44 Best Japanese Names That Mean Moon

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Are you searching for a cool name for your bundle of joy? You are in the right place because we have a detailed list of about 44 Japanese names that mean moon for your baby

In recent research by Yuji Ogihara and traditional Japanese culture, the Japanese are finding more creative ways to name their babies. One of the modern-day naming methods is using names that mean moon. For example, somewhere in Japan, you will find a child named , a kanji character for the moon. 

The moon is a natural feature that plays a significant role in the earth. For example, it influences the rise and fall of Ocean tides. Hence, it is a powerful Natural phenomenon. 

Who wouldn’t want their baby to have a name with power? That is why we have done in-depth research to provide you with sweet traditional and modern Japanese names that mean moon.

Are you ready to find a name for your boy or girl? Keep reading this piece!

Japanese Names That Mean Moon For Girls

  1. Aruna


Meaning: Moon or love 

Pronunciation: aa-Ruw-N-aa- †

It is a simple name, and you can choose to nickname your girl Runa or Aru 

  1. Cindy

Kanji: 真出衣

Meaning: the moon goddess

Pronunciation: shee-n-de-e

It is a simple yet gorgeous feminine name to give your daughter 

  1. Meigetsu 

Kanji: 名月

Meaning: Huge moon, full moon

Pronunciation: Me-e-ge-tsoo 

If you want your baby girl to be great in her generation, this is the best name to give her.

  1. Minori 

Kanji: 美乃里

Meaning: full of love, loving moon

Pronunciation: MIY-NowRiy- †

It is a beautiful meaning name that shows your little girl’s love for humankind.

  1. Miyu

Kanji: 美夢 

Meaning: Lovely moon 

Pronunciation: MEE-YOO

If you have lost hope due to a difficult pregnancy, this is a perfect Japanese girl name because it implies hope. 

  1. Mikazuki 

Kanji: 三日月

Meaning: moon or rising sun or three 

Pronunciation: meh-kazoo·key

It is an exciting name with two opposite meanings- the sun and the moon 

  1. Mizuki 

Kanji: 瑞希 

Meaning: beautiful moon or water moon 

Pronunciation: Meh-Zoo-Kee

It depicts a strong character in your daughter, just like Mizuki Inoue, a famous female kickboxer and sportswoman.

  1. Nishinda

Kanji: 西田

Meaning: Moonlight, moonlit night, sharp night or alert

Pronunciation: nee-shen·da

This Japanese name has several meanings, and the name brings life to your child as it depicts their alertness to the things happening.

  1. Otsukimi

Kanji: お月見

Meaning: moon viewing, night sky

Pronunciation: o-tsuki-m-i

It is a rare Japanese name that draws much attention to your baby. And it has a deep cultural significance.

  1. Rona 

Kanji: 露奈

Meaning: the woman of the moon or power

Pronunciation: ro-o-na

This Japanese name that means the moon is not commonly heard and, therefore, the perfect choice for your daughter. 

japanese tradditional building and Japanese culture
  1. Sena 

Kanji: 瀬名

Meaning: Blessed or the moon goddess

Pronunciation: Say-na 

Every parent wants blessings and good wishes for their baby; hence this Japanese girl name declares the same upon them. 

  1. Shigetsu

Kanji: 詩月

Meaning: Moon or to remember 

Pronunciation: Shee-ge-tsoo

It is a vibrant girl name that shows your baby is memorable and her life is a treasure. It is perfect for the moon child.

  1. Tsukiko

Kanji: 月子  

Meaning: Moon, crescent moon

Pronunciation: TSUWKiy-Kow

The name also means live longer, speaking abundant life to your bundle of joy.

  1. Tsukiyo

Kanji: 月世   

Meaning: Night or wing or world

Pronunciation: tSu-KI-o 

It expresses the power and the confidence to spread wings and explore the world. 

  1. Tsuki

Kanji: 突き

Meaning: moon

Pronunciation: sue-key 

A simple Japanese name with beauty like the famous singer- Tsuki Amano

  1. Usagi

Kanji: 兎 (うさぎ)

Meaning: moon or princess or rabbit

Pronunciation: uSAA-Hgi

This Japanese name has different meanings and it is a sweet name for your princess that is easy to pronounce and write.

