful.

Pronunciation: taka and takakoh

  1. Tamako and Tamaki

Kanji: たまこ , たまき

Meaning: Jewel child and jewel.

Pronunciation: tam.ako and tamakee

  1. Takara and Tamayo

Kanji: タカラ , たまよ

Meaning: Treasure and generation jewel.

Pronunciation: tak.aa.ra and tam.ayo

  1. Tama and Takeshi

Kanji: 多摩 , たけし

Meaning: Jewel and bamboo tree.

Pronunciation: ta.ma and takehshee

  1. Tamie and Tatsuki

Kanji: タミエ , たつき

Meaning: Tree branch and moon.

Pronunciation: tamee and tatsookee

  1. Takumi and Taichi

Kanji: たくみ , 太極拳

Meaning: Clever and great.

Pronunciation: taakoomee and taeechee

  1. Taijo and Taiki

Kanji: 大城 , 大樹

Meaning: Peace and big.

Pronunciation: taaeejo and taeekee

  1. Takashi and Takehiko

Kanji: タカシ , たけひこ

Meaning: Ambition and bamboo.

Pronunciation: taakaashee and takayheekoh

  1. Takeo and Tatsuhiro

Kanji: たけお , たつひろ

Meaning: Strong bamboo and power.

Pronunciation: takayo and tatsooheero

Japanese Twin Girl Names Start With Y

  1. Yoshe and Yoko

Kanji: よし , ようこ

Meaning: Beauty and generous child.

Pronunciation: yoshay and yokoh

  1. Yokkako and Yumika

Kanji: よっかこ , ゆみか

Meaning: Child of the fourth day and archery.

Pronunciation: yokkakoh and yoomeekah

  1. Yukari and Yukia

Kanji: ゆかり , ゆきあ

Meaning: Scent and gentle tree.

Pronunciation: yookaree and yookeeka

  1. Yukina and Yukio

Kanji: ゆきな , ユキオ

Meaning: Fortune and snow.

Pronunciation: yookeena and yookeeo

  1. Yume and Yuna

Kanji: ゆめ , ゆな

Meaning: Dream and desired.

Pronunciation: yoomeh and yoona

  1. Yuni and Yuuma

Kanji: ユニ , ゆうま

Meaning: Gorgeous and night.

Pronunciation: yoonee and yoomah

  1. Yuuta and Yuuto

Kanji: ゆうた , ゆうと

Meaning: Calm and tender.

Pronunciation: yoota and yooto

  1. Yei and Yua

Kanji: イェイ , ユア

Meaning: Flourishing and affection.

Pronunciation: yay and yoo.ah 

  1. Yue and Yui

Kanji: 越 , ゆい

Meaning: Delighted and gentle.

Pronunciation: yoo.ayy and yu.ee

  1. Yoka and Yoki

Kanji: よか , よき

Meaning: Joy and rain.

Pronunciation: yokah and yokee

Japanese Twin Girl Names Start With K

  1. Kumi and Kimi

Kanji: くみ , きみ

Meaning: Braid and righteous child.

Pronunciation: koomee and keemee

  1. Kinu and Kiku

Kanji: きぬ , きく

Meaning: Silk and chrysanthemum.

Pronunciation: keenoo and keekoo

  1. Kaiko and Katsu

Kanji: 懐古 , カツ

Meaning: Child of forgiveness and victorious. 

Pronunciation: kaaeekoh and katsoo

  1. Koko and Koto

Kanji: ココ , 琴

Meaning: Stork and harp.

Pronunciation: ko.ko and kotoh

  1. Koneko and Koji

Kanji: こねこ , 麹

Meaning: Kitten and little child.

Pronunciation: konehkoh and kojee

  1. Kinuyo and Kaya

Kanji: きぬよう , カヤ

Meaning: Silk and resting place.

Pronunciation: keenooyo and kaya

  1. Kimiyo and Kikue

Kanji: きみよ , 菊江

Meaning: Generation child and tree branch.

Pronunciation: keemeeyo and keekoo.eh

  1. Kiyoko and Kagami

Kanji: きよこ , かがみ

Meaning: Child of happy generations and mirror.

