50 Unique Japanese Names That Mean Death

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Are you looking for a unique, meaningful name inspired by the rebirth, death, culture and language of Japan? I’ve put together a comprehensive list of 50 Japanese names that mean death — each with definition, meaning, and kanji. 

Whether you need an intense moniker for a video game character or an incredible backstory detail to add flavor to your fiction novel, these names will impress you.

Excited to learn more? Here we go. 

50 Japanese Names That Mean Death

Japanese names are quite striking, distinct, and exotic. And the reason for this is their articulate language itself.The extraordinary Japanese language structure presents unique-sounding names. 

Are you ready to learn Japanese names meaning death and demons? Here are rare monikers for girls:

Japanese Names That Mean Death for Girls

  1. Akeldama
  • Kanji: アケルダマ
  • Meaning: Place of bloodshed. 
  • Pronunciation: uh-kel-duh-muh
  • Akeldama signifies a dark field of blood (cemetery). 
  1. Hisa
  • Kanji: ひさ
  • Meaning: Long-lasting/beating death.
  • Pronunciation: HEE-SA
  • Hisa symbolizes that you have conquered death. 
  1. Kaida
  • Kanji: 海田 or 甲斐田
  • Meaning: Little dragon. 
  • Pronunciation: KAA-EE-DA
  • This is a symbol of darkness and dead characters.
  1. Mana
  • Kanji:
  • Meaning: Death as the symbol of everlasting. 
  • Pronunciation: MAA-NA
  • In my opinion, Mana depicts light amidst darkness by symbolizing that you can overrule death. 
  1. Oiwa
  • Kanji: 大岩
  • Meaning: Angel of death. 
  • Pronunciation: OH-EE-WA
  • Oiwa also means a vengeful female ghost. This is actually a Japanese mythology reference. 
  1. Sakamoto
  • Kanji: 坂本
  • Meaning: Cause of death/ the one who lives. 
  • Pronunciation: SAA-KAH-MO-TO
  • It shows someone who was saved from a near-to-death experience. 
  1. Hisa-Me
  • Kanji: 氷雨
  • Meaning: Female demon of death. 
  • Pronunciation: HEESA-MEE
  • This name usually finds relevance in the Japanese wonderworld. 
  1. Keket
  • Kanji: けけっと
  • Meaning: Goddess of darkness. 
  • Pronunciation: ke-ket
  • Keket represents the dark and fierce death experiences. 
  1. Shinigami
  • Kanji: 死神
  • Meaning: Death God. 
  • Pronunciation: shi-nuh-gaa-mee
  • This name is derived from ancient Japanese beliefs. 
  1. Amida
  • Kanji: 南無
  • Meaning: Goddess of death.
  • Pronunciation: AA-MEE-DA
  • This is the death goddess that Japanese people truly appreciate.
  1. Yami
  • Kanji: 闇 (やみ)
  • Meaning: Darkness/death. 
  • Pronunciation: YAA-MEE
  • Yami also refers to sadness. 
  1. Hizumi
  • Kanji: ひずみ
  • Meaning: Twilight/immoral activities. 
  • Pronunciation: HEE-ZOO-MEE
  • This is a common name for sunset babies. It means death as well. 
  1. Ame
  • Kanji:
  • Meaning: Rain. 
  • Pronunciation: AA-MEH
  • The Shinto deity of rain is also named Ame. In Japanese culture, rain is associated with funerals and it refers to death or mourning. 
  1. Hana
  • Kanji:
  • Meaning: Withered or fragile flower. 
  • Pronunciation: HAA-NA
  • This delicate feminine Japanese name depicts fragile flowers, which are a symbol of temporary life and are linked to funerals. 
  1. Saya
  • Kanji: 沙弥
  • Meaning: Death shadow and sand. 
  • Pronunciation: SAA-YA
  • Saya reflects the dark side of human nature and it is a symbol of the constant presence of death. 

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Japanese Names That Mean Death for Boys

Did you know that Japanese names are heavily influenced by nature and life? That’s why names meaning death are so popular in this culture.

