30 Japanese Names That Mean Dragon

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Japanese names that mean dragon

A baby’s name should be unique, special and have great meaning. Japanese names that mean dragon are a great choice for your little one.

Nothing is cooler than naming your bundle of joy after a revered mythical creature. The myths of dragons have existed in many forms over the centuries. Japanese dragon names represent power and strength. To others, it represents wisdom and knowledge.

No matter the interpretation, we can agree that these names are unique and special. Read on to learn 30 amazing baby names you can choose for your little one.

Japanese Names That Mean Dragon For Girls

These names are perfect, befitting your beautiful princess:

  1.  Kaida
  • Kanji: 海田
  • Meaning: Little dragon
  • Pronunciation: KA-ee-da
  •  Kaida Yuko is an amazing and talented Japanese actress. She is best known for her voice roles in the movie” The Promised Neverland”.
  1. Kayda
  • Kanji: 怪談
  • Meaning:Looks like a dragon
  • Pronunciation: KE-ii-da
  • I love a name with an interesting short form; Kay is such a simple and proper nickname for your princess.
  1. Kisara
  • Kanji: 木皿
  • Meaning: Blue eyes, white dragon
  • Pronunciation: key-sah-rah
  • The name is simple but elegant, befitting a little princess.
  1. Miryu
  • Kanji: 美龍;
  • Meaning: Dragon, beautiful, excellent
  • Pronunciation: Mir-Yu
  • What a way to honour your beautiful baby girl with a beautiful yet excellent name!
  1. Mizuchi
  • Kanji: 大虬, 蛟龍, 蛟, 美都知)
  • Meaning: Great water dragon
  • Pronunciation: Mi-Zu-Chii
  • Mizuchi is a water god or deity in Japanese mythology, perfect for a baby girl.
  1. Ryoko
  • Kanji: 良子
  • Meaning: Dragon child
  • Pronunciation: Ye-oh-Koh
  • Ryoko is a very pretty name and a popular girl name in Japan. It’s a classic name that every parent who sees their child as a breath of fresh air should consider.
  1. Ryuha
  • Kanji: 竜春
  • Meaning: Dragon, spring
  • Pronunciation: Yu-uha
  • Ryuha is a common name in Japan, and for a good reason, it has a long, rich history that the Japanese are proud of.
  1. Ryuna
  • Kanji: 龍那
  • Meaning: dragon
  • Pronunciation: Yu-una
  • Ryuna is perfect for a feisty but beautiful baby girl.
  1. Tatsuo
  • Kanji: 龍雄
  • Meaning: Female dragon
  • Pronunciation:Tat-su-oh
  • Such a powerful name for a little girl to grow into.
  1. Tatsuki
  • Kanji: 龍紀
  • Meaning: Dragon, rule
  • Pronunciation: Tat-su-kii
  • The name has a great meaning, meant to shape your child into a strong character of a leader.

Japanese Names That Mean Dragon For Boys

These names have great meaning and rich history in Japanese culture. Choose one for your little prince.

  1. Hakuryu
  • Kanji: 白龍
  • Meaning: White dragon
  • Pronunciation: Ha-koo-ree-yoo
  • If you like uncommon names, this is an excellent and beautiful choice.
  1. Ryoma
  • Kanji: 龍馬
  • Meaning: Dragon, horse
  • Pronunciation: REE-oh-mah
  • Ryoma Sakamoto was a Japanese Samurai, a big deal in Japanese history. Ryoma Hashimoto is a Japanese professional basketball player.
  1. Ryu
  • Kanji: 龍, 竜
  • Meaning: Dragon
  • Pronunciation: REE-oo
  • In the last century, Ryu has been one of Japan’s most popular boy names, making it to the top 100 list.
  1. Ryuji
  • Kanji: 龍神
  • Meaning: Second dragon
  • Pronunciation: REE-OO-jee
  • I am a wrestling fan, and one of my favourites is Ryuji Ito, a Japanese professional wrestler. He is a force to reckon with.
  1. Seiryu
  • Kanji: 青龍, 青竜, 青流, 清龍, 清竜, 清流, 聖龍, 聖竜, 聖流 ·
  • Meaning: Azure dragon
  • Pronunciation: SAY-ree-oo
  • Inspired by one of the best Japanese photographers, Seiryu Inoue, who worked in the 1950s.
  1. Shenron
  • Kanji: 神龍
  • Meaning: Divine dragon
  • Pronunciation: Shen-ro-n
  • Shenron is a revered five-clawed dragon and is much easier to blend with other names.
  1. Suo
  • Kanji: 周防
  • Meaning: Dragon
  • Pronunciation: SOO_oh
  • Suo may be old-fashioned, but it’s a simple yet powerful name.
  1. Tatsuhiko
  • Kanji: 建彦),  龍彦
  • Meaning: Dragon boy, accomplished boy
  • Pronunciation: TAT-soo-HEE-koh
  • I love manga and anime series, like the Bungo Stray Dogs. Tatsuhiko Shibusawa is one of my favourite characters.
  1. Tatsuya
  • Kanji: 龍矢,
  • Meaning: Accomplished, dragon
  • Pronunciation: TAT-soo-yah
  • Some famous people named Tatsuya include; Tatsuya Tanaka, a great footballer. Also Tatsuya Fujiwara, a great Japanese actor and Tatsuya Egawa, an amazing Japanese manga artist.
  1. Tenryu
  • Kanji: 天竜
  • Meaning: Heavenly dragon
  • Pronunciation: Ten-ree-oo
  • The name is regal, unusual and powerful for your handsome prince.

