50 Beautiful And Ethereal Girl Names With Meaning And Origins

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Are you looking for an astonishing and unique name for your newborn baby girl? Don’t worry, this article covers everything! A list of 50 elegant girls’ names merges through the author with their beautiful meanings. That evokes feelings of charm, goddess, and fascination. Choose the name which you like most and feel free.

This list compiles, we search from various sources. such as baby names books and also cultural mythology and many more. So if you are hunting for a unique and pretty name for your little angel check out this list and not search more.

50 Unique Ethereal Girl Names

You are welcome here to our compiled list of 50 ethereal girl names. This is the right place for those searching for a fascinating name for their baby girl. These lovely and fantastic names are selected from around the globe!

10 Pretty Ethereal Names For Girls

  1. Aeliana [ay-lee-AH-nuh]

    Origin: Latin
    Meaning: “sun”
    Reason: Aeliana is a bright name for girls who will shine like the sun. This name shows the consistency and an urge to help others during the cold and dark times. Hence, girls with such names have lively personalities throughout their lives. 
  1. Calliope [kuh-LIE-uh-pee]

    Origin: Greek
    Meaning: “beautiful voice”
    Reason: It is an elegant name posing the beauty and charm of the voice. Girls with such names have a great love for art and music. In addition, Calliope explains how a beautiful voice can turn up the melodic personalities of people. 
  1. Eira [AY-rah]

    Origin: Welsh
    Meaning: “snow”
    Reason: The meaning shows the beauty and staple of the winter season which is snow. Girls having the Eira will be talented and appealing to others. 
  1. Liriel [LEE-ree-el]

    Origin: Hebrew
    Meaning: “My God is my song”
    Reason: With a mix of holiness and art, this name will be great for the newborn princess. Liriel symbolizes the shine of having a good heart as well as serving Nature. 
  1. Nyx [nicks]

    Origin: Greek
    Meaning: “night”
    Reason: It is a short name but has a deep meaning. Girls who are born facing the starry night are good to get such names. Also, Nyx shows profound and widespread solace for tired souls craving for some rest. 
  1. Ondine [ ahn-DEEN]

    Origin: French
    Meaning: “wave”
    Reason: It is a beautiful name that parents can choose as an ethereal name. Ondine relates to the most optimal part of the vast waterways and oceans, waves. If you want to name your princess in a meaningful way, this name is best of all. 
  1. Seraphina [seh-RAH-fee-nah]

    Origin: Hebrew
    Meaning: “fiery ones”
    Reason: As per the meaning, Seraphina carries fierceness and warrior-like properties. Girls having this name hold good faith in their inner selves. They have the strength to tackle the uphill battles of life courageously. 
  1. Thalia [THAYL-yuh]

    Origin: Greek
    Meaning: “to flourish”
    Reason: Thalia is a soft, sleek name for your lovely daughter. It resembles the birth and growth of the most beautiful flower, plant, or something attractive. 
  1. Vespera [ves-PAIR-uh]

    Origin: Latin
    Meaning: “evening star”
    Reason: Names like Vespera impart a calm effect because it involves the beauty and lodging of nature. Parents should pick this name for their little bundle of joy. Girls having such names have a bright future. 
  1. Zephyrine [ZEF-uh-rin]

    Origin: Greek
    Meaning: “west wind”
    Reason: Zephyrine is a powerful name related to the divine forces. If you choose this name for your newborn it will be a good choice. This name gives the specious personality vibes like the wind covering the whole west area.  

