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A dye stealer pregnancy test is when the test line appears darker than the control line. It shows a real positive pregnancy test- congratulations, mummy!

As a reproductive health specialist, I get many mums asking what is dye stealer pregnancy test meaning. 

It is not wrong to be anxious when the test line steals the dye from the control line, especially if you are a first-time mum. This is because such results pose many questions, like, will I get twins, will the high (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) hCG levels affect the baby, and so on? 

To clear the misconceptions about the dye stealer pregnancy test, I’m going to help you understand what it means, answer the questions around it, and explain how you can do it. Keep scrolling to learn more!

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What Is A Dye Stealer Pregnancy Test?

If you suspect you are pregnant and take a test, the testing tool will detect hCG levels as soon as one week before your missed period. During the early pregnancy stages, the hCG levels are lower and increase as the pregnancy grows. The hCG hormone levels hikes due to hCG produced by the placenta. 

A pregnancy test immediately turns positive when your hCG levels are higher during early pregnancy or if you are carrying twins/ multiples. The test line steals dye from the control line, making it appear darker. This is the dye stealer pregnancy test meaning. 

Is It Possible To Get A Dye Stealer When Pregnant? 

Yes, it is possible. Your pregnancy testing kit can have a dye-stealer effect as long as you are pregnant. 

Usually, most mums are unsure if they are pregnant after the first test. But once they get a dye stealer confirmation, it is a sure bet. 

Pregnancy Test Progression 

How does pregnancy progress for nine months? A First Response Early Response (FRER) pregnancy testing kit can detect a pregnancy easily. However, the testing line will appear faintly. 

As the pregnancy progresses, the hCG levels will keep rising by doubling after every 72 hours until 8-11 weeks. Then, the levels start going down and leveling off for the entire pregnancy journey. 

Therefore, a darker line on a pregnancy test cannot determine the level of hCG in your body. Instead, it shows how long you have been pregnant and how sensitive the pregnancy test is. It proves that you have hCG hormones, and they are strong. 

An Image Of A Dye Stealer Pregnancy Test 

As you understand the dye stealer pregnancy test meaning, it would also be good to know how this test looks. 

Whether you are a first-time mum, you can easily tell a dye stealer pregnancy test. This is because you only need to see a darker test line and a fainter control line. 

See the image below from HPT and OPK Line Scrutiny, a Reddit community that analysis pictures of home pregnancy tests;

Why Dye Stealer Happens 

The test line steals dye from the control line in a pregnancy test if your hCG levels are high. This can happen in the early pregnancy stages, up to about 11 weeks. 

Therefore, a dye stealer happens when your body has high hCG levels. It can also occur if you are carrying twins or multiple babies. 

However, do not conclude that you have twins or multiples when you get this result. Yes, it is a strong indicator, but you need a second opinion. You can go for a blood test or an ultrasound.

What Might Cause hCG levels To Fluctuate? 

When the level of hCG in your body goes down during the early stages of your pregnancy, it can cause an alarm. It can indicate that you are at risk of miscarriage or have an ectopic pregnancy. 

Your doctor can repeat the test to affirm the results after a few days. They can also do other tests, such as a transvaginal ultrasound or progesterone blood test, to check if your uterus is okay. 

If it is a miscarriage, the hCG levels will decrease from the previous measurements. For example, if your level was 120mIU/mL and after two days, it drops to 70mIU/mL, there is a high chance that you will lose your pregnancy. 

What Is The hCG Level During Pregnancy?

Doctors test the hCG levels through a blood test. 

If the test doesn’t show any levels of this hormone, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you are not pregnant. It could be that your pregnancy is at its early stage for the hCG levels to rise. 

The first hCG level test is called the baseline.

Here is a chart of how your hCG levels should be during the entire pregnancy; 

Pregnancy weeks since your last periodhCG levels (mIU/mL)
35- 50
45- 425
518- 7,345
61,075- 56,500
7 to 87,650- 229,000
9 to 1225,700- 288,000
13 to 1613,300- 254,000
17 to 244,050- 165,400
24 to 403,640- 117,000

Is A Dye Stealer A Sign Of A Healthy Pregnancy? 

A dye stealer is a good sign- it proves that you are pregnant and your hCG levels are strong. 

When I was pregnant with my second born, I did this test, and it turned positive. But I didn’t know what is the dye stealer pregnancy test meaning, so I talked to a friend. They told me that this test proved that I had a healthy pregnancy. 

However, this has not been scientifically proven. A blood test, ultrasound, or OBGYN gives the most accurate results about the state of your unborn. 

Does A Dye Stealer Mean You Have Twins? 

Yes, if you get a dye stealer test during the early pregnancy stage, it can indicate twins or multiples. This is because twin pregnancies have higher hCG levels. However, this is not always the case- you need a blood test or ultrasound to confirm. 

What Does A Faint Line In A Pregnancy Test Mean? 

If you do a pregnancy test and a faint line appears, implantation has occurred. Therefore, you are pregnant, and the pregnancy journey has just started. 

You can redo the test after some days or a week to see if the line turns darker as the hCG levels increase.

If you see a faint line and receive your period after some days or weeks, this doesn’t mean you weren’t pregnant. Instead, it shows you had an early pregnancy loss known as a chemical pregnancy. 