Here are stunning Japanese names meaning death, God of death, and similar things for boys:

  1. Senshi
  • Kanji: 戦士
  • Meaning: To die in a battle. 
  • Pronunciation: Sen-shi.
  • I view Senshi as a noble death. 
  1. Kage
  • Kanji: かげ
  • Meaning: Death shadow. 
  • Pronunciation: kah-geh
  • Kage usually refers to secret identities or the dark side of the world. 
  1. Yomi
  • Kanji: 黄泉
  • Meaning: Underworld. 
  • Pronunciation: YO-MEE
  • This is where the dead souls reside in sadness and darkness. 
  1. Jigoku
  • Kanji: 地獄
  • Meaning: Inferno or hell. 
  • Pronunciation: JEE-GO-KU
  • Jigoku refers to the most terrifying and lowest part of the underworld. This is where the damned souls suffer forever. 
  1. Mu
  • Kanji:
  • Meaning: Emptiness or nothingness. 
  • Pronunciation: MOO
  • Mu is actually the ultimate destination for all souls after death. 
  1. Goke
  • Kanji: 郷家(ごうけ)
  • Meaning: Jade or black. 
  • Pronunciation: Go-kae
  • This Japanese name is derived from Chinese and it’s connected to the darkness and sadness of losing a loved person. 
  1. Yaoi
  • Kanji: やおい
  • Meaning: Howling demon. 
  • Pronunciation: yah-oh-ee
  • Yaoi is often seen in Japanese manga. 
  1. Jikininki
  • Kanji: 食人鬼
  • Meaning: Eating human flesh. 
  • Pronunciation: JEE-KEEN-EEN-KI
  • Jikininki is a Japanese male demon that eats human flesh after they die. 
  1. Kano
  • Kanji: 狩野
  • Meaning: Capability and masculine power to conquer death. It also means deer.
  • Pronunciation: KAA-NO
  • It is common sense that animals prey on deer, which is why the Japanese people connect it to death. 
  1. Retsu
  • Kanji:
  • Meaning: Cremation. 
  • Pronunciation: Ray-tsu
  • This is a perfect name for grieving people. 
  1. Ha
  • Kanji:
  • Meaning: Ashes. 
  • Pronunciation: HAA
  • To me, Ha serves as a reminder that we will all transform into ash after death. 
  1. Jiki
  • Kanji: じき
  • Meaning: Death. 
  • Pronunciation: JEE-KEE
  • Jiki gives eerie vibes. 
  1. Shin
  • Kanji:
  • Meaning: Death. 
  • Pronunciation: SHEEN
  • If you want to offer a stylish and bold name to your son, go with this choice. 
  1. Hei
  • Kanji:
  • Meaning: Black. 
  • Pronunciation: HAY-I
  • In Japanese, but also in many other cultures, the black color is associated with death. 
  1. Kyuuketsuki
  • Kanji: 吸血鬼
  • Meaning: Vampire. 
  • Pronunciation: Kyoo-kets-kee
  • This bloodsucking character is associated with death. 

Gender-Neutral Japanese Names That Mean Death

Let’s admit it – many people often ignore or reject names that mean negative things, such as death. 

Well, that means there’s more for you! All these names meaning death are chosen by rare people.

Ahead, you will find unisex Japanese names meaning death. Help yourself out!

