50 Perfect Japanese Names That Mean Star(With Meaning&Origin)

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Are you looking for the perfect baby name with an awesome meaning? It would help if you considered Japanese names that mean star for your little one.

Japanese names for babies have become popular all over the world. The main reason could be the uniqueness of the names and the Japanese cultural heritage.

Japanese use anji, Chinese characters, to write Japanese names. Most Japanese derive their family names from the inspiration of celestial bodies. These include the sun, moon, and stars.

A star symbolizes brightness, hence a  perfect meaning for a baby name. Here, we will look at the top 50 Japanese Names That Mean Star for Your Baby.

Japanese Names That Mean Star For Girls

The Japanese believe that the meaning of a name influences the child’s personality. With this information in mind, here are a few name considerations for your princess:

  1. Arisa
  1. Ayaho
  • Kanji: 礼 星
  • Meaning: star, color
  • Pronunciation: A-YA-HO
  •  Ayaho is a beautiful and honorable name for a baby girl.
  1. Eriko
  • Kanji: 愛 星 恋
  • Meaning: Love star
  • Pronunciation: EE-RI-KOW
  • The pronunciation of the name Eriko is unique and captivating.
  1. Hinase
  •  Kanji: 輝 愛 星
  • Meaning: bright, love, star
  • Pronunciation: HI-NA-SEY
  • If you are looking for a name that will portray your love for your baby, Hinase is perfect.
  1. Honami
  • Kanji: 星 南
  • Meaning: south, star
  • Pronunciation: HO-NA-MII
  • If you are a fan of marathons, you must know Honami Maeda. She is a Japanese marathoner who represented Japan at the Tokyo Olympics in 2020.
  1. Hoshika
  • Kanji: 星佳
  • Meaning: Star, beautiful, lovely
  • Pronunciation: HO-Shi-KAA
  • What a way to honor a beautiful girl with a beautiful name!
  1. Kaho
  • Kanji: 花 星
  • Meaning: flower, star
  • Pronunciation: KAA-HO
  • I love flowers; they are beautiful and a sight to behold.
  1. Miho
  • Kanji: 美 星
  • Meaning: Beauty, star
  • Pronunciation: MII-HO
  • Miho Miyazaki is a famous Japanese singer from the girls’ idol group AKB48; her voice is amazing!
  1. Natsuki
  • Kanji: 夏 星
  • Meaning: summer, star
  • Pronunciation: NA-T-SKI
  • Natsuki is Yuri’s best friend and former rival. She is one of the two tritagonists in the visual novel Doki Doki Literature club.
  1. Riho
  • Kanji: 理 星
  • Meaning: star, pattern, the way of things.
  • Pronunciation: Ri-HOO
  • Wrestling is also famous in Japan. Riho stands out for her continued stardom in professional wrestling. She is an inspiration to young girls.
  1. Saki
  1. Searu
  • Kanji: 星 愛 留
  • Meaning: star, love, unmoving
  • Pronunciation: SEY-A-RU
  • It is a great name that reminds the little one of your unchanging love and that you cherish their existence.
  1. Sena
  • Kanji: 星 名
  • Meaning: Star, name
  • Pronunciation: SEY-NAA
  • Sena Natsuki is a beautiful Japanese model and actress. She participated in Miss International Japan in 2016. She is a star!
  1. Seina
  • Kanji: 星 蝶
  • Meaning: Star, butterfly
  • Pronunciation:SEY-NAA
  • A butterfly is a beautiful insect. If you combine beauty with a star, you have a perfect name for your princess.
  1. Seren
  • Kanji: 星 怜
  • Meaning: star, clever, smart
  • Pronunciation: SE-RE-N
  • This name reminds the child that they are smart and clever.
  1. Serinu
  • Kanji: 星 璃 縫
  • Meaning: shining star, crystals, sewn together
  • Pronunciation: SERI-NU
  • A great combination of kanji meanings shows great character for your baby.
  1. Shion
  • Kanji: 星 媛
  • Meaning: star, beautiful
  • Pronunciation: SHI-O-N
  • I love this name as it’s a unique name for a beautiful and graceful little girl.
  1. Yura
  • Kanji: 結 星
  • Meaning: shining star
  • Pronunciation: YU-RA
  • It’s a popular name in Japan that’s perfect for your little angel.
Japanese names that mean star

Japanese Names That Mean Star For Boys

Here, we have outlined well-thought-out names with great meaning and pronunciation. You will find the perfect name for your baby boy.