  1. Yue 

Kanji: 裕恵 

Meaning: moon or friend or cherry blossom 

Pronunciation: yoo-e

This beautiful name shows that your baby girl is friendly and blossoms like a flower. 

  1. Yuzuki 

Kanji: 柚希  

Meaning: Moon or superiority or precious


This name gives your baby the power to dominate wherever she goes, like Tina Yuzuki, a female actress and Singer who has dominated the entertainment industry.

Japanese Names That Mean Moon For Boys

  1. Akari 

Kanji: 明

Meaning: bright moon or brilliant or star 

Pronunciation: AA-Kaa-Riy- †

It is an excellent name for your boy because brilliant men are respected in the community as they bring solutions to challenges.

  1. Airu

Kanji: 蒼月

Meaning:  moon or the blue color

Pronunciation: Ae-roo

This unisex Japanese name has a rich cultural heritage. Blue is the color that represents masculinity.

Beautiful Moon at night
  1. Chizuki 

Kanji: 智月

Meaning: smart or wisdom

Pronunciation: CH-IY-Zuw-Kiw 

Name your boy Chizuki to speak wisdom over his life because our era requires an understanding of things.  

  1. Fuzuki

Kanji: 富月 

Meaning: Wealth or Abundance 

Pronunciation: Foo-zoo-kee

This Japanese name has two meanings. If you want your baby boy to be rich and full of life, this is the name to choose. 

  1. Getsurin 

Kanji: 月輪 

Meaning: Moon ring, great moon

Pronunciation: Get-Soo-ren 

The name means your baby boy will have a complete life; therefore, he will enjoy his emotional, spiritual, and social life. 

  1. Hikari

Kanji: 月光

Meaning: moonlight or fame 

Pronunciation: h-ee-K-AH-R-ee

It is a name that honors your baby as it symbolizes glittering and glowing. 

  1. Itsuki

Kanji: 維月

Meaning: Moon or maintain

Pronunciation: I-tsoo-kee, IY-TSuw-Kiy

It is a name that nurtures the character of maintaining in a man’s life; for example, when a man grows up, society expects them to maintain their family.

  1. Katsuki

Kanji: 香月

Meaning: Moon wins or triumphs over

Pronunciation: KAA-TSuw-Kiy

Who wouldn’t want their prince to be a champion in life? Katsuki is the perfect name for overcomers. 

  1. Kizuki 


Meaning: Rare or moon 

Pronunciation: Kee-zoo-kee

It is one of the Japanese names that means moon for your boy to show he is precious.

  1. Kisaragi 

Kanji: 如月

Meaning: Exactly 

Pronunciation: Kees-ar-agee

If you have been waiting for a baby boy, name him Kisaragi to show that this is exactly what you have been waiting for. 

  1. Manazuki 

Kanji: 真月 

Meaning: Truth 

Pronunciation: ma-na-zoo-kee

It is an excellent name for your prince to show that he is a man who stands for truth without compromising. 

  1. Shogetsu 

Kanji: 翔月

Meaning: Moon or fly 

Pronunciation: sho-get-soo 

It is a Japanese name that suggests flying high in the sky

  1. Tsukigami 

Kanji: 月神

Meaning: moon god

Pronunciation: sue-key-ga-m-ee

Another meaning of this name is the deity of the moon which portrays power.

  1. Tsukiyoshi

Kanji: 月義

Meaning: Moon or righteousness 

Pronunciation: sue-key-Yoh-shee

It is a name that influences your baby to walk in the path of righteousness- the path every human needs to follow.

  1. Tsukiyomi 

Kanji: 月読

Meaning: Counting or reading

Pronunciation: Su-Ku-Yomi

If you want your son to be influential in the academic sector, you can name him Tsukiyomi because names have power. 

  1. Uzuki 

Kanji: 卯月

Meaning: Moon or rabbit

Pronunciation: oo-zoo-kee

I would name my baby boy Uzuki because rabbits symbolize fortune and cleverness. 

