50 Elegant Japanese Names Meaning Snow (Expert-Picked)

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Japan Famous Fuji Mountain with Snow In Winter

Naming is a profound task, and if you’re looking for Japanese names that mean snow, you’re seeking something special and evocative. With myriad options, how do you find that perfect name capturing the purity and elegance of snow?

We’ve delved into ancient scripts, literature, and consulted language experts to ensure the authenticity and richness of each name. This article will guide you through 50 perfect Japanese names inspired by the serenity of snow, helping you find a name that resonates deeply. Dive in!

Japanese Names That Mean Snow For Girls

Choosing a perfect name for your princess seems to be a handful of tasks.

Here’s a list of beautiful, unique, and meaningful Japanese names that mean snow for your baby girl.

1. Yuki

  • Kanji:雪
  • Meaning: Snow
  • Pronunciation: YUU-KEE
  • This name represents happiness and snow in winters.

2. Kiyuki

  • Kanji: 貴雪, 葵雪, 綺雪
  • Meaning: Hope, joy
  • Pronunciation: KEE-YOO-KEE
  • Kiyuki symbolizes happiness and liveliness for life!

3. Yuki-Onna

  • Kanji:雪, 雪女
  • Meaning: Snow-woman
  • Pronunciation: YOO-KEE-OW-NUH
  • Yuki Onna is a snow woman. She is a famous spirit in Japanese tradition and Literature.

4. Setsuka

  • Kanji:雪華, 雪歌, 雪珂, 雪榎, 雪佳, 
  • Meaning: Gorgeous, Melody child
  • Pronunciation: SET-SOO-KUH
  • This name is assigned to a beautiful girl who is soothing as snow.

5. Koyuki

  • Kanji: 小雪, 恋雪, 児雪, 湖雪 
  • Meaning: Compassion, youth
  • Pronunciation: KO-YOO-KEE-
  • Koyuki is a lovely girl who is full of compassion!

6. Sayuki

  • Kanji: 紗雪 , 桜雪, 茶雪, 早雪
  • Meaning: Soft like silk or veil 
  • Pronunciation: SAYOO-KEE
  • It represents qualities like thinness and softness of silk.

7. Yuzuki

  • Kanji:雪月
  • Meaning: Gentle moon
  • Pronunciation: YOO-ZOO-KEE
  • It relates to something calm as white snow!

8. Mayu

  • Kanji: 茉雪
  • Meaning: Jasmine
  • Pronunciation: MA-YOO
  • This name signifies an evergreen jasmine flower!

9. Kiyo

  • Kanji: 茉雪
  • Meaning: Pure
  • Pronunciation: KEE-YO
  • Kiyo is a cute name signifying purity as a clean white snow.

10. Sekka

  • Kanji:雪花, 雪火, 雪佳 
  • Meaning: Beautiful flower
  • Pronunciation: SE-KKAA
  • Sekka signifies the fragrance and beauty of a flower!

11. Miyuki

  • Kanji:美雪
  • Meaning: Goodluck
  • Pronunciation: MEE-YU-KEE
  • This name symbolizes deep joy and fortune! 

12. Yua

  • Kanji: 雪愛
  • Meaning: Love
  • Pronunciation: YU-AA
  • Yua is a short and sweet name for  joy and happiness!

13. Shiyuki

  • Kanji:紫雪, 梓雪, 偲雪, 慈雪
  • Meaning: Purple color
  • Pronunciation: SHEE-YOO-KEE
  • This name tells us to love someone as heavy as snowfall. 

14. Kiyomi

  • Kanji:雪実
  • Meaning: Holy, sacred
  • Pronunciation: KI-YO-MEE
  • Kiyomi signifies beauty and elegance in a person! 

15. Hanayuki

  • Kanji: 華雪, 花雪
  • Meaning: Flower
  • Pronunciation: HA-NA-YU-KEE
  • Hanayuki symbolizes a gorgeous flower!

16. Hiyuki

  • Kanji: 妃雪, 緋雪
  • Meaning: Princess, Scarlet red color
  • Pronunciation: HEEYOO-KEE
  • Hiyuki is a unique name for a royal princess.

17. Moyuki

  • Kanji: 萌雪
  • Meaning: Beginning, Budding.
  • Pronunciation: MO-YOO-KEE
  • It is a symbol of the start of a new phase in life.

