40 Unique Japanese Names That Mean Shadow

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Are you hunting for meaningful and rare names inspired by shadow and darkness? You’ve arrived at the right place because today’s guide will unveil 40 Japanese Names That Mean Shadow!

My detail-oriented list will also show the kanji, meaning, and pronunciation so that you can understand each name deeply. Whether you wish to change your name, add a zesty name, or simply need an exotic moniker for your fiction story or video game, you will be amazed and inspired. 

Let’s not wait anymore. Here we go!

40 Japanese Names that Mean Shadow

Among all the Asian cultures, Japan stands out quite poignantly owing to its rich history and articulate language. The country is also popular due to sushi, anime, and more phenomenon that have swept the globe. 

Japanese folks take their native name meanings seriously. While most relate to nature, some also indicate shadow, darkness, evil spirits, and negative connotations. 

If you’re here to choose such a unique name, follow me to the first section, where I’ll list the best feminine names.

Japanese Names That Mean Shadow for Girls

  1. Mikage

Kanji: みかげ orミカゲ.

Meaning: Shadow or excellent.

Pronunciation: mee-KAH-gay, mik-age or Mik-age.

Mikage also translates to beautiful. 

  1. Eiko

Kanji: えいこ or エイコ

Meaning: Shadow.

Pronunciation: e-cho or ay-koh.

This feminine name also means eternity, a splendid child and long-lived child. 

  1. Kagemi

Kanji: カゲミor 影美

Meaning: Shadow. 

Pronunciation: Kah-gay-mee

Kagemi is an international name and also translates to splendid. 

  1. Hokage

Kanji: 火影

Meaning: Shadow. 

Pronunciation: Ho-ka-ge, Hok-age, ho-KAH-gay.

Hokage also leads to fire-related meanings, such as burning or flames. 

  1. Akiko

Kanji: 暁子

Meaning: Children and shadow. 

Pronunciation: AH-kee-koh

Akiko is a beautiful and unique name that has an air of serenity and grace.

  1. Chikage

Kanji: 千景

Meaning: Young child or shadow. 

Pronunciation: she-ka-gee

Chikage also translates to knowledge.

  1. Kagene

Kanji: かげね or カゲネ

Meaning: Sound, tone, voice, and shadow. 

Pronunciation: Kah-gene

I like the beautiful translations emerging from a single name. 

  1. Sunako

Kanji: すなこ or スナコ

Meaning: Dark side or shadow. 

Pronunciation: Soo-nah-ko

This Japanese name originated from Christianity. 

  1. Toyokage

Kanji: とよかげ orトヨカゲ

Meaning: Shadow or abundance. 

Pronunciation: To-yo-kah-gay

This is a super popular feminine name in Japan. 

  1. Koyo

Kanji: こよ or コヨ

Meaning: Lake, generation, or shadow. 

Pronunciation: Ko-yoh

Koyo also translates to glitter, glow, and light. 

  1. Yoru

Kanji: よる

Meaning: Shadow. 

Pronunciation: Yo-roo

Yoru means night, too.

  1. Yoko


Meaning: Child or shadow.

Pronunciation: yo-u-ko

It is also written as Yōko. 

  1. Ei


Meaning: Shadow.

Pronunciation: Aa-yi

This universal name also means prosperous and successful. 

  1. Kumori

Kanji: 曇り

Meaning: Shadow or cloudy. 

Pronunciation: Koo-moh-ree

Kumori actually refers to the shadows formed due to unpleasant weather. 

  1. Myou


Meaning: Darkness or shadow.

Pronunciation: Mjo

Myou seems like an otherworldly name. 

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Japanese Names that Mean Shadow for Boys

  1. Yoshikage

Kanji: よしかげ or ヨシカゲ

Meaning: Shadow.

Pronunciation: YO-SHKA-GEH

Yoshikage also means solitude. 

  1. Tsunekage

Kanji: つねかげ or ツネカゲ

Meaning: Shadow. 

Pronunciation: Soo-ney-kah-gay

Tsunekage also means to pass away or something permanent. 

  1. Kirikage

Kanji: きりかげ or キリカゲ

Meaning: Shadow, auspicious, or Empress tree. 

Pronunciation: Kee-ree-kah-gay

This is a Naruto-inspired boy name. 

  1. Kimikage

Kanji: きみかげ or キミカゲ

Meaning: Shadow. 

Pronunciation: Kee-mee-kah-gay

Kimikage also means king. 

  1. Kagetora

Kanji: かげとら or カゲトラ

Meaning: Tiger or shadow. 

Pronunciation: kage-to-ra

It is suspected that Kagetora was first used in the 16th century by the elite class. 

  1. Anzen

Kanji: 安全

Meaning: Unclear, gloomy, and black. 

Pronunciation: Aan-zehn

This is a rare Japanese name, and I absolutely love its unique sound. 

  1. Daaku


Meaning: Darkness or shadow. 