  1. Aisei
  • Kanji: 愛 星
  • Meaning: Love, star
  • Pronunciation: A-I-SEY
  • It’s a great masculine name but a reminder of the unending love of a new parent.
  1. Aose
  • Kanji: 青 星
  • Meaning: blue, star
  • Pronunciation: A-O-SE
  • Blue is a metaphor for youthfulness; the name reminds you of youthfulness even in old age.
  1. Hoshio
  • Kanji: 星 生
  • Meaning: live, a star
  • Pronunciation: HO-SHEE-O
  • The name reminds you of the pure bundle of joy that gets you to grow up as your child.
  1. Kanata
  • Kanji: 星 空
  • Meaning: star sky
  • Pronunciation: KA-NA-TA
  • Though rarely used, Kanata is a unique baby name for a sweet little boy.
  1. Kousei
  • Kanji: 光 星
  • Meaning: light, star
  • Pronunciation: KO-SE
  • The name has several kanji variations that give it different meanings. Kousei is a beautiful baby name for a boy.
  1. Raito
  • Kanji:
  • Meaning: star
  • Pronunciation: ṘAH-EE-TO
  • Raito is a perfect name for a perfect bundle of joy.
  1. Rento
  • Kanji: 伶 広, 蓮 人, etc
  • Meaning: A pure heart star
  • Pronunciation: REN-TO
  • The name has a deep and strong meaning that is great in shaping your boy into a great young man.
  1. Ryuusei  
  • Kanji: 竜 星
  • Meaning: dragon, star
  • Pronunciation: RYUU:-SE
  • In Japanese culture, dragons are protectors of humanity. They also impart their wisdom and are a sign of good fortune.
  1. Seigo
  • Kanji: 星 伍
  • Meaning: Star, five
  • Pronunciation: SE-GO
  • If you are a fan of Japanese history, you will love knowing that Seigo Nakano was a politician in Imperial Japan. He is famous for his involvement in politics through the leadership of the Far East Society.
  1. Seiru
  • Kanji: 星 流
  • Meaning: star, flow
  • Pronunciation: SAY-RU
  • From the Kanji, flow means spreading to the world; the name is perfect for travelers and wanderers.
  1. Seiya
  • Kanji: 星 夜
  • Meaning: starlight night
  • Pronunciation: SAY-YAH
  • If you like Japanese anime, you will like this name as it’s one of the fighters in the Sailor Moon Anime.
  1. Taisei
  • Kanji: 泰 星
  • Meaning: Gentle, star
  • Pronunciation: TAH-EE-SE
  • One famous person bearing this name is Taisei Makihara. He is a professional baseball player for Japan’s Fukuoka SoftBank Hawks..
  1. Tessei
  • Kanji: 哲 星
  • Meaning: wise, a star
  • Pronunciation: TE-E-SAY
  • The name has a powerful meaning. It means a person excellent in wisdom, talented, wise; all the qualities you’d want in your child.
  1. Toshiki
  • Kanji: 星 輝
  • Meaning: bright, star
  • Pronunciation: TO-SHEE-KEE
  • When looking for a baby name, you want to settle for one with a great meaning.  Toshiki is an amazing name for a bright child.
  1. Seiya
  • Kanji: 星 夜
  • Meaning: Star, night
  • Pronunciation: Sei-ya, SAY-YAH
  • Stars are beautiful; in the nighttime, you can stare at them for hours as you marvel at their beauty.
  1. Yusei
  • Kanji: 結 星
  • Meaning: evening star
  • Pronunciation: YUU-SE
  • Baseball lovers know Yusei Kikuchi, a left-handed pitcher who plays baseball. Another famous person is Yusei Matsui, who is a manga artist.

Gender-Neutral Japanese Names That Mean Star

Sometimes, a parent may want to wait till the birth of a child to find out the gender of the child. Others want to have a gender-neutral name. Whichever your reason, we got you covered. Here are some gender-neutral names perfect for your star.