10 Ethereal Fantasy Names for Girls

  1. Altheira [ al-THEE-ruh]

    Origin: Greek
    Meaning: “healer” or “wise one”
    Reason: It’s a special and beautiful name that is perfect for a magical and alluring. 
  1. Calantha [ kuh-LAN-thuh]

    Origin: Greek
    Meaning: “beautiful flower”
    Reason: This name is lovely and graceful as it is ideal for a fairy character.
  1. Darielle [DAIR-ee-elle]

    Origin: Hebrew
    Meaning: “God has upheld”
    Reason: It’s a name that evokes power and magical factors. It is perfect for a formidable sorceress or warrior princess.
  1. Elvina [ el-VEE-nuh]

    Origin: Latin
    Meaning: “friend of elves”
    Reason: This name is perfect for a girl. That is having a  deep connection to nature and magical creatures.
  1. Fae [fay]

    Origin: English
    Meaning: “fairy”
    Reason: It’s a simple yet powerful name for a girl. That would be perfect for a playful and naughty fairy character.
  1. Galadriel [ ga-LAD-ree-el]

    Origin: Sindarin
    Meaning: “maiden crowned with a radiant garland”
    Reason: It will connect to the elf queen in J.R.R. Tolkien’s “Lord of the Rings” series. This name is ideal for a strong and wise elf character.
  1. Lilith [LIL-ith]

    Origin: Hebrew
    Meaning: “of the night” or “ghost”
    Reason: This name is perfect for a mysterious and magical character. That is with supernatural powers.
  1. Melisande [ mel-ih-SAHND]

    Origin: French
    Meaning: “strong in work”
    Reason: This name is perfect for a hardworking and determined character. That also has a touch of magic.
  1. Nimue [NIM-yoo]

    Origin: Arthurian Legend
    Meaning: “lady of the lake”
    Reason: This name is perfect for a mystical and powerful girl. Having a connection to water and magic.
  1. Seraphina [seh-RAH-fee-nuh]

    Origin: Hebrew
    Meaning: “ardent” or “fiery”
    Reason:This name is perfect for a girl who is a fiery and passionate personality with magical powers related to fire or light.

10 Ethereal Goddess Names For Girls

  1. Arianrhod [ ahr-ee-AHN-rhohd]

    Origin: Welsh
    Meaning: Silver Wheel
    Reason: Arianrhod is a name for a girl who has interest in astronomy and is dreamy.
  1. Athena [ uh-THEE-nuh]

    Origin: Greek
    Meaning: Goddess of wisdom and warfare
    Reason:This name is best for a strong and intelligent girl who likes to lead.
  1. Bastet [BAS-tet]

    Origin: Egyptian
    Meaning: Goddess of cats and protection
    Reason:This name Bastet is great for a cat lover or a girl who values protection and loyalty.
  1. Freya [FRAY-uh]

    Origin: Norse
    Meaning: Goddess of love, fertility, and war.
    Reason:A perfect name for a girl who is passionate about work and loves adventure.
  1. Isis [EYE-sis]

    Origin: Egyptian
    Meaning: Goddess of magic
    Reason:A beautiful name for a girl who loves mystery and magic.
  1. Luna [LOO-nuh]

    Origin: Latin
    Meaning: Moon goddess
    Reason:This name is ideal for a girl who is with the moon and has a calm and serene personality.
  1. Morrigan [MOR-uh-gan]

    Origin: Irish
    Meaning: Goddess of war and fate
    Reason:This name is good for a girl that’s brave, strong and savage.  
  1. Persephone [per-SEH-fuh-nee]

    Origin: Greek
    Meaning: Queen of the underworld and goddess of spring growth
    Reason:A unique name for a girl who has a dual personality and loves change.
  1. Selene [Sel-ee-nee]

    Origin: Greek
    Meaning: The Moon
    Reason:Selene is a beautiful and enchanting name. It is for a baby girl with a regal demeanor.
  1. Saraswati [SAH-ruh-swa-tee]

    Origin: Hindu
    Meaning: Goddess of knowledge, music, and art
    Reason: A perfect name for a girl who is artistic, imaginative, and eager to learn.

