44 Japanese Names that Mean Light for Girls and Boys

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After interacting with hundreds of Japanese mums and getting to know the meaning of their babies’ names, we have compiled a list of Japanese names that mean light or sun

You will find the perfect name from this list of 44 Japanese names that mean light or sun. Apart from the name, you will find its meaning, kanji, and how to pronounce it. 

This listing is an excellent guide for parents who want either a traditional Japanese name or a modern one. You can choose from gender-neutral names if you don’t want a gender-specific name. 

In Japanese culture, the sun is an iconic symbol representing material and spiritual prosperity. Besides, it is one of the symbols highly used in the artwork. Hence, the sun and the light are significant symbols with which the Japanese like to be associated. 

One of the ways the Japanese recognize this special symbol is to name their children names that mean light or sun.

If you are looking for a light-themed name for your child, you are in the best place. Keep reading this article!

44 Japanese Names that Mean Light or Sun 

A child brings happiness and joy into your family. If you want your baby to be a light-bringer not only in your family but also in society, here are the perfect names; 

Japanese Names That Mean Light or Sun for Girls 

  1. Akari

Kanji: 明里 

Meaning: Bright or light 

Pronunciation: akar-i, a-car-ee

It is a beautiful name speaking on your baby girl’s life to be the light in every space she steps in. 

  1. Aki

Kanji: 明 

Meaning: bright or sparkle

Pronunciation: Ah-kee

It is the short form of the name Akari; simple and easy to pronounce 

  1. Akiko

Kanji: 明子 

Meaning: Bright or glistening child

Pronunciation: AH-kee-koh

It is a Japanese origin name that shows your baby will be bright in school and their endeavors. 

  1. Asuka

Kanji: 明

Meaning: Bright, light, perfume

Pronunciation: AA-Suw-Kaa

We all love perfumes because they make us smell lovely

  1. Chiaki

Kanji: 千明

Meaning: Sparkling light 

Pronunciation: CHEE-A-KYEE

It is a unique name that speaks prosperity into your child’s life, just like Chiaki Hayashi, a popular Japanese businesswoman. 

  1. Eileen 

Kanji: 愛凜 

Meaning: a touch of light

Pronunciation: a-i-ri-i-n

Another meaning for Eileen is radiance, meaning your girl will be radiant. 

  1. Haruna 

Kanji: 晴成

Meaning: Bright or successful 

Pronunciation: HHAA-Ruw-Naa

Every parent wants their child to be successful in life; hence, Haruna is an excellent name for them. 

  1. Hina 

Kanji: 陽菜 

Meaning: sunshine, positive 

Pronunciation: HHIY-Naa

This name depicts that your baby will be positive even when faced with storms. 

  1. Haruki 

Kanji: 陽葵 

Meaning: Sunshine 

Pronunciation: HAH-roo-kee 

When you name your baby Haruki, it means she is your sunshine, thus giving you hope and joy.

  1. Kisa 

Kanji: 萌 

Meaning: sunlight 

Pronunciation: KIY-Saa

Kisa is a rare name for women with great achievements, like the American actress Kisa Willis

  1. Miharu

Kanji: 晴

Meaning: sunshine, daytime  

Pronunciation: M-ee-hah-r-oo

Miharu has another significant meaning- beautiful

  1. Neri 

Kanji: 寧理

Meaning: My Light, restful

Pronunciation: Neh-RIY

If you had challenges conceiving or giving birth, Neri is a good name to give hope.

  1. Okimi

Kanji: 大王

Meaning: Shining light

Pronunciation: o-Kee-mee

When you are shining, you become a source of inspiration to those around you.

  1. Saki 

Kanji: 咲

Meaning: Bloom or bright 

Pronunciation: sah-ke

A bloom is a flower, and flowers change the atmosphere of the environment 

  1. Shinaa

Kanji: 椎

Meaning: sun, shining light

Pronunciation: sh-ih-n-aa

Shinaa also means good; hence your kid will be good to themselves and others. 

  1. Teruko 

Kanji: 明子  

Meaning: Bright or light 

Pronunciation: T-Ruw-Kow

It is not a common name making your baby stand out

Japanese Names That Mean Light or Sun for Boys 

  1. Akio

Kanji: 晃大 

Meaning: Bright boy, clear 

Pronunciation: AH-kee-oh 

Bright boys can do wonders 

  1. Akito 

Kanji: 陽人 

Meaning: Light, human 

Pronunciation: AH-kee-toh

Someone who is human brings a smile into other people’s life because they are compassionate. 

  1. Chiharu 

Kanji: 智陽

Meaning: sunlight, wisdom 

Pronunciation: CH-IY-HHaa-Ruw

Another meaning for this name is smart or to understand things 

  1. Dai

Kanji: 大 

Meaning: Shining one 

Pronunciation: dah-ee

I would name my baby boy Dai because this name also means great or valuable. 

  1. Daiki 

Kanji: 大輝  

Meaning: Big, Shining 

Pronunciation: DIE-kee, D-AHiy-Kiy 

This is a cool name if you want your boy to be a star like Daiki Arioka, a Japanese actor and singer.

  1. Haruto 

Kanji: 陽大 

Meaning: sunshine, positive, large 

Pronunciation: HHAA-RuwTow

It is a boy’s name that shows your boy will bring light and positivity to the world.

  1. Hinata

Kanji: 陽太  

Meaning: sunshine, thick,large 

Pronunciation: Hee-nah-tah, HHIY-Naa-Taa

It is one of the Japanese names that mean light or moon for a boy with a great destiny. 