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Gender Neutral Japanese Names That Mean Dragon

If you dont want to find out the baby gender yet, we got you! These names are gender neutral and perfect for your bundle of joy.

  1. Byakko
  • Kanji: 青竜
  • Meaning: White tiger dragon
  • Pronunciation: Yaah-Koh
  • If you love Japanese mythology, Byakko is a constellation dragon. Byakko is also one of the famous Japanese dragons in the legend. This makes it a powerful name for your little one.
  1. Gojun
  • Kanji: 語順
  • Meaning: Dragon of north
  • Pronunciation: Go-ju-n
  • The name represents the ruler of the north, a powerful name for your little one.
  1. Hushen
  • Kanji: 不振な
  • Meaning: River dragon
  • Pronunciation: Hu-She-n
  • The meaning of this name is for a monster that lives in the lake. Japanese mythology is quite interesting; Hushen is a great name associated with power.
  1. Raiju
  • Kanji: 雷獣
  • Meaning: Thunder animal, dragon
  • Pronunciation: Ra-i-juu
  • From Japanese mythology, Raiju carries messages. The task was an honour and hence a great name perfect for your baby.
  1. Relian
  • Kanji: 熱練
  • Meaning: Hot cheeks, dragon
  • Pronunciation: Re-li-an
  • Relian has a hothead-like fire and is a well-known Japanese mythical dragon. It’s a feisty and most revered creature but well respected.
  1. Shachihoko
  • Kanji: 雷獣
  • Meaning: Hybrid creature, dragon
  • Pronunciation: Sha-chi-ho-ko
  • The mythical creature has a body of a carp but the head of a tiger. Seems strange, but it is a powerful creature respected in Japanese culture.
  1. Suzaku
  • Kanji: 朱雀
  • Meaning: Fire dragon
  • Pronunciation: Soo-za-koo
  • Japanese mythology is quite extensive and intriguing. Suzaku is a vermillion bird that appears in legendary stories. It’s a great baby name!
  1. Uruloki
  • Kanji: 地獄
  • Meaning: Fire-breathing dragon
  • Pronunciation: OO-ROO-Loh-kee
  • Although derived from a mythical creature, the name is fierce and a great match for your baby.
  1. Uryu
  • Kanji: 佑竜
  • Meaning: Rain dragon
  • Pronunciation: OO-yu
  • The name is regal and simple yet outstanding, perfect for your baby girl or boy.
  1. Watatsumi
  • Kanji: 海神, 綿津見)
  • Meaning: Water dragon
  • Pronunciation: Waa-tat-su-mii
  •  A legendary water Japanese dragon, capable of changing into a human form. Japanese mythology bears much respect for this water deity.
Japanese names that mean dragon


5 Ideas to Craft a Perfect Japanese Name that Means Dragon

  • Think about the Kanji and not only how the name sounds.
  • Choose a name that has a rich tradition.
  • Borrow an existing name from a person or famous show.
  • Ensure that the name has the meaning that you need.
  • Choose a name with two Kanji.

5 Reasons to Have a Japanese Name that Means Dragon

  • The names have a rich history, famed after the mythical creature.
  • The names represent power, strength, wisdom and knowledge.
  • The names have great pronunciation.
  • The names are now universally used, not only in Japan.
  • In Japanese culture, a name gives an individual personal identification. Also, it contributes to how their life turns out.


Japanese culture is interesting because they give much thought to naming children. It helps shape the child and how they turn out in their life. So why not try out Japanese Names That Mean Dragon for your little bundle of joy from our list? Happy parenting!

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