40 Unique Japanese Names That Mean Purple (For Girls & Boys)

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Have you ever wondered and thought about the different unique Japanese names that mean the color Purple? Don’t worry, I got you covered! 

Generally, Japanese names are known for their elegance and Definition: full nature – like how biblical names are! So, if you’ve grown curious about finding different unique and beautiful names – those with special Definitions: s, you’re in the right guide! 

In this article, we compiled 40 unique Japanese names that mean “purple.” Moreover, we also added their Definition: s as well as suggestions why you might want to consider choosing that name! 

What Does Purple Mean in Japanese Culture?

In Japan, purple is associated with elegance, refinement, and nobility due to its rarity and expense in ancient times, making it a symbol of wealth and status. 

This luxurious and sophisticated color is still used in formal attire and decorative arts today. Purple dye was first imported from China in the Nara period and was used exclusively for the imperial family’s clothing in the Heian period. Domestic production of purple dye using the Murasaki plant began in the Edo period, making it more widely available. 

Through the ages, purple has impacted Japanese literature, art, and fashion, and it still motivates creators today.

Choosing a Japanese Name In Connection With the Color Purple 

It may be thrilling and difficult to choose a Japanese name for your child, particularly if you want the name to symbolize something unique, like purple. The following advice will assist you in picking the ideal name:

Here are some tips to help you choose the right name:

Consider the Definition and Symbolism

A name’s significance and connotation should be taken into account. Look for names that are associated favorably with the shade of purple, such as ones that denote refinement, elegance, or nobility. By doing this, you may be sure that your child’s name will be well-liked and have a pleasant connotation.

Think About Rarity and Uniqueness

It’s crucial to take into account both a name’s popularity and its originality while selecting one. Search for names that are neither too popular nor too uncommon. This will ensure that your child’s name stands out, but is still easy to pronounce and remember. You want your child to feel unique and special, but you also don’t want to give them a name that is hard for other people to remember or pronounce.

Pay Attention to Pronunciation and Spelling

It’s crucial to pick a name that is simple to say and spell in both English and Japanese. Avoid names that are difficult to spell or speak and look for names that have an easy-to-understand pronunciation. Your youngster will find it simpler to introduce themselves and for people to remember their name as a result.

That being said, let’s head to the different Japanese names that mean purple – or anything close to that!

40 Japanese Names That Mean Purple

Buckle up! Here are 40 of the best Japanese names that mean “purple!” We divided them into specific categories! 

10 Japanese Unisex Names Related to Purple

To start off, let’s ping the list out of unisex Japanese names that are somehow connected to the color Purple! 

Ayumi [a-yu-mi]

  • Definition: Walking in Beauty 

The kanji for this name may be translated as “walking through a beautiful landscape filled with purple flowers,” and it has a soft, feminine, and lyrical quality.

Yuki [yu-ki]

  • Definition: Snow 

Despite not having the word “purple” in the kanji, this name has a soft, calming tone that would be ideal for a unisex name. It does somehow relate to it, though as it is snow – which means Christmas. 

Satsuki [sa-tsu-ki] 皐月

  • Definition: The Purple Moon (The Fifth Month) 

The kanji for this name draws up images and graphics of a starry night sky with deep, violet and purple colors. It also has a lovely and lyrical pronunciation, making it a beautiful name. 

Rin [ri-n]

  • Definition: Cold 

While the kanji doesn’t directly mean “purple”, this name has a strong and dignified sound that would make it a great choice for a unisex name.

Rei [re-i]

  • Definition: Exquisite (Sounds of Jewel) 

This name has a refined and graceful quality, and its kanji is associated with the idea of the dazzling and luxurious hues seen in valuable stones, among which purple is the most prominent.

Murasakino [mu-ra-sa-ki-no] 紫野

  • Definition: Purple Fields 

This name has a lovely, poetic quality, and its kanji gives images of a meadow bursting with magnificent purple blooms. It is an overall beautiful, unique name that has been used by families and parents in the past century – not so much today, but hopefully, it does! Its meaning alone is vibrant and calming! 