Pronunciation: keeyoko and kagamee

  1. Kiwako and Kuni

Kanji: きわこ , 国

Meaning: Child born on the border and born in the country.

Pronunciation: keewako and koonee

  1. Kaiyo and Kiwa

Kanji: 海洋 , きわ

Meaning: Forgiveness and borderline.

Pronunciation: kaaeeyoh and keewa

Japanese Twin Girl Names Start With D

  1. Doremi and Daina

Kanji: ドレミ ,   ダイナ         

Meaning: Sound and south.

Pronunciation: doremee and daeena

  1. Daria and Darika

Kanji: ダリア , ダリア

Meaning: Darkness and pear.

Pronunciation: daareeya and daareeka

  1. Daki and Douru

Kanji: ダキ , ドウル 

Meaning: Princess and yearning.

Pronunciation: daakee and douroo

  1. Dounatsu and Douko

Kanji: どうなつ , どうこ

Meaning: Harbor and junior.

Pronunciation: dunatsoo and doukoo

  1. Doriimu and Demma

Kanji: ドリイム , デマ

Meaning: Illusion and pause.

Pronunciation: doreemoo and demma

  1. Deko and Dan’An

Kanji: でこ , ダンアン

Meaning: Present and mild.

Pronunciation: de.ko and dan.Aan

  1. Daidai and Daichi

Kanji: だいだい , 大地

Meaning: Citrus and land.

Pronunciation: Daeedaee and daeechee

  1. Daijiro and Daisuke

Kanji: 大二郎 , だいすけ

Meaning: Great helper.

Pronunciation: daeejeeroh and daeesookay

  1. Denji and Dan


Meaning: Electromagnetic and warmth.

Pronunciation: denjee and dan

  1. Daisei and Danya

Kanji: デンジ ,  ダーニャ

Meaning: Large and arrow.

Pronunciation: daeeseh and dan.ya

Japanese Twin Girl Names Start With N

  1. Nishi and Natsu

Kanji: ニシ , なつ

Meaning: West and born in summer.

Pronunciation: neeshee and natsoo

  1. Natsuko and Notin

Kanji: なつこ , ありませんで

Meaning: Summer child and round.

Pronunciation: natsookoh and noteen

  1. Nozomi and Nyoko

Kanji: のぞみ , にょこ

Meaning: Trustworthy and intoxicated in infatuation.

Pronunciation: nozomee and nyokoh

  1. Nami and Nakano

Kanji: ナミ , 中野

Meaning: Waves and middle of wilderness.

Pronunciation: naamee and nakanoh

  1. Nanako and Nao

Kanji: ななこ , なお

Meaning: Child of the greens and honest.

Pronunciation: nanakoh and naoh

  1. Naoki and Naoko

Kanji: 直樹 , 直子

Meaning: Tree of truth and pure.

Pronunciation: naookee and naaoko

  1. Naoya and Narah

Kanji: なおや , 奈良

Meaning: Swindle and happy.

Pronunciation: naaoyah and na.ra

  1. Nariko and Narra

Kanji: 成子 , ナラ

Meaning: Thunder and soft.

Pronunciation: naareekoh and naRRa

  1. Neko and Nieko

Kanji: 猫 , にこ

Meaning: Cat and victory of people.

Pronunciation: neykoh and neeayko

  1. Nio and Nobu

Kanji: ニオ , のぶ

Meaning: Virtue and prolong.

Pronunciation: neeyo and noboo

Japanese Twin Girl Names Start With Z

  1. Zenshi and Zenga

Kanji: ぜんし , ぜんが

Meaning: Aspiration and river.

Pronunciation: zenshee and zengah

  1. Zenkou and Zenkichi

Kanji: ぜんこう , 前吉

Meaning: Happiness and good luck.

Pronunciation: zenkoh and zenkeechee

  1. Zuihou and Zeru

Kanji: 瑞鳳 , ゼル

Meaning: Peak and holy.

Pronunciation: zooeehoh and zeeroo

  1. Zuimu and Zenitsu

Kanji: ズイム , 善逸

Meaning: Vision and kind.

Pronunciation: zooeemoo and zeneetsoo

  1. Zennojou and Zaemon

Kanji: 全之丞 , 左衛門

Meaning: Assist and entrance.

