Cradlewise vs. SNOO: Discovering the Perfect Smart Bassinet for Your Baby

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Cradlewise vs. SNOO

The growing demand for smart sleepers creates great competition in the market when deciding the best one for your baby. It leads to the question: Cradlewise vs. SNOO, who is the winner?

Ensuring your baby’s comfort is your first duty as a parent. You can only sleep peacefully if your baby is sound asleep, so choosing the right bassinet for your infant is important. Smart bassinets come with amazing and reliable features ensuring your child sleeps peacefully throughout the night. 

As a mother, I could not sleep soundly with my baby constantly crying. After purchasing a few smart bassinets, I chose Cradlewise and SNOO as the most reliable ones. In this article, I have compared both products to help you make a well-thought decision!

At a Glance: Which Is Better and Why

Both smart bassinets are the best in the market. After experiencing each personally, I found both of the bassinets very easy to use, easy to assemble, and comfortable

However, there are always a few differences between every product, and one should only choose the most convenient one for themselves. 

SNOO is the perfect choice for my baby as it is cheaper, safer, and has soft sounds and motions. These features helped my baby sleep soundly throughout the night.

Let’s look at the specifications of the Cradlewise and Snoo bassinets to give you a brief idea: 

MaterialCotton and Polyester Cotton
Dimensions40 × 25 × 33.535.83 × 18.9 × 32.28
PriceRanges from $1700 to $2000$1695
Warranty1-year warrantyOne-year warranty
Free trial 100 days free trial30 days free trial
Weight88 pounds38 pounds

Cradlewise vs. SNOO – Comparing Features

Let’s compare some of their features and see which fits you best!


Like every parent, I am worried about my baby’s safety whenever I buy a new product. The SNOO baby bassinet is very safe and secure. Here are the features that ensure your child’s safety:

Cradlewise is also a safe bassinet for babies. Here are the features that make the Cradlewise bassinet a good option:

  • It is Greenguard Gold certified.
  • The material has low chemical emissions.
  • The surrounding air remains fresh and healthy, and the babies sleep peacefully.

Both the products amazed me with their safety. However, SNOO’s feature of preventing babies from rolling took my trust in it.  


The most vital feature needed in a bassinet is good movement. The SNOO bassinet offers:

  • A smooth rocking. 
  • A sensor to adjust rocking speed.
  • Five levels of motion to choose from.

Cradlewise also has great movement technology:

  • It bounces very softly in the same way mothers do.
  • The movement is slow and peaceful.
  • The quiet sight technology automatically starts and stops bouncing before the baby starts crying.
  • It has a baby monitor to track the baby’s sleeping patterns.

I liked the various rocking speeds I could choose from in SNOO. Although the other also has excellent features, I found that Cradlewise’s bouncing technology was not very effective

Price and Value for Money 

Cradlewise is an expensive option. If you want to save a few bucks, the company frequently rolls out offers for its customers. Here are the discounts you can avail:

  • You can save $550 in the summer sale.
  • Klarna investment plan, where you can pay $61 monthly for two years.

 If you’re looking for a cheaper option, SNOO is the best product to invest in. Its price is reasonable and also worth it.


SNOO has a very responsive system that:

  • Automatically responds to baby’s fussing.
  • Adjusts movement and sounds accordingly.
  • Takes only a minute to calm the baby.
  • Can distinguish a baby’s cry from other noises.

The other smart bassinet is also very impressive in its responsiveness. It responds to babies’ movements and soothes them before they wake up completely. 

I was impressed by both products’ responsive systems! 

Sounds of The Cradlewise vs. SNOO

Calm sound is the secret to a peaceful sleep. Therefore, the best bassinets come with various sound features to soothe babies. SNOO has impressive sound features like:

  • Five levels of sound.
  • A white noise machine that you can access with a single click on the app.

I found its sounds a little too loud sometimes, but Cradlewise didn’t disappoint me with its sound at all. The Cradlewise bassinet has:

  • Very calm sounds.
  • An app where you can pick music that your baby loves to listen to while sleeping. 
  • A feature in the app that allows you to hear your baby’s sounds while you’re working. 

Dimensions and Design

Here’s a detailed look into the dimensions and design of Cradlewise:

  • It is 33.5 inches long.
  • The mattress is at a depth of 10 inches.
  • The material used is soft cotton and polyester mesh, which does not emit any chemicals.
  • It is a wooden bassinet with a baby monitor on top. 

Cradlewise is heavier and wider. So, I found it a bit difficult for me to carry upstairs.

On the other hand, SNOO is lighter and has:

  • Organic cotton sheets.
  • Water-resistant covers. 
  • A height of 32.28 inches. 
  • Wooden legs. 

Best Uses for Cradlewise and SNOO

Both smart sleepers may be used for various purposes in your baby’s sleep schedule. The best product depends on what you need it for. 

  • Cradlewise is versatile. It can become a crib for babies older than six months and is a long-term investment. 
  • An amazing sleep trainer: I used SNOO to train my baby to sleep.
  • User-friendly apps: Both products have amazing apps that updated me about my baby’s sleep timings. 

Cradlewise and SNOO are the best sleeping bassinets to improve your baby’s sleeping patterns and track them through an app! 

Best for Different Buyer Types

The best product to buy also depends on your requirements as a buyer.  

SNOO is best for you if:

  • You’re a single pregnant woman. This is because its packing is lighter, and you can carry it around without hiring someone.
  • You have a low budget. 
  • You’re a first-time parent, as SNOO offers lifetime access to sleep consultants. 

However, you should go for Cradlewise if you: 

  • Can afford an expensive item. 
  • Have a healthy baby as it’s larger and heavier than SNOO
  • Are a working parent because you can watch your baby’s video on its app easily. 

Cradlewise vs. SNOO: The Winner

Considering all the factors, I choose SNOO as the winner and the best smart bassinet in the market. It is cheaper and has all the features a baby needs for a peaceful night. 

Although Cradlewise did not disappoint me entirely, it was a bit expensive for me, and the bouncing was not enough for my baby to sleep. 

The best part about SNOO that I love is the unlimited access it provides to sleeping consultants.


How long can I use the Cradlewise bassinet?

You can use the Cradlewise bassinet until your baby is six months old. However, it converts into a crib, and babies can sleep in it until they are heavier than 33 pounds.

Is the SNOO swaddle machine-washable?

Yes, you can easily wash it in a machine.

Can I control the Cradlewise bassinet using my smartphone?

You can download its app and control or track your baby’s sleeping patterns through it. It also sends notifications whenever your baby needs you. 

Are there any additional accessories or add-ons available for Cradlewise and SNOO to enhance the sleeping experience for my baby?

The SNOO company offers additional accessories like a sleep slack and a teddy bear to enhance your baby’s sleeping experience. You can purchase them from here. There are no specific add-ons for Cradlewise

Can I adjust the motion settings on Cradlewise and SNOO to suit my baby’s preferences?

SNOO offers five levels of motion, and you can adjust it by your choice. However, you can not completely adjust motion settings in Craddlewise, and its movement is automated.


I conclude SNOO as my top choice as it is comparatively lighter, cheaper, and comfortable. However, your decision is highly dependent on your requirements. Your baby’s comfort should be your top priority so choose the one that aligns best with your baby’s needs. 

The factors you must consider before purchasing a bassinet are your budget, the bassinet’s weight, and its sound and motion system. Think thoroughly and choose the best smart sleeper. If you want to buy the Craddlewise smart bassinet, click here. If you decide to purchase the SNOO smart bassinet, click here

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