Pronunciation: Daa-koo

Daaku has a unique and mysterious sound, evoking images of strength and courage.

  1. Atsukage

Kanji: アツカゲ or 惇影

Meaning: Shadow.

Pronunciation: Az-kah-gay

This masculine name also means sincerity, care, kindness, and humanity. 

  1. Inei

Kanji: 陰翳

Meaning: Shadow. 

Pronunciation: Een-aye

Inei means darkness too. 

  1. Norikage

Kanji: のりかげ or ノリカゲ

Meaning: Auspicious and shadow. 

Pronunciation: No-ree-kah-gay

Norikage has another meaning, which is law or norms. 

  1. Kagemune

Kanji: かげむね or カゲムネ

Meaning: Shadow, auspicious, and ancestor. 

Pronunciation: Kah-gay-moo-ney

Kagemune indicates a connection to the night sky and its mysteries.

  1. Tatsukage

Kanji: たつかげ or タツカゲ

Meaning: Shadow, dragon, auspicious. 

Pronunciation: Sa-soo-kah-gay

Tatsukage is a powerful and commanding name that evokes the strength and beauty of a rising sun.

  1. Kagezumi

Kanji: 影住

Meaning: Shadow. 

Pronunciation: Kah-gay-joo-mee

Living, serene, pure, auspicious, ink, and corner are other meanings based on varying kanji. 

  1. Eisuke

Kanji: 栄介, 英助 or エイスケ

Meaning: Meditate, shadow, crystal, shellfish, and more. 

Pronunciation: Ay-soo-kay

I adore another meaning of Eisuke – sparkle. 

  1. Kagemitsu

Kanji: かげみつ or カゲミツ

Meaning: Shadow. 

Pronunciation: Kah-gay-meet-soo

Other meanings include three, light, dense and contribution. 

Japanese names that mean shadow

Gender-Neutral Japanese Names that Mean Shadow

Are you not interested in gender-specific monikers? Then go through the next section showing neutral names that are as exciting as feminine or masculine names. 

  1. Kagero

Kanji: かげろう or カゲロウ

Meaning: Shadow. 

Pronunciation: Ka-gay-ro

This gender-neutral name is quite rare. It also means wolf. 

  1. Kage

Kanji: かげ

Meaning: Shadow. 

Pronunciation: Kah-gay

This unisex name is globally used. In Japan, it is a common last name. 

  1. Yukikage

Kanji: ゆきかげ or ユキカゲ

Meaning: Shadow. 

Pronunciation: Yoo-kee-kah-gay

Snow is another meaning of Yukikage. 

  1. Kuragari

Kanji: 暗がり

Meaning: Shadow and darkness. 

Pronunciation: Koo-ra-gaa-ree

It is an international name that sounds so powerful. 

  1. Kurai

Kanji: 暗い

Meaning: Shadow or dark. 

Pronunciation: Koo-raa-yi

It also means gloomy. 

  1. Kuraim

Kanji: 闇くらい

Meaning: Darkness and shadow. 

Pronunciation: Koo-ra-eem

Kuraim also means gloomy. 

  1. Kurashi 

Kanji: 暮らし

Meaning: Shadow. 

Pronunciation: Koo-ra-chee

Kurashi also means darkness. 

  1. Kurayami

Kanji: 暗闇

Meaning: Darkness and shadow. 

Pronunciation: Koo-ra-yaa-mee

Kurayami evokes a mysterious and enigmatic atmosphere.

  1. Yami

Kanji: 闇 or やみ

Meaning: Light in the darkness, shadow. 

Pronunciation: Yaa-mee

This name is found in other cultures too. 

  1. Kureru 

Kanji: 暮れる

Meaning: To get dark and shadow. 

Pronunciation: Koo-ray-roo

Kureru is an intriguing name with a sense of adventure and discovery.

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5 Ideas to Craft a Perfect Japanese Name That Means Shadow?

  1. Restrict the kanji to two.
  2. Continue the tradition of famous personalities or your family members with a name meaning shadow.
  3. Only choose meaningful kanji.
  4. Pick the surname first and the name later.
  5. Keep it traditional or spiritual. 

These rules will assist you in crafting an ideal Japanese name meaning shadow. 

5 Reasons to Have a Japanese Name That Means Shadow?

  1. If you want to give a cool name to your video game characters.
  2. If you want to add an additional Japanese name next to yours.
  3. If you want to name some event or your brand.
  4. If you need a name for a character in your fiction story. 
  5. If you want to give a special name to your pet. 

Last Words 

Where light exists, so does the shadow. But where the whole world only focuses on light, you can be unique by considering shadow. If your mindset reflects this sentiment, my list of 40 Japanese Names That Mean Shadow is all you need. 

With bold meanings and intricate Kanji characters, there’s no reason why you can’t adopt these names in English countries as well. Which ones were your favorite from my list? Would you add any more names? Tell me everything in the comments below! 

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