  1. Daikokuten
  • Kanji: 大黒天
  • Meaning: God of darkness. 
  • Pronunciation: Daa-ee-kok-ten
  • This unisex name signifies darkness and death. 
  1. Shi
  • Kanji:
  • Meaning: Death. 
  • Pronunciation: SHEE
  • This is a simple yet profound name. Shi represents both life and death. 
  1. Hakai
  • Kanji: はかい
  • Meaning: Annihilation or destruction. 
  • Pronunciation: hàkáí
  • Hakai commonly refers to a lethal force or the end of the world. 
  1. Hakumei
  • Kanji: 薄命
  • Meaning: White death. 
  • Pronunciation: Haa-koo-mae
  • This gender-neutral name refers to the angel of death. 
  1. Haruka
  • Kanji: 遥香
  • Meaning: Remote or far/in heaven. 
  • Pronunciation: HA-ROO-KA
  • Haruka refers to something unattainable or the hereafter. 
  1. Inari
  • Kanji: いなり
  • Meaning: Loaded with rice/coming to pass. 
  • Pronunciation: I‧na‧ri
  • Inari is the name of the Shinto androgynous deity of fertility and rice. In Japanese folklore, the deity refers to death and means we’re all here to pass one day. 
  1. Yuki
  • Kanji:  幸 
  • Meaning: Snow or a female demon. 
  • Pronunciation: YOO-KEE
  • This name is connected to Yuki-Onna (Lady of the snow) who’s a demon and symbol of death in Japanese mythology.
  1. Kai
  • Kanji:  甲斐
  • Meaning: Sea or souls that finish in the sea. 
  • Pronunciation: KAA-I
  • Kai is a symbol of life’s endlessness. Since all dead spirits go to the sea, it represents death in a more beautiful way. 
  1. Rei
  • Kanji:
  • Meaning: Temporary beauty.
  • Pronunciation: re-i
  • Rei is a symbol of how temporary beauty and life is. 
  1. Natsu
  • Kanji: なつ
  • Meaning: Summer or Shinigami Natsu (death demon).
  • Pronunciation: na-tsu
  • This name is mostly inspired by the Japanese character Shinigami Natsu who represents death and suicide. 
  1. Shimazu
  • Kanji: 島津
  • Meaning: Corpse. 
  • Pronunciation: Shee-maa-ju
  • This is a deathly name with a nice sound. 
  1. Botsugo
  • Kanji: 歿後
  • Meaning: After death. 
  • Pronunciation: Bot-soo-goh
  • After death is a symbol of the other world where souls lie. 
  1. Bushuugi
  • Kanji: 不祝儀
  • Meaning: Death, sorrow, or disaster. 
  • Pronunciation: BOO-SHU-GEE
  • This name encompasses all the dark qualities. 
  1. Chuuyou
  • Kanji: 中葉
  • Meaning: Dying young. 
  • Pronunciation: Choo-yoo
  • Chuuyou depicts people who die at an early age. 
  1. Ensei
  • Kanji:
  • Meaning: Death. 
  • Pronunciation: sen.sei
  • Ensei also means going far away. 
  1. Heishi
  • Kanji: 平氏
  • Meaning: Falling dead. 
  • Pronunciation: H-ee-sh-ee
  • I find this to be the darkest name from the list with such a deep meaning. 
  1. Heifu
  • Kanji: 斃仆
  • Meaning: Dying. 
  • Pronunciation: HAY-FOO
  • It is a common unisex name in Japan.
  1. Hougyo
  • Kanji: 崩御 
  • Meaning: Demise or death. 
  • Pronunciation: Hou-gyo
  • Hougyo is a symbol of destruction. 
  1. Kyuushi
  • Kanji: キヨシ
  • Meaning: Unexpected death. 
  • Pronunciation: KYO-SHEE
  • Kyuushi represents sudden death.
  1. Senge
  • Kanji: せんげ
  • Meaning: Death of a priest. 
  • Pronunciation: SEN-GE
  • Senge represents the death of a spiritual person. 
Japanese names that mean death


5 Ideas to Craft a Perfect Japanese Name That Means Death?

  1. If there is already a family member with a name meaning death, go with that choice to keep the tradition alive. 
  2. Follow the sequence of surname first and name later. 
  3. Do not ignore the name’s kanji as it should be meaningful as well. 
  4. Choose a spiritual or traditional name, such as the angel of death or the death of a priest. 
  5. Keep the kanji minimal to two.

Remember these rules for choosing an ideal Japanese name meaning death. 

5 Reasons to Have a Japanese Name That Means Death?

  1. Its meaning is poignant.
  2. It represents the person with a bold personality.
  3. It expresses a desire for a fresh start or a new beginning.
  4. It signifies a change in identity or persona.
  5. It pays homage to a loved one who has passed away. 

Bringing It All Together 

In Japan, death is not something to be afraid of or hidden away. Rather, it is seen as a natural part of life that should be celebrated and reflected upon. If you are looking for a name that reflects this outlook on death, then consider one of these 50 Japanese names that mean death. 

With their elegant Kanji characters and strong meanings, these names will work perfectly in English-speaking countries too. What do you think of these names? Did I miss any of your favorites? Let me know in the comments below!

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