30 Japanese Names That Mean Fire

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japanese names that mean fire

You might want a great Japanese name for your baby. Here we will talk about 30 Japanese names that mean fire for your baby. These names will reflect the child’s upbringing and heritage. 

Japanese names are curated with Kanji characters and they can be read in several ways. In addition, you form the same name using different Kanji characters. The kanji characters of zodiac animals usually inspired the Japanese boy’s name. On the other hand, kanji characters are commonly used for girls. 

Thunderous sounds are also associated with fire in many Japanese names. Other than that, Japanese languages contain many words which have a meaning related to fire and heat. As a result, it is certain Japanese names that mean fire is also prevalent here.

Are you ready to give your baby the best Japanese name? Let’s take a look at our amazing list of Japanese baby names curated just for you. 

Japanese Names That Mean Fire For Girls

  1. Hanabi
  • Kanji: 華火
  • Meaning: Flower Fire
  • Pronunciation: Han-abi
  • It is a symbol of ephemeral beauty which is a great name for a beautiful Japanese baby.
  1. Homura
  • Kanji: 炎
  • Meaning: Flames 
  • Pronunciation: ho-mu-ra
  • Homura is a charming and sophisticated name that also implies something hidden.
  1. Koen
  • Kanji: 紅炎
  • Meaning: Red Color, Burning hot
  • Pronunciation: k-OO-n
  • A person who is very generous and always helps others is no other than Koen.
  1. Yukika
  • Kanji: 優妃火
  • Meaning: Gentle, Princess, Flames
  • Pronunciation: Yuu-kee-kah
  • A baby girl who has Yukika as her name has artistic tendencies.
  1. Keika
  • Kanji: 蛍火
  • Meaning: Fragrant and Fire
  • Pronunciation: Ke:-kah
  • This Japanese name is mostly given to females but some baby boys also have this name.
  1. Tsukihi
  • Kanji: 月火
  • Meaning: Moon and Fire
  • Pronunciation: tsk-ee-khee
  • An elegant name perfect for a baby girl named Tsukihi. It is particularly suitable for a baby girl who will be logical and intelligent. 
  1. Fuyuka
  • Kanji: 冬火
  • Meaning: Winter flower
  • Pronunciation: Foo-yoo-kuh
  • Fuyuka is an intelligent baby name that is always ahead of its time.
  1. Ayaka
  • Kanji: 絢火
  • Meaning: color flower
  • Pronunciation: a-ya-ka
  • Ayaka is someone who has the ability to effortlessly achieve goals. It is a name that implies optimism and outgoing. 
  1. Hotarubi
  • Kanji: 蛍火
  • Meaning: Glowing dimly like Firefly
  • Pronunciation: ho-tah-ruu-bee
  • A baby name Hotarubi is a blessing for the family, just like the light of a firefly. 
  1. Raika
  • Kanji: 來火
  • Meaning: Thunder
  • Pronunciation: rai-ka
  • Raika Fujii, a famous Japanese former synchronized swimmer is a popular figure who has this name.

Japanese Names That Mean Fire For Boys

  1. Ruka
  • Kanji: 瑠火
  • Meaning: Bright blue flower
  • Pronunciation: Ru-ka
  • This religious baby boy’s name shows the spirituality of the baby. 
  1. Kaen
  • Kanji: 香 媛
  • Meaning: blast
  • Pronunciation: kah-en
  • Kaen is someone who values traditions and family values. Your baby Kaen will become reliable and a foundation of your family. 
  1. Homura
  • Kanji: 炎, 秀邑
  • Meaning: Blast, flame
  • Pronunciation: Ho-muu-rah
  • A fictional character in Japanese anime has this name (Homura Akemi). Homura is also a song by the Japanese singer Lisa. 
  1. Kazuya
  • Kanji: 也, 和也
  • Meaning: Fire
  • Pronunciation: Ka-zoo-ya
  • Kazuya is a popular gaming character in Tekken. He is considered the main protagonist of the game.  
  1. Mosu
  • Kanji: 燃す
  • Meaning: Ignite
  • Pronunciation: Mo-su
  • It is not a Japanese origin name but is a popular name to some degree.
  1. Yaketsuku
  • Kanji: 焼け付く
  • Meaning: Fire that will consume evil
  • Pronunciation: Ya-kets-ku
  • Yaketsuku is one of the most Japanese-sounding names on this list. A powerful full name for your little one.
  1. Kaki
  • Kanji: 柿 かき
  • Meaning: Fire
  • Pronunciation: Kak-i
  • An orthodox name but surely a quick and easy choice for a baby boy.
  1. Takibi
  • Kanji: 焚火
  • Meaning: Fire
  • Pronunciation: tak·ibi
  • It signifies the goals which are important for every human being including your baby boy Takibi. 
  1.  Yakeru
  • Kanji:焼ける
  • Meaning: To roast, burst, light
  • Pronunciation: Ya-ke-roo
  • Yakeru is ready to face the world and make the most out of it. 
  1. Yoko
  • Kanji: 陽子
  • Meaning: Sun. light
  • Pronunciation: Yo-ko
  • A cute name just like your little boy.

