30 Best Japanese Names That Mean Brave (Also Work in English)

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It’s not a secret that every word in Japan often has rich meanings behind it. And that’s why today I’m going to show you the best Japanese names that mean brave

From traditional ones with historical significance to modern names with unique sounds, my list will provide you with all possible options. 

Whether you’re looking for a name for your baby, a story character, or just inspiration for your name, these names are sure to make an impact.

Without further ado, let’s dive in!

30 Japanese names that mean brave

Japanese names that mean brave for girls

  1. Yuki
  • Kanji: 勇気
  • Meaning: courage, bravery
  • Pronunciation: yoo-kee
  • Yūki simply exudes strength and courage, inspiring others to be brave in the face of adversity.
  1. Isamu
  • Kanji: 勇
  • Meaning: courage, bravery
  • Pronunciation: ee-sah-moo
  • Isamu inspires me a lot because it suits a girl who possesses a strong will and unyielding spirit.
  1. Michiko
  • Kanji: 美智子
  • Meaning: child of wisdom and bravery
  • Pronunciation: mee-chee-koh
  • Michiko connects both courage and intelligence, symbolizing a wise girl who has the strength to overcome any obstacle.
  1. Tomoe
  • Kanji: 巴
  • Meaning: courage, bravery
  • Pronunciation: toh-moh-eh
  • When pondering upon this name, a bold and fearless little girl comes to mind. Her adventurous and daring spirit is perfectly embodied by it.
  1. Arisa
  • Kanji: 有沙
  • Meaning: courage and intellect
  • Pronunciation: ah-ree-sah
  • Arisa symbolizes a girl full of intelligence and bravery who faces all life challenges so easily.
  1. Emiko
  • Kanji: 恵美子
  • Meaning: blessed with beauty and bravery
  • Pronunciation: eh-mee-koh
  • Emiko is a girl who has a brave spirit and breathtaking beauty.
  1. Kaida
  • Kanji: 快勇
  • Meaning: fast and brave
  • Pronunciation: kai-dah
  • Kaida is a name that embodies both speed and courage, representing a girl who is quick to act and unafraid to take risks.
  1. Noriko
  • Kanji: 典子
  • Meaning: child of tradition and bravery
  • Pronunciation: noh-ree-koh
  • Noriko is a name that symbolizes a girl who values both tradition and courage, reflecting her strength and commitment to her beliefs.
  1. Saki
  • Kanji: 咲
  • Meaning: courage, bloom
  • Pronunciation: sah-kee
  • Saki is able to bloom into something wonderful thanks to her bravery.
  1. Yuina
  • Kanji: 優以奈
  • Meaning: gentle and brave
  • Pronunciation: yoo-ee-nah
  • Yuina is a name that embodies both gentleness and bravery, reflecting a girl who is kind yet strong, inspiring others with her courage and compassion.

Japanese names that mean brave for boys

  1. Haruto
  • Kanji: 陽翔
  • Meaning: soar in the sun, sunflyer
  • Pronunciation: hah-roo-toh
  • Haruto combines bravery and determination. It’s a perfect fit for a boy who is unafraid of pushing himself to new heights.
  1. Takeo
  • Kanji: 武雄
  • Meaning: hero, warrior
  • Pronunciation: tah-keh-oh
  • Takeo connects strength and bravery, representing a boy who is a born leader and warrior.
  1. Riki
  • Kanji: 力
  • Meaning: power, strength, strong
  • Pronunciation: ree-kee
  • Riki symbolizes a boy with the courage to stand up for what he believes.
  1. Tomoki
  • Kanji: 倫己
  • Meaning: righteous, brave
  • Pronunciation: toh-moh-kee
  • Tomoki always strives to do the right thing, no matter the cost.
  1. Hideo
  • Kanji: 英雄
  • Meaning: brave hero
  • Pronunciation: hee-deh-oh
  • Hideo also connects bravery and heroism, representing a true champion.
  1. Shouta
  • Kanji: 翔太
  • Meaning: fly, soar
  • Pronunciation: show-tah
  • I love Shouta because I can easily imagine someone unafraid to take risks.
  1. Takumi
  • Kanji: 匠
  • Meaning: artisan, skilled worker, brave man
  • Pronunciation: tah-koo-mee
  • Takumi combines bravery with art, making a perfect combo to achieve great things in life. 
  1. Yutaka
  • Kanji: 豊
  • Meaning: abundant, prosperous
  • Pronunciation: yoo-tah-kah
  • Yutaka connects bravery and prosperity, representing a man who is ready to fight against everything and everyone to get what he wants.
  1. Tsuyoshi
  • Kanji: 剛
  • Meaning: strong, tough
  • Pronunciation: tsoo-yoh-shee
  • Tsuyoshi is one word for the three words – brave, strong, and tough. And I absolutely love its nice sound!
  1. Ryouma
  • Kanji: 龍馬
  • Meaning: dragon, horse
  • Pronunciation: ree-yoh-mah
  • This is one of my favorite male names meaning brave and adventurous. It’s like a dragon soaring through the sky or a horse galloping across the plains.