Rui [ru-i]

  • Definition: Accumulate 

In spite of the kanji’s literal translation of “accumulate,” it may also be associated with the idea of “purple clouds.” It serves as a metaphoric symbol of the said hue. 

Kaname [ka-na-me]

  • Definition: Essential or Necessary 

The name has a particular air of glitz and luxury. I like this the most out of all the names because it’s short, sweet, and is easy to pronounce. Moreover, its kanji can be read as embodying the elegance and grandeur of the color violet or purple.

Asuka [a-su-ka] 飛鳥

  • Definition: Moving or Flying Bird 

Not many names in the Japanese book are related to the color Purple, but this name possesses a distinctive and captivating sound that would make it an excellent option for a gender-neutral name! 

Haruka [ha-ru-ka]

  • Definition: Far 

The literal translation for this name may be “something far away.” It is a metaphor for the color purple that is somehow connected to what it means – purple clouds. Nevertheless, it has a cool, contemporary tone.

10 Purple-Flowers Inspired Japanese Names 

In our next list, we’ll go ahead and discuss the different Japanese names that were inspired by Purple flowers.

Akaibara [aka-i-ba-ra] 彩菜

  • Definition: The Red Rose 

It’s a symbol of romance and love in Japanese culture. It’s also considered a beautiful name in the region, particularly because of what it is – Red Rose. 

Ayumi [a-yu-mi] 歩美

  • Definition: Beauty 

It literally translates to a group of popular flowers in Japan. They come in shades of deep purple or violet. From the word or the meaning alone, it translates to beauty! 

Kikyo [ki-kyo] 桔梗

  • Definition: Bellflower 

Bellflowers are delicate and lovely flowers that can come in a variety of shades of purple. It’s not uncommon for Japanese (even other cultures) to name their child from a flower! And besides, the name is cute and pretty, too! 

Shobu [sho-bu] 菖蒲

  • Definition: Iris Ensata 

Shobu possesses both aesthetic and significant qualities, which can be subject to various interpretations depending on the situation. It’s also easier and simpler to remember! 

Kaede [ka-e-de]

  • Definition: Maple 

Let’s be clear – its kanji doesn’t directly mean “purple;” some varieties of maple trees, however, have leaves that turn deep shades of purple in the fall. This is what makes this name great for parents who are nature-like.

Tsubaki [tsu-ba-ki] 椿

  • Definition: Camellia 

Camellias are renowned for their beauty and popularity in Japan. They also exist in a spectrum of deep purple hues, rendering them an excellent option for parents fond of the color purple.

Sumire [su-mi-re]

  • Definition: The Color Violet 

Violets are delicate and beautiful flowers that can come in a variety of shades of purple, making this name an excellent option for a parent who loves the color.

Hana [ha-na]

  • Definition: Flower 

This name is a classic and timeless choice that would appeal to parents who appreciate the beauty and elegance of all flowers, including those that bloom in shades of purple.

Sakura [sa-ku-ra]

  • Definition: Cherry Blossom 

While cherry blossoms are typically associated with shades of pink, there are some varieties that have a subtle purple hue. 

Ran [ra-n]

  • Definition: Orchid Plant 

Orchids, being elegant and beautiful flower, present themselves in various shades of purple. It’s a great name for parents who are plant-lovers or flower-lovers, in that regard. 

10 Japanese Girl Names Related to Purple

Next up is girl Japanese names that are connected to the color Purple. 

Fujiko [fu-ji-ko] 藤子

  • Definition: Wisteria Child

Wisteria is a beautiful purple flower that blooms in Japan in the spring. This is why the majority of people with these names are born in that particular timeframe or season! 

Murasaki [mu-ra-sa-ki] 菖蒲

  • Definition: Purple or Lavender 

Perfect for a baby girl born in the autumn, when purple leaves are at their most vibrant.

Ayame [a-ya-me] 菖蒲

  • Definition: Iris

This name not only means “iris”, but the kanji also contains the character for “purple.” Overall, “ayame” is a cute name and is more common in the city than in some provinces in the country. 

Yukari [yu-ka-ri]

  • Definition: Purple 

A lovely and simple name that would be perfect for a baby girl born in the winter, when deep purples are a common color in nature. The snow and the color purple has a ton of connection, after all! 