Japanese names that mean moon

Gender-Neutral Japanese Names That Mean Moon

In the current generation, gender-neutral names are increasing in popularity. Parents prefer such a name for their babies to have a name that stands out and has more freedom. 

If you want unique Japanese names that mean moon and are gender-neutral for your child, we have you!

  1. Atsuki 

Kanji: 篤紀

Meaning: Genuine, Valuable 

Pronunciation: At-soo-kee

Another meaning of Atsuki is love which depicts that your child will be full of love. 

  1. Azuki 

Kanji: 小豆 

Meaning: Large hill or encounter 

Pronunciation: A-zoo-kee

It is a sweet unisex name symbolizing that your child will have encounters in their life. 

  1. Hazuki

Kanji: 蓮貴 

Meaning: moon or Spiral or earl

Pronunciation:h-aa-Z-OO-k-ee or HHAA-Zuw-Kiy- †

This unisex Japanese name has three meanings, and it gives your baby the meaning of a star like Hazuki Kato, a famous actress taking the industry by storm. 

  1. Hatsuki

Kanji: 葉月

Meaning: Clear, wave 

Pronunciation:  Hah-ts-kee, Ha-Tsu-Key

If you don’t want a girly or boyish name, Hatsuki is an excellent choice for your baby. 

  1. Hizuki 

Kanji: 斐月

Meaning: moon or princess 

Pronunciation: H-ee-Z-oo-k-ee

It is a common name among modern parents who want their kids to have a trendy name. 

  1. Kazuha

Kanji:  和葉

Meaning: long life, harmony

Pronunciation: Ka-zoo-ha

It is a Japanese name that speaks of a long life with peace over your child. 

  1. Mitsuki

Kanji: 三月

Meaning: the beauty of the moon, the charge of the moon, light 

Pronunciation: MIY-TSuw-Kiy- †, Me-Tsu-Key

When you name your baby Mitsuki, it signifies you have made a prayer concerning them. 

  1. Natsuki 

Kanji:  夏樹

Meaning: calm moon, hope, joy

Pronunciation: NAH-ts-kee, NAETSuw-Kiy

It is the best name for your little sunshine as it shows they are not only calm but cheerful. 

  1. Satsuki 

Kanji: 五月

Meaning: five, be skillful, bloom

Pronunciation: Sat-sooki or SAA-Suw-Kiy

It is a gender-neutral name with another special meaning – blossom

  1. Shizuki 

Kanji: 静佳,

Meaning: Aspire to the moon, restful, leisure

Pronunciation: Shee-zoo-kee

Shizuki also means hopeful, which gives your kid a chance to live with hope. 

Fuji Mountain and Japanese building


How do I choose a name in Japanese? 

Your parents will give you a Japanese name if you are born in Japan. However, if you are not Japanese and want a Japanese name, you can choose depending on Kanji and Japanese origin. For example, select a Kanji with a similar sound to your name or one with the same meaning. 

How do I get a Japanese name? 

You cannot get a Japanese name in most cases unless you become a Japanese citizen. For example, Marcus Tulio Lyuji Murzani Tanaka got Japanese citizenship and registered his name as 田中マルクス闘莉王. 

Is it OK for non-Japanese to use a Japanese name? 

If you are not Japanese and love one of the Japanese names that means moon, you can go ahead.  It is the same way non-westerners use western names such as James. However, it would be good to use it as a nickname but not on official matters. 

Is it okay to name your child a Japanese name without being Japanese? 

First, there is no law against it; hence, you can do it. However, child naming goes beyond this. Some children have been questioned about their name background because they don’t look Japanese. Will you tolerate that? 

Final Thoughts

Getting a sweet name for your baby may not be a one-day event. However, if you love supernatural phenomena like the moon, you can quickly find a perfect name from our list of 44 Japanese names that mean moon

Apart from finding the name, you get the meaning because child naming shouldn’t be taken lightly. Besides, names can influence your child’s character as they grow up. I hope this list will help you get the name you have been looking for. 

Wanna get more name ideas, check out our Best First Name Ideas.

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