Gender-Neutral Japanese Names That Mean Fire

  1. Hinoko
  • Kanji: 火の子
  • Meaning: Child of fire
  • Pronunciation: Hi-no-ko
  • Your child will be on fire (metaphorically) in every realm of their life. 
  1. Kagero
  • Kanji:陽炎
  • Meaning:  heat haze
  • Pronunciation: Ka-ge-ro
  • Kagero is a powerful name suited for a masculine personality. 
  1. Hono
  • Kanji:
  • Meaning: Flame
  • Pronunciation: Ho-no
  • Hono is a cute name that will suit both boys and girls.
  1. Shakunetsu
  • Kanji: 灼熱
  • Meaning: scorching heat
  • Pronunciation: Sha-ku-net-su
  • A popular character from Streetfighter has a special power called Shakunetsu Hadoken.
  1. Nensho
  • Kanji: 燃焼
  • Meaning: Burning
  • Pronunciation: Nen-shoo
  • Nensho is a delicate name that has a metaphor for something which is flourishing.
  1. Shonetsu
  • Kanji: 焦熱
  • Meaning: Burning heat
  • Pronunciation: Sho-net-su
  • A more commonly known version of Shonetsu is a girl name Shonetsu.
  1. Honmetsu
  • Kanji: 焔滅 
  • Meaning: Flame extinction
  • Pronunciation: hon-met-su
  • A name mostly popular among girls but is used by both genders. 
  1. En
  • Kanji: 炎 
  • Meaning: Flame
  • Pronunciation: E-n
  • En is a Chinese-origin name but it is decently prominent among Japanese names. 
  1. Shakunetsu Jigoku
  • Kanji: 灼熱地獄
  • Meaning: scorching heat hell
  • Pronunciation: sha-ku-ne-soo ji-go-koo
  • It is mostly a popular Japanese boy due to its aggressive meaning. However, a girl can be just as strong so it is a unisex name.
  1.  Hachi
  • Kanji: ハチ
  • Meaning: Eight, Bee, Flowerpot
  • Pronunciation: h-ah-chEE
  • “Hachi: A Dog’s Tale”, is a movie where a beautiful bond between an Akita dog and his owner is portrayed.

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Q. 5 Ideas to Craft a Perfect Japanese Name that Means Fire

  • Think linguistically

Choose a Japanese name as an example. To be more specific, decide the sound of a part of the name. After that, you can use that base name to curate your Japanese name.

  • Use Kanjis

Use all kanjis combinations of dragons to curate a beautiful Japanese name that means dragon.

  • Borrow a part of the name

You can borrow an existing name that is associated with dragons.

  • Use Japanese Dictionary

You can use a Japanese dictionary and come up with interesting names.

Q. 5 Reasons to Have a Japanese Name that Means Fire

  • Powerful meanings
  • Deep-rooted history
  • Many Japanese folk-lore are inspired by fire
  • Many popular Japanese names mean fire 
  • Fire has a significant presence in Japanese culture

Ready To Choose A Fire Name For Your Baby?

Now that you know the 30 Japanese Names that mean fire, you can choose your baby’s name.  These names symbolize the strong and valiant nature that will be present in your baby. 

You do not have to put too much thought and make it overcomplicated. Just pick a name that you like based on its sound, kanji, and meaning. After that, your baby will enjoy having that name for the rest of their life. 

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