  1. Hisaya

Kanji: 尚弥

Meaning:  sun, respect 

Pronunciation: Hee-sa-yah 

When a man is respectful, he treats people with kindness, and when he is respected, he can lead others.  

  1. Kiyoshi 

Kanji: 清志

Meaning: shining, clean

Pronunciation: KEE-yoh-shi, k-ee-y-aw-sh-ee

Another meaning of the name Kiyoshi is tidy, meaning your boy will embrace this virtue. 

  1. Masaki 

Kanji: 真輝  

Meaning: Bright, true

Pronunciation: MUH-SAK-EE, MaaSAAKiy

When you are true, you get favor in places you never imagined 

  1. Masaharu 

Kanji: 王陽

Meaning: sun, king

Pronunciation: MAH-SAR-OO 

Have you dreamt of having a king or a person in power in your family? Then, you can name your prince Masaharu.

  1. Mitsunobu 

Kanji: 満信

 Meaning: shine, light

Pronunciation: Miy-TSUW-Now-Buw

Mitsunobu also means believe, and if you believe, you can face each day with confidence. 

  1. Rai 

Kanji: 頼

Meaning: Lighting, trust, thunder 

Pronunciation: Raa-iy- or Rey

It is a rare Japanese name, with the population report in Japan.

  1. Taiyou

Kanji: 太陽

Meaning: sun

Pronunciation: Tay-YOW

The sun is a natural phenomenon that brings light and warmth to the world 

  1. Yosuke 

Kanji: 耀介

Meaning: sunlight, a person who helps

Pronunciation: YOW-Suw-Keh

People who help others get breakthroughs in life 

  1. Yoshiaki

Kanji: 義明 

Meaning: bright, lovely

Pronunciation: Yow-SHIY-aa-Kiy. Yowe-she-ah-key 

Who wouldn’t want a lovely kid? Name your boy Yoshiaki to show he is lovely. 

Gender-Neutral Japanese Names that Mean Light 

  1. Akira

Kanji: 明  

Meaning: bright, light, sunshine 

Pronunciation: Ah-Keer-ah

It is a sweet gender-neutral baby common among the Japanese

  1. Akina 

Kanji: 陽菜  

Meaning: Bright 

Pronunciation: AA-Kiy-Naa

This unisex name also means beautiful; hence your child will be beautiful inside out.  

  1. Hikari


Meaning: Light, brightness  

Pronunciation: h-ee-K-AH-R-ee

If you want your girl or boy to be bright in school and the outside world, this is the name to go. 

  1. Hikaru 

Kanji: 光翔

Meaning: shine, glow, glitter 

Pronunciation: HIH-kah-roo

Another meaning of the name Hikaru is brilliance 

  1. Haru 

Kanji: 陽 

Meaning: Light, sun

Pronunciation: Hah-Roo 

It is a simple yet vibrant name for a boy or a girl 

  1. Kiri

Kanji: 輝璃 

Meaning: Bright, crystal 

Pronunciation: KIY-Riy 

Crystals are brilliant and glittering characters that make gemstones 

  1. Kosuke 

Kanji: 光佑  

Meaning: Rising sun

Pronunciation: KOH-soo-keh

The best time to watch the sun is when it is rising or setting because of its beautiful rays.

  1. Maki 

Kanji: 真希

Meaning: True, bright 

Pronunciation: MAH-Kiy

True people do not live a false life as they always stand for the truth  

  1. Misaki 

Kanji: 望早希

Meaning: Light, Bloom  

Pronunciation: MIY-Saa-Kiy 

This name also means precious; therefore, your child will be precious in this world. 

  1. Mitsu

Kanji: 蜜

Meaning: Light, sweet 

Pronunciation: M-ih-t-s-uu

Besides being the light in their space, your baby will also add sweetness.

  1. Niko 

Kanji: 仁湖

Meaning: Sunlight, compassion, kindness  

Pronunciation: NEE-koh 

If you want to live well with people, be kind and compassionate 

  1. Ori 

Kanji: 大有

Meaning: Light

Pronunciation: or-ree

Another unique meaning of this name is to keep or to hold on to; hence, it shows that your child will keep going when faced with challenges.

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I’m a foreigner. Do I need to change my name to a Japanese name when I become a Japanese citizen? 

There is no need to choose a Japanese name if you are just a visitor to Japan. However, if you become a Japanese citizen, you can get one of the Japanese names that mean light or sun

Which Japanese baby names can also sound American/ English?  

In the modern era, Japanese names that sound English have become popular. They include; 

  • Naomi
  • Mari
  • Hana
  • Mika
  • Risa
  • Karen
  • Ken
  • Dan
  • Aran

Which name is perfect for a half-Japanese, half-English baby boy? 

If you do not raise your boy in Japan, choose a name that will be easy to pronounce, such as Ken, Shun, or Ren. Also, some parents with half-kids have found it rough in a foreign land after providing official documents with katana names. 

Does Japanese culture allow Western parents to give their babies Japanese names?

My husband and I are Americans and lived in Japan in the 90s. Our daughter was born, and we gave her a Japanese name, which was carefully selected. Now she is an adult living in the UK, and the name hasn’t caused her trouble. 

Do Japanese have English names? 

In Japan, you will rarely find people with English names. However, multicultural families can have English names that can be used in Japan and abroad. 

Final Thoughts

Are you having sleepless nights thinking about which is the perfect name for your baby? Choose from this list of 44 Japanese names that mean light or moon. You won’t go wrong with these sweet names! 

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