What Does Evaporation Line Pregnancy Test Mean?

An evaporation line is a line that appears in your pregnancy test results after the urine dries up. It occurs after the reaction time has ended and can make you think you are pregnant. 

To avoid this confusion, read the testing kit instructions carefully. Also, check the results within the proposed reaction time and not after. You can redo the test if you suspect you have gotten positive results due to the evaporation line. 

What Is A Control Line On A Positive Pregnancy Test? 

When doing a pregnancy test, the control line proves that the test is working correctly. If this line does not appear in your testing kit after exposing it to urine, the test is not working as expected.

Why Is Your Pregnancy Test Negative At Night And Positive In The Morning? 

Doing a pregnancy test in the morning provides the most accurate pregnancy results. This is because the first urine has the highest hCG concentration. 

Therefore, if you do your test in the morning, you will likely get a positive result. If you do the test again in the evening and it turns negative, you will probably be in the early pregnancy stages. As the pregnancy grows, the test will be positive during the day and night. 

What Is The Hook Effect Pregnancy Test?

This rare effect happens to about 0.2% to 2% of women. It occurs when you are beyond five weeks pregnant. It is caused by extremely high levels of hCG in your urine and blood. As a result, these levels overwhelm and oversaturate the pregnancy test. 

When a hook effect occurs, your test will turn positive and then negative even though you are pregnant. It can indicate that you are having twins or triplets. It can also signify reproductive health cancers, ectopic pregnancy, or other pregnancy-related issues.

Should You Expect A Darker Test Line Every Day On A Pregnancy Test?

During the early stages of pregnancy, the test line can become darker every day as the hCG levels rise. However, after 8-12 weeks, the hCG levels level off for the entire pregnancy. Therefore, during this time, the test line may not become darker as days go by.

What Are The Signs Of Rising hCG Levels? 

If your hCG levels are going up, you can experience the following: 

  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Breast tenderness
  • Dizziness 
  • Fatigue 
  • Becoming emotionally sensitive

How To Do A Dye Stealer Pregnancy Test? 

Since you have understood the dye stealer pregnancy test meaning, you can do a test if you suspect that you are pregnant. 

Here are some guidelines to help you do the test appropriately: 

When Is The Best Time To Do A Pregnancy Test- Morning Or Evening? 

The best time to do a pregnancy test is in the morning. This is when your urine has a higher hCG concentration, making the test more accurate. 

How Soon Can A Pregnancy Test Become Positive? 

Your pregnancy test can read positive 5-7 days before your first missed period, which means 2-3 weeks after conception. The earlier you test, the fainter the test line.

When Should You Get A Dye Stealer Pregnancy Test? 

You can get a dye stealer pregnancy test when you suspect you are pregnant. I do this test immediately when I imagine I might be pregnant to confirm. 

Is It Possible To Dilute hCG Levels By Drinking Water? 

Yes, drinking lots of water or any liquid will dilute your urine. This will affect the levels of hCG in your urine, which can make a pregnancy test not detectable. 

Can Your hCG Levels Decrease Without Causing A Miscarriage? 

Your hCG levels can drop and still carry your baby to term. However, declining hCG levels are not a good sign. You need to seek medical attention, and doctors will carry out blood tests, pelvic exams, and fetal heart scanning. 

Is It True That Dehydration Has An Effect On hCG Levels?

Even though not common, not drinking enough water during pregnancy can cause your hCG levels to stop increasing as expected. But once you become hydrated, the hCG levels will level out. 

Is There A Way You Can Monitor Your hCG Levels While Still Staying Home?

There is no way you can calculate your hCG levels while at home. You need a blood test which can only be done at the hospital. However, this shouldn’t worry you because it is unnecessary to monitor them unless you have pregnancy-related issues. 

When Do The Level Of hCG Reach Their Highest Point?

Your hCG levels reach the highest level at the end of the first trimester, between 8-11 weeks. After that, they level off and decline for the rest of your pregnancy. 

How Can You Tell You Had A Chemical Pregnancy?

Chemical pregnancies are common because about a quarter of all women lose their pregnancies before the first 20 weeks. You can know that you had a chemical pregnancy if you have a positive pregnancy test and then get your period. Also, a positive pregnancy test and then a negative one after a few weeks can also indicate the same.

What Should I Eat To Boost My hCG Levels?

Your hCG level increases naturally during pregnancy. However, a doctor can prescribe medications or injections if your levels are worrying. Also, no natural foods have been proven to increase hCG levels, but you can find supplements such as the hCG diet. 

Does Everyone Get A Dye Stealer Pregnancy Test?

Not every woman does a dye stealer test to confirm that they are pregnant. Some use other pregnancy tests and are satisfied with the results, or they seek a second opinion from their doctors. 

Should You Do Another Test After A Dye Stealer?

You can do as many pregnancy tests as possible after getting a dye stealer. However, retesting is unnecessary unless you experience something alarming, such as bleeding. 


If you suspect you could be pregnant, you can do a dye stealer pregnancy test from the comfort of your home for confirmation. You only need to get the pregnancy testing kit at your nearest clinic. Dye stealer pregnancy test meaning can bring confusion to some mums. It simply means that you are pregnant and probably have twins or multiples- confirm with your doctors through a blood test or ultrasound. 

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