18. Yukino

  • Kanji: 雪乃
  • Meaning: Happiness
  • Pronunciation: YOO-KEE-NO
  • This is a cute name for a girl to be as cool as snow!

19. Shirayuki

  • Kanji:白雪
  • Meaning: Clean
  • Pronunciation: SHI-RA-YOO-KEE
  • This unique name represents a person who is pure as white snow.

20. Yukihime

  • Kanji:雪姫
  • Meaning: Snow princess
  • Pronunciation: YOO-KI-HEE-ME
  • Yukihime is a name for a girl who is royal like a princess.
Japanese names that mean snow

Japanese Names That Mean Snow For Boys

They say, ‘A well chosen name reflects a well developed personality!’

Snow represents whiteness, calmness, purity and clarity! Let’s go through similar suitable Japanese boy names that mean snow.

21. Yukito

  • Kanji: 萌雪
  • Meaning: White
  • Pronunciation: YOO-KEE-TO
  • It is a symbol of purity like a white snow.

22. Hiroyuki

  • Kanji: 大雪
  • Meaning: Abundant fortune
  • Pronunciation: HEE-RO-YOO-KEE
  • This sweet name shows a wealthy person.

23. Setsuna

  • Kanji: 萌雪
  • Meaning: Calm
  • Pronunciation: SET-SOO-NAA
  • This is a sweet boy name referring to gentleness!

24. Noriyuki

  • Kanji: 萌雪
  • Meaning: Law
  • Pronunciation: NO-REE-YU-KEE
  • It represents law and rules. Something as white as snow.

25. Fumikiyo

  • Kanji: 史雪
  • Meaning: History
  • Pronunciation: FU-MEE-KEE-YO
  • This unique name shows an ethical person who loves to keep records of things.

26. Kosetsu

  • Kanji: 晃雪
  • Meaning: Bright
  • Pronunciation: KO-SET-SOO
  • It shows a person who is as glowing and clear as snow!

27. Kuniyuki

  • Kanji: 邦雪, 國雪, 国雪
  • Meaning: Goodluck
  • Pronunciation: KOO-NEE-YOO-KEE
  • This unique name shows the fortune and happiness of a person.

28. Tomoyuki

  • Kanji: 智雪
  • Meaning: Wisdom
  • Pronunciation: TO-MO-YOO-KEE
  • Tomoyuki is someone very smart and brave minded!

29. Yasuyuki

  • Kanji: 夜雪
  • Meaning: Night
  • Pronunciation: YAH-SOO-YOO-KEE
  • This name belongs to a time between sunset and sunrise! 

30. Kiyoto

  • Kanji: 雪翔
  • Meaning: Precious
  • Pronunciation: KEE-YO-TO
  • This unique name shows a clear minded person.

31. Yoshiyuki

  • Kanji: 美雪
  • Meaning: Excellent 
  • Pronunciation: YO-SHEE-YOO-KEE
  • It signifies good luck, fortune and beauty in a person!

32. Tayuki

  • Kanji: 太雪
  • Meaning: Big
  • Pronunciation: TA-YOO-KEE
  • This name shows someone abundantly strong and large.

33. Yukimune

  • Kanji: 雪宗
  • Meaning: Beginning of things, roots
  • Pronunciation: YOO-KEE-MOO-NE
  • This unique name belongs to doctrine, the teachings of Budhha! It connects to our ancestors.

34. Sadayuki

  • Kanji: 貞雪
  • Meaning: Imperial blessings
  • Pronunciation: SA-DA-YOO-KEE
  • It is a symbol of fortune to cherish. It brings goodluck!

35. Yukiharu

  • Kanji: 雪遥, 雪陽
  • Meaning: Fortune, Sunny day
  • Pronunciation: YOO-KEE-HA-RU
  • This cute name is named for a child who is warm as the sun and brings goodluck.

36. Yukihira

  • Kanji:雪永, 雪平
  • Meaning: Forever, even
  • Pronunciation: YOO-KEE-HI-RAA
  • This name is a symbol for peace and keeping things forever!

37. Yukiteru

  • Kanji: 雪照
  • Meaning: Bright light
  • Pronunciation: YOO-KEE-TE-RU
  • This unique name is for a person who illuminates our life with his shine!
Beautiful cherry tree with snow

Gender-Neutral Japanese Names That Mean Snow

Are you still confused about a meaningful name for your baby? I have listed some gender neutral names of babies which will help you to complete your search! 