  1. Akira
  • Kanji: 輝 星
  • Meaning: Bright, clear, star
  • Pronunciation: A-KI-RA
  • Simple, versatile name that suits either gender. Befitting if you don’t want to find out your baby’s gender before birth.
  1. Kiara
  • Kanji: 煌 星
  • Meaning: shine, star
  • Pronunciation: KI-A-RA
  • A versatile name that’s unique with a long, rich history.
  1. Kiseki
  • Kanji: 希 星
  • Meaning: hope, star
  • Pronunciation: KISE-K-I
  • At times, the birth of a child restores hope in the family; Kiseki is the perfect name for the baby.
  1. Kiyomi
  • Kanji: 輝 誉 美
  • Meaning: star, beautifully pristine
  • Pronunciation: KI-YO-MEE, KI-YOMI, KIYO-MI
  • A perfect name for either gender for an adorable bundle of joy.
  1. Sei
  • Kanji: 星, 星 衣
  • Meaning: star, garment
  • Pronunciation: SEY
  • Japanese famous actress Sei Ashina was incredible in the 2007 movie, Silk.
  1. Seika
  • Kanji:星夏
  • Meaning: summer, star
  • Pronunciation: SAY-KA
  • Seika is a simple yet cool name for a baby.
  1. Seiko
  • Kanji: 星 湖
  • Meaning: Star, truth
  • Pronunciation: SEY-KO
  • You must know of the SEIKO empire, which manufactures watches; it inspires this name.
  1. Seina
  • Kanji: 星 夏
  • Meaning: summer star
  • Pronunciation: SE-I-NA.
  •  Seina Shimabukuro is a renowned fashion model and actress in Japan.
  1. Seira
  • Kanji: 星 妃
  • Meaning: star
  • Pronunciation: SE-I-RAA
  • Seira is a simple yet beautiful name for a boy or girl.
  1. Seri
  • Kanji: 星 璃
  • Meaning: star, crystal
  • Pronunciation: SE-RI
  • If you love two-syllable names, Seri is unique and appealing for your baby boy or girl.
  1. Serika
  • Kanji: 星 璃 花
  • Meaning: Crystal, flower, star
  • Pronunciation: SEY-RI-KA
  • The pronunciation of the name Serika has a certain ring to it!
  1. Setsuna
  • Kanji: 星 月 夜
  • Meaning: star, moon, night
  • Pronunciation: SEY-T-SU-NA
  • Setsuna is a perfect name for your baby if you are all about the celestial bodies.
  1. Subaru
  • Kanji: 昴 晴
  • Meaning: Identifying the Pleiades star cluster in the Taurus constellation. It also means one who is uniting.
  • Pronunciation: SOO-BA-ROO
  • One kanji character means sunny. It means that you are free of worries and anxiety, which is a great way to bring up a child.
  1. Suzu
  • Kanji: 星 空
  • Meaning: star sky
  • Pronunciation: SU-ZOO
  • Short and sweet name for a sweet baby!
  1. Syou
  • Kanji: 星 夏
  • Meaning: star
  • Pronunciation: SYOO
  • This is a simple yet perfect name to give your adorable star in the making!
  1. Yuka
  • Kanji: 由 香, 由 佳, etc
  • Meaning: A bright star
  • Pronunciation: YOO-KA
  •  I love this name as it’s simple but has a beautiful meaning for a baby.


5 Ideas to Craft a Perfect Japanese Name That means Star for your Baby

1.    Choose a name that has tradition.

2.    Think about the Kanji, not only how the name sounds.

3.    Know the correct order of the names, Surname, then the Given name.

4.    Only use two Kanji for the Given name.

5.    Choose the best Kanji for the name selected.

5 Reasons to have a Japanese Name that Means Star for your Baby

1.    The Japanese culture is a mix of rich history and new beliefs

2.    The names have deep-rooted meanings.

3.    There are many creative choices for a name, usually done by swapping Kanji.

4.    You can write one name in many different Kanji combinations.

5.    You can choose a name to reflect a child’s heritage.

Naming Your Little Star

When choosing a star name for their child, it lets their child know that they think of them as bright and amazing. These 50 names will make you think of the grandeur and magnificence of our universe.

Check out our guides: Best First Name Ideas and Best Middle Name Ideas to get more name ideas!

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