Pronunciation: zennojoo and zaymon

  1. Zensyou and Zensei

Kanji: 全勝 , 全生

Meaning: Soar and clear.

Pronunciation: zensyou and zenseh

  1. Zeno and Zantetsu

Kanji: ゼノ , 斬鉄

Meaning: Energy and iron.

Pronunciation: zeenoh and zantetsoo

  1. Zemmaru and Zekuu

Kanji: ぜんまる , ゼクウ

Meaning: Circle and sky.

Pronunciation: zemmaroo and zekoo

  1. Zaou and Zenjin

Kanji: 蔵王 , ぜんじん

Meaning: Warehouse and zen.

Pronunciation: zaoo and zenjeen

  1. Zuina and Zaikiko

Kanji: ずいな , ざきこ

Meaning: Fortunate and west.

Pronunciation: zooeena and zaeekeekoh

Japanese Twin Girl Names Start With G

  1. Genjirou and Genshi

Kanji: 源次郎 , げんし

Meaning: Serene and samurai.

Pronunciation: genjeeroh and genshee

Cool Japanese twin names 

  1. Ginjirou and Gentarou

Kanji: 銀次郎 , ゲンタロウ

Meaning: Silver and serene.

Pronunciation: geenjeeroh and gentaroo

  1. Ginga and Ginsuke

Kanji: ぎんが , 銀助

Meaning: Metal and mediate.

Pronunciation: geenja and geensookay

  1. Ginto and Gosuke

Kanji: ギント , 御助

Meaning: Human and clear.

Pronunciation: geento and gosookay

  1. Gou and Gempei

Kanji: 御助 , 源平

Meaning: Strong and origin.

Pronunciation: go-oo and gempey

  1. Gen’Ichi and Giichi 

Kanji: ゲンイチ , 義一

Meaning: Single and justice.

Pronunciation: gen.eechee and geechee

  1. Goushi and Gouzou

Kanji: ゴウシ , ごうぞう

Meaning: History and sturdy.

Pronunciation: go-oo-shee and goojoh

  1. Gensaku and Gensei

Kanji: げんさく , げんせい

Meaning: Produce and politics.

Pronunciation: gensaakoo and genseh

  1. Gohei and Gouto

Kanji: ごへい , 郷土

Meaning: Third in rank and person.

Pronunciation: goheyi and go.oo.to

  1. Gai and Ginta

Kanji: ガイ , ギンタ

Meaning: Victory and singing.

Pronunciation: gaa.ey and geenta

Japanese Twin Girl Names Start With S

  1. Suki and Sumiko

Kanji: スキ , 墨子

Meaning: Loved one and corner. 

Pronunciation: sookee and soomeeko

  1. Suzu and Shina

Kanji: すず , シナ

Meaning: Little bell and successful. 

Pronunciation: soozoo and sheena

  1. Sachi and Sachiko

Kanji: サチ , さちこ

Meaning: Blessed and child of bliss. 

Pronunciation: sachee and sacheeko

  1. Seika and Setsuko

Kanji: 青果 , せつこ

Meaning: Pure summer and occasion. 

Pronunciation: se.ee.ka and setsooko

  1. Seiren and Suzuki

Kanji: セーレン , 鈴木

Meaning: Refined star and bell tree.

Pronunciation: see-ee-ren and soozookee

  1. Shinju and Shino

Kanji: しんじゅ , シノ

Meaning: Pearl and bamboo stem.

Pronunciation: sheenjoo and sheeno

  1. Sakura and Sakurako

Kanji: さくら , 桜子

Meaning: Cherry blossom and blossom.

Pronunciation: sakoora and sakoorako

  1. Samuru and Sanji

Kanji: サムル , サンジ

Meaning: His name is of Lord Almihgty and praise.

Pronunciation: samooroo and saanjee

  1. Satsuki and Saya

Kanji: さつき , さつき

Meaning: Hope and swift arrow.

Pronunciation: satsookee and saaya

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We hope our list of the best Japanese twin girl names has inspired you to find the perfect names for your little ones. May they grow up to be as beautiful as their names.

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