38. Chiyuki

  • Kanji: 千雪, 稚雪
  • Meaning: Intelligent
  • Pronunciation: CHI-YOO-KEE
  • Chiyuki represents a smart, brave child.It is a metaphor for wisdom and brave mind! 

39. Fuyuki

  • Kanji: 冬雪, 芙雪
  • Meaning: Winter, lotus flower
  • Pronunciation: FOO-YU-KEE
  • This name is assigned to the beautiful lotus flower!

40. Miyuki

  • Kanji: 美雪
  • Meaning: Beauty
  • Pronunciation: MI-YOO-KEE
  • It is a symbol of beauty and excellency in a person!

41. Kazuyuki

  • Kanji: 和雪
  • Meaning: Harmony, peace
  • Pronunciation: KA-ZOO-YOO-KEE
  • This name represents a calm person who likes to get mixed with everyone.


42. Noriyuki

  • Kanji: 憲雪
  • Meaning: Rules and laws 
  • Pronunciation: NO-RI-YOO-KEE
  • It shows a person who likes to live by rules and ethics in life!

43. Toshiyuki

  • Kanji: 萌雪
  • Meaning: Smart, wise
  • Pronunciation: TO-SHI-YOO-KEE
  • Toshiyuki is a wise person who is useful, clever and good.

44. Yukia

  • Kanji: 雪明 
  • Meaning: White
  • Pronunciation: YU-KEE-AA
  • This cute name shows a pure person as white as snow!

45. Yukino

  • Kanji: 雪之, 雪乃, 雪野
  • Meaning: Traditional, Historic
  • Pronunciation: YU-KEE-NO
  • It is a symbol of the traditional, classy personality!

46. Yukiko

  • Kanji: 雪恋
  • Meaning: Happy
  • Pronunciation: YU-KEE-KO
  • This cute name shows a happy snow child!

47. Riyuki

  • Kanji: 理雪, 莉雪, 璃雪 
  • Meaning: Pattern, Jasmine, Lapis lazuli crystal
  • Pronunciation: RI-YOO-KI
  • This name shows the way and reason of things happening in life.It also shows beauty as Jasmine. 

48. Sayuki

  • Kanji: 紗雪, 沙雪, 桜雪
  • Meaning: Silk, sand, cherry blossom
  • Pronunciation: SA-YOO-KI
  • This name shows the thinness of silk. It has a cheerful vibe as a cherry blossom tree!

49. Yukiji

  • Kanji: 雪路, 雪蒔, 雪慈, 雪志
  • Meaning: Path to travel, compassion, aspiration
  • Pronunciation: YOO-KEE-JI
  • It is a symbol of deep love with affection sowed with lifelong aspiration!

50. Yukishiro

  • Kanji: 雪白, 雪志郎, 雪志朗
  • Meaning: White, aspiration, cheerful person
  • Pronunciation: YOO-KI-SHI-RO
  • This unique name signifies a cheerful person who is full of life.


6 Ideas to Craft a Perfect Japanese Name That Means Snow.

  • Create the names meaning characters of snow like clear, white, purity,etc.
  • Take into consideration the Kanji and pronunciation of names. Both should be correct and related to snow. Kanji and meaning should match with each other.
  • In Japanese culture, the family name comes first before the given name.So, select the Kanji according to tradition and culture of the family.
  • Combine 2-3 qualities for a name.If you want a name to have a happy, joyful, calm vibe then you can select similar Kanji. Eg.Yuki means snow and happiness.It’s Kanji 雪 has same meaning.
  • Be creative.Try many variations. Find out the most suitable name combination.
  • A name related to snow can have many possibilities. Snow represents winter. You can select Kanji meaning cool, calm, serene, beautiful, etc.

5 Reasons To Have A Japanese Name That Means Snow

  • If your baby is born in winter, then you can name your baby which means snow.
  • Japanese names related to snow are more serene and peaceful!
  • Snow represents purity. A name with such meaning will be very beautiful.
  • The qualities like calm and quiet nature of snow will be reflected in the name.
  • Snow connects to happiness. So, the name of the baby will also mean a joyful snow baby!

Final Thoughts

I hope you have found a perfect name for your little one in this article! Finding the name of the baby is a crazy task as the name remains with the baby lifelong.

Parents are always more cautious and excited to finalize a perfect name.Snow related  names are natural and unique. Trust your instincts and get the perfect name for your little baby!


Wanna more name ideas, check out our guides: Best First Name Ideas, and Best Middle Name Ideas!

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