10 Dark Ethereal Names for Girls

  1. Lilith [LIL-ith]

    Origin: Hebrew
    Meaning: A demonic figure who relates seduction and temptation.
    Reason: A name that emits a sense of mystery and danger.
  1. Morrigan [mor-RI-gan]

    Origin: Irish
    Meaning: Goddess of war and fate, often associated with ravens and death.
    Reason:A prominent and influential brand with ties to Celtic mythology.
  1. Hecate [ HEK-uh-tee]

    Origin: Greek
    Meaning: Goddess of witchcraft, ghosts, and crossroads.
    Reason:A name that conjures the power of the supernatural.  As well as the mystery of ancient Greece.
  1. Ligeia [lih-JEE-uh]

    Origin: Greek
    Meaning: A siren or sea nymph who lured sailors to their deaths.
    Reason:A name that evokes both the sea’s charm and the perils that lay beneath its surface.
  1. Nyx [ niks]

    Origin: Greek
    Meaning: goddess of the night.
    Reason: A name that conjures images of sparkling dark sky and the magic that it holds.
  1. Morgath [MOR-gath]

    Origin: Welsh
    Meaning: A dark sorceress or witch. Reason: A name that embodies the marvelous and supernatural of ancient Wales.
  1. Zephyr [ZEH-fur]

    Origin: Greek
    Meaning: A Greek god associated with change and transformation.
    Reason: A name that expresses the capability of wind. And the alternative that it can bring.
  1. Rhiannon [ree-AN-on]

    Origin: Welsh
    Meaning: A Welsh goddess of the moon and fertility.
    Reason:A name that embodies the grace and power of creation.
  1. Maelstrom [MAYL-struhm]

    Origin: Norwegian
    Meaning: A powerful whirlpool or turbulent state of affairs.
    Reason:A name that represents anarchy and uncertainty, chaos and unpredictability.
  1. Morrighan [mor-REE-gan]

    Origin: Irish
    Meaning: Goddess of battle, fate, and prophecy
    Reason:A name that represents power and the ability to divine what is to come.

10 Soft Ethereal Girl Names

  1. Aria [AR-ee-uh]

    Origin: Italian
    Meaning: A song or melody
    Reason:A name that evokes feelings of lovely, charm, respect and flawlessness. 
  1. Luna [LOO-nuh]

    Origin: Italian
    Meaning: Latin for “moon”
    Reason:A name that embodies the comfortable and amiable nature.
  1. Seraphina [seh-ruh-FEE-nuh]

    Origin: Hebrew
    Meaning: An angel with six wings
    Reason:A name that represents freshness and goddess.
  1. Eira [EYE-ruh]

    Origin: WelshMeaning: Welsh for “snow”. Reason: A name that defines the calm, cool, and serene nature of a winter wonderland.
  1. Aurora [uh-ROH-ruh]

    Origin: Latin
    Meaning: Latin for “dawn”
    Reason: A name that represents a fresh start for a new day and having all the chances to avail. 
  1. Isadora [iz-uh-DAWR-uh]

    Origin: Greek
    Meaning: Greek for “gift of Isis”
    Reason:This name expresses the look after nature. And the caring nature of motherhood.
  1. Iris [EYE-ris]

    Origin: Greek
    Meaning: Greek for “rainbow”
    Reason:This name explains the variety of colors and grace.
  1. Lyra [LIE-ruh]

    Origin: Greek
    Meaning: A constellation in the northern hemisphere
    Reason:A name that represents the lovely and calmness in music.
  1. Nova [NOH-vuh]

    Origin: Latin

Meaning: Latin for “new”
Reason:This name describes enthusiasm and it has a capacity for a new chapter in life.

  1. Eloise [el-o-WEEZ]

    Origin: French
    Meaning: A variation of the name “Heloise”
    Reason:This is a name that expresses intelligence and charm.

Final Thoughts

That’s all about the ethereal girl names. Our list will help the parents to choose something classy for their daughter. Crafted from the diverse origins, traditions and languages, this list has a lot more to offer. 

But why do so much struggle? When you can name the girl with any other ordinary words. Because, names impact a lot more in the practical as well as social lives. Ethereal meaning names will hold special for the newborn. These names not only inspire the girl to go ahead in life but also attracts the family. If you’re able to find a good name for your daughter then what’s more better than that. 

Hence, choose carefully when you’re about to name the girl. Consider the origin, culture and meaning of the name as it will be going to impact her in the long run. Good luck!

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