Gender-neutral Japanese names that mean brave

  1. Kyou
  • Kanji: 京
  • Meaning: capital city, brave
  • Pronunciation: kyoh
  • Kyou is a name that embodies bravery and strength, representing a person who is unafraid of taking on challenges and facing adversity head-on.
  1. Akira
  • Kanji: 明
  • Meaning: bright, clear, intelligent, brave
  • Pronunciation: ah-kee-rah
  • Akira is a perfect match of courage and intelligence, making it ideal for a person who is quick-witted and brave.
  1. Yuuma
  • Kanji: 優真
  • Meaning: brave and truth
  • Pronunciation: yoo-mah
  • What a great name for anyone brave and truthful, with a gentle nature.
  1. Sora
  • Kanji: 空
  • Meaning: sky, brave
  • Pronunciation: soh-rah
  • Sora is a name that embodies bravery and freedom, representing a person who is unafraid to soar to new heights and explore new horizons.
  1. Haru
  • Kanji: 晴
  • Meaning: clear weather, spring, sun, brave
  • Pronunciation: hah-roo
  • Haru is a name that symbolizes bravery and renewal, representing a person who is unafraid of change and always ready to embrace new beginnings.
  1. Hiro
  • Kanji: 浩
  • Meaning: large, great, brave
  • Pronunciation: hee-roh
  • Hiro is a name that embodies strength and courage, representing a person who is unafraid to take risks and stand up for what they believe in.
  1. Ren
  • Kanji: 蓮
  • Meaning: lotus, brave
  • Pronunciation: ren
  • Ren is a name that symbolizes purity and courage, representing a person who is unafraid to face challenges and stay true to their values.
  1. Takashi
  • Kanji: 崇
  • Meaning: adoration, reverence, brave
  • Pronunciation: tah-kah-shee
  • Takashi perfectly combines reverence and bravery. It’s a great name for anyone unafraid to defend their principles.
  1. Nao
  • Kanji: 直
  • Meaning: honest, brave
  • Pronunciation: nah-oh
  • Nao basically symbolizes honesty and bravery. I’d personally give it to someone who is not afraid to speak the truth always and forever.
  1. Kai
  • Kanji: 海
  • Meaning: ocean, brave
  • Pronunciation: kai
  • Kai is a perfect combo of bravery and adventure. It also represents a person who is not scared to explore new horizons.


5 ideas to craft perfect Japanese names that mean brave

  1. Get inspired by Japanese mythology and history.
  2. Consider the sound of the name, including honorifics or titles.
  3. Look for inspiration in modern culture.
  4. Consider the name’s origin and cultural context.
  5. Remember that a name meaning bravery doesn’t have to sound harsh or aggressive. Consider names like Emiko, which means “beautiful blessing child”

What Japanese girl name means fearless?

It’s “Mamoru” (守). This name has a dual meaning of “to protect” or “to defend,” and can be written using different kanji characters for slightly different nuances in meaning. However, the overall sense of courage and fearlessness remains constant across all variations of the name.

What Japanese name means warrior?

The Japanese name that means warrior is “Takeshi” (武士). It’s actually a male name that is composed of two kanji characters, the first of which means “military” or “war” and the second of which means “samurai” or “warrior.”


And that’s it!

In conclusion, this list of 30 Japanese names that mean brave is a great resource for parents looking to instill a sense of strength and courage in their children.

Whatever the purpose, these names are sure to make an impact and inspire bravery in anyone who bears them.

Make your child strong and self-confident with some powerful names from this list.

Until next time!

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