Kurenai [ku-re-nai]

  • Definition: Shade of Deep Red 

While the kanji technically means “deep red”, it is often used to represent deep shades of purple as well. Kurenai is a pretty strong and authentic name and is usually partnered with another name. 

Sumire [su-mi-re]

  • Definition: Violet or Purple 

Sumire is a charming and distinctive name that is related to the color purple according to its definition of “violet”. 

Ayana [a-ya-na] 彩菜

  • Definition: Radiant Vegetables 

This unique name not only has a beautiful sound, but the kanji also contains the character “purple.” It has three “A’s” transforming its pronunciation to the best and easiest level, too! 

Momoka [mo-mo-ka] 百花

  • Definition: A Hundred Flowers 

This name has a beautiful and whimsical sound – some even consider it magical because of what it means! The kanji characters can also represent the idea of a garden full of colorful flowers, including purple ones, but the literal translation is a hundred flowers. It’s magical, right? 

Kanako [ka-na-ko] 佳奈子

  • Definition: Valuable Child (Good Child) 

The name has a soft and graceful quality that would be ideal for a small girl, despite the fact that the kanji letters themselves don’t exactly translate as “purple” as not many are! 

Mau [ma-u] 真宇

  • Definition: Genuine Space 

This name has a lovely and unique sound. It’s short, easy to pronounce, and it has a great meaning or definition – genuine or real space. It’s a great name for parents that are modern and want something great for their child. 

10 Japanese Boy Names Related to Purple

Last but most definitely not least are 10 guy or male Japanese names that are linked to the color Purple! 

Shion [shi-on] 紫苑

  • Definition: Purple Bellflower 

This name is a terrific option for a parent who enjoys nature since it has a charming and lyrical tone and the kanji letters for both “purple” and “flower” are present.

Masaru [ma-sa-ru]

  • Definition: Victory 

This name has a strong and confident sound. The literal translation is “victory” or “win” 

Rikuto [ri-ku-to] 陸斗

  • Definition: Land 

While the kanji doesn’t directly mean “purple”, this name has a unique and memorable sound that would make it a great choice for a little boy.

Taiki [tai-ki] 大輝

  • Definition: Large or Big Shine 

This name has a strong and confident sound, and the kanji can also be associated with the idea of a bright and shining light, which could be a metaphor for the color purple.

Toshiro [to-shi-ro] 敏郎

  • Definition: Smart, Wise Son

This name is an excellent option for a parent looking for a name in relation to the color purple because it has a classic and timeless tone to it.

Murao [mu-ra-o] 紫雄

  • Definition: Strong Man or Hero Purple 

With its strong, manly tone and additional meaning in the kanji “purple hero,” this name is a fantastic option for parents seeking a name with a strong Definition:.

Koki [ko-ki] 光輝

  • Definition: Shine or Radiance 

This name has a bright and positive sound, and the kanji can be associated with the idea of a shining light, which could be a metaphor for the color purple.

Mitsuhide [mi-tsu-hi-de] 光秀

  • Definition: Shining Excellence

This name has a unique and memorable sound, and the kanji can be associated with the idea of shining excellence, which could be a metaphor for the color purple.

Kaito [ka-i-to] 海斗

  • Definition: Big Dipper and Ocean

While the kanji doesn’t directly mean “purple”, this name has a cool and refreshing sound that would make it a great choice for a parent who wants a name with a connection to nature.

Shuhei [shu-hei] 修平

  • Definition: Peace and Cultivation 

This name has a gentle and peaceful sound, and the kanji can be associated with the idea of cultivating peace and harmony, which could be a metaphor for the color purple.

Summing up the Splendor of Japanese Names Connected to the Color Purple

In summary, selecting a Japanese name with a purple Definition: is an exceptional choice for parents seeking a name imbued with a special significance. Whether you opt for a name that explicitly denotes “purple”, or one that is linked to the hue in a Definition: ful way, there is an abundance of exquisite options to explore. 

By taking into account the Definition: pronunciation, and popularity of a name, you can discover the ideal Japanese name for your child that will be cherished by both you and your little one.

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